Monday, 25 January 2016

Kylie Jenner takes sexy photos with her Rolls Royce

The 18-year-old reality star posted a series of images of herself working a pair of leather trousers in front of her white Rolls Royce. Her millions of followers were treated to the double treat of her curvaceous snaps and a luxury car. More photos after the cut...

Blackface calls out former group member, 2face Idibia on Twitter

And the drama in 2016 continues! Former Plantashun Boyz member, Blackface this morning took to social media to call out his former group member, 2face Idibia, accusing him of stealing his song 'Let somebody love you'. He says they will meet in court over it. See more of his tweet after the cut...

Caroline Danjuma views on remarriage.Says 'Dont settle for less. You deserve the world and all the diamonds in it"

Caroline Danjuma shared a photo of Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Elizabeth Taylor and the recently engaged Mariah Carey's expensive rings with a caption "How to remarry… Don’t settle for less…#womenwhoknowtheirworth"
"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.." the mother of three writes. "A lot of peeps just Hv sooo much anger in them that they take things as if it’s the end of the world..
Pls if you don’t like what I post don’t look at my page or comment just Waka pass . Peace. When a man loves a woman he gives her the world .. A woman who has gone through heartbreak should never remarry unless he treats her like a QUEEN that she truly is .. Now my post is for women who have been divorced or heartbroken … You deserve the world and all the diamonds in it and YES do not settle for LESS.. Women face the most abuse and violence in relationships and marriage .. This women are worshipped by their new found luv ..Who doesn’t want that ? .. Plssssssssss"

OMG !!! See the aftermath of Alcohol and check out what it did to these ladies .

Alcohol can really be dangerous if you don't know you limit. Well these ladies learnt the hard way.

Ekiti state governor's niece weds in London (photos)

Bammy, the beautiful niece of Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose, got married to her fiancee, Micheal Soyebo, in London on Friday January 22nd. The couple made news last year December when they had one of their pre-wedding shoot in a toilet.
See more photos from the wedding which was attended by First lady of Ekiti state Feyisetan Fayose, her son, Nigba Fayose and other members of the family. Another ceremony will be held in April.

Remember this couple?

US reality star Natalie Nunn goes on Twitter rant after Nigerians accuse her of coming to Nigeria for 'runs'

The married reality star, who has been to Nigeria many times, took offense after a Nigerian blog suggested she was coming to Nigeria again to meet her rich 'sponsor'. The whole drama started after the popular video vixen, who featured in Olu Maintain's Nawti video, announced on Twitter that she was coming to Nigeria soon to film 'something big'. Nigerian commenters on the said blog slammed her and questioned her motives for always coming to Nigeria...saying men sponsor her trips. Natalie didn't keep quiet this time. She fired back. Read all the drama after the cut

Actress ChaCha Eke Faani shares cute photos with her daughter in matching outfit & wig

The beautiful mother of one shared pics of herself and her daughter wearing matching outfit. They look beautiful! And lil mama looks cute in that wig! More photos after the cut...


'How my Naija husband saved me from my mum' - Kenyan woman writes

Found this interesting story on Nairobi News. Read below...
"I am one of those people who say they got pregnant by accident. I got pregnant at 19 just in my second year of university. I didn’t expect to get pregnant because I took the necessary precautions. From the beginning I wasn’t sure in my mind whether I should keep the baby. The father had already denied me.
I didn’t have a father figure in my life so I didn’t know what to do. I thought of how I was going to tell my mom, I didn’t know how she would react, especially being that I am the first and only child. I didn’t even know where to start. I felt I had already let her down.

My worst fear became a reality; my mom became harsh with me. It was like a switch in her flipped. She even refused to be associated with me.
She didn’t want a kid who was in my kind of situation; forced to drop out of school in second year. She abused me, verbally and physically.
I had never seen this side of my mother. We only had each other and I thought that would never change. Yet there she was, the one person I thought would always be there for me, turning her back on me.

Everything was too much. I ran away. I had to escape because even my own mother wanted me to get rid of the baby. I had already made up my mind that I was going to have it. With some money saved up, I decided to start a small business. I prepared chips and crisps and sold them. I rented a shack and used it as my house, paying Kshs. 1,500 rent every month. I had to survive. I couldn’t let my baby down.

Through a friend I found out my aunt had relocated to Nairobi. I was unsure on how she would react to me being pregnant. She was very close to my mom. I took the risk and went to see her; I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
My aunt decided to secretly help me because she knew I didn’t want my mother getting involved. She used to visit me in my shack, every day until I gave birth.

Giving me advice and checking on how baby and I were doing. She was the saving grace that I badly needed. I had no one. She gave me the love and care that my own mother denied me. When I finally gave birth, I couldn’t imagine that I wanted to get rid of someone so innocent. I imagined how I would have felt if I got an abortion. It made me hate myself for a while. I had to find a way to love myself again. It helped that no one in the area knew my story. They just saw me as a stranger with a baby.

Then I met a man. He always wondered how such a young girl was so stressed. I told him my story, he told me his. I kept on asking myself why anyone would be interested in someone like me. As time went by, we became friends. I didn’t have friends. I had been rejected by everyone and was raising a baby on my own.

He was nice to me and wanted to take care of me. He sort of felt sorry for me. He gave us-my baby and I- an apartment to live in. He also sent me money. Enough money to ensure the baby got everything she needed. I was even able to finish my education.
He took me to Nigeria and gave me money to start my own salon business. When he asked me to marry him, how could I refuse?
He took me and my baby in as his own. He took us from nothing and gave us everything. I knew for once, God remembered that I exist."

Source: Nairobi News

14-year-old Maid Heavily Assaulted For Having Sex With Boss' Husband

A 14-YEAR-OLD maid has dragged her employer to court after she was allegedly assaulted on allegations of snatching her boss’ husband.

The matter came to light after Anna Chakoma (31) and Privilege Chakoma (26) appeared before Mbare magistrate, Reward Kwenda facing allegations of assault.

The duo pleaded not guilty and Kwenda remanded them out of custody to February 2.

Allegations against the two are that on January 3, Anna went to Privilege’s house in St Martins, Harare, where the minor works as a maid, and accused her of having sexual intercourse with latter’s husband.

The minor is said to have told Anna that she had not consented to any sexual act.

The State alleges that the two began assaulting the minor several times with a belt over her body.

Anna allegedly took the maid to her place of residence in Budiriro and continued assaulting her with a cooking stick.

The State further alleges that the following day, Privilege seized $300 from the minor’s purse.

A medical affidavit, showing that the minor had bites on her right shoulder and left upper back, was produced in court.

Lawrence Gangarahwe appeared for the State.

(Photos) Toyin Lawani Shows Off Major Cleavages In White Jumpsuit .

The Nigerian designer and entrepreneur, Toyin Lawani showed off her amazing body and cleaving in a chic white jumpsuit made by her. See more photos after the cut ........

Falcon Striker, Cynthia Uwak Opens Up On Footballers And Lesbianism

The super Falcons striker and two-time African Women’s Player of the year, Cynthia Uwak expressed her disgust at the ill-treatment of female footballers in Africa (Nigeria) during a recent interview with interview with Punch.

According to the footballer female footballers are unjustly labelled as lesbians just because of the way they look.

Checkout the excerpts from the interview below;
How do you feel when women footballers are termed lesbians because of the way they look?

I wouldn’t say football makes people masculine. There are lots of players you wouldn’t even know play football. I have a lot of friends who are tomboys but they don’t play football and they look masculine; like they are into sports. People jump into conclusions because they see you dressed this way.

People’s mentality is different. There are a lot of the players who wear make-up and dress feminine. I don’t like to wear make-up and that doesn’t mean it’s because I play football. Before I started playing football, I was a tomboy climbing trees and playing with boys.

But these people are so blinded; they look at one side and don’t see the other side of the world. It’s not only women footballers who are like that; there are a lot of them out there who don’t do sports.

I wouldn’t judge someone based on their looks or what they wear. It’s not my business to be concerned about another person’s personal life because that won’t put food on my table. If you go to boarding schools, they still say this thing (lesbianism) exists. Does it mean these people play football?
There is this impression that women footballers who move in twos are usually lesbians…

There is freedom of speech and you can’t tell people what they should or should not say. Labelling people just because they are friends is not right. Have you caught them practice lesbianism? This thing happens and it’s not like it’s new.

If you play for the Falcons, then your mentality should be different. You don’t dwell on such things; I don’t allow irrelevant issues affect me because what they say won’t stop me from where I’m going. It’s a mental thing and you just have to expect people to keep talking.

The energy they use in labelling female footballers lesbians, if they use it well, it will add value to women’s football. But people would rather criticise you than try to build and lift you up. I don’t let what anybody say affect me. If you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks, you will never get to your destination. You can’t change the discrimination. Majority of these people, if they ask you out and you don’t accept, they jump into conclusion and start to cook up stories.

Source : Punch.

FG Removed Kerosene Subsidy, Product To Sell For N83 Per Litre...

The Federal Government, weekend, finally removed subsidy on Kerosene.With the development, the product would now sell for N83 per litre from N50 per litre.

The Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA, in its product pricing template released over the weekend, however, stated that the N83 per litre price applies only to the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), meaning that other petrol stations and dealers can sell higher than the stipulated amount.
 Vanguard reports that the PPPRA’s template also indicated that at N83 per litre, the Federal Government is making a gain of N10.72 for every litre, as it puts the Expected Open Market Price, which is the Landing Cost plus Total Margins at N72.28 per litre.
Giving a breakdown of the price, the PPPRA template put the Landing Cost of the product at N57.98 per litre, while the total margin due middlemen was put at N14.30.
Further breakdown of the Total Margins showed that retailers margin was put at N5per litre; Transporters – N3.05 per litre; Dealers – N1.95 per litre; Bridging fund – N5.85 per litre; Marine Transport Average – N0.15 and Admin Charges – N0.15.

The PPPRA further put official ex-depot price, which is the price depot owners would sell at marketers, at N68.70 per litre, official ex-depot price for collection – N73 per litre, while ex-coastal price – N68.02 per litre.

(Graphic photos) Terrible accident : Man Crushed To Death While Crossing Road In Lagos

The man was attempting to cross the express at Cele Bus-Stop today when he was crushed by a vehicle. One of his legs was completely crushed,which ultimately led to his death. See the graphic photo after the cut............