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Aisha Buhari says ' I am not the First Lady '

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I am not the First Lady - Aisha Buhari says

Our First Lady doesn't want to be referred to as The First Lady. Strange? Read the press statement...

I am not the first Lady says the wife of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Hajia Aisha Muhammadu Buhari. I am the wife of the President and will be addressed as such going forward. With her large smile that easily lights up a room, Mrs Buhari's sense of direction is established. Her jovial nature belies a strong personality who says what she thinks.

Speaking at the Appreciation Dinner held last night ,June 13that the state house , mrs Buhari shared  some of the challenges experienced on the campaign trail, ensuring that she diffused a potential life threatening situation with light laughter which shows her sense of balanced perspective on the trials that come with being in the public glare. She attributed the success of the camapaign to team work and was profoundly greatful to the team , women and youth that helped vote her husband into office.

 She also attributed all her success and achievements to the support of the President who encouraged her to go to school even while raising 5 children where she eventually got her Master’s degree in International affairs and Strategic studies from the Nigerian Defence  Acadmy NDA

“We are celebrating our victory” she said and for every victory celebration, there is a party and a party it was indeed with beautifully and fashionably women  from every state in the nation across every class ably represented seated as peers.

Also in attendance was the wife of the Vice President Mrs  Oludolapo Osibajo, who also celebrated the women who came en-masse to vote despite challenging situations, she regaled us with a story of the egg seller who had never flown in an airplane but was flown in for the party and was bring her eggs and how security did not allow the eggs on the plane. Mrs Osibajo told us of how Mrs Buhari had continuously spoken about the Chibok girls and how meeting with the parents was a priority.

With an agenda ,giving focus to women issues, the wife  of the president wants to see more women in the legislature even from the local government level. While observing the decline of women in the legislative , a situation she hopes to help reverse; she believes empowerment from the ward level will better affect the ordinary woman on the street which was a point she highlighted in an interview with a local news station during the election campaigning.

Nicknamed ‘Gogo of Africa” by  Hajia Ramatu Tijani, the APC National women’s leader gogo means ‘Caregiver”, Mrs Aisha Buhari has been described as someone who will want to share your burden, an advocate for those treated unfairly,a strong supporter of the rights of women,jovial and gentle natured , she is prepared to share her beloved husband with the rest of the world,she quips “He belogs to the whole world and he belongs to nobody”

Check out what Maje Ayida said to his Mistress Anita Solomon , ' I HAVE TAKEN YOUR VIRGINITY, U R MINE FOREVER ' .

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Maje Ayida To Alleged Mistress: “I Have Taken Your Virginity. U R Mine Forever!”

There was quite a lot of drama surrounding Toke Makinwa and husband Maje Ayida over the weekend. See here and here.

In a bid to put more credibility to the story, an old conversation between Maje Ayida and alleged ex-girlfriend Anita Solomon has surfaced on Stella Dimikokorkus’ blog where Maje comments ‘I have taken your virginity…u r mine forever!!!’

While it looks controversial, it is more likely that Maje meant the comment in terms of being the first to comment on Anita Solomon’s brand new Facebook wall.

Anita Solomon ,The lady pregnant for Toke Makinwa's husband Maje Ayida.

Meet Anita Solomon: The Lady Is Pregnant For Toke Makinwa's Husband Maje Ayida

I have gotten more photos of the new sorry old side chic...She is Anita Solomon, the woman who will be giving birth to Maje Ayida‘s child any day now! His Calabar based side chick whom he has been in a relationship with for 8 years.

According to reports, Anita Solomon is of Lebanese and Nigerian heritage and runs a beauty salon in Calabar which Maje set up for her. See some more photos after the cut.....

The Instagram battle between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran.

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Chris Brown Wants Karrueche Tran To Recall He Was In Love With Rihanna When They Met

Wait, why in the WORLD would Chris Brown want to remind an already heartbroken Karrueche Tran about his relationship with Rihanna?

 why the singer felt Kae should’ve known what she was getting herself into when they began dating!

Chris Brown, 26, has apologized to Karrueche Tran, 27, for everything that’s gone down between them, but at the same time, he feels she should’ve had an inkling that a relationship with him might be trouble when they began dating several years ag. After all, he was still in love with Rihanna when they got together!

“Chris is mad at himself for going off on Karrueche like that. He acted on impulse and wishes he didn’t, but what’s done is done, and he apologizes.

 “But the thing that bothers Chris the most is that Karrueche acts as if she didn’t know what she was signing up for from the jump.”

In case you forgot the history of this tumultuous relationship: Chris and Karrueche got together in 2011, two years after he assaulted Rihanna at the 2009 Grammy Awards.

 But the singer never seemed to be able to get over RiRi (they even got back together in 2013), and it’s been a continuous issue in his relationship with Kae.

“Karrueche knew all about Chris’ lifestyle when she first met him. He told her straight up that he likes that rock star life in every sense,” our source adds.

“She also knew that he was still madly in love with Rihanna when they first met, but did Karrueche care? No. Did she care about Rihanna’s feelings? Nope. She wanted Chris just as much as he wanted her and she didn’t care what woman’s toes she stepped on.”

Things ended for good between Chris and Karrueche earlier this year (or so she says), when news came out that he’d cheated on her with Nia Guzman and fathered a child, Royalty.

However, earlier this month, they reunited during a night out, which ended with a massive fight in which police had to be called.

Karrueche Tran & Chris Brown: Their Instagram Battle. Finally, on June 14, Karrueche took to Instagram to tell off Chris once and for all. In her long post, the aspiring actress totally bashed Chris for talking about her in a June 9 interview with Ryan Seacrest, and she really let him have it.

“First off @chrisbrownofficial you just did an interview w Ryan Seacrest in which you spoke about me. My interview w Access Hollywood was not entirely about you… they asked a question and as a mature adult I answered.

 I’m not gonna shy away from something that I lived through. I’m talking about my life and experiences. I’m not speaking on you or bashing you (like I easily could). Don’t be mad at me because our relationship is over due to your lack of loyalty. You know what’s weak??

You forcing yourself into my car.. my broken window.. blowing up my phone.. trying to shower me w gifts.. Man the f–k up and change the bs in your life like I’ve told you several times,” she wrote, concluding the post with, “Best of luck to you and your beautiful Royalty.”

But the singer wasn’t letting things go just there. Instead, he uploaded an old school photo of the pair to his own Instagram and wrote yet another apology to his ex. “I’m eternally thankful of you being in a part of my life,” he gushed. “I’ve learned so much from you. I wish u nothing but happiness and the best. All I was doing was trying to fight for the woman I love. Thanx I learned a lot.”

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s too little too late for Chris — Karrueche really seems to be persistent about moving on this time around.

A Pastor Pours Acid on his ex lover, read below for more details.

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Pastor pours acid on his ex lover for dumping him in Zimbabwe.

A married Pastor named Reverend Rosbon Munamba, has been arrested for pouring raw acid on his estranged lover, Rudo Bakasa in Zimbabwe.

According to Zimbabwean media, Rev. Rosbon was a friend of Rudo's ex husband and got into a relationship with her after her marriage ended. They dated briefly and then she decided to call off the relationship. Her decision to call off their relationship made Reverend Rosbon angry.

After Rudo refused his pleading for them to get back together, he attacked her with acid.

Narrating how he attacked her, Rudo said
"He would always say he would kill me if I decided to dump him but I didn’t believe him until the day he pounced on me. I had on several occasions tried to end things to the extent of changing my phone numbers but somehow he would always phone me.

On the day in question he attacked me, he had phoned the previous night saying that he wanted to see me. I told him that I would not be around since I wanted to attend a funeral in my rural home in Goromonzi. He asked me if I was really serious about ending the relationship and I insisted that it was over.

 He again started with the threats telling me that no one dumps him,”Rudo said
Rudo who is currently receiving medical attention at the Parirenyatwa Hospital in Harare, said she was shocked to find the Reverend waiting for her at the Bus Stop
“So as we were walking towards my home, he then produced a container from his bag and tried forcing me to drink the liquid. Before I could even notice what was in the container he held my mouth and tried to force me to open it, he almost strangled me and because he missed my mouth part of the liquid got into my ear and the other side of the face.

He then started pouring the rest of the liquid all over my body and I was in so much pain, I started screaming for help and immediately I was undressed I guess because of the effect of the acid. I am in pain but I want you to hear my story.

I am sure when people heard me screaming, they thought it was because of the funeral I was supposed to attend. I fell and I don’t know what happened next because I should have passed out. I am sure he also ran away during that time" she said.
Reverend Munamba who is the pastor of Full Gospel of Christ based in Botswana will appear in court soon.

Very Graphic Photos of the fire incident that roasted 3 children from a family ,so sad and shocking.

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Graphic pics from the fire incident that roasted 3 children from one family in Lagos

The pics after the cut are extremely graphic. I'd advise that you don't look at them except you have the heart for it. Remember the family who lost three children from same parents in a fire incident at their home in the Egbeda-Akowonjo area of Lagos on Saturday June 13th?

Horrible photos from the scene have been released. The children are; Ifeoma, 9; Emeka, 7; and Udeoma, 3. The fire was caused by a candle lit in their home. May their souls rest in peace, amen. See the pics after the cut.....

Tina Knowles Lawson stuns on the cover of Ebony magazine.

Hello Guys,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Tina Knowles Lawson,stuns on the cover of Ebony magazine

Beyonce's mom, Tina Knowles Lawson ,61,stuns on the July cover of Ebony magazine. 61 & absolutely beautiful.                  

Skuki Vavavoom displayed his eggplant !!!!

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Skuki Vavavoom displayed his eggplant !!!!

The singer shared these pics on instagram this afternoon & quickly removed them. 

Oh No !!! Jamie Sangouthai , Lamar Odom's best buddy and Reality Star,died of Heroin Overdose

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Lamar Odom's bff and reality star Jamie Sangouthai dies of heroin overdose.

If you watched reality show 'Khloe and Lamar' then you should know Jamie Sangouthai. He appeared frequently in the show and was Lamar's best friend for over 20 years. Unfortunately he died yesterday June 14th of drug (heroin) overdose, according to TMZ. He was just 37.

Jamie was reportedly found unresponsive at his LA home and was rushed to a hospital in downtown LA after 911 was called. He died in the hospital. Jamie was the one accused of introducing Lamar to crack cocaine two years, ruining his marriage and basketball career. So sad! May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

Kate Middleton with her son, Prince George, having so much fun together.

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 Kate Middleton with her son, Prince George, having so much fun together.

23-months old Prince and his mum Kate Middleton were spotted having a fun time yesterday during a family outing to the Festival of Polo at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire. His father Prince William, uncle Prince Harry and grandfather Prince Charles were also all there.

Kate Middleton, who gave birth just six weeks ago, was seen happily running after Prince George,who attempted to run up the hill.

Aisha Buhari warns Nigerians says ' Dont bribe anybody to see the President or myself'.

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Don't bribe anybody to see the President or myself - Aisha Buhari warns Nigerians.

Speaking at the 'Thank You' dinner she organized to appreciate APC women at the presidential villa on Saturday June 13th, wife of the President, Aisha Buhari warned Nigerians not to fall into the hands of fraudsters who go about asking for money from Nigerians to arrange a meeting between them and the President or his wife.

"I will like to inform you that in the past regime, whether it is true or false, only God knows, some people were going round and parading themselves as PAs. If you wanted to see the First Lady, you will pay $30,000, $50,000 and if you are seeing the President, you will pay all that you have gathered in your lifetime. This will not happen in our regime. Whoever asks you to give a single penny in the name of coming to see the President or his wife is not our staff.

 It is a lie, don’t be deceived" she said
Mrs Buhari said a lot of things were said against former president Goodluck Jonathan's administration but that it is not like the former president is a bad man, it was the people around him that gave him a bad representation.
"There was nothing that people did not say about the past administration.

 It is not Jonathan that is not good, but the people around him. So, the people that are going to be around General Buhari have to be very careful because this election ended peacefully.

We are praying and hoping that people around him should know that it took him 12 years to get to that position and they must know that they are coming to serve the masses, not General Buhari in person. It is the people that are around him that will determine the political health of our state"she said

Check Out Kim Kardashian Radio Interview With NPR......

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Check out kim Kardashian radio interview with NPR.Pregnant Kim K says she won't name her 2nd child South, because she thinks it's stupid.

'I don't like South West, though, because that's like, you know, North will always, you know, be better and be more ... she has a better direction.'

In a radio interview with NPR, beautiful and pregnant Kim K said she wouldn't name her 2nd child a direction, she actually acted like she was appalled by the suggestion of South West as a name, lol.

Excerpts from the Interview:

KIM KARDASHIAN: How are you?

PESCA: I'm doing well. So the first thing I want to do - and I know you're here to talk about your book about selfies - but the first thing I want to do is I think the biggest thing in your life - I hear that you and your husband Kanye West are expecting your second child. And can the reports be confirmed? Is it a boy?

KARDASHIAN: We actually haven't told anyone the sex. So I heard that we're having a boy. I heard that we're having twins. I heard that I'm not even carrying my own baby. I've heard so many things and most of that information is not true.

PESCA: You are pregnant, yes? This we know.

KARDASHIAN: This I can confirm, yes.

AMY DICKINSON: It's a baby. Congratulations, by the way.

KARDASHIAN: Thank you.

PESCA: So your daughter, she's 2 years old. She's named North - North West. Is that her name?


PESCA: We know that the Kardashian family naming convention means you begin your names with a K...


PESCA: From what I understand. So I did some research, OK? And what I did was I researched directions in different languages to give you some suggestion for names.


PESCA: Yeah, so tell me what you think of these, OK? In Sudanese, the word for south is kadoul (ph).

KARDASHIAN: I don't like South West, though, because that's like - you know, North will always, you know, be better...And be more - she has a better direction.4

PESCA: Well, yes and - right, you're setting your kids up for conflict...

KARDASHIAN: Exactly, so I wouldn't do that. I don't think we'll go with another direction.

PESCA: Really? So I have - because I've got a bunch - I've got - in Swahili, the word for east in Swahili is kati. The word for east in Hungarian is kallet (ph). I could send you these.

KARDASHIAN: You'd be surprised at all of the names people do send us. I mean, everyone keeps on saying South, and I think it's so stupid.

KARDASHIAN: Stupidest thing ever and just ridiculous.