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Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa Calling Off Their Divorce?

A few months ago, Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were well on their way to getting divorce. But now that the couple has happily reunited, fans have been wondering is the divorce off ?

Now that Amber Rose, 31, and Wiz Khalifa, 27, are back together and better than ever, their divorce may be a thing of the past. After all, why would they finalize their split if they’ve reunited?

 Well, the couple’s divorce proceedings and what they plan to do now that they’ve resolved their differences.

“They don’t care if they are officially divorced or not. They’ve been so busy being a married couple that they both forgot about that stupid piece of paper.


Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose: He Got On His Knees & Apologized For Dissing Her

Wiz and Amber are so wrapped up in rekindling their romance and being parents to their son, Sebastian, that they completely forgot about their intentions to break up for good.

 However, if by some strange circumstance the two ended up divorced, they aren’t the type of people to let that get in the way of enjoying their relationship.“Amber and Wiz are unconventional.

They don’t care about a piece of paper and they definitely aren’t about to let a piece of paper define their relationship,” the inside source said, adding “They’re letting their hearts guide and direct them.

 And their hearts are leading them in the arms of each other.”


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Tyga & Kylie Jenner: He’s Cheating With Several Ladies On The Side

Kylie might want to start keeping closer tabs on her man! The 17-year-old is head over heels in love with Tyga, but he reportedly hasn’t been acting faithful when she’s not looking. Oh, no!

Watch out for those side chicks, Kylie Jenner! Things have been hot and heavy between the reality star and her boyfriend, rapper Tyga, 25, for months now, but he’s far from a one-woman lady, a new report claims.

Has he been cheating on Kylie?

Tyga Cheating On Kylie Jenner With Multiple Women: Report

“Tyga likes to have his cake and eat it too when it comes to women,” a source told OK! Magazine. “

When Kylie’s around, he acts like the perfect boyfriend, but he definitely has some ladies on the side.”

Poor Kylie! Unfortunately, the 17-year-old is simply too young and in love to put a stop to her man’s infidelity.

“She convinces herself he’s being honest,” the mag reports, adding that Kylie is more aware than she lets on, but has decided to ignore Tyga’s lifestyle. “

It’s only a matter of time before she finds out the truth.”

Still, publicly, Tyga has put his support in Kylie’s corner, even attending a special Easter church servicewith her family on April 5, just one day after she was criticized for appearing to sport blackface in a photo shoot.


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Help!!! Missing Children Got this broadcast this evening.

This is from a dear friend " MISSING KIDS!!! Our children Aderomola Orekoya, 11 months, Adedamola Orekoya, 4 years and Demola Orekoya, 6 years are MISSING!!! The house help only resumed yesterday (April 7th)took the kids out at 8am this morning and never returned.

 We've never known what it means to miss a child until now! What kind of heartless person will do this to a family??! Please help us, our hearts our broken, we've cried and cried so much, we don't know what to do anymore.

Please if you see these kids kindly call this numbers 08052062117, 09098097935. or 08060184514...Pls help


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Oh Maheeda! Singer shows off 'birth mark' around her private area.

She shared the photo above on instagram and said she was showing off her 'birth mark'. It's a very interesting birth mark. See it after the cut...

The birth mark pic...


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Opc Warns Against Unbecoming Comments Directed At Oba Akiolu.

The attention of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) has been drawn to some unruly and unbecoming comments purportedly in reaction to alleged comments by the paramount ruler of Lagos, Oba Rilwan Akiolu and warn all those involved to desist from such unbecoming acts forthwith.

The institution of the oba is one the Yoruba race hold in high esteem, and the OPC as irredentist defenders of Yoruba culture and heritage would therefore not tolerate anybody -irrespective of their places of birth of conviction- to denigrate what their hosts (Yorubas) hold sacred.

While we accept that that institution should remain non-partisan, it must also be acknowledged that the Palace of the Oba of Lagos has already claimed that the royal father was misrepresented in the press and pleaded for understanding.

Be that as it may, the Yoruba’s accommodating and loving nature should not be misconstrued as timidity.

As hosts, we have given all our visitors enough space and opportunity to bloom and flourish without molestations, and of all the tribes and visitors in Lagos, none has enjoyed the benevolence of Lagos and indeed all of Yorubaland as much as the Igboman and nation.

The evidence of the claim above can be found in the fact that Yorubaland as a whole is the most cosmopolitan area in Nigeria.

We Yoruba have allowed other tribes to own businesses, properties and even contest and hold political positions on Yoruba soil in a manner unreciprocated anywhere else in Nigeria.

Using the same Lagos as an example, the fact that the likes of Pastor Ben. Akabueze and Joe Igbokwe have become an integral part of the political frame work of Lagos State for years now is proof enough that Lagos and indeed the Yoruba are excellent hosts.

Akabueze has for the last ten years been directing and coordinating the economic direction of the state from his enviable position as the honorable commissioner for budget and planning while Igbokwe has held sways as the general manager at LASIMRA and head, UFRU.

Others such as Ngozi Nwosu the popular actress from Imo State who got N6million for overseas surgery, the late comrade Chima Ubani whose family got cash and a gift of 3bedroom accommodation at Marwa Gardens as well as First Consultant Hospital that got N50 million as compensation for involvement in the Ebola case are evidence that the Igbos are not despised in Lagos.

Nowhere in Nigeria -east of the Niger- is the Yoruba or any other tribe accorded the kind of gesture the Igbos have been enjoying in Lagos in the last 12 or so years since these bonafide Igbo men entered into the Lagos political scene.

As for the likes of Bode George, Fani-Kayode, Musiliu Obanikoro and their party the PDP, their outcry is the reaction of a person or group without shame and critical thinking (arojinle). Is it that they have a case of memory dysfunction or are they just plain mischievous.

 Have they so quickly forgotten that it is their party that started the politicization of the institution of the monarchy with the president’s visit to the same Oba of Lagos earlier this January as the forerunner to his othwe numerous visits to many other obas in Yorubaland.

None of the PDP members complaining now saw any thing wrong with the attempts to involve our obas in partisan politics until it backfired against them and their party.

This brings us to the warning we issued earlier, when Gani Adams in his treacherous, sycophantic and reactionary move turned on the good people of Lagos unleashing violence and threat of violence against the perceived enemies of his paymasters.

If Adams had not behaved like an omo ojuorolari, he should by now be defending the sacredness of the stool of the Oba of Lagos or any other one in Yorubaland for that matter.

If Adams had not collected the billions he did, along with MASSOB and other ethnic groups, his co-travellers would not be denigrating and abusing our hospitality the way no one can replicate in their homelands.

In closing, we enjoin all members of the OPC and indeed the Yoruba nation to beware of the enemies within like Gani Adams and with one voice condemn all fifth columnist within our fold.

And with the foregoing it is abundantly clear that Gani Adams who brought this odium upon us must quit the OPC.



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Man with earphone on crushed to death by train in Lagos this morning.

An unidentified young man with earphone on, was killed this morning April 8th by a passenger train at Cappa area of Oshodi, Lagos.

A Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who was inside the train reports that the man was standing on the rail track oblivious to the fast approaching train.

The NAN correspondent reports that the Ogun-Lagos-bound mass transit train was leaving its Oshodi station to Mushin when the accident occurred.

The train had as usual, sounded its horn repeatedly as it was approaching the railway crossing at Ilupeju Bye-pass for clearance of its track.

According to an eyewitness, the man who had his earphone on was apparently carried away with either the call he was receiving or listening to music.
Obviously the man was not aware of the approaching train even as it blasted its horn, perhaps because of the earphone.

 Before he knew it, he was already hit by the train and was not given any chance to escape. Immediately he was hit, the body was mangled as the train dragged it underneath,’’ the eyewitness said.
NAN reports that people standing by the rail track that saw the incident raised their hands over their heads in a show of pity for the deceased.

"The man has suddenly and unwittingly lost his life to sheer carelessness,’’ a passenger said.
NAN reports that it was not the first time a moving train would crush to death people standing on the rail track because of having their earphones on.

Among them was a lady in 2006, killed at Shogunle GRA railway crossing, while another one was killed in 2007 at Oshodi.

Source: NAN


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Photos: Kim and Kanye West fly to her home country, Armenia

Kim, Kanye, North West and other members of the Kardashian clan were spotted at LAX airport yesterday to catch a flight out of the country to Kim's home country, Armenia.

The family is going there to join others to mark the 100th anniversary of the mass slaughter of ethnic Armenians in Ottoman Turkey.

Kim's dad is originally from Armenia. Her mom is American. More photos after the cut...

Photo credit: Splash News


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Police found Bomb Factory In Enugu.

The police have identified the factory that manufactured Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that caused explosion in Enugu State during the March 28 elections, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

The Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mr Suleiman Abba, disclosed this in Abuja yesterday before a closed-door meeting with senior police officers to strategise on security for the April 11 elections.

Abba said that three suspects have been arrested in connection with the incident.He said, “The investigation into the incident has reached advanced stage; we have identified even the factory where those IEDs were manufactured.

 I think that alone is a big success.”Bomb explosion had occurred at the WTC School 1 polling unit in Enugu on the Election Day.

The blast was said to have caused pandemonium as people, including INEC staff and voters ran for safety.Two other bombs also were said to have been detonated by the anti-bomb squad of the state Police command.


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White cop shoots unarmed black man 5 times in the back, handcuffs his lifeless body. He's now been arrested and charged with murder.

Unbelievable! The video of this shooting is so shocking. And all this happened because of a broken tail light. The moment a white police officer in North Charleston, South Carolina shot a fleeing unarmed black man five times in the back then handcuffed his lifeless body after he crumpled on the ground has been captured on tape.

 The video, shot by a pedestrian, was sent to the New York Times.

Police officer Michael Slager, 33, opened fire on father-of-four Walter Scott, 50, on Saturday morning April 4th after stopping him over a broken tail light. The police officer was arrested yesterday April 7th after the video was seen by police.

He had initially claimed he shot Scott because he feared for his life, but the video shows Scott actually fleeing from him. The officer shot 8 times, three missed Scott, a Coast Guard veteran. He has now been charged with murder. The video is quite shocking. Watch here and continue to read the story.

Scott left and his killer right
Keith Summey, the mayor of North Charleston, termed the killing a 'bad decision' at a press conference announcing the charges.

"When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. When you make a bad decision, don’t care if you’re behind the shield or a citizen on the street, you have to live with that decision.'
On Monday, the police officer's lawyer issued a statement putting across Slager's version of events. He said the officer 'felt threatened and reached for his department-issued firearm and fired his weapon. "Officer Slager believes he followed all the proper procedures and policies of the North Charleston Police Department'.

But after seeing the shooting tape yesterday, the lawyer said he was no longer representing Slager

Under South Carolina law, Slager could be eligible for the death penalty if convicted of murder.

A lawyer for the family said that the footage shows Slager 'casually' taking Scott's life, and acting as if there would be no repercussions.

Attorney L. Chris Stewart said: 'This was a cop who felt like he could get away with just shooting anybody that many times in the back...

He just casually shot a man that many times in the back. At the moment he turned and ran and was not a threat to anybody else that officer was completely unjustified.'

Stewart said the family would also pursue civil charges against Slager.


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Cultists in Calabar kill 14 year old boy for refusing to join their cult

A 14 year old boy identified as David Okon has been stabbed to death by members of a Cross Rivers state based cult group named Skylo after he refused to join the cult group.

According to Mr Henry Fadairo, the state Police commissioner who spoke to the Sun, David was stabbed to death by one Ita in the group at T junction, Ikot Ekpo, 8 Miles in Calabar, the state capital on February 4th.

  Ita and some of his cult members had accosted David with the intent of luring him once again after they had tried for several months and his refusal caused them to stab him to death.

The police investigations led to the arrest of some members of the cult group pictured above. They are Okon, 15-years old, Effiong, 18-years Etim, 18-years and Ekpo 15-years old.While confessing to stabbing David to death, Ita said“I am a member of “Skylo” group.

 We used to terrorize Calabar residents.When Okon was called to join the “Skylo” group, we started putting pressure on him to join.

When he was adamant by refusing to join us, we have to murder him by stabbing him at the back,” he confessed.Other members of a different cult group called Columbo boys were arrested during Police investigations.

One of the members of the gang while he was interrogated, said asides cult activities, they were involved in Armed robbery“We are members of “Columbo boys.” Apart from cultism, we robbed innocent people.

We used to initiate our peer group to join our members. We have robbed several and initiated people as members.The Commissioner said the suspects would soon be charged to court.

Disclaimer: Opinions expressed in comments are those of the comment writers alone and does not reflect or represent the views of Chitoo's Diary


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Youths Set Baptist Church on fire In Kano.

Unidentified arsonists, the Baptist Church at Gidan Maso village in Rogo Local Government Area of Kano State has been set ablaze and the residence of the Pastor, Rev Habila Garba, burnt by irate youths.

During the incident which happened on April 1 at about 7:30 pm, one of the Pastor’s daughters died of suffocation and most parts of the house destroyed as a result of the fire.

The President of “Tarayyar Masihiyawan Nijeria” (Hausa, Fulani and Kanuri Christians), General Ishaku Ahmed Dikko (retd), told journalists on Tuesday in Abuja that the intention was to kill one youth, Yahaya Joshua, who converted to Islam but later on reverted back to Christianity.

The Baptist Church at GIDAN MASO village of Rogo LGA in Kano State was set on fire by youths of the Village on 01 April, 2015 at about 7:30 pm.

The Church and all the properties were burnt down in the presence of the Christian Community despite all pleadings for them to stop the destruction. The arsonists gathered cornstalks and put inside the Church in order to cause greater damage.

This made the action to seem deliberate and for ulterior motives.The Christians present exhibited great Christian qualities by not taking the law into their hands by trying to stop them by force.

Rather than the arsonist to see reason, they were infuriated which led to setting the house of the Pastor, Rev Habila Garba, ablaze as well. As a result of the fire, one of the Pastor’s daughters died of suffocation and most of the house destroyed.

They also attacked and wounded Bawa Adamu and Aminu Dauda, who received machet cuts leading to broken arms. Others received similar wounds but of lesser degrees.


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Pastor Chris Oyakilome  Bans Singer, Sinach From Singing In His Church.

Reports gathered by ReportNaija reveals that award winning Gospel Singer, Osinachi Kalu popularly known as Sinach has been banned from singing during services or any special occasion at Christ Embassy.

We learnt that the newly married singer, who is regarded as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s ‘anointed daughter’, got the shocking restriction from the pulpit after she performed at ‘The Experience’ last year december.

Further investigation revealed that Pastor Chris, who is still caught in a messy divorce saga had warned his staff against serving two masters at same time. Thus, none of them is permitted to take an outside job as long as they still worship in his church.

A reliable source close to the singer squealed to us that aside Sinach’s performance at The Experience, she also got the punishment because Pastor Oyakilome wasn’t in support of the man she married.

“The Pastor placed an order that none of his staff is permitted to take outside jobs, despite the fact that the church’s salary doesn’t come regularly. The problem between Sinach and the Pastor started when she got married to Pastor Joe. He wasn’t in support of their union.

Although Sinach still attends services, she doesn’t sing in the church, special programme or communion service.In fact she might even leave the church soon, “, the source told us.



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A Nigerian Died Because A Racist Malaysian Hospital Refused Him Treatment(Video).

A Nigerian national residing in Malaysia needed a medical attention and was rushed to the hospital. The doctors and the hospital management refused to attend to him with flimsy excuses of attending to other inward patients.

This eventually led to the demise of this young man who could have been saved if racism, Xenophobia and discrimination had not played out . Please continue to share this video, perhaps you can assist to bring this matter to the Foreign Affairs Ministry so as to commence an investigation with the Malaysian Mission in Abuja?

The Malaysian residents in Nigeria are treated as queens and kings; why will Nigerians receive less in their country. Time to fight and defend ourselves is now. Share this with your friends or in any group you belong and other media outlets.


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Karrueche isn’t ready to take Chris back after his shocking betrayal, but she’s slowly starting to accept that he secretly fathered a child behind her.

she has decided to accept baby Royalty and how she feels about her.

Chris Brown, 25, is one step closer in his quest to winning Karrueche Tran, 26, back. Although Karrueche initially wasn’t sure whether or not she’d be able to accept her on-again/off-again boyfriend’s secret daughter, Royalty, as part of his life, she’s ready to embrace the 10-month-old cutie.

Karrueche Tran Accepts Royalty.She Thinks Chris Brown’s Daughter Is Adorable

“Karrueche told him, ‘I accept you and have no choice but to accept your daughter, too. She’s your family. She’s innocent in all of this madness you’ve created.

Do you think Chris and Karrueche will get back together?The 26-year-old gave the message to the singer via text, but made it clear that it doesn’t mean they aregetting back together just yet, our insider adds.Still, she just couldn’t resist the charm of Chris’s super cute little girl.

 “Karrueche’s seen countless pictures of Royalty and thinks the little girl is absolutely adorable,” the source says. “She thinks she looks exactly like Chris and feels she’s looking right at Chris when she looks at the baby’s eyes.

There’s no doubt Karrueche things Royalty is the cutest little thing.

What your opinion about this guys ?