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Check out Why big babes go for this new bleaching method.

In the last one year, skin bleaching has become a common trend among Nigerian young Ladies as virtually all babes crave for a spotless and light skin, hence they adopt a lot of methods through which they achieve their desired complexion.

 Initially it was the use of various skin lightening creams, pills and injections but as time went by, new methods of skin bleaching emerged. In fact, it is fast becoming trendy to have a light skin as most ladies now see it as fashionable.

 Many ladies who undergo skin bleaching either go from dark skin to white skin or from chocolate complexion to glowing yellow complexion. It is so professionally done without living any traces of the old color.

 One of the reasons they bleach their skin is that they believe it enhances their beauty and makes them more attractive to men.

 Right now, a new method of skin lightening has become the most sought-after. It is the use of magic milk called Kamana (Egyptian milk).

 In the past years, many women use toning creams to brighten or maintain the skin complexion in some cases to make the skin glow. But today, an average young lady who wants to get a very fairer skin would bleach the entire skin.

 The most common method was the use of strong toning creams with chemical/substances like hydroquinone, steroids & mercury which have shown to be effective in skin lightening.

 Creams with hydroquinone is a strong inhibitor of melanine production, the substance that is responsible for dark skin color. It’s been banned in many countries because of its risk of causing skin cancer.

 Many babes who now want to get a very white skin go for Egyptian Milk otherwise known as Kamana Egyptian milk which is more active than the hydroquinone or steroids products.

 Another components also used by Naija babes to lighten their skin include, Glutanova, like Taitionil, Saluta, Germed and others. But Glutanova injections are commonly used because it gives a whiter skin while removing all kinds of blemishes like scars and pigmentation.

 It is an antioxidant and also comes in pills too. It is usually used to treat toxidity, acne, cancer, and hyrendysfunction. But it’s more popular for its skin whitening property. It is taken twice a week or once in 3 days.

It also has its adverse effect like nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain. Kamana Egyptian Milk lotion has been adopted lately for skin whitening and it’s very effective such that it records a very positive result within a short period of 2 to 3 months. 

Graphic photo: 14 killed by suspected herdsmen while going for their BVN registration in Plateau.

14 people were killed by suspected Fulani herdsmen while traveling from their village, Sho village in Riyom LGA in Plateau state to Barkin Ladi for their BVN registration. The 14, according to, Langs Bulus, were given a mass burial yesterday July 7th in Sho village and was witnessed by the state Police commissioner Mr Nasir Oki. A graphic photo of the 14 men and women in total.

Meet The Man Who was Arrested At The Airport , trying to transport fake dollar bills totaling $2.1 million from Lagos to Abuja.

WOW ! Shocking right,  some guys have mind oh !!!

45-year old Lawrence Agbe (pictured above) was yesterday July 7th arrested by security officials at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport Ikeja Lagos while trying to transport fake dollar bills totaling $2.1 million from Lagos to Abuja. 

While speaking on the arrest, the Commissioner of Police for the command, Mr. Fredrick Lakanu, said during interrogation Lawrence said the fake dollar bills were owned by one Steve.

"After further interrogation, the suspect mentioned one Steve residing in Abuja as the owner of the said €1.25m. But Steve is at large.”CP Lakanu said

Rita Ora Makes Her Debut on The X Factor in Red Mini Dress and High Boots

Rita Ora goes retro in red mini dress and thigh-high boots as she makes her X Factor judging debut in Manchester.

She's making her debut on The X Factor this year, and as any fan of the show knows the series is as much about the judges' fashion choices as the music.

And Rita Ora didn't disappoint when she arrived for the first round of auditions in Manchester on Wednesday with her new co-judges Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Simon Cowell and Nick Grimshaw.

Jetting in from a trip to Paris Fashion Week, the Hot Right Now singer stuck to her penchant for daring looks, teaming a bold red mini dress with thigh-high boots.

Winning style: Rita Ora pulled out all the stops in an all-red outfit as she arrived for her first round of X Factor auditions in Manchester on Wednesday

Rita Ora stuns on the red carpet at the X Factor auditions

The 24-year-old showed off her curves in her red mini dress which featured cut-out detail on the neckline and a super short skirt with pleat detail.

A large belt drew attention to Rita's slim waist, accentuating her hour-glass curves.

The singer stuck to the red theme with her choice of footwear, matching the red carpet .

Calvin Klein Shares Photos of Kendall Jenner and other Models in new Campaign Called The Return Of 'The Original Sexy'

Calvin Klein Shares Photos of Kendall Jenner and other Models in new Campaign.

 The reality star Kendall Jenner is set to give her sister Kim a run for her money smolders in new sexy photos for Calvin Klein new campaign which the company is calling the return of ‘The Original Sexy.’

 In one of the shots she can be seen displaying her bottom in a semi see-through thong.

Child Abuse :A Woman Pours Hot Water On Her 13 years Old Maid

A very wicked woman shows her black heart by displaying such wickedness to a 13 yrs old girl .She went to the extreme of wickedness to pour hot water on her 13-year-old housemaid for using her Gas cooker.

According to reports, the young girl's offence was that she used her madam's gas cooker to boil water without permission. 

The incident which happened at Isheri Olofin Kara, Berger area of Lagos State, is drawing severe condemnation from majority of Nigerians who see the act as child abuse and there are calls for the woman to be brought to book.

Shocking Crime : A Mother Kills Her Baby To Spicy Up Her Blog Content, Smh!!!

The Act of Stupidity And Wickedness Of A Mother.

Lacey Spears was found guilty of second degree murder after slowly poisoning her son to death while she blogged about his illness.

Prosecutors argued that Spears killed her 5-year-old, Garnett, by putting salt in his feeding tube while he was at the hospital.

Garnett's many ailments included ear infections, unexplained fevers, seizures and digestive problems, and Spears wrote about them on her blog and on Facebook. At one point she claimed he'd been in and out of the hospital 23 times before his first birthday.

But authorities believed Spears, now 27, fabricated sickly Garnett's many issues, and that he wasn't sick at all. Her blog was full of inconsistencies and outright lies, including a story that Garnett's dad was a police officer who had died. That was news to Garnett's real father.

Although police suspected Spears suffered from M√ľnchausen by proxy—a rare disorder that involves a parent faking a child's illness for attention, sometimes even poisoning the child to make the story more convincing—the prosecution didn't introduce the M√ľnchausen theory at trial, saying there was enough evidence to make the case without it.

Second degree murder was the most serious charge available to the jury, carrying a minimum penalty of 15 years in prison. The Journal News reports prosecutors intend to seek the maximum sentence: 25 years.

Spears' defense attorney says she plans to appeal the conviction, and maintains "it is still a mystery" how the salt got into Garnett's stomach tube.

CREDITS: Facebook (Photo) Story (Journal News & Gawkers)

50-year-old Woman Abuse Because of Her Oversized behind.

Check this out guys : Woman, 50, faces a daily barrage of abuse because of her oversized behind - and has even contemplated suicide because 'men only want to sleep with her'

Lerato Pitso says she has to deal with constant whispers and stares South African says men only want to sleep with her and don't love herHas tried to lose weight but says it has made no difference to her hips.

While the likes of Kim Kardashian and Nicki Minaj are famous for - and indeed flaunt - their curvy bottoms, one woman can testify that having a large behind isn't always a good thing.

Unlike the famous celebrities, who are feted for their ample curves, Lerato Pitso from South Africa says she faces a daily barrage of abuse because of her oversized behind.

According to Lerato, 50, wherever she goes she becomes a laughing stock and is unable to find a serious relationship because men just want to sleep with her.

Lerato Pitso, 50, says she faces a daily barrage of abuse because of her oversized behind and wherever she goes, she becomes a laughing stock

Lerato, who works in market research, said: 'At one stage I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I'm not good enough.

'Men only want to sleep with me. They don't love me'.

Lerato also has to put up with constant whispers and stares and people taking photos of her.

She explained: 'Sometimes I hear a camera's shutter and when I turn to see what is happening, I see people taking pictures of my backside.'

And, she adds, it isn't men who are the worst offenders, it's fellow females.

Lerato, who has tried to lose weight in the past but says it has made no difference to the size of her hips, says she is looking for love but her hopes are waning because she is only seen as a 'sex object'.

Lerato, 50, also says she is unable to find a serious relationship because men just want to sleep with her.

Lerato, who works in market research, said: 'At one stage I wanted to commit suicide because I felt like I'm not good enough'

Mother-of-one Lerato recently took part in the City of Johannesburg’s Weight Loss Challenge – and said it saved her life.

Lerato weighed 19st when she started the challenge in February - but how much weight she lost hasn't been reported.

Speaking to, she said: ‘I’ve been battling with my weight since I was a teenager. I’ve tried every diet available but nothing worked. I was on the verge of committing suicide.

'This challenge saved my life. I was tired of people being unkind to me, whispering as I walked past and others taking photos of me from behind. That was humiliating. I tried several diets. I would shed a few kilos only to put them back on because [the fitness trainers] never taught me how to eat properly.’

The challenge was particularly significant to Lerato after she survived a pulmonary embolism attack two years ago.

This, she says, was a wake-up call and spurred her onto losing weight through fear of losing her life.

She now follows a low carb, high protein diet and says the weightloss has helped her relationship with her child.

She admits that sometimes when she walks down the street, she spots people - mostly women - taking pictures of her bottom

Kim, Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian Diss Scott Disick & Tell Him ‘IDFWU'

After Scott Disick betrayed Kourtney Kardashian (by reuniting with his rumored ex), Kim and Khloe have rallied around their big sis to send one very clear — and super sassy — message to Lord Disick.

Note to Scott Disick, 32 — when you mess with one Kardashian sister, you have to deal with all three of them. In the wake of Kourtney, 36, dumping her boyfriend after nine years of togetherness, Kim, 34, and Khloe, 31, have come to her side to relay the following sentiment to Scott: “IDFWU!!!!!” Yeah, you all know that that stands for. Read on for all the details!

The best way to get over a breakupChloe Bartoli, 25, while vacationing in Monaco.

Starting the morning off with a sisters-only workout sesh followed by lunch at LA’s Casa Escobar on July 7, Kourtney, Kim and Khloe continued to hang out for the rest of the day — obviously documenting their epic get-together on social media.

Khloe posted a pic of all three sibs (looking fly as ever in all white attire) making funny faces, accompanied by the cheeky caption, “IDFWU!!!!!” As in Big Sean‘s famous tagline, “I don’t f**k with you” — an incredibly distinct diss to Scott. Kim regrammed the photo with slightly different wording, still expertly utilizing another applicable song acronym.

Should Scott be worried after the Kardashians' disses?Yes!Nah.VoteView Results

This time, “#BBHMM,” referring to Rihanna’s current hit “Bitch Better Have My Money” — another apparent warning to Kourt’s ex. We all saw what happened to the dude in that video! Basically, Scott better be watching his back


Wow ! Kris Jenner wants Scott Disick to stay on reality show despite split from Kourtney

Now that Kourtney has dumped Scott Disick, his future on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ is uncertain. But if it were up to Kris Jenner, she’d keep him on the family’s long-running reality show.

According to, Kris Jenner wants to keep him on the reality series, despite his recent betrayal with ex-girlfriend Chloe Bartoli, 25.

“Surprisingly, one person Scott has on his side in regards to being on the show, following the betrayal, is Kris Jenner. Although she is obviously concerned about Kourtney, she also has always had a real soft spot for Scott and thinks of him like a son. She’s concerned about his health and wants to make sure he gets help.

She’s desperately trying to reach him to see if she can talk some sense into him. Family is incredibly important to her and she wants to keep everyone together. Kris also wants to make sure those 3 children have their father in their lives. If she can help save their relationship, she is going to try. She would rather have them work it out for the sake of those kids than split up for good.

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe wear super tight white outfits as younger sisters come to the rescue after Scott Disick split.

Kourtney, Kim and Khloe wear super tight white outfits as younger sisters come to the rescue after Scott Disick split

Kourtney Kardashian found support in younger sisters Kim and Khloe on Tuesday as she stepped out after allegedly splitting from Scott Disick.

Instead of wallowing in the pain of her break-up, the 36-year-old was obliged to work and spotted filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians in Westlake Village, California with her siblings.

The trio even coordinated their outfits and all wore white - with pregnant Kim in a skintight white dress and Khloe sporting tapered trousers and a long-sleeved top.

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Rallying around her: Kourtney Kardashian was supported by sisters Kim and Khloe in Westlake, California on Tuesday

The Kardashian sisters put on a united front for Kourtney

Kim tenderly held Kourtney's hand as they made their way into Casa Escobar while cameras rolled for their reality series.

The mother-of-three put on a brave face, and even managed a smile for the film crew.

Kourtney looked stunning for the outing, cutting a sexy figure in a cream halter-neck top which left her flat stomach on show.

Putting on a brave face: Kourtney managed a smile as she stepped out a day after splitting from Scott Disick


News News :Photo: Nigerian man sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking in Indonesia, prosecutors to push for death sentence.

Photo: Nigerian man sentenced to life in prison for drug trafficking in Indonesia, prosecutors to push for death sentence

An Indonesian court on Monday July 6th sentenced 33 year old Nigerian man Uzoma Elele Alpha (pictured above) to life imprisonment for possessing banned substances - methamphetamine and marijuana - worth an estimated $451,400.

Uzoma was arrested at his apartment at the Margonda Residence tower in Depok in December 2014 during a raid by authorities from the immigration office. The banned substance was found in his home after a search was conducted. Uzoma was discovered to also be living in the country illegally.

"Uzoma Elele Alpha has been proven guilty for owning grade 1 narcotic drugs and is sentenced to life imprisonment,” Judge Hariyanto said in his ruling at the court on the southern outskirts of Jakarta.
Chief prosecutor Eddy Abdul Aziz said his team would consider mounting an appeal to obtain the death sentence. Indonesian has strong policies against drug trafficking in their country. 4 Nigerians were in April this year executed in Indonesia for drug trafficking.

News News :EFCC arrest former Gov. Sule Lamido and his two sons.

EFCC arrest former Gov. Sule Lamido and his two sons.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has arrested the former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido, for alleged money laundering-related offences.
Investigations revealed that operatives of the anti-graft agency picked up the former governor and his two sons, Mustapha and Aminu in the early hours of Tuesday in Abuja.

It was learnt that the EFCC leadership ordered a crack team of detectives to fly them to Kano by 2.30 pm to prepare them for their arraignment for alleged fraud that amount to billions of naira.

The source said,
“The former Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido, and his two sons, Mustapha and Aminu, were arrested this morning by operatives of the commission.
“They were actually arrested very early this morning, they were with us for hours before they were flown to Kano for possible arraignment on Wednesday (today).
“They left Abuja Airport around 2.30pm. It is most likely that they would be arraigned tomorrow (Wednesday), that I can tell you.”
The EFCC had arrested the two sons of the governor in November 2014, over alleged misappropriation of billions of naira belonging to the Jigawa State Government.

Operatives of the commission investigating Lamido and his sons alleged that billions of naira that belonged to the state government was traced into the accounts of companies owned and run by the governor and his two sons.

The Head of Media and Publicity of the EFCC, Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, confirmed the arrest of the former governor and two of his sons.
He said,
“I can confirm to you that the former Governor of Jigawa a State, Alhaji Sule Lamido and his two sons are with the commission.”


John Legend's wife shares his nude on Instagram.

 John Legend's wife shares his nude on Instagram.

John Legend's wife, Chrissy Teigen took to instagram a few hours ago to share a nude photo of the singer. Chrissy captioned the photo "@instagram' to raise awareness of the shot. See the full pic after the cut...

Two Yazidi sex slaves relive the unspeakable cruelty they suffered at hands of ISIS thugs

Tied to a bed, injected with morphine to stay 'silent' and beaten so badly she couldn't walk for two months: Two Yazidi sex slaves relive the unspeakable cruelty they suffered at hands of ISIS thugs

EXCLUSIVE: From the relative safety of the Khanke refugee camp in Iraq - overflowing with refugees made homeless by ISIS - two Yazidi women told MailOnline of their harrowing ordeals at the hands of their ISIS captors. A 19-year-old mother, whose name has been changed to Reehan (right), eventually 'submitted' to her depraved jailer when he beat her one-year-old son.

Her voice trembled under the weight of her sadness as she recalled another ISIS fighter raping a mother and daughter in the house where she was kept prisoner. Another girl named Barfo (left), which is also a pseudonym, was tied to a bed, drugged with morphine to make her 'stay silent' and beaten so badly she could not walk for two months.

ISIS has kidnapped hundreds of Yazidi girls since launching raids on northern Iraq last August, and the United Nations believes the 'prettiest' ones are sent to depraved auctions where they are stripped naked and sold as sex slaves.

ISIS has carried out the 'systematic sexual crimes' against girls from the Yazidi community since kidnapping over 200 of them from their homes in northern Iraq last August.

Those considered the 'most beautiful' are then sent to horrendous auction houses where they are stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder.

It was the same for a young mother - known simply as Reehan to protect her identity - who told MailOnline how she was abducted from her home in a village north of Sinjar last August.

'I was with my husband and my son when 30 cars with [ISIS] men drove over near our home,' said the woman with olive skin and long dark hair as she held her baby boy in her arms.

The Sunni extremists rounded them up and drove them to the town of Tal Afar - around 50 miles away - where the women and children were separated from the men.

Here, Reehan was auctioned off to a 50-year-old Iraqi Turkmen fighter inside a school where she was put on display with around 200 other Yazidi women. She does not know how much the fanatic paid for her slavery.

Her voice trembled with fear as she recounted how the 'very cruel' man took her to his home - where she would be locked up for the next 10 months.

At first, she tried to prevent him raping her but when the Turkmen beat her one-year-old son in front of her, she was forced to stop resisting.

'I agreed to everything that this man wanted for the sake of my son,' she said clutching her adorable infant child a little bit tighter.

And when she questioned his beliefs, he screamed at her and said that the sexual trade in Yazidi women is permitted 'according to Islam'.

Harrowing: Reehan let her first captor, a 50-year-old Iraqi fighter, rape her 'whenever he wanted' for fear of what he may do to her son (pictured) if she did not comply.

Sickening: Reehan, who now lives in the Khanke refugee camp in Iraq, says she was auctioned off to a 50-year-old Iraqi fighter after being put on display with around 200 other Yazidi women in Tal Afar.

Slavery: The United Nations has said the 'prettiest' Yazidi girls captured by ISIS (file photo) are sent to twisted auctions where they are stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder

Those considered the 'most beautiful' are then sent to horrendous auction houses where they are stripped naked and sold to the highest bidder.

After 10 months of constant abuse and cruelty, she became despondent and numb and let him rape her 'whenever he wanted'. But she refused to commit suicide because she feared what would happen to her child.

She was later moved to the house of another ISIS fighter in Mosul, Iraq, before being sold for a third time to a Libyan man in the Islamic State's adopted capital of Raqqa, Syria.

She lived there for around 20 days, in a house with two other Yazidi girls, one aged 22, the other only 15, before an elderly mother and her five-year-old daughter moved in too.

It was here that she saw something so sickening, it convinced her that she had to risk it all and try to flee.

I want to leave Iraq. But, I have nothing, no husband. I have no hope in this country'Reehan', former ISIS captive

He came into the home and pointed at the mother and her daughter, she recalled.

He then brought them into a room and raped the mother before molesting the daughter.

She finally decided to escape by stealing a hijab and fleeing to a Syrian man's house - where she telephoned her elderly mother in Dohuk.

After spending a few nights hidden there, the Syrian agreed to help her and her son cross the border but only if she paid him $15,000 - just under £10,000.

Reehan said her mother desperately got the money together with the possible help of a charity, adding: 'After two days in Raqqa, the [Syrian] man drove us to Fish-Khabur on the Iraqi-Syrian border where I met my mother... I cried.'

She then travelled to Dohuk, where she now lives with her mother and son in the Khanke refugee camp. ISIS is still holding her husband, her father and two sisters captive. She is not hopeful that any of them are still alive.

'I want to leave Iraq. But, I have nothing, no husband. I have no hope in [this country],' she said.

You do not have to go far in the overflowing and primitive refugee camp - home to tens of thousands of other homeless Yazidis - to find other harrowing experiences.

Living near 19-year-old Reehan and her son is another Yazidi woman .