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See The HORRIFYING Reason Why You Should Never Hold In Your Pee!

am super guilty of this all the time. I sit at my desk typing away everyday when I suddenly get the urge to go pee, but more times than not there are simply not enough hours in the day. When I literally have a MILLION AND ONE things to do, I don’t have time to pee. However, after watching this video, I will make the time, I’m not a machine and my health comes first.
Watch the video here:

Peeing is an essential part of our bodily functions because it means that we can rid our body of toxins more effectively.From an early age we are told that if we need to pee than we should head to a toilet or restroom as soon as possible. But have you ever asked yourself why it’s bad, or what it could lead to.
It’s only really bad if we hold it in for a  long time, but if you’re holding it in on a regular basis it can be detrimental to your bladders overall health. Over time this may have serious consequences.
And the worst bit is that our bladder control only gets worse with age. When you hold your pee in for long periods of time, the risk of infection increases greatly.
The most extreme case will be that if you hold your pee in for even longer and your bladder is already damaged it could end BURSTING! This is a terrible way to die, and can easily be avoided by going to the toilet when you feel the urge to pee!
So don’t hold it in, because in the end you won’t win!

Khloe Kardashian reveals more details on the time she spent in the hospital with Lamar after his overdose

In an Exclusive interview with People Magazine, Khloe Kardashian has opened up about caring for ex - Lamar, during his health crisis, According to her, Mentally, it took a toll on her. She said:
"It wasn't about me, I realized how much it was about so I didn't think twice about it. But I literally didn't leave the room for a month. I wasn't sleeping as well. I went a week without showering. I was stuck in a room with my thoughts. My mind didn't have that release. I was like, 'I can't breathe!"

Warning : “Stop Consuming Soaked Garri,” Health Workers Warn Nigerians, As Lassa Fever Escalate .

Mr Razak Adeofalade, the Chairman of the Medical and Health Workers Union, Lagos State Council, yesterday said that the council would embark on public enlightenment to discourage consumption of soaked garri for now to prevent Lassa Fever.

According to him, the house rats that cause Lassa Fever are mostly in contact with Nigeria’s most staple food, garri. His words:

“We are going to encourage members of the public to depart from the process of drinking garri at this moment, it is better that the cassava flour is utilized for ‘eba,’ because of the use of hot water. .

We are waging total war and that is: `War against Rats,’ and that is what we are going to do to ensure we do not have another victim of Lassa Fever in the state. We will also be telling them to ensure that their fruits and raw vegetables are properly washed if they must be consumed raw and cook to the appropriate temperature.”

Check out What this Policeman Did To A Lady Accused Of Stealing A Phone (+18 Photo)

According to reports, this lady was nabbed stealing a phone and mobs came for her stripping her nakeddy/molesting her.
Luckily or rather as luck would have it, she was saved by a police officer who in turn took over the molesting in the pretense to save her from angry mobs.

Amazing miracle : woman gave birth to a set of quadruplets after 12 years of barrenness.

This woman -a product of testimony has seen the light at the end of the tunnel after years of sorrow. Congratulations are in order for this woman who gave birth to a set of quadruplets after 12 years of barrenness.

Very graphic photo:21-Year Old Goal Keeper Was Stabbed To Death Over Drinks In Lagos

The goal keeper of Ifako United Football Club, 21-year-old Owawu Samuel, was Friday stabbed to death by two suspected cultists identified as Adebayo Ahmed, 22, and Ajose Isah at Ifako area of Lagos state, southwest Nigeria.

According to Salami Jimoh, a close friend of Samuel who also resides in the same house with the deceased, Adebayo Ahmed and Ajose Isah came looking for Samuel claiming that Samuel bought drinks for his friends on Friday and that they had come for their own.
“I told them to calm down that he will buy drinks for them. As we were talking Samuel called me on my phone and I told him what was happening at home. So he asked me to give the phone to his friend who was waiting for him at home.
“I don’t know what they discussed on phone before Adebayo Ahmed and Ajose Isah left. But when Samuel came back, he asked me if I had N500 and I told him that it was N1,000 I had and he collected it from me, saying he was going to settle them.
“Not quite long after he left, his friend came on a motor bike and asked me to come with him, that Samuel and some people were fighting. On getting to the place I met him soaked in his blood.”
Jimoh further explained that “the man who assisted in the arrest of Adebayo Ahmed said he heard Samuel shouting for help and he fell down and as he was trying to assist him Adebayo came with a glass and smashed it on his head after which Adebayo was overpowered and handed over to the police.
“At Ifako General Hospital where Samuel was confirmed dead, Adebayo was still pointing at him saying ‘you must die’ before he was later taken to Pen Cinema Police Station where he is being interrogated.”
His uncle, Mr. Soje Richard, who spoke with our reporter, described Samuel as an easy going person who never made trouble or fought anyone, adding that the police should carry out a thorough investigation and bring the perpetrators to book.
Very graphic photo below :

18(viewers discretion is advised) lady stripped down completely , under the influence of alcohol

See the photos that went viral on social media and it involves a drunk lady who was at the beer parlor with her boyfriend.

The unidentified lady in Enugu, under the influence of alcohol, stripped completely in her birth suit and took daring photos with her boyfriend who appeared to have buried his mouth on one of her ‘nippies’.
See full photos below ,pls 18+

Wonder how people showed support to even take photos of this nasty sight. We do not have the identity of the woman and cannot verify either if she is an ‘ashii’ or the man’s girlfriend.

Personally, I doubt if she is the man’s girlfriend due to the total disrespect he had for her as she displayed her nakedies before all while he had his mouth tearing all over her body. But then, you can never tell withbtoday’s women ooh. See crazy photos below;

OMG !!! 3 year old narrates how she was raped by a man she called 'Uncle'

A 3 year old girl narrates how she was raped by a 30 year old neighbour in Elelenwo in Port Harcourt on December 28th, 2015. She was interviewed by a familiar face and she gave graphic details. Speaking, the girl's mother said she went to report the matter to the police station and they collected N3,500 from her to arrest the rapist and another N5,000 to take the matter to court. Please watch the video after the cut...

Afrocandy shares photos of her daughter

Soft porn actress, Afrocandy, shared these photos of her daughter on her facebook wall this afternoon. She looks pretty... another photo after the cut...

9ice shares lovely family photos

The Singer posted these pictures on social media to celebrate his birthday. Beautiful Family! Another photo after the cut...

9ice also shared some lovely photos of his children from his ex

Singer Tekno posts intimate pics with lady on instagram

The MMG star shared some photos of himself and a lady getting intimate on his instagram page. He has since deleted the photos. More photos after the cut...

Anita Uwagbale shows off her hot body in same swimsuit she wore for MBGN in 2004

According to Anita Uwagbale-Iseghoni, she wore this bright pink swimsuit 12 years when she contested for the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) which she won. After three kids, it still fits. "This swimsuit still fits after 12yrs. I wore this swimsuit in 2004 for Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant. My hard work is paying off." she captioned the photo.

Hubby Busts Wife In The Act, Man Flees With Condom Still On

A married woman from Matshobana township in Bulawayo was caught red-handed indulging in sex with a neighbour at a shrine.
Rejoice Chauke was caught freely dishing out her sexual goodies to her married neighbour, Jabulani Moyo.
Rejoice’s husband nabbed the love birds after receiving a tip-off.
He unexpectedly returned home at around 1pm instead of 5pm and found his wife at home.
“At around 2pm his wife left under the pretext of visiting a neighbour while she knew she was going to have quality time with Jabulani.
“A suspicious Chauke followed Rejoice and caught her at it with Jabulani Moyo,” said the source.
The furious husband tried to get hold of Jabulani but he slipped and fled with a condom on.
In a fit of rage, Chauke thoroughly beat up his wife and force-marched her home.
“Chauke took Jabulani’s trousers, shirt and phone.
He went straight to Moyo’s wife and told her what had transpired,” added the source.
Chauke is said to have kept the items as he refused to leave them with Moyo’s wife.

Zimbabwe News

14years old student Rapes 24-year-old mentally challenged Neighbour's daughter.

A Grade Six pupil from Seke who allegedly raped his neighbour’s 24-year-old mentally challenged daughter after inviting her to his house appeared in court to answer to rape charges.
The 14-year-old boy allegedly went to his neighbour’s house at around 1pm after the woman’s mother left her alone when she went to water their garden.
Allegations are that after realising that the woman was alone at home, the boy approached her and ordered her to accompany him to his house. The woman complied and upon arrival, the boy allegedly invited her into his bedroom and raped her.
The boy ran out of luck after a fellow villager spotted him taking the woman inside the house. Further allegations are that during the act, the villager peeped through the window and saw the boy allegedly sexually assaulting the woman.
After that, the villager informed the woman’s mother about the alleged sexual assault. The complainant revealed to her mother that the boy had been raping her since December 2012 to March 2013 on several occasions.
The matter was reported to the police, leading to the boy’s arrest, while the woman was referred to Chitungwiza Central Hospital for medication. A medical report was compiled by a psychiatrist to ascertain her mental challenges. Appearing before Chitungwiza regional magistrate Ms Estere Chivasa, the boy was not asked to plead to the charges.
He was remanded out of custody to January 19. Mr Tendai Mukariri prosecuted. herald

The world's fattest woman slims down ,see how she looks now....

38-year-old Charity Pierce who holds the current world record for fattest woman alive, has revealed plans to slim down, so she can walk down the aisle with her fiancĂ© 22-year-old Tony Saur.

Because Ms Pierce, who is the fattest woman in the world, has developed a medical condition called lymphedema, which has caused a huge swelling on her left leg, she no longer fits easily into a regular car.

To make the 1,000 mile trip to Texas the single mother would need to hire a private ambulance, and she is currently trying to raise $5,000 to pay for it.
She has been home bound and is unable to walk without help. She plans to lose 20 stones for her dream wedding.

“I’m determined not to have to get married at home – I want to be able to walk up the aisle.

We both love country music so I plan to wear a wedding dress, cowboy boots and cowgirl hat and Tony will be in jeans and cowboy boots.” she says.

Nigerian minister Dambazau makes SSS officer clean his shoes in public (photo/video)

Nigeria’s Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau, made one of the SSS officers attached to him clean his shoes in public. How disgraceful is this? In a video which is going viral, the minister, dressed in white, and relaxing on a couch, was seen lifting his legs as the SSS officer stooped before him and began cleaning his shoes with a handkerchief. This happened as the minister attended the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Academy, NSCDC, in Abuja sometime in December. You can even see that the SSS officer is carrying a gun. Watch the disgraceful video after the cut...

Good news:Beyonce is pregnant again! Check out her baby bump!!!

At least that's according to MTO...and this is their photo evidence. If it was up to MTO, Beyonce would have given birth to her 6th child by now...she's pregnant every six months on their site.

Shocking storyline :My Daughter Snatched My Husband.. Must read

I just read on a Kenyan website that sexual perversion in Kenya has reached alarming levels. Things are so bad now that a woman cheating on her husband is no longer news.
These days, what makes news is when a woman snatches her daughter’s husband, or a daughter sleeps with her father. Rarely does a month pass before such depraved acts are reported by the media.
Mercy Igoki, a 48-year-old senior assistant registrar told her bizarre story and claims she has forgiven both her daughter and her husband for the pain they caused her. She said:Recently, a university employee admitted in an interview with Parent magazine that her daughter snatched her husband.
“I share the circumstances under which my marriage split up hoping it will inspire someone to start her own journey to forgiveness and restoration, as opposed to bitterness, anger and death,” she says.
In 2006, while working as a teacher and counsellor in a local high school, Mercy met an orphan girl. She took her home and adopted the girl who was three years older than Mercy’s first born.
Mercy says the girl bonded very well with her family and her problems began when she had to resign from her job to recover from an accident that left her with multiple fractures.
“I enrolled for an undergraduate degree in education in Meru. I would be away from home sometimes up to three weeks or longer at a time because of my studies.
It was while travelling back from one of these trips in 2008, just after my daughter had finished high school, that I received a phone call from one of my neighbours. She told me, ‘Just know that girl you are living with is not your daughter but your co-wife. I was shocked.
 Mercy says she decided to investigate and discovered clandestine correspondence between them.
“In anger, I confronted them and to my shock, my husband blamed me for the affair, saying I had brought the girl to him,” says Mercy. She has since forgiven them.
Not surprisingly, cases of older women snatching husbands from their daughters, or daughters snatching men from their mothers are hardly reported due to embarrassment and stigma. Experts say such deviant behaviour is among many modern ills placing the traditional family unit at risk.
Mid last year, when an Embakasi woman, Hannah Mwenje, caught her husband and mother in her matrimonial bed one morning, her tears sent the nation reeling in shock, particularly because she was forced to endure the indignity of watching them.
“It was a Sunday. I went to church with my two children. My husband was still sleeping when I left.
During the church service, my baby became restless so I decided to leave before the service was over because he was making so much noise and disrupting the service.
I got home and found the door open. I could hear voices from the bedroom,” she says, pausing to describe their two-room house in Pipeline, Embakasi.
My husband heard me walk in and came out of the bedroom naked. He dragged me into the bedroom and I found my mother naked in bed. I was dazed,” Mwenje recalls. She says the two went ahead and finished their ‘business’ as she stood shell-shocked watching them.
When they finished, my mother told me that a man like my husband didn’t deserve a woman like me. She then dressed and gave my one-year-old son five shillings to go buy sweets. They left with my husband as I collapsed on the floor,” says Mwenje.
Mwenje wanted to kill herself but she didn’t have the energy to stand up. She stayed on the floor for hours before she sent her three-year-old elder son to call a neighbour.
“The neighbour came and helped me stand up. I had no strength. She took me to her house and took care of my children,” says Mwenje.
 Her husband, who is a plumber, and her mother went and started living together.

Photos of comic actor ,Okon and his beautiful family ........

Shocking revelation: female student speaks on how they were drugged & raped

Bimbo Coker’s (real name withheld) first day on campus was full of apprehension. It was expected.As a 15yrs old who had spent all her primary and secondary school education at private schools in Osun State, she had never left the sight of her parents, not even for a day. All through her primary and secondary
schooldays, she was known to be a quiet, obedient “mummy’s girl.”
In the church on Sundays, she sat where her parents sat, and left for home when service was over. No time to play with friends after the grace was shared. During the holidays and weekends, her – both educationists – got her tutors to groom her academically. She is the only girl among five children.
After sitting for WAEC and making distinctions and credits in all nine subjects she sat for, she gained admission to study Biochemistry at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Oyo State, Nigeria.
Since her mum’s friend’s daughter, who was 10 years older than her, was a final year student of at the same university, her parents did not bother seeing her off to the school…
After all, she was going to be an adult someday and sort out things on her own, they thought, perhaps.
After some pep talk on the day she was travelling to Ogbomoso in 2008, her parents let their ‘little bird’ fly. It would be her first experience outside home.
“Ordinarily, they never left me on my own for the first 14 years of my life. My parents were always there for me,” she told our correspondent in December 2015 at a church-organised seminar in Lagos city, where she now works as a customer care officer at a telecommunications firm.
But on this particular night, they were not there for her.
Her mum’s friend’s daughter — who she called her “school mum” — was, however, too busy with her final year project that she had no time for her to put her through the school system as the one-week orientation for freshers was not enough for her to grasp how the university system works.
“Eventually, I had to be on my own. I had to start acting like a lady and not a girl anymore, so I felt I should stop disturbing her. She was busy with her project and I couldn’t be the reason why she wouldn’t be able to concentrate,” Coker said. “But I still needed help. I had never been in a wide system like that before. Some things were confusing. I was able to meet with other freshers like me, and so we helped one another.”
Days flew by and registration period was about ending.

See the hot twin sisters singer Future is reportedly dating! Yes, two of them

According to reports, Ciara's baby daddy Future is dating or at least having fun with these hot twin sisters. Future reportedly met one at the club, and asked if the twin will join them for a good time... and he's been seeing them since then. The girls are two of the hottest instagram models around. See more pics after the cut...

(Photos) Acid attack survivor becomes the face of a fashion label she created in India

23-year-old acid attack victim, Rupa, has turned an ugly incident in her life and made a beautiful story out of it. In 2008, Rupa was attacked with acid by her stepmother. She dropped her surname after being disowned by her father, who supported his wife over her. 

According to Rupa, she had always dreamt of becoming a designer but after the attack, she had to pause her dreams as she walked in shame with a scarf covering her face.
"I always wanted to be a designer but after the attack there was a pause in my life. I was so insecure and embarrassed by my scars I used to cover my face with a scarf. I always hung onto my dream but I never knew that one day it would be possible and I would be launching my own label" she told Dailymail.
Years after, she has been able to conquer her fears as she has launched her own clothing line and is modeling them alongside other acid attack survivors. What an amazing story! See more photos of Rupa and her models


OMG !!! Ritualist beheads 4 year old boy in Osun state (very graphic photo)

Operatives of Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, (FSARS), Osun State Command have arrested a member of a gang of ritual killers, 25 year old Ganiyu Tajudeen for killing and beheading a four-year-old boy identified as Bakare Teslim.  Graphic picture after the cut...

Tribune reports that Ganiyu in connivance with other member of his ritualistic gang namely Aremu Moshood (48), Agboola Abdulwasiu (31) and Ganiyu Abidoye (60), lured little Bakare from his parent's home under the pretext that they wanted to buy him groundnut and then proceeded to kill him and behead him in Iragbiji, the headquarters of Boripe Local Government Area of Osun State.

Police sources say the matter came to the open after Bakare did not return with Ganiyu who promised to buy him groundnut. When Bakare's father, Ismail, sought to know his son's where about, Ganiyu denied that he ever saw the little boy. His claim was however contradicted by an elderly woman who lived in the same compound with Bakare's father who said she saw Ganiyu take the young boy out.

The matter was reported to the office of the FSARS and through intensive interrogation, Ganiyu confessed to have taken the boy to an unknown destination with the sole aim of using him for money ritual. He said that himself and his gang members had cut off Bakare's head and buried it in a shallow grave and then threw his body within the same vicinity and buried it with leaves
Ganiyu while confessing said
“I am a palm fruit cutter. The mother of the body came to my house to tell me that she would need my services to cut palm fruits, asking me to come the following day. But I went to her house at about 5.30p.m same day. I took the young boy with me, with the belief that no one noticed when he was going with me. I bought N20 worth of groundnut for him before taking him to my house at Iyana Olofa.”
Ganiyu initially claimed that he got Bakare at the prompting of his partner, Moshood, who had earlier asked him to bring the urine, blood and hair of a young boy when he went to Moshood for money ritual and for protection. The suspect added that he went to Abdulwasiu for the same ritual and he also asked him to bring a boy. Ganiyu also indicted his father, Abidoye, in his statement, saying that he was the one also told him to kill a boy and bury his body so that his acts would not be exposed.

 He told the police that he took the deceased to Olokede bush where he cut his head with a knife and buried it, while he threw the body away. Investigations showed that Ganiyu had once been arrested in 2012 for stealing a child at Otapete area of Iragbiji. He was said to have been beaten and macheted by indigenes of the town before he was taken to the police station, while the rescued boy was returned to his parents. Ganiyu was eventually charged to court and spent seven months in Ilesa prison.

Ganiyu and his other accomplices have been dragged before an Osogbo magistrates’ court on a four-count charge of conspiracy, kidnapping, murder and unlawful and intentional killing of Teslim Bakare. The suspects, whose pleas were not taken by Magistrate B.B Idowu Ajao, ordered that the suspects be remanded in prison till February 18th for the next hearing on the case. 

Source: Tribune

(Photo) Woman attacked with acid by men hired by her ex-husband ,because she refused to reconcile with him

A 41-year-old man who hired people to attack his ex-wife with acid after she refused to patch up with  him has been arrested by Ho Minh City police in Vietnam.

Nguyen Quoc Dung was arrested together with Le Hoang Oanh, 50, who has allegedly hired two men to attack Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, 38, when she was driving a motorbike on Vo Van Kiet Street on January 12.

The attack occurred at around 7 p.m. when two men on a motorbike threw acid on  Ha,  Ha who was riding with her six-year-old daughter and housekeeper, was immediately rushed to the hospital with burns in her face and neck and her left eye has been damaged. Her daughter and the housekeeper escaped unharmed.

During interrogation at the police station, Dung said he got divorced early last year. About three months ago, he has repeatedly found Ha and asked to patch up.
After she refused, he planned to attack his ex-wife with acid over suspicions that she was having a boyfriend.
A 41-year-old man who hired people to attack his ex-wife with acid after she refused to patch up with him has been arrested by Ho Minh City police in Vietnam. A 41-year-old man who hired people to attack his ex-wife with acid after she refused to patch up with him has been arrested by Ho Minh City police in Vietnam.

Late last month, Dung hired Oanh to attack his ex-wife for VND20 million (US$890). He paid Oanh half the amount in advance and provided her a photo of his ex-wife as well as her daily schedule. Oanh hired two other men, namely Tuan and Hai, to attack Ha for VND10 million. The duo fled after the attack. Police are hunting them.

Wives of Alaafin of Oyo looking stunning at the celebration of his 45th year after Coronation

Beautiful Women!  The Governor of Oyo State, Abiola Ajimobi, is also pictured congratulating & sharing a laugh with the Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi on the Celebration of his 45th year of ruling from the throne. See the pic after the cut...