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Shocking :Blind man beheaded in his home, head still missing. 

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Blind man beheaded in his home, head still missing.

 In a shocking case of cruelty,a 75 year old  blind California man was found decapitated in his apartment.

Robert Hollis,of Inglewood, was also a choir member in his church was found dead last Thursday, and still police have no leads as to what might have happened to the man, beloved by hundreds in the area.Making matters even more devastating for the family is the fact that his head has not yet been recovered. Bishop Kenneth Ulmer told  about Hollis's murder.....He brought light to people out of his own darkness. It's a very personal thing for us, the way it happened, the tremendous ungodly way in which it happened,' 'We are trying to bring the family through this (and) get to the next step of getting justice and resolving this case.'Meanwhile, Inglewood Mayor James Butts has asked the city council to authorize a $50,000 reward to find who is responsible for this horrific act.

Police have been at a loss, as in addition to the missing head, nothing seems to have been stolen from the apartment.Some in the family are growing concerned it could have been a 

Toke Makinwa talks staying single instead of being in a bad relationship. #Youarebetteroffalone!

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Toke Makinwa talks staying single instead of being in a bad relationship. #Youarebetteroffalone!

In her new Vlog which she released today, Toke Makinwa says you are better off alone than staying with a man who makes you unhappy! Watch...

Cute couple! Stephanie Kalu & footballer husband Kalu Uche step out

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Cute couple! Stephanie Kalu & footballer husband Kalu Uche step out.....

See photos after the cut.......

It's a shame Nigeria still imports, eggs, toothpick, sugar, wheat - CBN Gov

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It's a shame Nigeria still imports, eggs, toothpick, sugar, wheat - CBN Gov.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, says it is a shameful thing that Nigeria to still be importing some basic items such as wheat, eggs, toothpicks and others into the country when such items should be produced in Nigeria.

Speaking at a news conference yesterday June 24th, Mr Emefiiele said to discourage the importation of such items, the CBN, banks and bureaux de change offices will henceforth seize to offer foreign exchange to business men & women who import such goods.

According to Mr Emefiele, the move by the CBN is to encourage the production of such items in Nigeria.

"Most of you are aware of the often-quoted number of N1.3 trillion, which is what we spend on average importing rice, fish, sugar, and wheat every year. I am saying it is shameful that we have to import toothpick. I am saying that it is shameful for us to import fish in sauce canned, fish in sauce and sardine. I am saying it is shameful.

 Before I was born palm kernel was taken out of Nigeria and taken to another country and today we go to that country and import palm oil. It is shameful. It is shameful that items that we used to produce in this country we now begin to import them.

It is shameful and we need to stop them. That is what we are saying. Only last week, I met the Governor of Kebbi State and he lamented the unfortunate situation in that state. Where people, our own farmers, have committed themselves to producing rice and have produced paddy and we have paddy glut in Kebbi State today.

 As I speak, the government has spent its money buying paddy from the rice farmers, almost close to 200,000 of paddy rice. Aside from that, Kebbi State farmers have unpurchased paddy rice close to 800,000 tons. And yet we patronise imported rice.

For our benefits, those rice imported to the country are those that have spent at least seven years in their stores and yet we have rice that is produced today in Nigeria and we are running away from them. The only way we can encourage people who are producing rice to go back to the farms is to do what we have done today.

How can we keep complaining about the depreciation of the naira when all we do as a people is to import everything from ordinary Geisha and toothpicks to even eggs? These are some of the fundamental reasons behind the bank’s recent announcement.”

he said
He warned that any bank or bureau de change outlet that offers foreign exchange to any business owner who imports such goods will be sanctioned
"Foreign exchange will not be provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the banks or by bureaux de change. If we find people flouting it, luckily these people we have mentioned are under our regulation, we know how to deal with them"he said

Pres. Obama to host Pres. Buhari at the White House on July 20th.

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Pres. Obama to host Pres. Buhari at the White House on July 20th.

A statement from the White House reads
On Monday, July 20, President Obama will host Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari at the White House. The visit will underscore the United States’ longstanding friendship with Nigeria, our commitment to strengthening and expanding our partnership with Nigeria’s new government, and our support for the Nigerian people following their historic democratic elections and peaceful transfer of power.

President Obama looks forward to discussing with President Buhari our many shared priorities including U.S.-Nigeria cooperation to advance a holistic, regional approach to combating Boko Haram, as well as Nigeria’s efforts to advance important economic and political reforms that will help unlock its full potential as a regional and global leader.

In addition to hosting President Buhari at the White House, the United States will welcome President Buhari’s senior advisors for consultations with U.S. counterparts and other events aimed at building on the strong U.S.-Nigeria relationship.
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Pregnant Kim K steps out in a Black see-through outfit while Kylie Jenner stepped out in a see-through white outfit .

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Pregnant Kim K also steps out in see-through outfit

Kim K's sister Kylie Jenner stepped out in a  see-through white outfit to the Mailonline event hosted by John Legend's model wife- Chrissy Teigen , Kim who didn't want to be outshined donned a black see-through outfit like Kylie's.

In one of the episodes of KUWTK, Kylie complained that Kim liked to copy her style and she just did, lol. More photos after the cut..

Photo: ISIS kills respected Muslim scholar accused of Apostasy

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Photo: ISIS kills respected Muslim scholar accused of Apostasy.

ISIS killed one of the most respected Sunni scholars in Iraq. He had a PhD in Sharia and was the department head at Saladin University. (Apostasy is basically when you abandon your religion)

Source: Ahmad Al- shathry

Oh No! Lady Gaga bares her boobs while on a pizza run.

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Oh No! Lady Gaga bares her boobs while on a pizza run

Lady Gaga started the night wearing a white bra, blue shorts, brown jacket and black shoes but left a pizza place braless and showing her boobs... The boob photo after the cut..

Photos: Serena Williams named as the Chief Sporting Officer for Aston Martin

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Photos: Serena Williams named as the Chief Sporting Officer for Aston Martin

World number 1 tennis player Serena William has landed herself a new job as the Chief Sports Officer for British manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers, Aston Martin.
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Photos: Mariah Carey and new boyfriend make out on their loveboat.

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Photos: Mariah Carey and new boyfriend make out on their loveboat.

Mariah Carey & her new billionaire boyfriend have been cruising around Italy all week on his luxury yacht. They are reportedly already talking about marriage. 

Two Nollywood Actresses Openly Accuse Each Other Of Lesbianism (PHOTOS)

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Two Nollywood Actresses Openly Accuse Each Other Of Lesbianism (PHOTOS)

Two Nollywood actresses, Biodun Okeowo and Wura Gold, who have made a name for themselves in the Yoruba part of the industry are washing their dirty linings in the public.

Despite efforts from friends to settle the disagreement between the two ladies, the situation keeps getting worse as. A new twist in the episode has seen the two actresses openly accuse each other of being Lesbians.

Yesterday, the Personal Message on Biodun Okeowo BBM Status was quite disturbing. She cursed Wura Gold, saying that she won’t reap the fruit of her kids.

BestofNollywood TV called Biodun, to ask why she uttered such a statement, she said;

Ebube Nwangbo in sizzling romance with footballer Emmanuel Emenike

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Ebube Nwangbo in sizzling romance with footballer Emmanuel Emenike

They can like and deny it if they like but this one na according to eye-witness Footballer Emmanuel is known to date Nollywood actresses...if I tell you some of the ladies he's dated you won't believe it. Anyway, his current squeeze is actress Ebube Nwagbo and during his father's burial on June 19, Ebube played the role of a wife, making sure everything went well. I had paparazzi there :-)

Also, there was some kind of awkwardness at the burial because her ex- Kcee was there. Kcee is friends with Emmanuel so you can imagine the awkwardness.

Ebube and Emmanuel are keeping their relationship hush hush mostly because of the footballer. He supposedly doesn't like people knowing who he's dating! Once people know, he dumps the girls..

Lady Gaga steps out without make-up! Let's zoom into her face.

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Lady Gaga steps out without make-up! Let's zoom into her face.

The 29 year old singer stepped out without make-up in New York yesterday...

Footballer Cavani sent off for slapping Chile defender who 'inserted finger into his anus' (photos)

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Footballer Cavani sent off for slapping Chile defender who 'inserted finger into his anus' (photos)

Guess what Chilean defender Gonzalo Jara did yesterday during a match with Uruguay. He patted Uruguay star Edinson Cavani on the butt then inserted a finger into his butt. Cavani turned and flicked a hand into Jara's face, who fell on the floor like he had been kicked. Cavani was sent off after the incident because he already had one yellow card.

 The match officials didn't see what the defender had done to Cavani. But after the match, post match cameras showed what had happened and Uruguay coach Oscar Tabarez is asking Jara to be sanctioned, saying Cavani had been the victim of provocation.

Chile won the match 1-0. Watch the video after the cut...

MTO swears Nicki Minaj is pregnant...

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MTO swears Nicki Minaj is pregnant...

Same way Rihanna was pregnant a few months ago.. Lol. I'm waiting for the day they will get these pregnancy reports correct. Below is how they are reporting the one on Nicki..

" has some great news for you guys - Nicki Minaj is pregnant. This is not's fact! How do we know? Well Nicki and Meek Mill are going on tour this summer, they'll be performing at dozens of venues around the country.

 We're told that Nicki's tour manager just called up a bunch of venues and told them that no oneis allowed to smoke cigarettes or weed anywhere near the hip hop barbie.

We're also told that MEEK's people are sending THE SAME MESSAGES to all the clubs they plan on making appearances too.
And check out the pics of Nicki at the airport yesterday. Looks to us like she's HIDING SOMETHING THERE . . .

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologises to victims after he was sentenced to death

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Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologises to victims after he was sentenced to death.

Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev apologises to victims after he was sentenced to deathIn a thick Russian accent — with his head bowed and body shaking — the man who appeared cold and emotionless throughout his trial for bombing the Boston Marathon two years ago stood in federal court Wednesday and apologized for detonating one of two explosives at the historic race.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 21, stood nervously in a courtroom packed with survivors, jurors, lawyers and the federal judge who would shortly thereafter formally sentence him to death. He repeatedly invoked his Muslim faith while telling victims, “I am sorry for the lives I have taken, for the suffering I have caused you, and for the terrible damage I have done. Irreparable damage.”

He added, “If there is any lingering doubt, let there be no more. I did do it along with my brother.” Of the bombings, he said, “I am guilty.”

The words of admission and regret, the first he has uttered publicly, followed the powerful testimony of several dozen victims and relatives of the dead gathered in the courtroom. Earlier in the day, 23 of them — some still angry and suffering, others ready to move on and forgive — told the judge how the April 15, 2013, bombings had forever ripped apart their lives.

Many dismissed Tsarnaev's statement as inadequate. “A simple, believable apology would have been nice,” said Lynn Julian, an actress who suffered a concussion in the attack. “But there was nothing sincere or believable in what he said.”
Scott Weisberg, a physician who lost much of his hearing, agreed: “I don't think it was genuine.”

But Henry Borgard, a young college English major who now walks with the aid of a service dog, said he had forgiven Tsarnaev. “I have come to a place of peace, and I genuinely hope he does as well,” Borgard said. “For me to hear him say he is sorry, that is enough for me.”

It was a day of raw emotion in the federal courthouse, beginning with the victims' statements, followed by the startling announcement that Tsarnaev would speak publicly for the first time since the trial began, and ending with U.S. District Judge George A. O'Toole Jr. telling him, “I sentence you to the penalty of death by execution.” Though the federal jury had previously voted to impose the death penalty, O'Toole's sentence made it official.

On Wednesday, Tsarnaev's four-minute statement offered the only firsthand insights to date about the young man's state of mind, motives and thoughts about the attack. Dressed in a dark sport coat and gray shirt, his black hair and beard disheveled, Tsarnaev appeared to have memorized his comments.

“I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam,” he said. “I ask Allah to bestow his mercy on those present here today. I pray for your relief, for your healing, for your well-being, for your strength.

Tsarnaev was escorted out of the courtroom by two U.S. marshals. Prosecutors said he would be taken to federal prison, possibly the supermax fortress in the Colorado Rockies, and eventually to federal death row in Terre Haute, Indiana.

There, he will become the youngest federal inmate, waiting to surrender his life for murdering three people and injuring more than 260 others in the twin pressure-cooker bombings, and for killing a police officer during the subsequent manhunt.

Source: CBS

How I got delivered from masturbation addiction - Tosin Silverdam.

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How I got delivered from masturbation addiction - Tosin Silverdam.

Tosin Silverdam is the guy with feminine look that I have featured here a few times.

He writes on how he got delivered from masturbation. Read below...
I'm writing this to share my experience with masturbation addiction, because this has become a problem for many teenagers and adults, both male and female.

 I almost ruined my life with incessant masturbation, I do it 2-4 times daily. I derived pleasure in engaging in it not knowing I was making my life miserable. I started masturbating at the age of 16 after watching pornography and I wanted to know if I'm matured enough to ejaculate.

I masturbated for good 7 years, i enjoyed doing it, it was quickie, i masturbate to ease myself when i'm restless, unhappy or tired. I was terribly addicted to it, i do it in the bathroom, in my room, or anytime i'm lonely.

I enjoyed it most especially when i'm watching pornography, it was sweet, i didn't have a girlfriend, i was battling low self esteem. It was crazy, it was fun, especially when you're about to ejaculate but immediately you ejaculate, you become remorsed for doing it.

Masturbation addiction made me loose so many things in life, i was stagnant, disappointment, delay to success, difficulties began to set in, it almost ruined my sex life. It affected my health because i was always weak, i was having heart burn, burning discomfort in my abdomen region, ache in my penis region.

It affected me academically, financially, morally and spiritually as a christian. I needed to stop it cos i was already seeing the repercussion, it was so hard for me to stop it, i tried praying and fasting but it didn't work, i googled some articles online on how to stop masturbation, it worked, yes it worked but i found myself doing it again after 2 months of abstinence.

Well, according to some medical doctors, it is very healthy to masturbate, while according to some pastors, it is a sin, while some pastors say it is not a sin. Whichever way, masturbation is addictive and most people do abuse it.

I abused it, it wasn't easy to stop but it deals with your mindset. It can be
 good to masturbate once or twice in a month but it can be very dangerous if you masturbate everyday. Once you start masturbating, it becomes hard for you to stop, for me, i think those who masturbate everytime are perverts.

Masturbation is still safer than sex, but it ruins you psychologically when you become an addict. So many became an addict like me, some are still an addict, while some will be an addict.

If you are feeling guilty after masturbation, it means you know it is bad. Masturbation is good but when you become an addict, then it is bad. I'm sure you want to stop it but you just don't know how to stop it, i went through a lot when i needed to stop it, it takes the grace of God to stop chronic masturbation, if possible deliverance.

For me, i'll rather advice you to masturbate than to visit a prostitute, but believe me abstinence is the best. Masturbating everytime is evil..

I cried, i prayed and asked God for forgiveness, promised never to do it again, but i will come back and do it. I became fustrated, i couldn't speak to anyone about it, whom do i talk to? that i'm addicted to masturbation? God forbid!

I was only naive and foolish, speaking to someone about it was the best, not just anybody, speak to someone who is sane and sage. I remember i told someone about it and the stupid advice the person gave me was, ''masturbation reduces the risk of prostrate cancer'', like seriously? Is that what i need? Watch who you talk to.

So many teenagers and youth masturbates 2-3 times daily, which is bad, you're a pervert if you do this. It would affect you negatively. How i got delivered from masturbation wasn't easy at all, some of the 5 major steps i took.

1. I Talked To Someone/Counsellor: I was having difficulties on how to stop this, i decided to talk to someone/counsellor, to seek an advice. They guided me, led me in righteous path.

You could go to rehab center or groups, they are willing to help you. I don't know if speaking to a pastor is adviceable cos sometimes, things like this is not only about deliverance and prayers or even fasting. You can pray, fast about it but you should also consult someone or people that are going to help you fight it.

You can't fight masturbation addiction by yourself, talk to someone, don't be ashamed to talk to someone. Chronic masturbation is still better than visiting prostitutes regularly, so speak to someone who you think that can help you.

2. I Got Myself Busy: Being idle is a disease, when i didn't have anything to do, i tried to read some books, bible, watch movies, visit a friend, i wasn't alone. Cos when you're alone, that thought comes straight into your mind. I'll advice you to just sleep.

In my own case, during this stage, i discovered my writing talent, i also discovered Linda Ikeji's blog and i was inspired to start a blog of mine, i started a Fiction & Non-Fiction Stories blog.

I got busy and addicted to my blog and writing stories, my blog now has over 3 million views out of being idle and abstinence from masturbation. Find something to do, don't be idle....

3. Deleted Pornography From My Phone And My Life: This is important, to me i still prefer you stay away from browsing and camera phones, stick to non browsing phones, phones that don't have video camera and start using Nokia torchlight for some period.

I was adviced to stay away from browsing phones, i had to use a non browing phone for a long time. Although, its not easy to do for some people to do away with browsing and camera phones, but i'll advice you to delete every pornography pictures and videos on your phone and laptop, like i did.

4. Stopped Visiting Pornography Sites Or Groups: There are so many porn sites, i ran away from them, i stopped visiting them. I remember i used to bookmark them, i had over 20 hottest and favourite pornsites, i had to delete them.

 Also, i know there are some porn groups on BBM, Whatsapp and other social media platform, please stay away for a long time. I stayed away from them and i survived..

5. I Stayed Away From Sexchat or Phone Sex: This is one of the most horrible thing to do, sex chatting, phone sex is a gateway to masturbation, is it possible to sex chat and not masturbate? Is it possible?

 No, it not possible, the worst part is the sex chatting on Skype, or any video calling media. Its dangerous, exchanging nude pictures and all that, i just had to stop all of it. You also have to stop it as well.

You just have to fight like i fought mine. If you don't have a girlfriend or sex mate, i'll advice you to masturbate once or twice in a month to ease yourself or better still don't masturbate at all if you're the pervert type.

This is my little story on masturbation addiction, how i became a survivor, how i fought it. I'm sure you can get some helpful tips from my testimony.