Friday, 22 January 2016

Police Aide In Soup For Raping And Beating Lady To Coma

An aide to the Commissioner of Police, Railway Command, Lagos State, identified as Agu, has been arrested for allegedly raping and beating a lady until she fell into a coma.

PUNCH Metro gathered that the incident happened inside the policeman’s apartment in the Railway Police Barracks.

It was learnt that 31-year-old Agu had tricked the victim, identified as Yeni, into the barracks.

He was said to have had sex with her, which the victim submitted to.

Later at night, he allegedly woke her up for another round of sex, which Yeni refused.

The duo were said to have struggled, but the suspect allegedly overpowered her.

He was said to have assaulted and raped her.

The victim reportedly passed out.

The police authorities were said to have arrested Agu, made him to face an orderly-room trial and dismissed him from the force.

A police source told our correspondent that the incident happened on Sunday.

It was learnt that the suspect, who was married with a kid, had separated from his wife.

The source said, “He had a habit of sleeping with all kinds of women. His wife separated from him due to his infidelity.

“Last Sunday, he saw the lady on the road and spoke to her. She agreed to the friendship and he invited her to his apartment.

“We learnt that they had sex, though the lady said she was initially against it. After the sex, they both fell asleep, but the policeman woke her up for another round of sex and she refused.

“Agu hit her with some objects. He flogged her till she sustained serious injuries which made her fell into a coma.

“He still had his way with her. It was the following morning that the police authorities in the barracks were informed and he was arrested.”

The source, who claimed to have been in the room, said the floor was dotted with Yeni’s blood.

It was learnt that while Agu was detained at the EBJ Police Area Command, the victim was rushed to the Federal Medical Centre, where she was resuscitated and treated.

Another police source said the Railway command conducted an orderly-room trial for the suspect and he was dismissed.

He said, “Some policemen followed him to his room and collected his uniform and other police property in his custody.

“He was then handed over to the police for prosecution.”

PUNCH Metro was told that investigations had been concluded and the suspect was about to be arraigned when the detectives got a call to cancel the arraignment.

A source said, “The detectives were done with investigations and he was to be taken to court when they were told to let go of the matter.

“As if that was not enough, he was released and he is back in the barracks.”

PUNCH Metro visited the EBJ Area Command, but was told the area commander was not available.

Our correspondent was referred to the police headquarters.

On arriving at the Nigeria Railway Police Command Headquarters, he was directed to the office of the CP, Pius Imue.

However, an aide, who enquired on how our correspondent got to know about the case, said the CP said he would not react.

He said, “Who gave you the story? I am interested in knowing because I don’t know how you heard such a thing. The CP said he does not want to talk about it.”

However, a police source in the command, confirmed the story.

He said the victim was still going to the FMC for medication, adding that she sustained injuries in different parts of her body.

She said, “The girl was truly admitted in the hospital, but she was discharged the same day.

“Her injuries were minor. She was only hurt in her legs, buttocks, and the forehead.” 

Shocking: Teen Girl Forced To Have Sex With 110 Men In 22 Hours By Boyfriend

A British woman has revealed that she worked as a sex slave and prostitute for six years in Greece after going on holiday to the country with her mother as a teen.

Megan Stephens (not her actual name), 25, went on a getaway with her mum when she was just 14 years old.

While staying in the resort, the teen fell for an Albanian guy called Jak, and thought he felt the same. But he was actually grooming her to sell to a sex trafficker.

After her mother let Megan stay on in Athens with Jak while she flew back home, Jak sold her to a trafficker called Leon and Megan was ordered to work in brothels and on the streets.

She recalls how she was once forced to have sex with 110 men in 22 hours.

Megan escaped in 2009 when she was hospitalised and sectioned after a suicide attempt.

She’s now settled in the UK with her partner and a baby on the way.

In a memoir of her harrowing experience, Bought & Sold, the survivor says she lives in fear of the trafficking ring discovering where she lives and trying to hurt her or her family.

Like many victims, Megan blames herself, she told MailOnline: ‘I used to put myself down about how stupid I’d been. If I could go back and tell myself what to do, I’d say to myself to get up and run and do something more to stop what was happening.’

‘When I look back on that time I feel angry with myself and incredibly sad. When you truly believe that you’re nothing, you don’t even consider the possibility that you have a choice about anything.’

Megan also explained that due to her parents splitting up in her childhood, she was ‘desperate to be loved’, which could have made her an easy target for Jak.

Megan managed to persuade her mum, who’d also fallen for a man during their holiday, to allow her to prolong their stay.

Within days Jak started playing on Megan’s conscience with a story about his mum having cancer.

He persuaded Megan, who was only 14 at the time, to take a job in a topless bar to earn money to help pay for his mother’s treatment and convinced her she was a hero for saving his mum’s life.

Two weeks after her mum left, Megan moved into an Athens flat with Jak. He took her into a local burger bar to meet a man called Leon. They exchanged money and spoke in Greek. She thought nothing of it at the time.

She later realised Leon had bought her to force her into sex work.

Femi Fani-Kayode, Patience Jonathan, Others Revealed To Have Properties In Dubai

A list, compiled by online news platform, SaharaReporters, on Thursday, January 21, have revealed names of Nigerian politicians who allegedly own properties in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Fingered are Femi Fani-Kayode, Patience Jonathan, Deziani Allison Madueke and so many others

President Muhammadu Buhari had earlier directed to Nigerian diplomats in the UAE till the end of March 31, 2016, to compile the names of Nigerians with properties. 

See the shocking list below...

Icelanders & Greenlanders Cult Members In Bloody Clash In Ogba ,15killed.

Icelanders & Greenlanders Cult Members In Bloody Clash In Ogba Egbema, Ndoni Rivers State, 15 Killed.At least 15 died untimely yesterday in Ogba Egbema area of Ndoni Local Government area of Rivers State.
According to eyewitnesses, the cultists mainly from the Icelanders and Greenlanders engaged each other in a turf war after Greenlanders says the military operation in the area favoured the Icelanders.
Sources said that the cultists freely used high calibre weapons in the attacks, while some of them who could not withstand the military fled into the bush.
They also carried out killings in Ahoada city.

NHS Psychiatrist in the UK sacked for recommending TB Joshua's Emmanuel TV to patient

A NHS psychiatrist in the UK Dr Julius Awakame, 50, has been sacked after he advised a patient to get help from TB Joshua's 24-hour church TV channel, Emmanuel TV because she might be possessed by demonic 'special forces'. 

According to UK Daily Mail, Dr Julius recorded medical notes diagnosing the woman as having a history of 'satanic ritual abuse' and said her issues could not be addressed by regular treatment. 
So instead he told her to watch Emmanuel TV, adding: 'neither psychiatry not psychology would be able to help because there are special forces at play.'
The woman - known as Patient A - claimed Awakame also told her to get 'nice holy water' before 'switching off' during the consultation at a health centre in Harwich, Essex.

When community psychiatric nurse Martin Rowe later quizzed Awkame whether she she was possessed, the medic replied: 'She may well be' and claimed she had been thrown out of her local church due to her condition.

The doctor's employment with the North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust was terminated the following month.

Today Awkame - who has since returned to his native Ghana - faced being struck off after he was found guilty in his absence at a medical tribunal of a number of misconduct charges.

The consultation took place on January 23 2014 when Awakame was treating the vulnerable woman as an outpatient.

The hearing, in Manchester, was told he was made aware she had a 'Dissociative Identity' - a personality disorder - and a 'history of previous satanic ritual abuse' before making a record of it in his notes.

But Awakame, formerly of Ipswich, then told Patient A she had been 'initiated through satanic ritual' and wrote down a website address for her to access.

He told her the TV station was 'specifically targeted for people who experienced similar situations.'
And he said her problems 'could only be addressed by the church' before he wrote down the name and suggested she write a book about her experiences. 
He also told Patient A he had watched the TV station and said there were 'many people who had similar problems' to her.
The patient further claimed Awakame told her to ask the church to send her some 'nice holy water' to help with her problems. She later spoke to Mr Rowe about the encounter and the nurse quizzed Awakame.
When the nurse told Awakame that Patient A thought she might be 'possessed' he replied: 'She may well be.' 

The doctor also said he 'studied' the TV station 'for hours' and said the woman's church had recognised she was possessed and had thrown her out.
Speaking of her emotional state following the meeting, Patient A said: 'I had pretty much switched off after hearing Dr Awakame tell me that no psychiatrist or psychologist could help me as throughout my childhood my parents had told me that no one would believe me and no one would help me'.

Awakame was reported to a consultant psychiatrist at the Trust by Mr Rowe the day after the consultation. 
Following an investigation he was subsequently sacked and referred to the General Medical Council.

Awakame, who worked in various hospitals in the NHS from 1997 to 2014, will be disciplined next month by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service. 
He is currently working as a lecturer in 'health informatics' in his home country where he graduated in medicine in 1993

Check out the photo that has gone viral ..... Can you guess what the lady is doing. ???

This photo has gone viral. The lady claims she is proposing to her guy but many people say she knelt down to give the guy a “head” right inside a toilet. Who is lying and who is telling the truth?

'I Will Repatriate Every Single American In Nigeria ' Bihari Replies Trump.

President Muhammadu Buhari has finally given in to pressure from different quarters by replying the statements made recently by American Presidential Hopeful, Donald Trump concerning Nigerians.
Speaking to journalists in the United Arab Emirates, President Buhari had a simple reply to Donald Trump.

 “He says he will pursue all my people out of America. No problem. I wish him well at the forthcoming elections. But if he thinks he can threaten my people, then I don’t think he understands who I am and what I am capable of”. President Buhari told newsmen.
“He should go and ask the family of Umaru Dikko. he should ask the Mossad about me. If he threatens my people, how does he think the Americans in Nigeria will be safe?”
The President went on to issue a warning to all Americans resident in Nigeria, both on temporary and permanent basis.
“I hope all of you are praying this man loses. because if he wins, all of you, from embassy to the streets, will be sent home. And don’t discount the probability that your plane might not land exactly in America. That is all I can say for now”.
Donald Trump could not be reached for comments as at press time. However, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, both Democratic Hopefuls, and Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz of the GOP, have reached out to President Buhari, reassuring him that if they win, none of Mr. Trump’s threats will come to fruition.

Buhari won't spare Ex President Jonathan if is proven corrupt says Presidency.

In Nigeria’s ongoing war against corruption, President Muhammadu Buhari will not spare anyone who has a case to answer, and his predecessor, Goodluck Jonathan, would face justice if guilty, presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina, has said.

Mr. Adesina said on Thursday, when he visited the newspaper’s office in Abuja, that Mr. Buhari has “no accord” to shield any corrupt person from prosecution.
“There is no accord,” he said, “if the corruption fight needs to get there (making Mr. Jonathan face justice), it will get there.”
Several top officials who served under Mr. Jonathan, as well as his political associates in the then ruling Peoples Democratic Party, are currently being tried, or investigated by the Economic and Financial crimes Commission, for corruption.
A major case involves a former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki, accused of diverting $2.1 billion arms money, and sharing same to politicians and cronies of the former president.
According to investigators, Mr. Dasuki said he was authorized by Mr. Jonathan to release the money for the nation’s security programmes, and for the 2015 presidential campaign.
The spokesperson for the PDP, Olisa Metuh, also said he received payment from Mr. Dasuki after carrying out some assignments for the former president.
 Those claims have raised questions regarding whether Mr. Jonathan, whom Mr. Buhari assured during transfer of power in 2015, that he had nothing to fear, would face prosecution should it be proven he has a case to answer.
Mr. Buhari has also been accused of bias against the PDP.
That allegations gained traction last week after his associate and party member, Jafaru Isa, was released by the EFCC despite facing what appeared a similar allegation as that against Mr. Metuh, the PDP spokesperson.

But Mr. Adesina denied the allegations against the president.
“There is no accord that if corruption is proven, it will not be tried,” he said of the former president. “With this president, nobody will be protected. And I underscore it, if it needs to get anywhere, it will get there.”
He emphasized that there was no agreement prior to the March 2015 presidential election that Mr. Jonathan would not be made to face trial if corruption allegations were proven against him.
Mr. Adesina denied Mr. Buhari’s involvement in the release of Mr. Isa after the APC member reportedly returned N100 million out of N170 million he was accused of unlawfully receiving from Mr. Dasuki.
“If the President had wanted to protect him, he would not have been arrested in the first place”, Mr. Adesina said.
He said investigations into other sectors, such as banking, and petroleum, would soon start.

4 year old Ojelabi Michael kidnapped At School

4 year old Ojelabi Micheal Oluwatomiyin pictured above was kidnapped by a yet to be identified woman at his school, Mafina Primary School Unity estate along Iba expressway in Lagos yesterday January 20th.

The kidnapper then forcefully grabbed her younger brother from her and ran away. No word has been heard from the kidnapper since yesterday. The matter has been reported to the police and investigation into the matter is ongoing. Anyone with useful info should contact: 08024371127, 08028287574. Or the nearest police station.
A relative of the kidnapped boy said according to Ojelabi’s 8 year old sister, herself and her little brother were in their school waiting for their mother to come pick them up. When they got tired of waiting, they stepped out of their school compound where they met the kidnapper who told her their mother asked her to come and pick them up. The young girl refused saying she does not know her.

Evil Guy Behind The "He Paid Me 10KCFA After The Fuck" Viral Picture Apologises.

Remember this picture of a girl thanking a guy for giving her 10,000CFA after a good f**k? The picture went viral, with a lot of people coming out to condemn the girl.
Well, it seems the picture was edited and the girl never said such. The evil culprit behind this very expensive prank, a student of North American University, Benin, with the twitter user eche_david has come out to apologize and exonerate the girl of any wrong doing.
See what he wrote after the cut
For goodness sake, don’t people know how powerful the internet is??? Must everything be a joke? I can’t imagine what the innocent girl must have been facing these past four days since the phot became an internet sensation. 

Student Stabbed to Death over Girlfriend at College in Kano

Kano State Police Command has taken into custody a former student of First Grade College in Kano, Sadik Ado-Maje who is suspected to have stabbed his estranged friend, Usman Salisu, to death over a girlfriend.
An eyewitness told reporters that the suspect, who was expelled from the school for unruly behaviour, had stormed the college to settle scores with his friend who he suspected to have snatched his girlfriend.
As soon as the suspect arrived on the premises of the school he went straight for his target. After a
brief row between the two, the eyewitness said, the other students fled for safety.
“I saw Mr. Salisu soaked in blood on the floor while efforts made by other bystanders to apprehended the assailant failed,” the eyewitness recalled.
The eyewitness said that the incident, which occurred during the breakfast period, triggered pandemonium in the college community before normalcy was restored by the private guards attached to the school.
 Spokesman of the Police Kano Command, DSP Magaji Majiya, told reporters that the suspect was apprehended after a futile attempt to escape justice.
“The suspect is now in custody at the Kwalli Police Division and would be arraigned as soon as we complete our investigation”.
“I don’t want to threaten the quality of our investigation, but I want to assure you this matter would be followed to its logical conclusion”, DSP Majiya assured.
DSP Majiya said that the deceased was rushed to the hospital where he was announced dead.

Child Bride Cries Out for Help – Husband Won’t Let Her Learn a Trade after HIs Carelessness Killed their Child

Just read this, guys. The story will definitely leave you shocked and in tears. What kind of man is this?
Read tweets from bottom to top.

THE VICTIM’S STORY. Also read from very bottom to top

I’m Ashamed to be Linked with Arms Scandal – Falae

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party, Chief Olu Falae, on Thursday said he was ashamed to be linked with former National Security Adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki (retd), and the $2.1bn arms scandal.

Falae, who spoke on the scandal during the National Executive Council meeting of SDP in Abuja, said he would open up next week on the controversial N100m that he collected from the former chairman, Board of Trustees, Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Tony Anenih, and “silence the blackmailers.”
The money is said to have been part of the $2.1bn meant for the procurement of weapons for the fight against Boko Haram.
Falae, however, said the last time he saw Dasuki was in 1987, when he was Secretary to the Government of the Federation, during the administration of ex-President Ibrahim Babangida.
He said:
“For people to even mention my name in connection with Dasuki, I feel ashamed for Nigerians to even say such a thing. It is wicked and a sin against God. I am sure they know that what I am saying is the truth; that there was no connection between SDP or myself with Dasuki.
We did not take any money from Dasuki. The money sent to us was by the PDP based on the exchange of letters between us, which establishes the contract.
Some people are still writing spurious nonsense but I intend to address the press sometime next week, probably in Lagos, to tell my story so everybody can hear and the blackmailers can shut up forever.
I said this because I can’t come here without addressing this issue, so that you know what you take home. We are very proud of the way we have handled this matter.”
He expressed confidence that the SDP would overcome what he described as a campaign of calumny by certain forces to discredit its leadership.
He added:
“I have said so several times and I will say so now that as a believer in God, I did not collect even one naira from Col. Dasuki. Not just that, I have had absolutely no feelings whatsoever, with Col. Dasuki.
I think the last time I saw Col. Dasuki must have been in 1987 when he was ADC to General Babangida and I was Secretary to the Federal Government of the Federation.
So we worked together, that was on 1987. That is 29 years ago. So, ladies and gentlemen, please, put your mind at rest. I have nothing to do with Dasuki. I took no money from Dasuki.
The N100m they are talking about, it was the money sent by the PDP to your party, SDP, following our endorsement of their presidential candidate.”

Nigerian man arraigned before Dubai court for attempting to withdraw Dh500,000 from another man's bank account

An unemployed Nigerian man was arraigned before Dubai Criminal Court on Monday, January 18, for trying to withdraw more than Dh500,000 from another man’s bank account using an Emirates ID card that the account holder had lost.

The ID card belonged to a man from Kenya who had lost his wallet in March last year. Two months later the Nigerian was contacted by a friend who had found the Kenyan man’s wallet. He asked the Nigerian to visit the bank on Khalid bin Al Waleed Road in Dubai, use the ID card to pose as the Kenyan and withdraw Dh580,000 from his account.

In return, he would be paid Dh50,000, the friend told him. The fraud was thwarted when a bank employee spotted the difference between the Nigerian and the photo on the ID card. The man fled the bank, but was arrested five months later.

In court, he admitted using an Emirates ID card belonging to someone else, forging the bank account withdrawal slip by signing it and adding his personal details, using the forged slip, and attempting to fraudulently obtain Dh580,000.
The man whose name was not revealed will be sentenced on February 8.

Source: The NationalUAE

Celine Dion at her husband's visitation...touches his face in his open casket (photos)

Grieving Celine Dion was seen crying as she and others paid their final respect to her late husband, René Angélil at open casket visitation at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal yesterday Thursday Jan. 21st. Angélil died of throat cancer at the age of 73 on Jan. 14. Celine Dion announced that a national funeral for Angélil will be held today at the basilica and will be televised. More pics after the cut..