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Kourtney Kardashian shows off her slim figure in a skintight white top and ripped jeans on girls' night out

The brunette beauty, 36, was seen flaunting her figure while partying in Calabasas, Los Angeles, where she not only looked glamorous - but also carefree. See more photo after the cut...... 

I must sleep with Ronaldo, Wizkid before I retire – New president of prostitutes’ association, Jessica Elvis

In this exclusive interview with DAILY POST’s Ameh Comrade, the mother of one spoke on her victory at the Saturday’s poll, plans for the association and why she would like to make love to Real Madrid and Portuguese soccer star, C Ronaldo as well as Nigerian music sensation, Dayo Balogun, otherwise known as Wizkid before she retires.
You’ve been agitating for the baton of leadership of this association, tell us the plans you have for NANP?
I must really confess, it’s not easy as seen from the stand. But there’s nothing much, I have been the third in command since 2002 (General Secretary) and I have been doing most of the jobs. I don’t see much difference though.
Talking about the plan, like I said during my campaign, I want to let people know that you don’t have to work in NNPC or Central Bank before you make it in life.
As the new president of NANP, I will make sure our members are well taken care of. I will ensure all our offices across the 36 states of the federation start functioning. I will also make sure all registered members get ID card.
As you can see, the world has gone global and we should also follow the trend; in this regard, we have proposed to launch a new website which will have the profile and contacts of all our registered members across the country. If anyone is in need of our service, all you need to do is to go online and make your choice.
Secondly, I will also fight for the freedom and security of our members. We’ve heard of cases of our members being molested and killed. It is callous. We will have to stop all that.
I will also try to approach the new government on how to make life better for us. We supported the president during his campaign. We even declared free sex when he won and we expect him to reciprocate by looking into our plight. We are also part of the society.
You have been the Secretary General of this association since 2002, what do you think the last leader failed to do?
See, I don’t want to rubbish anybody. My joy is that I have won and I am here to work for those who elected me.
Your predecessor, Madam Efoyo claimed you didn’t win the election, how would you react to that?
If she says I didn’t win, let her call the police to come and arrest me na. All I can say is that I won the election and there is no doubt about that.
Why the choice for prostitution while there are other jobs out there?
Point of correction, we are not prostitutes.
Who are you then?
We are friends of the society. Call us peacemakers. National Association of Nigerian Peacemakers.
Do you regret choosing this part of profession?
Why should I regret what puts food on my table; built me houses in Lagos and Abuja and even trained my daughter in school? I have no reason whatsoever to regret.
So you have a daughter?
Yes of course, she went for summer coaching. She is 15 years now.
When and how did you give birth to her?

of course, she went for summer coaching. She is 15 years now.
When and how did you give birth to her?
I gave birth to her fifteen years ago.
Where is the dad?
That is story for another day.
You mean she doesn’t know who her father is?
Must she? I am both the father and mother.
Are you telling us you impregnated yourself?
Maybe or maybe not
…;Laughs (Give me make I marry her na)
If you near her, I go cut you ‘bell’ (laughter). My pikin no go marry Nigerian oo.
Would you allow her to take after you?
When she comes of age, she would decide
How old are you?
I don’t know, my mum didn’t tell me when I was born.
But do you have any plan of leaving this work and getting married some day?
Marriage drove me into this and I hate the word marriage with passion.
You mean you were once married?
Yes, but things fell apart. But I’m glad because it was a blessing in disguise.
When do you plan to retire?
Maybe when I make love to C Ronaldo (laughter)
Do you mean the Portuguese footballer?
(Excitedly) Yes! He is my crush. I love him so much that his pictures even turn me on (laughter). I use to tease my colleagues that I must sleep with him and Wiz Kid before I retire.
Have you met Wiz Kid one on one?
We have met on several occasions but he doesn’t know me. I even have a picture I took with him during a show in Eko Hotel, but he doesn’t know what I do.
So, how do you intend to sleep with him?
God go do am when the time comes.
Talking about God, do you go to church?
Of course, I am a firm believer of Jesus Christ. I don’t miss church activities. Sometimes, I would declare fasting and prayer for business to come. Whenever I’m fasting, I don’t go out or ‘do’ that day.
Where do you worship?
For credibility sake, let’s leave out the name of the church.
Aside the people you sleep with, do you have any special person?
Yes, I have a boyfriend. It would shock you to know that I am very jealous. The day I noticed my guy was cheating on me, I nearly cut off his thing.
Is he aware you are a ‘peacemaker’?
No, he is not based in Lagos.
What if he gets to know?
Na you wan tell am?
Is Jessica Elvis your real name?
No, my real name is Oluchi.
What is you father’s name?
His name is my father
Where did you come from?
I’m a Nigerian.
Which State precisely?
Must you know my state?
Are your parents aware you are a prostitute, sorry, peacemaker?
Not really.
Do you still go out to ‘make peace’?
Well, I have a bigger responsibility now. I now control over 20,000 people. So my movements would have to reduce.
What is your take on the legalization of same sex marriage?
I am neither against nor in support of it, but all I know is that whatever makes you happy, do it.
Do you make love to women?
No, I’m not a lesbian.
Don’t you think you are offending God?
You holy pass me? It’s funny that people have already condemned us to hell. But it would shock you on the last day to see who will be in heaven and hell. As for me, I am going to heaven. I don’t know about you.
What have you achieved from this job?
I have cars. I eat food of my choice. I have been able to put a roof on the head of my parents. I have properties across the country. I have clothing line and several other businesses.
Do you have male members?

You wan join? (General laughter)

Daily Post. 




The robbery syndicate is made up of one (1) female and three (3) male persons. The gang specialize in one chance robbery of innocent citizens within the FCT. At about 08:00AM of 10th August, 2015, the gang picked a female victim (name withheld) from UTC Area 10 to Wuse 2 and along the way attempted to rob her of her belong at Central Business Area. 


After a hot chase, the operational car of the suspect was intercepted around Coomasie House, CBD. The robbery suspects attempted to escape but they were arrested by the police team with support of members of the public at scene. 

An attempt to lynch the suspects by members of the public was thwarted by the responding Police team on ground who made a call for backup. Police re-enforcement was sent to the area and the suspects were eventually rescued from angry mob and situation finally brought under control. 

The suspects were arrested and brought to the station for interrogation, victim has volunteered useful information. 

Two other persons (earlier victims) identified one of the suspects as one of those who robbed them recently using the same one-chance method.

 The case has been transferred to State Criminal Intelligence and Investigation Department (SCIID) Abuja for further investigation.

True or false :Rihanna dumps Karim Benzema for Lewis Hamilton?

In the last one month, Rihanna has been linked to two sports stars, footballer Karim Benzema and Formula One champ, Lewis Hamilton, but it looks like Rihanna's main guy right now is Lewis.

From E! News
The singer has been linked to both Formula One race car driver Lewis Hamilton and Real Madrid soccer player Karim Benzema, but E! News learns that the romance between RiRi and Lewis is heating up.
"Rihanna and Lewis had a nice little getaway last weekend in Barbados. Rihanna also spent time with her friends and family but Lewis was the only romantic interest on her mind," a source tells E! News.
"They had lots of fun together around the island and also got some private romantic time.

Sharon Stone poses nude a 57 year-old, in Harper's Bazaar (photos)

The 57 year old Basic Instinct star looked incredible good, as she went nude in a series of tasteful black & white photos for the September issue of Harper's Bazaar. In an interview with the magazine, the actress talked about why she prefers fillers over plastic surgery to keep herself looking youthful.
"It's so common now for people to use fillers, it's almost like a beauty treatment. It's like you have mascara and a filler. And it's a far better alternative than having your face cut apart and ending up looking like you got sucked into a wind tunnel.' she said. See the photos after the cut... 

A 51 year old Daniel Boyd Divit arrested and charged with taking explicit photos and videos and performing sexual acts on the toddler he baby-sit

51 year old Daniel Boyd Divit, from Mesa Arizona, was arrested yesterday and charged with taking explicit photos and videos and performing sexual acts on the toddler he baby-sat.
The mother of the toddler reportedly caught the 51-year-old "MANNY" with pornographic material featuring the young girl.
In the videos, an unidentified person is video'd performing a sexual act on a child who appeared to be the woman’s daughter. A pillow on the couch seen in the footage was identical to the one at the woman’s home, police said. The recordings were time-stamped for Saturday, July 18. Both Daniel and the girl’s mother affirmed he was babysitting that day.
Investigators obtained a warrant to search the creep’s phone, and said they uncovered 12 more disturbing photos and videos featuring the same victim’s genitals and depicting the same sexual acts, court records said. Police said the victim was in visible pain.
The additional videos were dated during two Saturdays in August when the girl’s mother was at work.
Results of a forensic examination showed the child’s injuries were consistent with the acts seen on the video, authorities said.
In an interview, the little girl pointed the blame at Divit, court records said.
Divit acknowledged that he was in possession of the incriminating photos and videos, but said he could not remember being present when they were made, authorities said. Divit is locked up after he was denied bail due to the heinous nature of his alleged crime.

A man inject himself with new drug, that's designed to change a white Man to a black man.

A man on the popular message board REDDIT posted pics of himself before and after taking 5 months of daily injections of the controversial drug Melanotan-II. The drug turned his SKIN COMPLETELY DARK. According to research, the effects of the drug are PERMANENT.

A Trader stabs woman for dating her husband

A 22-year-old trader, Kuburat Sanni, on 
Thursday in Lagos appeared before an Ikeja Magistrate’s Court for allegedly stabbing a woman.

Sanni was accused of stabbing the woman over alleged dating of her husband.

Sanni, who resides at 18, Akindia Street, Agege, Lagos, is being tried for breach of peace, assault and conspiracy.
The Prosecutor, Kehinde Olatunde, told the court that the accused and others still at large allegedly committed the offences on July 9 at her residence.

Olatunde said the accused and the others assaulted one Mariam Bala, 20, by stabbing her with dangerous weapons.

He said: “The accused stabbed the complainant with a broken bottle, scissors and knife.”

Olatunde said Sanni allegedly accused the complainant of having an affair with her husband and that she had had series of abortions for him.

He said: “The complainant was sent by her mother to deliver a message to her elder sister who lives in the same house with the accused.

“When she got there, the accused, who claimed that the complainant was having an affair with her husband, locked her in a room and called some hoodlums.

“The accused and the hired miscreants tore the complainant’s clothes and started stabbing her with knives, bottles and scissors all over her body.”

According to the prosecutor, the complainant fainted due to the profuse loss of blood and that if not for the quick intervention of neighbours who rushed her to the hospital, the complainant would have been dead.

Olatunde said in the process of assaulting the complainant, her phone, valued at N20,000, and N30,000 cash, which was to be delivered to her sister, was stolen from her.

The offences, Olatunde said, contravened sections 166, 171 and 410 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2011.

Section 171 prescribes a three-year jail term as penalty for offenders.
The accused pleaded innocence of the offences and was granted bail in the sum of N50,000 with one surety in like sum.

The Magistrate, Aka Bashorun, adjourned the case until September 1 for mention.



We all have some ever green moments in our lives, some happy, sad or fun times we can’t forget in a hurry.
For Nollywood’s popular actor, Mike Godson, who has always been romantically linked with Ini Edo, he cant seem to forget the fun memories of making love to his girlfriend right on top of her hospital bed.
According to, asked the Imo State born actor of 'Seven Books of Moses' fame, the crazyest or naughtyest thing he has ever done.

He said, "I can't forget that in a hurry. It's one of the naught things I have done. I made love to my girlfriend on a hospital bed. It was so crazy. She was sick and really wanted me. So we did a quick one and wasn't caught.
This act alone, actually took me to the next level at a point in my career; when I went for Big Brother Africa, in the time of Karen Igho.
The judges asked me the same question and I told them, they were wowed, that was how I jumped to the next level," he recalled. 

Entertainment News :Nollywood actor Bruno Iwuoha hospitalized in the US.

This is a press statement. Read below...

You can recall last two weeks Mr. Bruno Iwuoha was calling for medical help. After that the CEO Morgan Entertainment, Emeka Morgan Nwanne Oguejiofor Jr invited him to the US and took him to one of the best hospitasl and paid all the bills including hospital bill feeding and medication bill
When Mr Iwuoha arrived the US, he was on wheel chair but right now he is very healthy. According to the doctors, Bruno will not be able to work or do certain things for 6-12 months, to give room for proper healing.

Nigeria to install cameras in prisons to check jailbreaks

The Federal Ministry of Interior on Thursday said it would soon install surveillance cameras in prisons to check cases of jailbreaks in the country.

The ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Abubakar Magaji, disclosed this while fielding questions from State House correspondents after briefing President Muhammadu Buhari on the activities of the ministry.

He said the cameras would help in monitoring unusual movement of prisoners or those who might want to cause social discontent in the prisons.

He, however, lamented that the prison service was experiencing acute shortage of personnel and stressed the need for the employment of more staff.

Mr. Magaji disclosed that President Buhari was also briefed on the challenges being faced by the ministry in manning the over 1,900 illegal routes across the nation’s borders.

He said the President had pledged to look into the various problems facing the ministry.

President Buhari saves Ortom from losing his seat as Benue Governor Samuel Ortom.

The crisis rocking the Benue State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has finally come to an end as owing to the intervention of President Muhammadu Buhari. 

The development has saved Governor Samuel Ortom from losing his seat. Announcing the outcome of a Reconciliation Committee constituted at the instance of Buhari, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Yakubu Dogara, who read Buhari’s message yesterday, announced that Hon. Emmanuel Jime and Senator Joseph Waku had agreed to withdraw their suit, challenging the eligibility of Ortom as the duly nominated APC governorship candidate in the April 11, 2015 poll. 

The peace committee, after a three-hour meeting behind closed-doors at the APC national secretariat in Abuja, stated that no sacrifice was too much to achieve the desired peace in Benue State. 

Dogara said, “On behalf of Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari, I wish to announce to you our leaders, gentlemen of the press and the whole world that Hon. Jime and Senator Waku have graciously agreed to withdraw or discontinue with the case in court.”

 Other members of the committee, who attended the meeting include state Governors: Aminu Tambuwal (Sokoto); Simon Lalong (Plateau) and Tanko Al-Makura (Nasarawa). Other stakeholders from Benue like Ortom, Jime, Waku, Senators George Akume and Barnabas Gemade were also in attendance.

News News :Anambra PDP suspends Metuh over allegations of embezzlement of party funds

The Anambra state chapter of PDP has suspended the national Publicity secretary of the party, Olisa Metuh over allegations of party funds. In a statement released and signed by the state party Publicity Secretary Kenneth Arinze today August 14th, Mr Metuh's suspension followed a previous suspension from Otolo Nnewi Ward I, which is his party ward.
 "Following the suspension of Chief Olisa Metuh by the Otolo Ward 1 Nnewi of the PDP (where Olisa hails from) and the ratification of same by the Nnewi North Local Government chapter, the State executive committee, after assessing the weighty allegations against Olisa Metuh and finding them heinous, in compliance with the PDP Constitution, hereby, ratifies the suspension and forward same to the National Working Committee (NWC)" the statement read

Jennifer Hudson shows her new haircutJennifer Hudson shows off her new haircut look.

 Wow !!!  check out Jennifer Hudson new hair cut.  Stunning or hot ?

Ooni’s burial in pictures

 Photos from the burial of Ooni’s.  More photos after the cut........

 Culled by Punch. 

11-year-old girl delivered of baby girl after being denied abortion.

An 11-year-old girl was delivered of a baby girl on Friday in Asuncion, Paraguay, in a case that sparked outrage from numerous observers.
The family’s lawyer, Elizabeth Torales, told the press at the Reina Sofia hospital that the child mother was delivered of the baby through Cesarean Section and that both the mother and the baby were well.
She said that the baby would remain in hospital for a few days and her mother and grandmother had applied for custody.
Torales said the horrifying details surrounding the young girl’s pregnancy were clouding the future.
She noted that when the case first broke out earlier this year, it was widely reported that the girl had been raped by her stepfather when she was 10.
The lawyer said the man had since been charged and the case was pending in court.
Torales said the 11-year-old’s mother was facing charges of negligence, which would most likely impact her bid for custody of the newborn.
She, however, said the worse news yet came after the government turned down a petition by the mother on behalf of the pregnant girl for an abortion.
Paraguay takes stringent line on abortion, ruling it out in all cases except when the mother’s life is in danger.
Meanwhile, Amnesty International had released a statement following the birth and expressed relief that the mother and the child were healthy, but slammed the government.
It said “the fact she did not die does not excuse the human rights violations she suffered.’’
A doctor from Reina Sofia hospital complained that teenage pregnancy is rampant in Paraguay.
He said that two 12-year-old girls were also awaiting delivery at the hospital.

Motorcyclists burnt to death in Lagos fire

There was panic in the Mile 12 area of Lagos on Wednesday after fire erupted from a passenger’s keg and burnt two motorcyclists to death.

PUNCH Metro learnt that the fire, which started at about 7.30pm, also razed about eight motorcycles in the area.
It was gathered that the victims, identified only as Musa and Sanni, were among several others affected by the inferno at Agilinti bus stop, Mile 12.

Our correspondent learnt that a woman, who boarded a motorcycle, had a keg of fuel with her, which was kept inside a nylon, but the keg reportedly leaked.
The motorcycle was said to have arrived at the Agilinti bus stop, where some traders had lit their lamps.

Fire from one of the lamps was said to have leaped unto the fuel-soaked nylon, leading to a fire outbreak.
PUNCH Metro gathered that no fewer than eight motorcycles at the bus stop were consumed. About five motorcyclists were also said to have been injured, and were taken to hospitals in the area.

Musa and Sanni were said to have died in one of the hospitals.
When our correspondent visited the area on Thursday, one of the motorcyclists, identified simply as Kolawole, said some firefighters later showed up to put out the fire.

He said, “It was at about 8pm. I was at the bus stop. As soon as the motorcycle brought the woman, the fire started. The woman had a keg of fuel in a nylon, which she was taking home. But the keg was leaking, and the nylon was soaked.

“Some traders at the bus stop had lit their local lamps; and as the motorcycle wanted to turn round the junction, the fire started. Two motorcyclists were badly burnt, and they have died in a hospital.

“About eight other motorcycles were razed by the fire. Some firefighters later came to put out the fire. Those injured have also been rushed to some hospitals where they are being treated.”
A motorist, identified only as Leke, said there was commotion in the area, as shop owners and passersby tried in vain to put out the fire.

He said, “I brought my vehicle to a filling station in the area to buy fuel. There were lots of motorcycles at the bus stop. Suddenly, there was an outburst of fire, and the smoke covered everyone.
“I initially thought it was a tanker fire, as everyone ran helter-skelter. Traders and passersby tried to put out the fire, but it had destroyed about eight motorcycles.”

The Director, Lagos State Fire Service, Dr. Rasak Fadipe, confirmed the incident, adding that men of the Ilupeju Fire Station attended to it.
He said, “The fire servicemen from Ilupeju were there. But we do not have a record of any death.

“Seven motorcycles were burnt, and one person was also injured.”
Efforts by our correspondent to see the injured persons were unsuccessful as no one knew the hospitals they were taken to.

Our correspondent gathered that the corpses of the deceased had been deposited in a morgue in the area.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Patricia Amadin, had yet to reply to a text message sent to her phone as of press time.


Gist Actress Moyo Lawal beaten Mercilessly for 'Doing' Married Man - See more at:

Check this out :This is a scene from one of her most recent movie where she was dating another woman’s husband secretly and when the wife got to know the babe “taking care” of her husband, it was a serious fight to finish.

How we killed, tortured civilian Chinese, by ex-Japanese soldier

A former Japanese soldier confessed to being part of a group that killed dozens of Chinese civilians and raped several women during Japan’s war of aggression against China.

The State Archives Administration said on Friday in Beijing that this was the third in a series of 31 handwritten confessions from Japanese suspected war criminals published online.It said the confession was made by Yoshio Miura, who was born in Chiba Prefecture, Japan in 1920 and joined the Japanese war of aggression against China in 1940.
The office said Yoshio, together with others, confessed to killing two peasants to seize `concealed weapons’ in Laiwu County of Shandong Province in September 1941.“In April 1942 I broke into a civilian house in a village of Xintai County of Shandong, threatened a Chinese woman aged 27 to 28 with a bayonet and raped her”, Yoshio said in his confession.

He said in late August 1942, for the purpose of seizing concealed weapons, they `interrogated 74 peasants using torture’, 11 of which he personally interrogated and killed.“In July 1942, in Zhangqiu County, three of my companions `pushed a captured peasant into a 20-feet-deep dry well, and threw down a rock of around 50 kilograms to kill him in Zhangqiu County.

“Near Xianggong Village of Zhangqiu County, we captured another peasant, covered his mouth with a towel, bloated his belly with about 20 liters of cold water, making it hard for him to breath.“We then fed him with dung, beat him on the belly, private parts, head and feet with a shoulder pole and killed him after an hour of interrogation and torture,” he said.It said in early October 1944, Yoshio ordered his subordinates to shoot dead 13 Chinese in Tai’an County, claiming that they colluded with the Eighth Route Army.

A State Archives official said a total of 31 confessions from Japanese war criminals would be published online starting Tuesday, to expose crimes committed by Japan in China during World War II.The official said the handwritten confessions, along with translations and abstracts in both Chinese and English, have been published on its the website.“These archives are hard evidence of the heinous crimes committed by Japanese imperialists against the Chinese”, the official said.

The official said the confessions, which have never been released before, detail crimes perpetrated by the Japanese, including killing, enslavement and poisoning of Chinese people.The official said it also included the use of biological and chemical weapons on humans. (Xinhua/NAN)

Chris Brown daughter, Royalty can definitely make a move with her adorable dancing skills. Lol!

Chris Brown's daughter Royalty  clearly has his DNA ... Dancing's Next Abdul.

The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has allegedly fired his chief of defence forces.

President Mugabe allegedly fired his chief of defence forces, seen seated next to his wife in the photo below for being too close to his wife and staring at her butt when she bent down.