Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Good News :Naira Appreciates Further

The Naira on Tuesday appreciated further by gaining N60 to trade at N310 per dollar at the parallel market. The Naira exchanged at N370 to one dollar on Monday, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports. The Naira, however, remained at N199.50 to the dollar as the official bank rate.
The Acting President of the Association of Bureaux De Change of Nigeria (ABCON), Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, on Tuesday disclosed that the body had decided to introduce weekly foreign exchange rate band. Gwadabe said that this would be used as a guide to all Bureau De Change Operations (BDCs) and members of the public on the prevailing exchange rate across the country.

How My Pastor Sed ‘uced Into Having Se*x With Him On Our Matrimonial, Wife Narrates

We make love every time our pastor visited our house for anointing I can’t believe this happened.
My husband and I have been married for over two years. I consider our marriage solid, great, and fun. 
No complaints at all not until he lost his job and that started weighing us down as a family.
My husband was my best friend; everything was going great till that evening when I returned from work and met him at home so downcast.

I was surprised to meet him at home unlike other days that he returns very late. Curious to know the reason for his cold reaction, he showed me a sack letter. I was devastated but decided to take it all in good faith.

I consoled him and advised him to be on a look out elsewhere because my job won’t sustain us for long. He searched for months but all effort was futile. In a matter of months, I started feeling the burden of running the family single handedly.
I confronted my husband on the development of his job search, the answer I got from him was not convincing at all. The frustration was becoming unbearable for me, we no longer communicate as the couple we used to be.Sex in our marriage was history as there was no excitement to it.
As an active Christian, I ran to my pastor for counseling. I narrated my family’s problems to my pastor and pleaded with him to intervene by talking to my husband. He agreed and asked me to invite my husband to see him the next day.

On getting home, I told him what the pastor said and pleaded with him to attend the counseling with me. He was reluctant at first but agreed at long last. The next day we were at the pastor’s office.
The pastor spoke to us on some marital issues and advised us to come for two weeks counseling. That was where my ordeal with the pastor started. When we got home, my husband was so angry with me and said he will not be a party to that counseling nonsense.
He blamed me for dragging our family to the public though I gave deaf ears to all he said that night and decided to attend the counseling alone with or without him. The first day of the counseling was wonderful though the pastor asked about my husband; I gave an excuse a excuse for his absence. On the third day of the counseling program, my husband went to see his parents. He spent three days because his aged mother was sick.
It was at this time our pastor decided to visit our home. He said he had come to annoint the house. She knew I was disturbed. When I told him my husband and I were falling apart, he asked me when last I made lo’ve to him; honestly I couldn’t remember because it has been a long time.

That was when I started having thought about se* x. I was filled with er*otic thoughts. At that moment, the thought of how handsome and attractive the pastor is filled my subconscious. At first I tried to push the thought off my mind but I couldn’t.
The next day, he visited again to continue the praying and anointing. Even though my husband was not around, I still welcomed him because he was always welcomed in members house. Or is it the devil at work? When I narrated what I was going to through, he was moved with so much compassion seeing my tears and came close to console me. He moved closer to and I couldn’t hold it any longer and kiss;ed him.
He looked me deep in the eyes and returned the kiss with ho’t passion. We couldn’t hold it any longer and before we knew what was happening, we were already na” ked and moved to our room.
He made lo ‘ve to me passionately on our matrimonial bed. I realized it been like for ages since I felt the touch of a man. We were so deep into each other like our life depended on it. We were both exhausted after we both hit our sebxual cl!max; he told me how deeply he has falling for me and pleaded with me not to end the relationship.
Then he brought out anointing oil. He said our marriage is blessed since I have ma’ de love to him on our matrimonial bed.
He said our marriage will be restored again and that my husband will get another job. Every time he visited, we made love.
It’s been almost a year now, that I have been having the secret relationship with our pastor. My husband is yet to get a job and I am feeling being used.
Did he cast a spell on me or I am the guilty one. I don’t want to go to hell fire when I die.

I have asked God for forgiveness and vowed never to see the pastor again but that is not helping the matter because whenever I’m with my husband, I’m not bold enough to tell him how I feel.
I know I’m wrong but do I confess to my husband? Maybe that will be my only and true salvation. What do I do? I need help as I am seriously dying of guilt.

Comedian AY Makun Reacts To Reports His Marriage Has Crashed

Below is the comedian reaction to reports his wife of 8 years has moved out of their home and their marriage has crashed . What he wrote below;
Some blogs are, for the most part, the bringers of bad news…and it’s not entirely the bloggers fault, bad news gets higher ratings, travels faster and sells more than good news.
The reality is that you will continue to hear negative information from many sources against anything that showcases your blessings and pride.
Gossip is just a tool to distract people who have nothing better to do from feeling jealous of those few who are still remaining in the institution called ‘Celebrity Marriage’.

Bizzare!!! Indian village bans unmarried women from having cell phones

A village in India imposed a ban on unmarried women and minor girls from owning cell phones.
Women found in violation of this ban will be fined about $30 while the person who reported the offense will receive a reward of almost $3.

"Why do girls need cell phone? Internet is a waste of time and money for a middle-class community like us. Girls should better utilise their time for study and other works," village leader Devshi Vankar told Hindustan Times.
Villagers in Suraj reportedly agreed with the decision, as cell phones were viewed as tools used by young people to leave their homes and elope.

Girls are allowed to use cell phones at home with the supervision of their parents and women attending college are completely exempt from the ban.
"College girls are mature enough to differentiate between good and bad. Further, they also need mobile phone to stay connected with their parents as colleges are located in nearby cities not in our village," Vankar told the Indian Express.
Vankar said banning young girls from using mobile phones would protect them from being distracted in class and being harassed by men on messaging apps.
"Everyone knows what happens in today's world due to mobile phones. This is Kalyug. This is an era of Whatsapp, where people secretly talk with each other. We have to save girls from those who acquire their number and harass them or try to lure these innocent girls," he said.

FFK reacts after Ali Modu Sheriff threatened to deal with him for calling him the founder of Boko Haram

Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the threat made by PDP Chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff, to deal with him for calling him the founder of the insurgency group, Boko Haram. The new PDP Chairman had on Monday February 22nd, stated that those who are accusing him of being the founder of Boko Haram, particularly Femi Fani-Kayode "will not go scot free”.

While reacting, FFK who spoke to newsmen in Abuja yesterday February 23rd, said;
"First of all, my first question is who is he? Who is Ali Modu Sheriff? Is he a Nigerian or a Chadian? or is he both? That's the first thing. The second thing is that you come in as National Chairman or claim you are National Chairman and that you want to move a party forward and the first thing you do is start issuing threats. which I think is unacceptable and nobody is intimidated. The fact of the matter is this, He wants to set Nigeria on fire. He also wants to set the PDP on fire and that fire will consume him and him alone. As regards his personal threat to me, I am more than ready for him. I am waiting for him. and I assure him that unlike anybody that he has ever met before in his life, he will meet a resistance that he never banked on. I am not intimidated. I cannot be intimidated and I will quote Shakespear for you. In Macbeth, he said something which I have always found very interesting. Beautiful line in Macbeth. He said I shall fight until the flesh is hard for my bone and damn be he who fist cries oh in this issue. We will remove him. We will ensure that he does not remain National Chairman because he has divided this party."he said

(Graphic photos) 9 killed during gun battle between Militants and the military in Rivers

9 people were killed following a gun battle between militants and the Nigerian military in Bori village in Rivers state yesterday February 23rd. Residents of the village say the military were on a retaliatory mission following the killing of some military men by militants in the area on Monday February 22nd. The area had become restive since Sunday after some militants burnt down the campaign office of Senator Magnus Abe who they accused of working against one of their former leaders popularly known as Solomon Ndigbara aka Solo. Graphic photos after the cut..

According to the mother of 3, her weight loss plan is working out well. She shared these photos above on her Instagram page and wrote "Yaaaaaay loosing the weight gradually. E no easy. Been jogging in my dream"

Shocking :Graphic Photo Of 14-Yr Old Girl Shot Dead For Resisting sexual Advances

Indian police said Tuesday said they have arrested two men for shooting dead a 14-year-old girl who resisted their advances, in the latest case of sexual violence.
The two men, riding on motorbikes, had been sexually harassing the girl and her elder sister verbally as they walked home from work as domestic servants in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh late on Monday, police said.
“The girls asked the men to stop harassing them but they refused, which led to one of them to shoot the girl,” Rahul Mithas, a senior police officer in Sitapur district where the incident occurred, told AFP.
The men fled but were arrested after the elder sister gave officers a description of them, he said.
According to local media, the sisters had complained to police about being regularly stalked by the men in the lead-up to Monday’s shooting, but did not receive help.
Women’s rights activists accuse police of often overlooking complaints of stalking, which they say only emboldens the perpetrators.
The fatal gang-rape of a student on a bus in Delhi in 2012 shone a global spotlight on frightening levels of sexual violence against women.
It led to reforms including the speeding up of trials, heavier penalties for offenders and more resources for police. But high numbers of assaults persist.

See full photo after the cut.......

Finally !!! Kim Kardashian Shares Photo Of Saint West

Kim Kardashian and her husband has finally released a photo of her baby boy Saint West. She shared the photo on her website, said she did it in honor of her late father Robert Kardashian whose post-humous birthday yesterday, February 22. Kim and Kanye welcomed their second child, Saint, on December 2015.saint

Hilarious photo :Siblings recreate childhood photo with their dad

That's a strong father there....the son looks heavy and the woman isn't exactly a feather. 

Watch as Nigerian girl claiming to be a witch confesses to killing Michael Jackson and Dagrin

This would be funny if it wasn't happening in the church under the guise of deliverance. The tragedy of it all is, some impressionable folks will be swayed. Watch the videos after the cut...

And another video below...

True or false :James Harden cheated on Khloe Kardashian

According to TMZ, this is what Khloe claimed on a episode of her TV Show, Kocktails with Khloe'. Here's how they reported it.
"James Harden is being called out by Khloe Kardashian - who says James begged her to be in an exclusive relationship ... only to cheat on her ass!
KK put Harden on blast on "Kocktails with Khloe" on FYI -- saying the Houston Rockets star was so into her, that he sweet talked her into monogamy -- and then screwed her over. "He sought me out, he wanted to be committed ... then wasn't committed."

True or False :Popular Comedian AY Makun’s Wife Move Out Of Matrimonial Home Over Alleged Domestic Violent

According to report ,broke the news that there is trouble in paradise for Ayo Makun aka AYcomedian and his wife of about 12 years, Mabel, as the latter has packed out of their matrimonial house.
A quick check of Mabel’s IG page also shows that she has removed “Makun” from her bio. Stella’s claim was later underscored by a commenter who spilled more details about the alleged split.

Blac Chyna's mum threatens Kim K for setting up Kylie Jenner & Tyga

Following Tyga's defense of Kylie Jenner against Blac Chyna over the cooking show drama, Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni unleashed an Instagram rant spilling tea and issuing threats to Kim Kardashian for setting up Kylie and Tyga... See what she wrote after the cut...

Man rapes 10-year-old in pumpkin field

A 72-year-old Harare man raped his tenant’s 10-year-old daughter after promising to give her pumpkins growing in his garden when they are ripe, the court heard yesterday.

Richard Nhamo was facing rape charges when he appeared yesterday before magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo.

He was remanded in custody and ordered to apply for bail at the High Court.

He will be back in court on March 8 for continuation of his trial.

Allegations are that on February 21, at around 4pm, the minor was at home with her parents when she decided to go outside to play.

The court heard that Nhamo saw the minor playing alone and called her to his garden where he started showing her his pumpkins which he promised to give her when they were ripe.

Prosecutor Mr Peter Kachirika alleged that he took advantage that they were at a secluded place and pushed the minor to the ground before raping her.

The court heard that the minor resisted Nhamo’s actions by pushing him away and tried to scream to no avail.

It is alleged that Nhamo asked the minor if it was painful and the minor managed to get up and rushed home to her parents leading to Nhamo’s arrest.

Meanwhile, a Harare man on Monday appeared in court on allegations of manufacturing fake national documents and defrauding unsuspecting people of their money.

Trevor Matanhire (41) was charged with possession of articles for criminal abuse when he appeared before magistrate Mr Elijah Makomo.

He will be back in court on March 29.

He was granted $100 bail.

As part of his bail conditions Matanhire was ordered to reside at his given address and not to interfere with witnesses.

Allegations are that on February 16, at around 11am, police details from Harare Crime Prevention Unit received information that Matanhire was manufacturing fake documents and defrauding people.

The court heard that acting on a tip- off, the police pounced on Matanhire and recovered two fake driver’s licences, three fake certificates of competence, one fake Zimsec Ordinary Level certificate, two fake national diplomas, three fake Central Vehicle Registry confirmation letters and two fake birth certificates.

In total Matanhire was caught with 13 fake documents and he was immediately arrested.

Husband Beats Wife To Death ,For Sleeping With Another Man.

A husband beat his wife to death over allegations of adultery.The sad incident happened in Ndubia Inyimaegu community in Izzi Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.
Police Public Relations Officer of the state command, ASP George Okafor, revealed that the suspect had angrily beaten his wife to stupor when the deceased stopped him from chasing after her alleged lover boy.
The Lagos-based James Uguru was said to have become suspicious of the wife’s, Jacinta’s alleged promiscuity following rumors making the rounds on the matter in the community whenever he visits home to see his family.
It was learned that trouble started when the couple was discussing in the sitting room and suddenly a phone started ringing in their bedroom. As the husband made to go for the phone, his wife held his waist, preventing him from moving  
Vanguard gathered that as he was being prevented from entering the bedroom, the wife’s alleged lover ran out from their bedroom. His wife’s insistence that he should not chase after the man made him vent his anger on her. A source said:
“He started punching the woman, who eventually collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where she was confirmed dead.”
Vanguard further gathered that the suspect, while in Lagos, had been suspecting the wife of having an extra-marital affair with the said lover before the ugly episode. According the police spokesman, the suspect has been arrested as efforts were on to arrest the said lover boy.

Wizkid shades the hell out of Linda Ikeji In New Snap Post

The drama continues!…Wizkid just posted this on snap chat… Says he is praying for her.

Kim Kardashian steps out in a casual outfit

Kim Kardashian gave fans a brief look at her dressed down self when she visited a spa to get pampered. Another photo after the cut....

Tiwa Savage stuns at Elle Style Awards

Tiwa Savage who is currently in London for the London Fashion Week stepped out in this gorgeous dress for Elle Style Awards. More photos after the cut...

Kylie Jenner shares loving photo with Tyga

Yesterday, Tyga shaded his baby mama, Blac Chyna, for taking a swipe at Kylie for starting a cooking show. Blac Chyna's mum also took a swipe at the Kardashian/Jenner family. 

Rob Kardashian shades his entire family

Rob is wild. He's sticking with Blac Chyna against his right !