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I Can Provide Stable Power In Eight Months - Fasho

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, on Sunday evening boasted that he could provide uninterrupted power supply to Lagos residents between six and eight months.

Fashola spoke at the commissioning of 8.5 megawatts Lekki Independent Power Project (IPP), the fifth of such power projects in the last five years in the state.

The governor said the addition of the Lekki IPP was a testament to the fact that stable power does not require rocket science to achieve in the country.

While challenging power distribution companies in the state, Fashola said, “Let the Eko DISCOs sign a contract with me, giving part of their concessioning to the state government, in about six to eight months, there will be power in all homes in Lagos State,” Fashola said.

He added, “So, let no one say that he has no money to deliver power for the entire country.

This is the limit to which the law allows us to do, but we have done this to make a statement that power can be generated.

So, when they come with lies that power is impossible, you can tell them that we have power here; we make it possible”.

The project, courtesy of the state government, in partnership with Heritage Bank, is to serve Lagos State Water Corporations in Lekki Phase 1, Oniru, Victoria Island and Ikoyi, as well as over 25km of public lightening in the Lekki axis.Commissioning the project, Fashola said he felt fulfilled with the conduct of youths that delivered the project, despite the difficulties in getting to the finishing point.

He said it also showed that the money to improve the Nigerian economy is here, “since we don’t need the World Bank to come and do this for us.”

Also, General Manager, Lagos State Electricity Board, Damilola Ogunbiyi, said the state had shown that reliable and sustainable power projects are possible through the youths.

Ogunbiyi said though it had been .

Obasanjo: “How I Escaped Being Ritually-Killed With 7 Heads Of Cattle” 

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Obasanjo: “How I Escaped Being Ritually-Killed With 7 Heads Of Cattle” .

Former president Chief Olusegun Obasanjo recounted his near-death experiences over the years in his memoir ‘My Watch’.

According to him, “The most bizarre of such reports was the burial of 7 heads of cattle alive which would lead to my death within 7 days.

The man who told me the story participated in the process and he was the head of Daily Times Group at some time in the past and a columnist in another national daily.

“Before the expiration of the expected time of my death, he called me on the telephone to find out if I was ill. I told him I was not.

 On the 7th day, he called again and was obviously surprised that I was alive and kicking. When much later he told me the story, I told him that greater service would have been done 7 heads of cattle had they been killed and distributed to the poor”.

He further disclosed that, “My experience over the years is that those who rely on fetish practice to protect themselves, seek favours and progress, or harm others are deceived by the fetish practitioners and believers and also deceive themselves.

I believe very much in prayer and the power of prayer but not fetish prater promoted in the name of Christian, Islamic or native African religion.


Kendall Jenner has been quite the busy work bee lately, so that means she’s away from her family. 

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Kendall Jenner has been quite the busy work bee lately, so that means she’s away from her family.

The model posted a heartfelt pic to her Instagram about missing her loved ones and made sure to include Kylie’s man — Tyga!

Kendall Jenner, 19, is taking the runway by storm during Paris Fashion Week. But sadly, that means she’s spending a lot of time away from her family back in LA, Cali. The reality star posted a photo on March 9 of her siblings, Khloe Kardashian, 30, and Kylie Jenner, 17, but there was one non-blood related person in the snap — Tyga, 25.Click here to read more


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 Chris Brown’s Writing A Song For Karrueche Tran — Showing Her Their Souls Are One

Courtesy of Instagram

Chris is desperate to get Karrueche back — he’s called her, written her emails, and more. But she’s not responding, HollywoodLife.com has EXCLUSIVELY learned, so he’s currently writing her a song in hopes of showing her how sorry he is for impregnating another woman.

Chris Brown, 25, is going to great lengths to prove to Karrueche Tran, 26, that they’re soul mates. She dumped him after finding out he secretly fathered a baby girl with another woman, but the singer desperately wants his ex to “forgive him.” Find out how he plans on getting her to do that!


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Terrifying moment two helicopters carrying reality TV stars smash into each other, 10 people killed.

This is the dramatic moment two helicopters crash midair in Argentina, killing 10 people including three French sports stars taking part in a reality TV show.

The video, shown on Argentinian TV this morning, reveals how one of the aircraft smashes into the other from below while flying over trees in a remote town. Seconds later, both craft plunge to the ground and explode in a ball of flames.

Champion sailor Florence Arthaud, Olympic gold medal swimmer Camille Muffat and Olympic boxer Alexis Vastin were all killed, along with two Argentine pilots and five other French nationals.

Moments from death: 3 French sports stars - from left, champion sailor Florence Arthaud, Olympic gold medal swimmer Camille Muffat and Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine - are pictured shortly before boarding a helicopter which crashed in Argentina while they were filming a reality TV show

Doomed: Olympians Camille Muffat, centre, Florence Arthaud, second right and Alexis Vastine far right, are pictured with their fellow contestants on their way to film French survival TV show 'Dropped'. Former Arsenal footballer Sylvain Wiltord (centre left) was in the show, but was not on board either of the helicopters

Lucky escape: Former Arsenal and France footballer Sylvain Wiltord (pictured, left, with fellow contestant, Olympic boxer Alexis Vastine) missed the doomed flights because he had been eliminated just the day before

Prosecutors in Paris today opened a manslaughter inquiry as Argentinian police removed the bodies from the wreckage of the helicopters.

Air accident investigators have yet to reveal the cause of the crash, which happened around 5pm local time yesterday.

The celebrities were taking part in a survival TV series called Dropped for French TV when the crash happened in a rugged mountain range in La Rioja province.
A cattle farmer has told how he rushed to one of the helicopters to try to rescue survivors, but was beaten back by the heat and smoke.

David Ocampo said: 'One of the helicopters sounded as if it was firing off shots or experiencing small explosions that were completely out of place.

 There were about five metres between the two of them, but the one in front seemed to stop and that caught my attention.

'The other one smashed into it from behind with its propellor after trying to swerve to avoid it and fell to the ground and exploded. The earth shook when they fell.
'I rushed towards it to see if there were any survivors but it was just a ball of flame.
'I couldn't see anything really, just smoke and the tail of one of the two helicopters between the bushes.'

Earlier, it emerged today that former Arsenal footballer Sylvain Wiltord missed the doomed flights because he had been voted off the show the day before.

A statement from local government officials identified the remaining victims as Laurent Sbasnik, Lucie Mei-Dalby, Volodia Guinard, Brice Guilbert and Edouard Gilles, as well as Argentine pilots Juan Carlos Castillo and Roberto Abate.
The accident happened at around 5pm on Monday shortly after the two aircraft took off in a mountainous region of La Rioja, in Argentina's north west.

Disel Cuneo, government spokesman for the province, said: 'There are several French nationals among the victims. So far we only know of two Argentine victims.'
There were unconfirmed reports that one of the victims died after jumping out of one of the helicopters seconds before they crashed.

Another provincial spokesman, Horacio Alarcon, said that the two helicopters appeared to have collided during filming.
'There are no survivors,' he added.

Alexis Vastine, a boxer who won bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (left) and Florence Arthaud, who won the transatlantic sailing race Route du Rhum in 1990, were also reported to have been killed

Camille Muffat, an Olympic swimmer who won gold in the freestyle at London 2012 and is a former world record holder died in the helicopter crash

Grief: Adriani Vastine (centre) and Alain Vastine (right), the brother and father of Alexis Vastine, weep as they take gather to pay tribute to the Olympic boxer in Pont-Audemer, northwestern France

Source: from UK Daily Mail


Bruce Jenner & Kylie Jenner: Why He Regrets Being ‘Absent’ Recently

Courtesy of Instagram

It’s no secret that Bruce Jenner has been going through a lot lately but the fact that he has been absent from his youngest daughter Kylie Jenner’s life really upsets him!

Bruce Jenner, 65, knows that Kylie Jenner, 17, ” is capable of making her own wise decisions,” but that doesn’t make him feel any less guilt over sometimes being assent — find out what an insider revealed toHollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY about Bruce’s feelings of regret.


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Shocking news :Windell D. Middlebrooks: Miller High Life Delivery Man Actor Dies At 36


So very sad. Windell D. Middlebrooks, best known for his work in the Miller High Life Commercials and on ‘Parks & Recreation’ was found dead on Mar. 9. He was just 36 years old.

What a devastating loss. Windell D. Middlebrooks, who has appeared on countless television shows including Parks and Recreation, Cougar Town and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, died on Mar. 9. After being found unresponsive at his Los Angeles home, Windell was transferred to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.


Pics: Khloe K, her butt & her man attend Between The Sheets show

The 30 year old reality star showed off her massive butt in a pair of ripped skintight pants as she and boyfriend French Montana attended Chris Brown/Trey Songs/Tyga Between The Sheets tour in Inglewood, California on Sunday night. More photos after the cut...


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Check this out : Let me break it down so you understand. Y'all know Karrueche publicly broke up with Chris Brown after news of his secret baby broke.

 So some days ago, a diehard Chris Brown fan posted this old tweet by a guy named Jacob York, where (York) explained how Karrueche could exploit the Chris-Rihanna-Karrueche love triangle to her benefit and get fame from it.

That tweet was from back in 2012. Thing is, York is a well known publicist& after this tweet, Karrueche hired him as her manager.

Now, back to 2015 and these fans believe Karrueche broke up with Chris publicly for the fame and is still exploiting Chris and Rihanna for publicity. Looks like Chris bought into this reasoning because he went on the post and commented. Continue


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OMG! This is so terrible School kids die on their way back from excursion. (Graphic photos)

Some school children going on an excursion to the mount Afadjato in Ghana lost their lives in an extremely horrible accident today March 10th. According to an eye-witness, the vehicle the children were in was almost finishing the mountainous portion when the driver lost control and fell into the ditch killing pupils between the ages of 7-15 years.

They were from Kasoa going towards Afadjato on an excursion. They sent me a number of photos from the accident but it's so graphic I can use three. In other photos I can't share, some of the children are missing their heads. Too sad and too horrible. Our hearts go out to all the parents who lost their kids. See the pics after the cut but please be warned it's quite graphic

This is so horrible and sad . RIP !!!!


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Nicki Minaj is pregnant for Meek Mill? Already? Wow that was fast lol !

MTO will not kill somebody with their stories. They've left Rihanna alone, now it's Nicki Minaj that's pregnant - for Meek Mill that she started dating three hours ago. #rollseyes! Find the report below...
 MediaTakeOut.com just confirmed - that Nicki Minaj is pregnant, with her partner Meek Mill baby. This is not rumor, it's fact! We spoke with two independent sources, who were right beside Nicki on Sunday night at the Chris Brown concert. We're told that Nicki drank no alcohol whatsoever - and was sucking on special lollipops, that are designed to stop nausea in pregnant women, called "pregnancy pops".

One EXTREMELY reliable insider (a celeb) told us, Nicki is definitely pregnant. She was glowing and smiling with her friends. She was sucking on a "pregnancy pop" so I know she's pregnant."
Congratulations are in order for Nicki and Meek. We love them two as a couple . . . and wish them ALL THE BEST with their new family. Imagine how LYRICALLY NICE their kid will be . . . if he or she grows up to be a rapper.
This s a MediaTakeOut.com exclusive - which contains nothing but #FACTS#. If you use ANYTHING in this report, you MUST credit MediaTakeOut.com.
All credit goes to MediaTakeOut.com. Lol. Meanwhile, this is probably 200% false!


Flavour Shows Off How He Works Out In The Gym…ladies Get In Here !!!!  PHOTO

Flavour N’abania is one singer who loves to flaunt his well toned and built body with his female fans.

The singer decided to let the fans in on one of his workout routine he usually does that gets him in good shape.

 His female fans have been drooling all over his page and it appears that they love his muscular bod.Ladies … Are you feeling this photo?

Source: http://i.instagram.com/2niteflavour


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Photos: ISIS beheads three men with sword for being homosexuals.

More horrific photos from ISIS run state. Three men, accused of homosexuality and blasphemy, were publicly beheaded by a sword-wielding ISIS executioner. The photos of the barbaric execution was shared online today. Two of the men were accused of being homosexuals and the third one accused of Blasphemy. They were blindfolded and taken to a traffic roundabout with a crowd looking on.

An elderly man used a microphone to read out their crimes before a masked man beheaded them. See the photos after the cut...

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 There was a fire outbreak at an ATM terminal close to the cloak room at UNILAG library yesterday afternoon March 9th.

Cause of the fire has not been ascertained and thankfully, there was no casualty thank God . See another photo after the cut...


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Photos: Ciara goes topless as a sexy ballerina in new music video.

The 29 year old mother of one went topless as she wore nothing but a long white tutu in her new music video for latest single, I Bet, which is 'dedicated' to her former lover and baby daddy, Future. See more pics after the cut...



Today I will like to talk about sham marriage and the stories going around about how people marry for papers. Well its a really sensitives issues .

Cause a lot of people travel for greener pasture and do anything to get papers to remain abroad . Here is a storyline below with photos above . Enjoy guys and leave a comment .

Two Nigerians Arrested For Sham Wedding In UK

This is the moment a sham marriage bride is handcuffed minutes before her wedding ceremony after a suspicious registrar told investigators the 'couple' couldn't spell each other's names.

Nigerian Joseph Iwueke, 33, was due to marry Slovakian Ingrida Stojkova, 29, in Leeds last July so he could stay in Britain.But they were arrested moments before their fake wedding was due to start after officials at a pre-marriage meeting noticed the groom reading details about his supposed bride from the back of his hand.Iwueke, Stojkova and two others have now been jailed for conspiracy to facilitate a breach of UK immigration law.

Slovakian Ingrida Stojkova is handcuffed as she waits for her Nigerian husband-to-be to arrive ahead of their planned sham marriage in Leeds last summer. She has now been jailed.

When questioned, Nigerian Joseph Iwueke knew almost nothing about his wife-to-be. A court heard he organised the fake wedding so he could stay in the UKLeeds Crown Court heard that authorities had been tipped off by a registrar who became suspicious when the pair attended the register office a month earlier and were unable to spell each other's names.

Two other men - Obinna Odelugo, 49, and Robert Stojka - were also arrested at the ceremony and found in possession of bundles of cash.They were described as the 'fixers' who arranged the fake wedding for financial gain.Odelugo ran from the ceremony room in West Yorkshire but was found hiding in a toilet cubicle.Stojka had initially claimed to be acting as an interpreter for Stojvoka, of Bolton, Lancashire.Nadim Bashir, prosecuting, said: 'His arrival in jogging bottoms to the wedding ceremony left a lot to be desired as to his real purpose in attending.'

Iwueke was jailed for two years and nine months and Stojkova was given a 15-month sentence after they pleaded guilty to to conspiracy to facilitate a breach of immigration law.Odelugo, of London, and Stojka, of Bolton, Greater Manchester, were both given sentences of two years and three months after also admitting conspiracy to facilitate a breach of immigration law.The couple's wedding was interrupted by Home Office investigators and police after a tip-off from a registrarThe pair were jailed along with two 'fixers', including Obinna Odelugo, who organised the sham, a court heardStojka was ordered to pay back £1,000 within seven days, while Odelugo was ordered to pay back £2,000.The court heard Iwueke was desperate to be married to someone from an EU country so he could remain in the UK. He will be deported after completing the prison sentence.Stojkova agreed to be his bride in the hope that she would make a financial gain to help make a better life in the UK for her and her son.When confronted by officers, Iwueke and Stojkova continued to insist that their marriage was genuine, but when they were asked they were still unable to spell each other's surname, the court heard.

Iwueke was unable to tell officers Stojkova's date of birth, where in Slovakia she was from, where she lived and what her house was like.Stojkova told police she met Iwueke in a nightclub in Bolton and they had arranged to meet for coffee the next day, despite not having a common language.

When pressed by officers to name and describe the nightclub she became upset and began shouting that she did not want to talk anymore and that she loved Iwueke.

Iwueke was jailed for two yearsOdelugo was given a two-year, three-month sentenceSentencing, Judge Sally Cahill QC said to Iwueke: 'This conspiracy involved you Iwueke, who had come to this country from elsewhere, you had been due to leave this country in July last year.'Instead of staying through lawful channels you entered into an arranged marriage.

'You were the groom and in my view the person who had the most to gain as you would have been free to stay in this country.'

She told Stojka and Odelugo they arranged this marriage 'purely for financial gain' and an 'opportunity to make some quick money'.Judge Cahill told Stojkova: 'You entered this arrangement because you hoped you would be looked after. You clearly didn't know each other.'You saw an opportunity for yourself to gain a better life. In my view you had the least to gain.

'After the case, Home Office investigator Mark Runagall, from Immigration Enforcement Criminal Investigations, said: 'This group are now paying the price for what was a cynical attempt to bypass the UK's immigration laws.

'Sham marriage abuse will not be tolerated. We work closely with registrars to identify suspicious marriages and we will rigorously pursue those who try to cheat the system.'Whether you are an organiser or a participant, we will catch up with you and you will be sent .

source daily uk.