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Nigerian Man Jailed In the UK for Duping two women using an onkine photo of a US Soldier.

27 year old Nigerian man, Tosin Olasemo has been sentenced to 4 and a half years in prison by a UK court after he was found guilty of using the photo of a US soldier fighting in Afghanistan to dupe two white women he met on a dating site of £250,000.

Tosin, who lives in Cardiff, UK, set up a profile on using the photo of an unidentified US soldier in uniform, to trick his victims into believing he was serving in Afghanistan. He called himself Captain Morgan Travis to his first victim, and Michael Travis to his second victim and claimed to be based at Camp Joyce but he was actually living in Moira Street in the Adamsdown area of Cardiff.

During online conversations with his first victim, 47-year-old widow Tine Jorgensen, Tosin could see her via her webcam but he refused to show his own face, saying he was not allowed to show his own face because of security issues in Afghanistan, an explanation which looked genuine and acceptable.

Tosin then demanded various sums of money from Ms Jorgensen, including money for administration fees and other costs to facilitate his leave so he could come see her. Tosin, while using his real account name and photo, later contacted Ms Jorgensen to claim Morgan Travis had been arrested, persuading her to hand over almost £212,000 more to try and secure his release.

Speaking on his demand for money, prosecutor Ruth Smith said:
"They were designed to play on her emotional feelings for Morgan Travis, saying if the money wasn't paid he would spend one and a half years in detention."

However, police in Denmark soon informed her she had been a victim of a crime. The prosecutor said that confronted with this news by Ms Jorgensen, Tosin then claimed to be living in Lagos, Nigeria and had borrowed money from militants in Nigeria whom he could not now repay.

"Unfortunately Ms Jorgensen still felt an attachment to the defendant and believed his explanation. But her suspicions grew and she eventually reported him to South Wales Police, who arrested him in Adamsdown on January 28 this year."the prosecutor said

Officers recovered a number of false documents, including Nigerian identity cards and drivers licences under various names at his home in Cardiff. The prosecutor continued
"The defendant tried to damage his laptop computer by throwing it on the floor and stamping on it, but was prevented from doing so by police officers at the premises. The defendant had numerous documents on (his) equipment referring to how to speak to women and gain their confidence.".

On his second victim, Polish divorcee Joanna Kosz-Strusiewicz, he initially persuaded her to part with £1,100.

"He continued to make demands for money from her and she decided to make investigations of her own. She found information which led to her believing she had been cheated and wrote to the defendant."

Tosin pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud, four counts of possession of false identity documents, three counts of possession of articles for use in fraud and a single count of acquiring criminal property. He was sentenced to 4 and a half years in jail today July 15th.

The court also added that Tosin whose UK visa will soon expire may be deported.

FG says " We 've jammed Radio Biafra Transmission Signals"

According to a report by Vanguard, FG confirmed yesterday that they have succeeded in jamming the transmission signals of Radio Biafra, which they say have been operating illegally from an unknown location. Permanent Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Information, Yemi Folasade-Esan, told State House correspondents
"Right now, the signals from Radio Biafra have been jammed. The National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) has successfully jammed that.

The NBC is also working with security operatives to get those behind that radio because it is an illegal radio. It is not licensed by anybody to be on Nigeria’s airwaves."

Hilarious ! Check out what this person had to say about Iggy music" Fancy "and how it was a life saver or not lol !

Check out what a person put up about Iggyazalea Music "Fancy "and how it saved her life or not . Some people are just hard with their comment right ?

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Steps out with Kanye wearing sexy see-through bra

Kylie trying to do like Kim. The pregnant 34 year old wore transparent bra under a sheer plunging black dress as she headed out for dinner with her husband Kanye at a restaurant in Santa Monica last night. More photos after the cut...

Omg ! Check out this wicked storyline of a wicked & heartless mother to her son.

Evil mum who caged her son before starving & beating him to death dies in prison.Magdalena Luczak, the woman who tortured her 4 year old son Daniel Pelka for a period of time, and eventually killed him, has died in prison. Magdalena, 29, who subjected her son to 'incomprehensible cruelty' was found unresponsive in her cell at HMP Foston Hall in Derby at around 7.15am yesterday July 14th. Paramedics attended to her and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Magdalena caged Daniel before starving and beating him to death along with her violent partner Mariusz Krezolek in 2012.

Plasterer Krezolek began to despise Daniel after moving in with alcoholic cleaner Luczak. He told pals the child was “retarded” and should be sent to his biological dad in Poland. He said: “It’s not even worth beating him as he won’t feel the pain.” But he repeatedly beat him and kept him locked up for days without food in a box room they had turned into a cell by removing the inside handle.

Krezolek fed Daniel salt after catching him stealing food before forcing him to do squat-thrusts to burn off the calories.

The pair were sentenced to at least 30 years in prison after being convicted of his murder at Birmingham crown court in 2013.

Source: UK Sun

Kendall Jenner goes braless in white shirt that was unbuttoned.

19-year-old Kendall Jenner had a near nip slip when she was seen on the streets in LA. She had a white shirt that was unbuttoned. The wind caught her shirt and almost exposed her chest but she quickly caught her shirt and held it together and was seen giggling as she nearly gave everyone a flash of her chest . More photos after the cut..

Brody Jenner Says Kylie & Kendall Jenner Could Teacher Him Things About sex , weird thing to say right,read storyline below.

While promoting his new show, ‘Sex With Brody,’ Brody Jenner revealed that his teenage sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, are more sexually experienced than he is. He even said they could teach him a few things. That’s a visual we didn’t need.

Brody Jenner recently admitted that he’s pretty adventurous in the bedroom — we’d hope so, as he co-hosts a new late-night talk show called Sex With Brody — but his teenage sisters, Kendall, 19, and Kylie, 17, are more qualified to talk about sex than he is. And he credits that to their older sister,Kim Kardashian, who starred in her own sex tape.

“Do you seriously think they don’t know what’s up? They could teach me things!” Brody told The Mirror, before saying that Kendall and Kylie know a lot about “taboo subjects.” He said they’re clued up in the bedroom, thanks to their older sisters. “I mean, look at their older sisters [KhloeKourtney and Kim Kardashian]. Are you kidding me?” Ouch! Is Brody throwing shade? Heck, it wouldn’t be the first time.

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Brody went on to say that if Kendall and Kylie wanted to do a show like his, where he talks about everything from making sex tapes to sleeping with ex-girlfriends, he’d support them.

“I’d be supportive if that’s what they wanted to do,” he said. “I’d congratulate them – especially if they did what I did and put an entire project together from beginning to end.” Well, that’s sweet.

Femi Fani-Kayode-"The Power of Inspiration "

Article written by former minister, Femi Olukayode. Read below...
Dark is the heart that weeps and bleeds. Pure is the spirit that overcomes pain. Free is the soul that activates faith. Pure is the joy that true love brings. Yet most important of all is the power of inspiration. That grace and strength that encouraging words, steeped in knowledge and experience, bring. We can only heal and help those in pain when we ourselves once experienced that pain. We can only shed light in darkness when we ourselves once walked in that darkness.

We can only lift others up when we ourselves have once been down. Inspirational prose is like speaking in tongues to the unlettered- they cannot possibly understand or appreciate it. They know not it’s value and they have no use for it’s strength. Like Shakespeare once said, to them, ‘’tis caviar to the general’’.

Yet to refined souls and sensitive spirits it is everything. It is the shield that protects and preserves our hearts, thoughts and emotions- it is the very essence of our being.

To the learned and enlightened it is like the burning fire, bringing in glory and blessings and ushering in the marvellous heat of the golden sun.

It inspires, it brings laughter, it brings tears of joy. It brings hope even to the most hopeless and it ushers in a rustic and complex form of spiritual resurrection and rejuvanation. That is why it is wise and good to learn from our experiences and share it with others.

One short and encouraging note to a despairing soul may well save a life. One kind smile or a few words laced in love may well give cause for those who have lost all hope to think again and give life another chance.

One tiny expression of compassion or passion and one small gesture of kindness, support and love to even the most unlovable may change them forever.

A helping hand extended to a complete stranger may inspire that stranger to have faith in humanity and to have an encounter with God.

May those that understand the essence of these words never lose sight of this glaring veracity. May those who laugh to scorn the power of prose and the beauty of the word continue to wallow in their abject poverty of the mind and dearth of knowledge and understanding.

In all, strive to love, to care for others, to show compassion, to be merciful, to be kind, to be loving, to be forgiving and most important of all seek to inspire and bring hope to others.

An encouraging smile to the weakest and most frightened amongst us at the most unexpected moment could do it. Or perhaps an unexpected phone call to a long lost friend.

Whatever it takes give someone joy, particularly the lost, those in pain and the broken-hearted,  that our Lord in heaven, the God of mercy and truth, may know your worth. This is indeed God's work and it is a glaring expression of the power of inspiration.

Rape Crime :British soldier jailed for 9years for raping a 6yr old girl in her home in Austria while drunk.

A British soldier has been jailed for nine years for drunkenly raping a six-year-old girl in her bedroom while stationed on an adventure course with his unit. Craig Stormey, 30, was on an alpine skiing course with the 7th Parachute Regiment Royal Horse Artillery in the Stubai Valley, Austria, when the horrific assault took place.

Today Judge Norbert Hofer said it was 'impossible' to find an appropriate punishment given the severity of the attack and ranked it among the 'worst kind of abuse of a child's physical well-being'.

The court at Innsbruck, in the province of Tyrol, heard that the attack took place in November 2014 when the Afghanistan veteran drunkenly entered an unlocked house, stripped off and started to perform sexual acts on the sleeping child.
The girl's father told the court: 'I was lying in my bed and saw a figure holding a child in his arms.

'I was half asleep and first thought it was my wife but then I realised she was lying next to me.

'Then I saw the naked stranger in another room with my daughter. I completely flipped and hit him several times in the face.'

During the fight, his wife and their daughter fled the house as he called the police.
He added: 'Our daughter has managed to cope with the incident relatively well. But she has a very good memory.'

The defendant, who was in Tyrol on an 'Adventure Camp' with his unit, said that he had 'quite a few' drinks with his friends but could not remember why he left the pub they were drinking in or why he entered the house.

He said: 'There is no explanation for what I did, and there is also no excuse. All I can remember is fighting inside a house with a man, and a woman who held a child in her arms.'
He told the court he had suffered from PTSD having fought in war zones and had seen severe sexual assaults among soldiers on the battlefield. He also apologised to the girl and her parents.
Police arrested the accused in the house and since then he had been in detention in Innsbruck prison while awaiting trial.

Medical investigators examined the little girl and backed her claims of the events.
Judge Norbert Hofer said that the defendant 'had made sexual actions that can hardly be topped.'

Psychiatrist Reinhard Haller said that Mr Stormy had signs of a post-traumatic stress disorder from tours in Afghanistan but certified him as legally sane.
Dr Haller had previously worked on the case of  Natascha Kampusch, the Austrian woman who was kidnapped at the age of ten and held captive for eights before escaping.

Laszlo Szabo, Mr Stormey's lawyer, said: 'The combination of alcohol and his trauma played a major role.
'In spite of this, he had shown no such inclinations for all his life and therefore his actions remain inexplicable.'
Mr Szabo was planning to appeal the sentence.

Source: UK Daily Mail

Shocking Rape Crime :Pastor Uses Bible Quotations To Rape Young Girls in Church (Photo)

A man pretending to be a pastor at a local church, lured some girls into following him by telling them that he uses the Bible to save lost souls.

But he allegedly ended up raping a girl after inviting her and three of her friends to his shack!

The fake pastor found the girls at a park in Wattville, Ekurhuleni on Thursday and invited them to his home to read the Bible.

The girls didn’t suspect anything and went with the man to his shack in Tamboville, where he opened his Bible to read and later prayed for them.

However, when he had finished reading, he told three of the girls to leave so he could explain in detail to their friend what he had read to them.

The girl was undressed and raped several times after her friends had left. She tried to escape but the man locked the shack. She was only released the next morning. He went ahead to invite the other girls to his church where he preached and recited bible quotations about loving thy neighbour as thyself. He allegedly also asked the three girls to read songs of Solomon before he went on a wild orgy with the three girls aged betwee 15 and 17.

The girls went straight to the Actonville cop shop to open a case of rape after the rapist fell asleep. They alleged that the pastor also gave them holy communion wine which was alcoholic after which they couldnt say no to his sexual advances anymore.

According to Warrant Officer Ramothakhi Maqabe, a suspect was arrested the same day and has already appeared in court. He was due back in court soon.

The girls told the police the suspect sounded like a man of God and they never doubted him when he said he was helping lost souls.

The victims are receiving counselling at the police station’s trauma centre. The cops warned girls not to go to strangers’ houses because it could lead to them becoming victims of crime.

 Daily Sun SA reports.

Check out Why Buhari sacked service chiefs, plus how Obama influenced this decision. 

Indications emerged yesterday in Abuja, that President Muhammadu Buhari’s forthcoming trip to the United States of America for extensive bilateral, economic and financial discussions with President Barrack Obama and the need to answer certain questions about the terrorism challenges as well as Nigeria’s military capability to tackle the menace conclusively, necessitated the sack of the service chiefs.

Badeh, Defence Chief; Minimah, Army Chief; Amosu, Airforce Chief and Jibrin, Naval Chief

Very reliable security sources, told Vanguard that the Buhari administration got wind of the fact that the Obama administration will want to know why after so much money was devoted to the war on insurgency, including foreign contributions, the Boko Haram terrorists were still holding sway.

“America will ask President Buhari why the Military Commanders (Sacked Service Chiefs) were still in place, when after several months of being in control and getting huge financial support from the Jonathan administration, Boko Haram is still biting hard.

“They will present Buhari with the figures and ask how this huge amount of money was spent, and for what purposes? Why is the result not showing?

This is because America will tell President Buhari pointblank, that we have a package to assist you conquer this menace but it will be on the grounds that you have a new team with thinking faculty, a team that is tested and will spare no effort in ending the Boko Haram mayhem.

The source said President Buhari will now be able to look Obama in the face and say, “I have a new team in place. Trusted, with integrity, and primed to actualize my mission of ending Boko haram insurgency”.

Continuing the source said, “Buhari will tell the Americans that he has set machinery in motion to investigate how the huge amount of money so far released to fight insurgency was spent and why after such releases to the security agencies, many of the equipment promised, to deal with Boko Haram, are nowhere to be seen.

“President Buhari will also show the Americans a blueprint of how he intends to employ new resources improve and equip the armed forces, putting in mind accountability, to ensure that any suspected corrupt tendencies are nipped in the bud”, the source added.

Source : Vanguard. 

Pastor gets a married woman pregnant , check it out and see what happens .

A plumber, Olusola Owolabi, on Tuesday urged an Ikole Customary Court in Ekiti state to dissolve his 15 year-old marriage to Taiwo for allegedly carrying a pregnancy for her pastor.

Owolabi, 37, told the court that his wife packed out of her matrimonial home in 2012 due to a misunderstanding between them.

“The pregnancy she is carrying is for her pastor and it will be difficult allowing her to remain as my wife,’’ the petitioner said

He said that his marriage to Taiwo had produced two children who were presently with their mother but prayed the court to grant him their custody.

Owolabi assured the court that he would take good care of the children; aged 10 and seven years, respectively if his request was granted.

Taiwo, who did not deny the allegations, raised no objection to the dissolution of the marriage.

The court President, Mrs Yemisi Ojo, directed the couple to bring their witnesses to court at the next sitting and adjourned the case till July 21 for continuation of hearing.

Source : The News

Murder Crime: Suspected Cultist kills resident Near Community School

Residents of Eru Oloja, Simawa community in the Mowe area of Ogun State have protested.

PUNCH Metro learnt that some landlords in the area, who thronged the Ogijo Police Division,

Our correspondent gathered that on Tuesday, July 7, at about 5.30pm, 32-year-old Adebayo, also known as Jafunrae, boarded a commercial motorcycle from Lotto, Mowe, and was heading for his house.

It was learnt that another commercial motocycle, conveying three men in black dresses, however, waylaid him.

The victim died instantly.

Some of the aggrieved landlords, who accused the police of slow investigation into the case, reportedly headed for the police station, demanding that the cultists be apprehended.

Speaking with PUNCH Metro, a landlord, who identified himself only as Baba Ijebu, said the killing, if not checked, could result in reprisals and turn the area into a battlefield for cultists.

We do not know what the deceased and the attackers had in common, but why should they kill him in our area. We don’t want the other gang to invade our area and start killing our children. We want the police to intensify security in our area.”

Our correspondent learnt that Adebayo, whose family could not be contacted for comment as of the time of visit, was a factory worker. He was reportedly heading home when he was killed.

Another resident, who gave his name as Esa Oke, said the deceased’s body was left on the road till the following day, adding that schoolchildren saw it.

“If cultists are waylaying one another, let them know which area to go because we do not belong to any cult group in this area. The police should do their work, and let us live in peace.

“The man’s bloodstained body was on the road overnight, and our children were made to be seeing that gory sight. The deceased was said to be a member of the Aiye Confraternity.”

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, said the police had intensified patrol in the area, which led to the arrest of two suspects. He said the suspects would be charged to court on Wednesday (today).

“We have not established whether the two are responsible for the killing, but they will be charged to court for cultism on Wednesday. Patrols have also been intensified in the area.”

Source : punch.

Picture of the dead man oluwaseun adebayo in his pool of blood

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News :US vows to pressurize Nigeria to legalize gay marriage.

People that are not serious. The US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Linda Thomas-Greenfield (pictured above) has stated that they would continue to pressurize Nigeria until it legalizes same sex marriage. She made this known on Monday July 13 during a live-web chat with journalists in Washington.

"As a government, it is one of the highest priorities and strongest values that discrimination against anyone based on their sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong.

We believe human rights should be available to everybody. As a policy, we will continue to press the government of Nigeria, as well as other governments which have provided legislation that discriminate against the LGBT community.

This is very much a work in progress, but I think you will agree with me that the law in Nigeria really went far in discriminating against this community but also people who associate with them. So, we will continue to press the government, to press the legislature to change these laws and provide human rights for all Nigerian people regardless of their sexual orientation. With what is happening in the US, you can determine how far we are willing to go.

We strongly believe human rights for all people and we are particularly opposed to legislation that actually targets the gay community for discrimination. So we are prepared to push this as a policy, not just in Africa but across the world.”

Kylie Jenner shows off her hot derriere , Check it out (photos)

Kylie Jenner put her hot derriere on display near a Range Rover , check this photo out . Hot or not guys ?

Sinead O'Connor shades Kim Kardashian, says " What is this Cunt doing on the Cover Of Rolling Stones?

Oh dear !!! See what sinead O'Connor Said about Kim Kardashian, WOW! Took it too far dont you think ?

I poisoned my husband because I hated him - Beninoise woman

A Beninoise teenager, 17-year-old Abiodun Ojo, who killed her husband, Jimoh, in the Makoko area of Yaba, Lagos State, said she poisoned her husband because she hated him.
Abiodun, during her interview blamed her father for forcing her to marry Jimoh, who she said never took care of her.
She said she had run away from the deceased 3 times, and was sent back by her father, who she described as the architect of her problem.

Abiodun had been handed over to Jimoh as wife by her father to stop her from marrying her boyfriend.
She was said to have given birth to a baby girl, Hannah, and was living with the victim in their home on Apolo Street, Makoko.

However, she was said to have met her former boyfriend’s elder brother, Wensu, who allegedly gave her the poison to put in Jimoh’s drink so she could marry his younger brother.
It was reported that Jimoh, a carpenter, had returned home from work on June 19, 2015 when his wife poured the poison into his soft drink and forced him to drink it.
The deceased was said to have collapsed and died despite immediate efforts by residents to resuscitate him.
Abiodun, who initially denied involvement in the crime, later confessed to community leaders, saying she was given the poison by her former boyfriend’s elder brother, Wensu.
The 2 suspects were said to have been arrested by policemen from the Adekunle Police Division and were subsequently transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation.
Abiodun said she never knew the poison would kill Jimoh.
She said,
“I was born in Lagos, though I am from Cotonou, Benin Republic. My father married 2 wives and he had 9 children. My mother had 6 children for him and I am number 4. I did not go to school because my father did not allow me.
“I had a boyfriend, Papa, whom I dated for 2 years. I wanted to marry him, but my father refused because my elder sister was married to Papa’s brother.
“I was at home one day when my father brought some people and said I should look at all of them and say if I liked them, and I said yes. He then asked me to go. It was the next day that they took me to Jimoh.”
She said she was taken to a community in Ogun State, where the victim usually came to make love with her until she became pregnant.
She said when she returned to Lagos, she was not well treated by the deceased and she complained to her family members, who asked her to endure the hardship.
“On 3 different occasions, I ran away from home. But whenever I got home, my father would ask me to go back, saying marriage was always full of challenges.
“On the fateful day, I went to the market to buy fish for my sister-in-law when I saw Wensu on the road. He gave me the poison and said I should put it in my husband’s drink. I put it in his drink and he took it himself,” she added.
She said she regretted marrying the deceased because she never loved him.
It was learnt that the boyfriend, Papa, had travelled back to the Benin Republic.
His elder brother, Wensu, a herbalist, denied giving Abiodun the poison, saying she framed him up.

He said:
“I am a herbalist by profession and I was taught the job by my grandfather in the Benin Republic when I was a child. I met her sister in the community and we married legally. She had three kids for me.
“But when I married another woman, she divorced me and married somebody else. I did not give her any poison and I have never met her husband, Jimoh, in my entire life. She is lying.”
The Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, said the suspects would soon be charged to court.
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