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Check this out guys : This press statement from FFK.

My goodness! These politicians don't play at all. The spokesperson of the PDP Presidential campaign organization, Femi Fani-Kayode released a statement just this afternoon alleging that APC is planning to run a documentary about the private lives of President Jonathan, his wife and the Petroleum Minister, Dieziani Allison Madueke.

He said that APC can say all they want about Pres. Jonathan in the documentary but one thing they cannot say about him is that he engages in gross and perverse intimate affairs with little boys unlike one of the APC leaders who is sponsoring the planned documentary. Ouch! He also alleged that while Buhari was in the UK recently to solicit for support for his presidential bid, he agreed to repeal the anti-gay law signed by President Jonathan in January 2014. Full text of what he said after the cut...

Gentlemen of the media,

Let me start by expressing the gratitude of our Campaign Organisation to all of you for the support you have been showing us since we started this journey.

We invited you here today to intimate the Nigerian people, through your esteemed media organisations, about a despicable and wicked agenda that is being orchestrated by the opposition to scandalise, undermine and bring into disrepute our candidate, President Goodluck Jonathan (GCFR), his wife, the First Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan, our Minister of Petroleum Resources, Mrs. Diezani Allison Maduekwe and other key government functionaries and members of his administration.

The special operations and intelligence wing of my Directorate has been reliably informed that the opposition is planning to air a documentary about the private lives of President Jonathan, the First Lady and the Minister of Petroleum Resources. The documentary is riddled with falsehood and it is vulgar, smutty, cheap, shameful and salacious.  This initiative is being spearheaded by the entire leadership of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and is being funded and organised by two serving governors and one former governor who controls his state through his hand-picked stooge.

Our response to this initiative is one of utter repugnance.  That the opposition has degenerated to such a point that in response to legitimate questions that were raised about the record in public office of their Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari and their de facto leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, in two major and widely viewed documentaries, the only recourse they have, rather than answering the questions put in those documentaries, is to try to humiliate, shame and disgrace our presidential candidate by making the most baseless and scandalous accusations about his private life.  The truth is that this shameful course of action will not work and we shall not be distracted. Neither will we lose any sleep over it.

We are, however, by this press conference, sending a clear signal to the three APC leaders that are funding and spearheading this initiative that it will not in any way serve the interest of their party or the interest of their Presidential candidate if they insist on treading that path or toeing that deplorable line.  In the event of them insisting on treading this dangerous and dishonorable course, we reserve the right to respond fully and use all legitimate means to expose the inherent evil that these three individuals habitually and continuously manifest in both their private lives and whilst in public office.

The truth is that they can say what they like about President Goodluck Jonathan, his family members and those close to him but one thing they cannot say is that, unlike one of the three individuals that is behind this disgraceful initiative, President Jonathan does not show an unhealthy interest in the affairs of little boys and he does not indulge in gross and perverse intimate acts with them in his spare time in an obscene, indecent, shameful and completely unacceptable manner.

They can say whatever they like about our candidate but, unlike one of the three individuals that are behind this reprehensible initiative, it is not President Goodluck Jonathan that ended up eloping with and eventually marrying the house girl of his former leader.

They can say whatever they like about President Jonathan but it is not our President who drove his own father into political oblivion, broke the poor man’s heart and sent him to an early grave in pain, tears, defeat and shame. Presidential Jonathan did not do any of these things. It is those that have insisted on engaging in this shameful and repugnant initiative that have done these things. They know who they are and, for now, we need not mention their names. At the appropriate time, we shall mention names and expose every aspect of the sordid life styles of these individuals and at that time the Nigerian people will judge for themselves.

The second issue we want to touch on today is the shameful proposition that was made to General Muhammadu Buhari by the representatives of a number of western governments when he was in the United Kingdom for a prolonged stay. He had appealed to them for support and to get their endorsement.  He had talks with the representatives of at least four western countries.  The leaders of those countries made an offer to General Muhammadu Buhari and we are reliably informed that he has put the offer under consideration.

The proposition and offer was that if he was prepared to support legislation in Nigeria to allow same sex marriage and if he was prepared to repeal the anti-gay laws in Nigeria they will, in return, endorse, support and fund him, initially covertly and eventually publicly, at the right time.

Instead of outrightly rejecting these offers and spurning this proposition, to our utter shock and consternation, General Buhari apparently refused to rule it out and has put the matter under consideration. Instead of him to say NO he assured them that he would consider these two things. We believe that this is a matter that ought to be brought to the attention of the Nigerian people as a matter of urgency.  The APC are so desperate to ensuring that General Buhari becomes the President of this country that they are actually prepared to consider the scrapping of all anti-gay or anti-homosexual legislations and at the same time, endorsing and supporting fresh legislation that would allow same sex marriage in our country.  They are considering this despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of the Nigerian people find same sex marriage and, indeed, homosexuality repugnant and unacceptable.

We are using this occasion to challenge General Buhari to come clean and to tell the Nigerian people whether this is true and whether, in the unlikely event of his being elected President, he is seriously considering scrapping the anti-homosexual laws in our country and pushing through new legislation which would allow same sex marriage.

The third issue is as follows. We read, with amusement, the threat by the Buhari’s Campaign Organisation through their spokesperson, Mr Garba Shehu, that it is their intention to drag the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, before the International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC), for allegedly indulging in what they described as ''hate speech'' at a recent rally in Rivers State.

It is pertinent to note that, first of all, if they were a little better educated and had a better understanding of international law and how the ICC works, they would appreciate the fact that no individual is ever taken to the ICC based on what he or she has said unless and until people act on those words and massacre others.   It is only if that speech is followed by violence and mayhem or if it incites people to commit violence, which results in death, mass murder and crimes against humanity, that the person who indulged in such hate speech becomes an eligible candidate for the ICC.

Dame Patience Jonathan is a woman of peace. She did not threaten anyone with violence; she did not incite anyone to commit violence or to kill others and her words have not resulted in death, mass murder or any crimes against humanity.  We therefore completely reject the baseless charge and assertion that she has called for the killing or slaughter of anyone at any point in time.

Their threat to take the First Lady to the ICC is not only absurd but it is also nothing but the empty and boastful ranting of a perfidious, desperate, decaying and dying political party and such threat will amount to nothing.  The truth is that if anybody is a candidate for the ICC, it is certainly not Dame Patience Jonathan, but rather General Muhammadu Buhari himself.

We say this because, firstly, he needs to answer questions about his role in the July 29, 1966 coup and the mass murder of about 300 Igbo army officers, including a serving Head of State, that took place that night.  Secondly, there are questions to be answered about his role during the pogrom and massacre in northern Nigeria in 1966 in which no less than 100,000 innocent Igbo civilians, including women and children, were slaughtered in cold blood by mobs that were covertly armed and supported by a small handful of junior army officers. Thirdl,y Buhari's role during the Asaba massacre, in which hundreds of Igbo civilians were murdered for no just cause, still needs to be clarified.  It is left to Buhari to clarify these matters and tell us his role in all these events but if these grave allegations are true, they make him a prime candidate for the ICC.

Another episode in which Buhari has questions to answer is his role in the mass murder of hundreds of people in the northern part of this country, including a number of young youth corpers who were in their prime, by Buhari’s supporters in 2011. This happened after he lost the presidential elections and after he encouraged them to go on the streets to commit violence. That deviant behaviour alone makes him a veritable candidate for the ICC.

We are, indeed, grateful that a Dutch law firm has, indeed, filed papers to the ICC asking for General Buhari to be forcefully brought to the court to answer questions about those killings in northern Nigeria by his supporters in 2011.  The court action is appropriate and vital in light of the remarks credited to General Buhari about a year ago in which, inter alia, he said that if he were to lose the 2015 Presidential election, the ''baboon and the dog would both be soaked in blood''.  What this means is that he intends to soak the entire nation in blood in the event that he loses the election on March 28.  He has refused to withdraw that statement and as a precursor to the violence he will again unleash on Nigeria after the Presidential election, his supporters have been stoning the convoy of President Jonathan in some parts of the north each time he goes there to campaign.

It is very clear that General Buhari is a violent man who has the disposition to incite people to commit mass murder and acts of violence.  We wish to take this opportunity to make it abundantly clear that if anybody is killed after the 2015 presidential election after Buhari has been defeated, we will hold him accountable and fully responsible and we will ensure that he faces the full wrath of the law.  Justice will be brought to him swiftly and expeditiously.  We advise General Buhari and his Campaign Organisation to stop threatening the First Lady with the ICC and instead spend their times looking inwards and delivering themselves from their obvious blood-lust and irrational and bestial desire to inflict violence against those who do not agree with them and who they perceive as their enemies.

Pause- We hereby crave your indulgence to play a clip of the brutal and blood chilling remarks made by General Buhari which ultimately triggered the orgies of violence recorded in some northern parts of the country in 2011.

On a final note, we would like to refer you to a set of pictures published on the front page of the Leadership Newspaper edition of last Tuesday.  As you can see, President Jonathan is the lead figure in both pictures, which were mischievously placed  on top of one another.

In the first Picture, President Jonathan is surrounded by some prominent Yoruba traditional rulers led by His Imperial Majesty, the Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade Olubuse II.  You can see that the staffs of office of the numerous traditional rulers were pointed towards the President as he sat down and whilst they prayed for him.

It has been brought to our attention that the spokesperson of the APC actually sponsored that advertorial and the contents of it reflect the sheer depravity of that individual's deep, dark, disrespectful and sinister mind.  Under the picture, they wrote; ''You cannot serve God and mammon''.  Right below the caption is another picture in which President Jonathan was praying both in Israel and at the Redeemed Camp in Nigeria.  The intent and implication of the pictures and the words below each of them are clear.  The motive for displaying the pictures in this manner and those words is to bring not only President Jonathan but also our revered Traditional Rulers in the south west into disrepute and opprobrium.

Indeed, it beats our imagination how anybody in his right senses could equate a legitimate prayer for our President in the court of the Ooni of Ife by a large number of Yoruba traditional rulers, with the worship of mammon!  It is insulting, disrespectful and totally unacceptable.  We seize this opportunity to issue a stern warning to Lai Mohammed and his party to stop insulting the Traditional Rulers of the south-western part of our country.  It was not too long ago that the de facto leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, described the southwest Traditional Rulers in the most uncharitable terms when he said only three of them could be taken seriously.

We completely reject these insults on our Royal Fathers and we hereby call on the APC leaders to bury their heads in shame and apologise to our Traditional Rulers.  We also demand an apology from Lai Muhammed for encouraging the posting of these pictures in this disgraceful manner, organising the whole thing and sponsoring the advert.  If they refuse to apologise or refuse to withdraw the advert, then we take it that the APC as a party has become the enemy of every single Traditional Ruler in Yorubaland and the consequence of that will be far reaching and devastating for the fortunes of their party in the coming elections.

We thank you for listening.


Check this out guys there is a  Kim-Kanye three-way sex tape for sale?

Kanye's laptop was stolen in Paris yesterday and now, MTO is claiming the thieves that stole it want to sell something they found on it. A threesome involving Kim, Kanye and another blonde. Probably not true but read below..

" just got some blockbuster News - a man is selling a sextape - which reportedly shows Kim and Kanye and a blonde haired woman, engaged in three-way sex.

We were unable to confirm the identity of the parties on the tape - but it sure as f*ck looked like Kim and Kanye . . . allegedly.

We're gonna say a lot of allegedly here, because Kanye's laptop was stolen in Paris earlier this week . . . and we're not trying to snitch on anyone that may or may not have stolen it.

We also are not admitting to possessing, viewing, or ANYTHING whatsoever with the stolen property.

So here it goes. ALLEGEDLY we spoke to a person who claims that they may have ALLEGEDLY accidentally came upon Kanye West's personal laptop.

The individual is ALLEGEDLY claiming to have hacked into it, and is looking through the hard drive. The drive ALLEGEDLY contains music, designs, emails - basically a treasure trove of DATA.

And the individual allegedly is trying to sell it off piece by piece. We're not really interested in fashion, or songs, but our eyebrows ALLEGEDLY raised when we heard that an alleged SEXTAPE showing THREE-WAY ACTION between Kanye, Kim and a Blonde model was allegedly for sale
 We're told that the tape allegedly is very graphic - and it must have occurred AFTER North's birth . . . cause Kim's belly clearly looked like she had her baby pouch.

Oh and we have a receipt - that won't get us into any LEGAL TROUBLE. Kanye's GOOD MUSIC artist Malik Yusef, who is with him in Paris - CONFIRMED that Yeezy's laptop was stolen. Wow . . . we can't wait to see who buys the tape . . . ALLEGEDLY.

Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: The Wicked Reason He Loves Her With French Montana .


You would think that Lamar Odom wouldn’t want to see his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian, spending so much time with French Montana, but has EXCLUSIVELY learned that the opposite is true. Find out why!

Lamar Odom isn’t jealous that Khloe Kardashian is spending quality time with French Montana. In fact, he actually gets off on it, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.


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Corrupt Leaders Will Flee Nigeria If Buhari Wins –okorocha.

Imo State Governor, Rochas Okorocha, says corrupt leaders will immediately run away from Nigeria the moment the All Progressives Congress, APC, Presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari is announced winner of the 28 March presidential election.

He also wooed the Igbo in Lagos to vote massively for the APC Governorship candidate in Lagos, Akinwunmi Ambode.Speaking at the APC Rally in Amuwo Odofin, Okorocha said: “General Muhammadu Buhari’s (GMB) victory has been sealed and delivered. Today (Monday) about seven governors who are not in APC are coming to hold a meeting with us privately.“

There is fear in the country. And the fear is that they know that GMB is a good man and he will win. And they know that once INEC announces GMB as the winner of the presidential election, all the bad people who are embezzling the country’s fund will leave the country at night.“

The fear of Buhari is the beginning of stoppage of corruption. Do you know that before in this country, Nigerians urinated on the road? But when Buhari assumed power in 1983, it all stopped.

And he also stopped corruption,” he stated.Okorocha also said the PDP is already a dead party, saying that the party died immediately APC was formed.“We scheduled the burial of the party for February 14th but they postponed the burial to March 28.

We are waiting patiently to bury the party forever. But let me tell you that you can change the date of burial but you cannot change the burial. It must take place. May the soul of PDP rest in peace,” he said.“The worst thing that can happen to any nation is to have a bad government. And the worst thing that can happen to any family is to have a bad father.

Today, it is obvious that PDP is a bad government. And we thank God that we came together to change the bad government. And the change we came together for has started.”“I am in Lagos for one man, and that is for Ambode. He is a good man. And he will not deceive you.

 He has a caring heart. He loves everyone. All tribes in Lagos will be safe in his hands. And this is one man that can start and continue what Fashola started.“Lagos today has improved and he is handing over the mantle of leadership to a man that will continue the geometric progression that has been witnessed in Lagos,” he said.

The Governor stated that Lagos remained a blessing to the Igbo nation and that the APC remains the only party of choice for all residents of the state that will ensure that all tribes are safe.

Governor Babatunde Fashola while addressing the rally, called on all residents of Lagos to reject the PDP at the polls by ensuring that they vote massively for all APC candidates on March 28 and on April 11.

He added that in the last few weeks, some political office holders had been carrying dollars around to induce people to vote for them, noting that the questions they should ask them was where they were in the last four years.“Who built this Maternal and Child Centre MCC for you? Who is constructing this road for you? Who built the rail at Mile 2?

In the last few weeks, some people are carrying dollars around, ask when they come did you see them in the last four years. We can also keep the money a few weeks to elections, come to you and say, take the money instead of the infrastructure we have provided for you.

“Projects like the MCC Festac Road, Ago Palace Way, Festac Link Road, Durbar Road, Imore Road, Tedi Link Bridge and similar projects are what we are doing with your money”, he added.“When General Buhari was the Head of State in Nigeria, we were exporting petrol, after he left we are importing and even kerosene is a family business today.

They bring it in and subsidise it but do you get it at subsidy price? No way. That is what they said but somebody is peacefully collecting the money while you are paying fully the money for kerosene.

The APC gubernatorial candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode assured that his administration would complete the expansion of the Lagos- Badagry Express Road from Orile to Badagry and also ensure that it completes work on the light rail from Okokomaiko to CMS.

The National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who was also present at the rally, urged all residents of Lagos and Nigerians not to be deceived again by the antics of President Goodluck Jonathan who painted the pitiable picture of a candidate from a modest background to deceive Nigerians during his first term in office.

He said Nigerians are tired of lack of stable electricity supply and do not want that to continue just as the present Federal Government has not been able to pay the insurance premium of the military and the police despite the dangers they are exposed to.

Tinubu urged all Nigerians to vote massively on March 28 to elect General Muhammadu Buhari and all National Assembly candidates of the APC whilst also doing the same on April 11 for Akinwunmi Ambode in Lagos and all State House of Assembly and governorship candidates of the APC nationwide. 


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Photos: Amber Rose and Black Chyna party it up at strip club

 from stripping to being paid to appear at strip clubs.

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna were paid to make an appearance at Ace of Diamonds strip club where they reportedly dropped close to $10k on strippers as they partied.

See more photos after the cut...

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna clearly don’t need a man to have a good time! The sexy besties partied the night away in an L.A. club with tons of scantily clad strippers on March 10, reportedly dropping $10k on them!

These ladies are living it up! Amber Rose, 31, and Blac Chyna, 26, put all their man drama behind them as they twerked the night away at Ace Of Diamonds club in L.A. on March 10. Clearly, they had no thoughts of men on their minds as they kept raining cash on the sexy   all strippers all night. Amber Rose and Blac Chyna were paid to make an appearance at Ace of Diamonds strip club where they reportedly dropped close to $10k on strippers as they partied.


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2-day old baby boy found abandoned on Lagos street.

A 2-day old baby boy was found on Sunday March 8th after he was abandoned in a kiosk on Marina street close to Wema Bank Plc in Lagos Island.

The baby who has since been named after late philanthropist Chief Molade Okoya-Thomas, was found by a good Samaritan, Dr Oscar Odiboh who runs the Afribaby Initiative,a non-governmental organization.

According to Punch, Dr. Odiboh (pictured above), said he got a call from some people that a baby has been abandoned on the streets in Marina...

"I got a distress call on Sunday that a baby had been abandoned by the roadside at Marina. I left everything I was doing and rushed to the scene. While I was heading for the scene, I contacted the police and some medical personnel to be on standby.

 On getting there, I discovered that the baby was abandoned inside a kiosk. People were gathered and just watching, cursing the mother. Nobody dared to go near the baby.

 A few minutes after I got there, the police arrived and I was allowed to carry the baby. We took him to the station and I handed him over to the family support unit of the police at the Adeniji Adele Police Station.”

On why the baby was named Molade Okoya-Thomas, Dr Odiboh said
“Knowing that the police would transfer the baby to the appropriate government agency, and in order to create an identity for the baby, I decided to name him after Chief Okoya-Thomas.

Coincidentally, I was wearing one of his burial attires on that day and the baby, who we have adjudged to be about two days old, might have been born the same day our he was buried.

The baby has now been transferred to the Office of Youth and Social Development where he is said to be doing very well.


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Photo Of The Woman Who Set Husband On Fire & The Man On Hospital Bed.

Woman who allegedly set hubby on fire defends self •Says ‘I don’t know how the fire started’Assistant Editor, Sam Nwaoko, reports the bizarre Valentine day’s clash between a man and his wife over the fabled ‘lovers’ day’.

Perhaps, Mr. Abimbola Olusegun Ogidiolu, didn’t think he would end up in hospital fighting for his dear life, hours after the celebration of Valentine and hours after he had returned home after a hard day’s job in the Ekiti State capital where he operates as a commercial driver. He had been badly burnt by a fire she was made to face by his wife allegedly over a disagreement on Valentine date.

The man might have also been oblivious of the celebration because his neighbours described him as “not the type.”

According to some of them, “this is a man who was out all day at work and he has never been the ‘guyish’ type that is known with frolicking on a day like that.”But his wife, they claimed was on the opposite side of the divide when it comes to socials.

The claim among some of the neighbours was that Mrs. Bukola Olusegun Ogidiolu “could possess the tendency to go all the way.

” But while the neighbours of the Olusegun’s debated among themselves, the man is still in a bad state, receiving treatment at the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital in Ado Ekiti.Now, the 36-year-old Mrs. Ogidiolu, is currently cooling her feet in a police cell at the Ekiti police command headquarters, following her arrest for the crime of setting her husband on fire.

She was alleged to have doused her husband with petrol and set ablaze during a usual disagreement they had on Valentine, allegedly over the celebration of the day.

Mr. Olusegun was said to have arrived at their home in Idolofin area of Ado Ekiti at about 6pm on the fateful February 14 to meet his angry wife. She had reportedly warmed up for a face-off with her hubby, allegedly for his inability to take her out for the fun of the 2015 lovers’ day.

Neighbours had claimed they heard the couple exchange angry words before tragedy struck.“At about midnight, the husband suddenly ran out from their apartment, crying agonizingly for help.

 He was on fire and had cried that his wife had set him ablaze. He was burning and was battling with the fire.“We had to rush out to rescue him by quickly getting water and pouring it on him.

But for the prompt intervention of some of us, he would have been burnt to death,” an anonymous resident of their compound had reported.The neighbour added that he was then taken to the Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH), where he is still receiving treatment.

“We also reported the incident to the Ado Central Divisional police station from where policemen came and arrested his wife the day after,” the neighbour stated.

Olusegun is still in a critical condition at the hospital and the man, who hailed from Ondo State, is now out of his come and had been said to have wished to go to his Akoko community, where he felt relatives could be of help to his mother who has been the only one footing his hospital bills.But Bukola Ogidiolu defended herself, and denied that she did it.

 Her story hardly added up, but from the contention of the police and all the others, the law court would see to that. She denied that she doused him with petrol and also denied setting him on fore.

 She, however, admitted that they had a quarrel that night and that they (she and her husband) had always been having fights “because of a child.”This is her story while she was paraded by the police in Ado Ekiti on Monday for allegedly committing the crime:“I don’t know how it happened.

 We had a quarrel and he left me and went home. I went to meet him at home and by the time I got home, he had destroyed everything in our room. There were people around who were telling him to calm down.

“The petrol was in our room, placed on top of the electricity generating set. Later I recall that he went outside the room and I heard the fire alarm. I could have prevented the fire from burning him that much but he was dragging me to himself but I freed myself from his grip and ran out.“We later took him to the hospital and I was arrested the day after by the police.

 It happened at about 11:30 pm on Wednesday and I was arrested the day after.“Our quarrel has always been about our not having a child together. It has nothing to do with valentine outing because I’m not a baby that would be asking to be taken out. We’ve been married since 2012 and I’ve been taking drugs so that I could have a child for him.

“He smokes but I didn’t see him light a cigarette on that night. But from the reports I heard from those who saw him at the hospital, they said he was holding a lighter. He was standing behind me, towards the passage and he was there when he raised the fire alarm.”

A member of the hospital medical personnel nursing him said “it seems that his joystick was the main target of the attack, with the worker who didn’t want to be named saying “the primary target of Abimbola’s assailant might be his joystick as the organ had been badly burnt.

”The victim’s mother, Mrs. Folake Olusegun, said all her son could say before he passed out at the hospital was that his wife was angry that he did not take her out for the celebration of the Valentine. According to her, “this caused a serious misunderstanding which made his wife threaten to set him ablaze.

“My son said he dared his wife, saying she couldn’t do that and suddenly she poured petrol on him and also threw the fire at him.

”The Ekiti State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Mr. Albert Adeyemi, also confirmed the incident and assured that the suspect would be charged to court as soon as investigation on the matter is concluded.


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Corpses Of Victims Of Calabar Killer Found [very Graphic Pics.


 CrossRiverWatch was able to get pictures of the remains of the six victims of extra judicial killing by the notorious “Calabar Killer Cops” who sold their corpses to the anatomy department of the University of Calabar.

The victims were gruesomely murdered by the blood tasty cops on April 17, 2014 after they were branded robbers by the cops.

But an investigative panel set up by the former AIG Zone 6, after CrossRiverWatch exposed the lie, indicted the policemen and recommended their trial for murder.

Though some powerful politicians tried and are still trying to cover up the killer cops, 14 of them have since been rounded up and are presently in custody awaiting the resumption of courts from strike for their trial to commence.

After ten months of hide and seek and repeated denial by police authorities that they did not know where the bodies where, CrossRiverWatch was able to get access to the bodies at the University of Calabar anatomy department.


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Kaffy Dancequeen loses mum.

Kaffy Ameh, Nigeria's very own dance queen, has lost her mum. She posted the sad news with a tribute on her instagram page this morning. May God comfort her family and may she rest in peace. Amen. The tribute after the cut...

......I remember every smile
I remember every wink of ur eye
I remember how u move nd turn heads in parties
I remember how heavy u were with my brother in ur womb yet u organized d best one year birthday for me.
I remember the good,the bad ,the wealth of experience.
I remember a lot more than tears will allow my shaking hands write
And I thank you ,for everything has made me who I am today.
It hurts that this day has come sooner than expected but God knows best.
Rest well as you are now in His care forever.
Goodbye Mum
My dance queen