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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran: Confirmed Back Together & ‘Taking Things Slow’

OMG, they’re back together! Even though Chris cheated on Karrueche with Nia Amey-Guzman (and fathered a child!!), the model is ready to give things another try, confirmed with a source close to the pair.

Chris Brown, 25, is getting his wish! Karrueche Tran, 26, is ready to get back together with her ex, even though she found out that he cheated on her with Nia Amey-Guzman, who then gave birth to his daughter, Royalty, last year.

After learning that Chris cheated on her and had a daughter, Royalty, with Nia Guzman-Amey, 31, Karrueche was ready to kick him to the curb for good. However, Chris has worn his model ex down, and she’s ready to be his lady again.“Chris and Kae have been talking and texting again. He has worn her down and now her icy heart is melting.

“She tried so hard to put him out of her life and move on but in the end she just loves him too much to say goodbye.

Like Selena said, ‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ and her heart wants Chris”So Karrueche agreed to meet Chris in Vegas.“Chris and Kae were talking about having a big weekend together in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be their first time ‘being together’ since his baby bomb.

Chris was really excited about it too, sending Kae all sorts of romantic texts and having his suite all decked out for a wild weekend in bed,” the source says.But the plan was cut short when Karrueche booked an acting gig in L.A.“

Unfortunately, at the last minute she ended up having to stay home as she got called in to film,” the source adds.Maybe Kae dodged a bullet?

 Our source also reveals that while the 26-year-old was super excited about seeing Chris, she was also extremely nervous.“Kae is so anxious about officially reuniting with Chris she was somewhat relieved that she had to work,” the insider explains. “Chris on the other hand was totally heartbroken.

He told her he wanted to see her this week. Their texting is definitely hot and steamy too. He’s been telling her all the things he wants to do to her and it really turns her on.”Karrueche Speaks Out On Chris Brown Secret.


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See the Diddy/Cassie TV ad they say is too hot for TV (photos)

Diddy's new racy TV ad for his new fragrance 3AM has been censored by major departmental stores because they feel it's took hot for TV. The commercial features his girlfriend Cassie and she's mostly naked and performing sex acts with Diddy in the commercial.

Well, the perfume says 3AM, what do couples do at 3 in the morning? Surely, they don't do praise and worship...Lol. But Diddy has to cut out some parts from the ad before it will shown by some. See photos from the TV ad after the cut...


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Fatal Accident Between A Bus Driver And Volkswagen Car In Jos.

Fatal Accident along Riyom Jos Road,Plateau State claims 4 Lives.

It was a sad weekend in Jos during the weekend as a fatal accident involving a bus driver and a red Volkswagen car along Riyom Jos Road,Plateau State,Nigeria claimed the lives of 4 people.

An eyewitness said the driver of the car collided with a bus driver while trying to make an illegal turn along Riyom Jos Road.The tragedy happened on Saturday around 5:30pm.4 people died on the spot.


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Lauryn Hill Performs ‘That Thing’ Acoustically As Apology To Fans

After missing a concert date in Lagos, Lauryn Hill could have apologized and left it at that. Instead, she decided to give her Nigerian fans a special performance of ‘Do Wop (That Thing)’ as a way to say she was truly sorry!

You can’t say that Lauryn Hill doesn’t care about her fans! Lauryn, 39, wasn’t able to appear a scheduled festival date in Nigeria due to travel issues. Knowing how disappointed her fans must have felt, Ms. Hill decided to serenade them in a personalized video! Watch Lauryn offer a special rendition of “Do Wop(“That Thing”)

Lauryn Hill Apology Video Of ‘Do Wop (That Thing)': Acoustic Performance For Nigerian Concert

Lauryn was billed to play at the May Day event in Lagos, Nigeria on May 1. However, the small details just weren’t worked out in time, and she and her whole crew had to miss out.

Feeling bad at not being able to perform for her Nigerian fans, she offered them next best thing: an acoustic performance of her biggest hit!Lauryn’s no stranger to rocking it out on the guitar, having released her MTV Unplugged 2.0 album in 2002.

 In the video, Ms. Hill was accompanied by her back-up singers, and definitely turned it out! But we have to say the video’s breakout star has to be Lauryn’s 7-year old daughter, Sarah Marley.

Hopefully, this will hold over Ms. Hill’s Nigerian fans until she makes up the missed date. They won’t have to wait for long, as she’s already working to reschedule her appearance, according to a statement made on her website.

Until then, fans in Lagos have their own special slice of Lauryn’s music to listen to.


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Chexk this ou: See what Love & Hip Hop star Nya lee wore to MayPac fight

The former stripper turned reality star wore next to nothing to the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight in Vegas on Saturday night. See an up-close pic after the cut...

When her fans came for her for her choice of clothing, Nya clapped back at them, writing;
"What Yall haters more mad at the big natural double d'ssss that I had out or my 😼kitty /thigh hanging out .... Im a grown ass women I pay all of my bills and it didn't kill my bank account to be in #LasVegas so miss me with the petty ass comments ️yall know I was on #Fleeeeek last night #NyALee"


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Emma Nyra comes for former boss Ubi Franklin in new interview, says he terrorized her.

According to what I know, Emma Nyra dated Ubi Franklin for about three years and they all lived together in same house in Lekki but if she's insisting they didn't date, she must have her reasons.

In a new interview with Vanguard, the singer said Ubi terrorized her for years...
"Ubi and I never dated. Rather he terrorized me for years. He abused me and other members of the label with physical and verbal force.

This is why I left Triple MG the first time. He claims he spent money on me but failed to mention that he never gave me my payment for all the tours I have done alongside Iyanya.

The true story lies between me and other members of Triple MG who have all chosen to be silent because of fear of one man. I do not support abuse of women or men. That is why I left. I don’t want to be involved with anything that has to do with Ubi Franklin ever again.

 Honestly, I don’t want to see my name associated with Ubi in any way. Let these lies die down. I am moving on with my career. Thank God” She said


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Yinka Adebamiro- Sister Of Woman Who Murdered Husband Tells How Wife Cheated.

SaharaTV spoke exclusively with the sister of Temitope Adebamiro during its May 2nd television broadcast. Temitope’s sister, who spoke with SaharaTV on the condition that her identity was not disclosed, revealed that Temitope was not as much of a victim as local media in the United States has made her out to be.

Temitope, a Nigerian national, was arrested last week in Delaware on first-degree murder charges for allegedly slashing her husband’s throat. Her husband, Adeyinka Adebamiro, is also a Nigerian national, though he has lived most of his life in the United States.

Temitope’s sister told SaharaTV correspondent Fatima Sesay that she did not approve of Temitope’s lifestyle choices, citing that she refused to attend church and smoked a lot of marijuana.

Temitope, according to her sister, enjoyed a partying lifestyle and would consume a lot of alcohol.When challenged that Temitope’s behavior was not extreme by most contemporary standards, her sister revealed that Temitope had numerous extramarital affairs.

Rumors in Philadelphia, where Adeyinka worked, had been swirling that he was had extramarital affairs and was physically abusive to her—which drove Temitope to murder him. However, Temitope’s sister stated, “whatever she is saying [about him cheating], she is just trying to cover up what she has done. He would never cheat on her.

”Temitope’s sister also revealed to SaharaTV that she witnessed Temitope cheating on Adeyinka. She said Temitope “has been the one cheating on him, I can count five that I know of that she has cheated with. When I confronted her, I told her there is no need to be in the marriage if she didn’t love him. I noticed about two and a half years ago, she’s been coming in with some [more men].

”Shockingly, it was also revealed during the interview that Temitope had turned to Black Magic, and may have been practicing rituals. Temitope’s sister believes that she may have been under the influence of these forces when she killed her husband.Temitope began scaring her sister when she first started experimenting with juju.

Her sister told SaharaTV “I noticed about two and a half years ago that she’s been practicing black magic. I was really scared when I saw some [fetish] items in her wardrobe. I even called my pastor in Nigeria and he told me to pray.”

Adeyinka also spoke to his sister-in-law about Temitope’s experimentation with magic, according to her.“She [Temitope] was in Nigeria when he [Adeyinka] found some of the things that she had under the bed. I wasn’t there but according to him he has not been happy with the whole issue and he was praying about it. For 3 nights he didn’t sleep in the bedroom,” she said.

Temitope’s sister also alleges that Adeyinka told her that he discovered a secret stone in the house, tainted by Dark Magic, which he believed was being used against him.When asked what she felt the media and listeners should know, she told SaharaTV that “I want them to know that he was a very good man. He didn’t deserve to die.”Adeyinka Adebamiro was buried on Saturday May 2nd in Philadelphia.

Presently, Temitope Adebamiro is incarcerated at the Delores J Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution where she is being held without bail and awaiting formal arraignment by the court.

According to court documents provided to SaharaTV by The News Journal in Delaware, she is held on charges of first degree murder and possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a crime. Cullage from saharareporters.


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Drug Trafficking: 132 Nigerians Waiting To Die In China, Indonesia, Singapore.

Drug trafficking: 132 Nigerians waiting to die….120 on death row in China, 11 in Indonesia, 1 in Singapore Nigeria stands to lose no fewer than 132 citizens who are on death row in various prisons across Indonesia, China and Singapore.

While the Taiwan Embassy in Abuja denied knowledge of any Nigerian on death role in its country, the story is totally different in Indonesia who, last week, put four Nigerians to death by firing squad.

Sunday Sun investigation at the Indonesian Embassy, Abuja, revealed that 11 Nigerians are currently on death row, having been sentenced to death at various times by Indonesian courts.

They were sentenced to death on drug-related offences, which largely centered on being in possession of heroin and other narcotics. Obinna Nwajagu, Michael Titus Igwe, Hillary .K. Chimezie, Stephen Rasheed Akinyemi, Humphrey Ijike alias Doctor, Gap Nadi alias Papa, are some Nigerians whom the Indonesian government may execute any time from now.

 Others awaiting death in Indonesia include, Eugene Ape alias Felixe, Ekfere Dike Ale Kamal alias Samuel, Seck Osmane/Cajetan Uchenna Onyenworo, Samuel Iwuchukwu Okoye and Hansen Anthony Nwaolisa. Some human rights groups had sometime in April 2013, petitioned the National Assembly over the fate of 14 Nigerians awaiting death in Indonesia.

The groups, World Alliance for Against Terrorism, Violence and Inhuman Treatment and Committee for the Defence of Human Rights (CDHR), also urged the federal government to wade into the matter.

But in spite of pleas for clemency by the Nigerian government, Indonesia known for its hard stance on drug offences, has never shied away from carrying out capital punishment on drug-related offences in its country.

  For instance, prior to the execution of Messrs Martin Anderson, Okwudili Oyatanze, Jaminu Abashin and Sylvester Obiekwe by the Government of Indonesia for drug-related offences last week on the island of Nusakambangan, the Indonesian government had executed two Nigerians, Daniel Enemuo and Solomon Chibuike Oka-for on January 18 this year.

A helpless Nigerian Ambassador to Indonesia, Muhammad Suleiman, had in his recent correspondence to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Aminu Wali, following the execution of the four Nigerians, bemoaned the resurgence of drug crime in Indonesia.

 He had in his report, told Wali that while pleas by President Goodluck Jonathan and Wali were being pursued, seven fresh cases had emerged, which made it impossible for something concrete to be done in the case of Nigerians involved in drug related-offences in Indonesia.

However, the case of China seems to be more alarming considering that execution of drug offenders by the Chinese government is done in a well-packaged manner which most times, does not draw the attention of the general public.

For instance, a check at the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja, revealed that on December 19, 2014, one Obiora Ifekpolugwo was executed in China and this did not draw both local and international attention. Similarly, Sunday Sun source at the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that two Nigerians were also executed in China on April 24.

But in spite of this development, a total number of 120 Nigerians are still on death row in China for drug sales/drug smuggling offences. When contacted on the number of Nigerians on death row in China, the Chinese Deputy Ambassador, Mr Zhang Bin, said the embassy does not have such figures, directing Sunday Sun to the Consular Department of the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Checks at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed that in Beijing Yancheng, three Nigerians are on death row (2012 statistics), while a correspondence by the Consulate-General of Nigeria in Guangzhou, China, dated January 7, 2015, showed that 74 Nigerians are currently on death row in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces.

Others include: Quingpu, Shanghai (1); Dongguan prison (3), with self-acclaimed Nigerians (9); Huizhou prison (7), with self-acclaimed Nigerians (3); and Yinde (19), with one self-acclaimed Nigerian (2012 statistics). In Singapore, only one Nigerian is reported to be on death row, according to the Nigerian Ambassador to Singapore, Nonye Rajis-Okpara.

Speaking from Singapore, Rajis-Okpara said the Nigerian Embassy in Singapore applied about a year ago to the Singaporean president that the death sentence be commuted to life imprisonment and that the government was still looking into it.

“Because of this, I am not at liberty to release the name,” Rajis-Okpara told the Sunday Sun correspondent, even as she said five Nigerians were still in Singapore prisons for drug -offences. Rajis-Okpara also added that due to the Singaporean laws, drug-related offences had gone down, while also noting that the Singaporean borders were not like others.

At the Taiwan Embassy in Abuja, an official of the embassy who pleaded anonymity told Sunday Sun that he was not sure if any Nigerian was on death row in country He, however, added, “many years ago, there was one Nigerian who was caught doing drugs from Taiwan to China and sentenced to life imprisonment. But it was cut short due to his good behaviour in prison.

 That means that there is no one at the moment.” Several efforts to get the numbers of Nigerians on death row in Malaysia were unsuccessful as an official of the embassy told Sunday Sun that the ambassador who is responsible for providing such information was unavailable.

The Sun


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Nicki Minaj displays big boobs as she parties in Vegas with Meek Mill

The rapper is having a great time with boyfriend, rapper Meek Mill in Las Vegas after watching the MayPac fight. See the photos she shared on instagram after the cut...


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‘KUWTK': Khloe Slams Rob Kardashian For Having A Wild Party At Her House

Khloe is furious that she’s having to clean up after Rob throws a party at her new house with what she calls ‘wh*res.’ Does Khloe have a right to be angry?

Khloe Kardashian has finally finished decorating her lavish million dollar home but her little brother Rob Kardashian doesn’t seem to care.

He’s currently living with Khloe and when she’s not home one night, he decides to throw a party and one girl even throws up in Khloe’s house.

Khloe, 30, is cleaning up her house when Kim Kardashian comes over and asks what happened! Khloe tells Kim that even though Rob, 28, won’t socialize with the family, he has parties at her house and she can’t stop him from inviting all these “wh*res” over to her place.

She then gets really grossed out having to recount the state the home had been left in when she got back and that she had to spend the morning cleaning up throw up.

Kim is absolutely shocked that Rob has these crazy parties and can’t believe he has such little respect for Khloe. Neither can we, Khloe should kick him out!


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Mimi Orjiekwe Attacked By Robbers Because Of Fuel Scarcity.

Photo: Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe robbed last night in Lagos because of fuel scarcity.   Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe was robbed last night at a gas station on Lagos Island on her way back from a movie set.

  According to the actress,she went decided to go for a black market because she could not cope with the stress associated with fuel scarcity.The robber broke her glass and made away with her gadget and values.


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In Sambisa Men Took Turns To Have Me,now I'm Pregnant.

From one traumatized person to another, the 275 women rescued last week from the evil forest of Sambisa told different tales of woes at the weekend.During a visit to Malkoi, one of the camps for displaced persons in Yola, Adamawa State, the Daily Times met women young and old, as well as girls who may need a long time to readjust to normal living.Some of the women disclosed that they trekked for three days before they were rescued and finally arrived in Yola.

Their disheveled and gaunt looks drew sympathy from onlookers. Many of them looked hunger-stricken while the children kept wailing as a result of illness and malnutrition.Some of the women and children had to be assisted as they could not walk on their own. Another set could not alight from the vehicles that brought them from Sambisa following exhaustion and hunger.

One of the returnees is Asabe Aliyu, a 23-year-old mother of four children from Delsak, a village near Chibok town. She intermittently vomited blood an indication that she sustained internal injuries. She disclosed that beating was the order of the day in the Boko Haram camp. That was in addition to the deployment of all forms of vulgar words.

They forced her into marrying somebody after a series of sexual assaults unleashed on her by different men on a daily basis.Death was the punishment for any infraction or mistake, in Sambisa, under the Islamic sect.“

I was abducted six months ago in Delsak when our village was overrun by Boko Haram. First I had sojourned from my village to a forest close to Cameroun, they turned me into a sex machine. They took turns to sleep with me. Now, I am pregnant and I cannot identify the father,” she said in tears.If she thought that the pregnancy would elicit compassion from the sect, Asabe was wrong.

“With my condition as a pregnant woman, I did the cooking of their food,” she lamented.Lami Musa clutched a three-day-old baby girl. She looked tired and haggard. Her legs were swollen and a support had to be given to her before she could work.Fighting back tears tears, she said: “They adducted the whole of my family and killed my husband at Kilkasa forest when I was four months pregnant.

They took us to Sambisa forest, we were sleeping in an open field. For days, we went without water or food.”Lami continued: “Three days ago, I gave birth to this baby girl. As I am talking to you, I cannot ascertain the status of her health. I have not had a bath since I was delivered of the baby. The baby is yet to be bathed too.

“Another woman from Minchika, Maryamu Adamu said she saw hell call Sambisa. She could not tell if her two children and husband were still alive because she had not set her eyes on them since she was captured and taken to the Sambisa forest nine months ago.

She is, however, full of thanks to God that the ordeal appears to have now ended.Her words: “I know I was dead, my existing now is just a mere shadow of life as nothing moves me. But now that I am here, I confirm that I am a living being.I thank God that I am alive. I thank God.”

A displaced man, staying in Malkoi Camp in Yola, where the women were taken to, had a reunion of sorts. He saw four of his cousins and their children whom the family had thought were dead, among the 275 rescued women. He was full of Joy and openly shed tears.


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The Incredible bulk: Bodybuilder risks his life by injecting oil and alcohol into his biceps in bid to become real life version of character.

Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, injected his arms with oil and alcoholBodybuilder used lethal cocktail to pump his biceps to 25in aroundFather-of-one almost had both arms amputated and tried to kill himself.

He said his swollen muscles terrify children and they call him a 'monster'A bodybuilder who modelled himself on the Incredible Hulk risked his life by injecting oil and alcohol into his arms – and almost had both amputated.

Father-o3f-one Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, used the potentially lethal cocktail to pump up his biceps to 25in and he now faces a catalogue of serious health issues.

The former bodyguard said using the synthetic filler synthol cost him his sanity and nearly his life as he tried to kill himself when his wife was six months pregnant.

He said his swollen muscles terrify children in his hometown of Caldas Novas in Brazil and they call him a 'beast' and a 'monster'.

Father-of-one Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, risked his life by injecting oil and alcohol into his arms – and almost had both amputated'If you take it once there will definitely be a second time - it's addictive,' he said.'

I remember the doctor told me that they would need to amputate both arms - they said everything in there, all my muscles, were rock.

'I want other people to see the dangers, I could have died all because I wanted bigger muscles. It's just not worth it.'


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Tiger Woods and skier girlfriend Lindsey Vonn have broken up after three years together.

The Olympic gold medalist announced her split from the golfing great in a Facebook post on Sunday, saying the break up was mutual.

 'I will always cherish the memories that we've created together. Unfortunately, we both lead incredibly hectic lives that force us to spend a majority of our time apart,' Vonn wrote.

 'I will always admire and respect Tiger. He and his beautiful family will always hold a special place in my heart.' +8Over: Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn announced her break up with golfing legend Tiger Woods on Sunday via Facebook. Pictured above at the 2013 Presidents Cup in Dublin, Ohio Vonn recently talked about her relationship with Woods during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

When Meyers asked Vonn if she liked coming out to support Woods during his games, Vonn said in a sarcastic tone: 'I love golf.'Despite her lack of enthusiasm on Late Night, Vonn has been Woods' number one fan for the past several years and is very rarely missing from his tournament games.

 Just last month, she chaperoned Woods' two young kids on the green at the Augusta National Golf Club so they could caddy for their dad competing in the Masters Tournament. And in January, Woods traveled to Italy to watch Vonn win at the World Cup- a title which helped her set a new record as the most successful female in Alpine skiing history.

Vonn recently supported Woods at the Masters Tournament in Augusta, Georgia last month. Pictured left on the course, alone with Tiger's daughter Sam (second left) and son Charlie (second right) who came out to caddy for their dad +8Woods had Charlie (center) and Sam (right) with ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

 Woods and the former Swedish model divorced in 2010 after his multiple infidelities were exposed +8Woods and Vonn pictured above in February, as Vonn competed in the Women's Giant Slalom at the FIS Alpine Skiing World Championships in Beaver Creek, Colorado Vonn talking in April about Woods and her KE?