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HND will soon be changed to Bachelor of Technology – JAMB Registrar.

The Registrar/Chief Executive of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, (JAMB), Prof. Dibu Ojerinde has said President Muhammadu Buhari is willing to implement the waver that will end the Bsc and HND dichotomy.Buhari had received the updated report on the Bsc and HND controversy, which was presented by the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Education, MacJohn Nwaobiala last Tuesday.

Speaking to newsmen on Wednesday, Ojerinde recalled that the last administration set up a committee to look at how the two could be merged.
Continuing he said, “The system has not given adequate vision for the other levels of education. We have not encouraged technical education, we have not encouraged Teachers education also; in fact, we have not encouraged agricultural education to the extent that everybody feels that the only way to survive is to go to the University.

“The only way to make it is to have a degree; so I am saying we should revisit our system, we should look at why candidates don’t want to go to polytechnics, and we should look at why they don’t want teachers’ education; we should also revisit why they don’t want agriculture.

“By our experience, most people will like to study law, engineering, medicine, accountancy, these are the top courses been sought for in the universities; nobody wants to study education. So, I see we have problem in that area and I am sure the Federal Ministry of Education is trying to solve that problem.

“First of all Technical Education, there’s dichotomy between Bachelors degree and National Diploma or Higher National Diploma, (HND). It was one of the things presented to Mr. President to find a way of implementing the waiver of the dichotomy between HND and the Bsc degree. The so called HND should now be changed to Btech which means Bachelor of Technology.

“Former President Musa Yar’Adua may his soul rest in peace, said he doesn’t have any problem with Btech. Unfortunately, government also has not sorted this entire problem. And there are such cases of people like me in this country, I wouldn’t have been able to read, I wouldn’t have been able to go to school. So what I am saying is, government should look at how we can improve technical education.

“Let me refer to what Oby Ezekwensili the former Minister of Education said, she was determined to implement Btech in our Technical System, college of Education. All this places should be well equipped for Btech.

“Four colleges of Education have been upgraded to universities of Education, you will see the rush into those universities now because they can now get bachelor’s degree. And when they come to the public, they will not be a push away. So this is where we are, I think if I go by what we saw on Wednesday, President Buhari and the Vice President listened and they were interested in what we presented”

Auma Obama says" there are things you do nit know about my brother "

US President Barrack Obama’s  visit to Kenya has received much global attention, but the star of the whole show is his Kenyan kid sister, who has followed him everywhere on the trip, particularly as his ‘girls’ have not accompanied him to Africa.

This time,But in her speech on why she deserved a ride in the President’s vehicle- the beast- and why she deserves the best from the president brother has her breaking the internet worldwide.

My brother, your brother, our son, she said in introducing him.

Auma pointed out that she was worried when Obama told her he was running for President of US back in 2008. He however assured her that he had read the job description and was ready to take up the job. Acknowledging the humility that Obama displayed when he visited Kenya in 1992, she remembers picking him up at JKIA with her small Beetle vehicle.

We ate githeri, omena, chapati, sukuma wiki. She also mentions that Obama even slept on mat in their home.

That’s why he owed me a ride. I picked him up in my beetle when he visited, and two decades later he paid back, gave me a ride in the Beast.

She used the opportunity to thank Americans for trusting her brother to be the President of United States of America; thanked Obama for bringing Global Entrepreneurship Summit(GES) to Kenya, because it showed Africa was the place of infinite possibilities.

John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen stripped completely naked for new shoot in Women's Health UK.

John Legend's wife Chrissy Teigen stripped completely naked for new shoot in Women's Health UK in which sportswomen and celebrities talk about their body insecurities. Former The Only Way Is Essex star, Lucy Mecklenburgh, also stripped for the magazine. See the photos after the cut..


 Personal trainer Chloe Madeley, 28, also stripped

What BUHARI said about MBAKA had IGBOS Talking

President Muhammadu Buhari, on Thursday,  spoke about Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Centre in celebration of his 20th year of priesthood.

A statement by his Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, the President commended the cleric for what he described as his “extraordinary intrepidity and remarkable patriotism.”

He described Mbaka as a great priest who is not afraid to speak truth, even at the cost of his own life or being hated by those in power.

He said the priest is a remarkable example that religious leaders are the conscience and moral compass of the society.

He said Mbaka rose to the occasion to add his voice in support of good governance and identify with ordinary Nigerians in the face of despair and uncertain future.

“Though honest opinions attract hostility from leaders detached from reality, history would be kind to Father Mbaka for courageously speaking truth to power, even at great risks,” the statement said.

Buhari, who said he was overwhelmed by Mbaka’s sincerity and patriotism, prayed to God to grant the priest more good health, long life

Soni and Betty Irabor celebrate 33rd wedding anniversary.

The veteran Journalist and the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Genevieve Magazine are celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary today. They were married on 29th July 1982 and are blessed with two children.

They both shared the happy news on social media. "It's my 33rd wedding anniversary today. God be praised. Gratitude mode" she wrote. Happy anniversary to them.

Female rapist found guilty of running paedophile ring

A female rapist has been found guilty of running a paedophile ring which subjected five young children to sexual and physical abuse over more than a decade.
Ten people - including six women - were on trial accused of the child sex abuse which is said to have centred around Marie Black, 34, of Norwich.

She denied 26 offences at Norwich Crown Court but today, after 19 hours of deliberations and a three-month trial, the jury convicted her of all but three counts.
She was found guilty of offences including rape, conspiracy to rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Black sobbed uncontrollably in the dock as the verdicts were delivered.

Michael Rogers, 53, from Romford, Essex, was also found guilty of 14 counts including cruelty, rape and inciting a child to engage in sexual activity.

Jason Adams, 43, a former cleaner at Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital, was found guilty of 13 similar counts.

Carol Stadler, 59, from Norwich, was found guilty of assault causing actual bodily harm but cleared of nine other charges, including serious sexual assaults.

The remaining defendants - Anthony Stadler, 63, Nicola Collins, 36, Andrew Collins, 52, Judith Fuller, 31, Denise Barnes, 43, and Kathleen Adams, 85, all from Norwich - were cleared of all counts.

On some occasions, the adults threw parties and played card games to decide who would abuse which child, Mrs Rafferty said.

In interviews the victims described how they were abused in front of one another and other adults.

They said the abuse became so routine the victims came to accept it as normal.

The children were preyed upon during a period beginning around 15 years ago. Several victims described Black and Jason Adams taking photos and laughing.
One male victim said: ‘There would be parties and they would do some games where the boys were in one room with the men and the girls were in another with the women.

The adults would have a card game and the winner would get to choose a boy to start touching their private parts and then hurt them afterwards.’

Describing Black, Mrs Rafferty said: 'Was she a helpless victim of abusive males or was she herself deeply involved with the children's ill treatment?

'Many of the defendants have become good at appearing normal and respectable.
'This is what you would have to do in order to be child abusers to the extent alleged here.'
All of the defendants denied abusing the children, and claimed it simply did not happen.

During the trial it emerged that police had launched an investigation in to the conduct of Norfolk County Council social workers involved in the case.

The court heard that the trial had originally been due to start last year only to be delayed when prosecutors raised concerns over changes made by social workers to statements taken from the children.

This resulted in Norfolk Police launching an investigation into alleged misconduct.
Sarah Elliott QC, representing Black, told the court that at the time the county's children's services department had recently failed an Ofsted inspection, being ranked 'inadequate' in all areas.
The guilty defendants will be sentenced this afternoon.

Speaking outside the court, Detective Chief Inspector Pete Hornby praised the bravery of the victims and said he was satisfied with the result of a 28-month investigation.

He added: 'This case provides a sickening glimpse into sexual abuse on a large scale.'
He said the force had concluded its investigation into the allegations made against social workers and no criminal charges would be brought.

Mr Hornby added: 'In their tender years, these children were subjected to sexual abuse beyond most people's imagination by adults they believed were telling the truth.
'It is the most harrowing case I have dealt with in 23 years of policing.

'Marie Black has been found to be at the centre of this abuse and incited others to commit abuse against them. She thought they would never speak out.
'Today's verdict is testament to the children's bravery and to the hard work of dedicated professionals from a range of agencies in this case.

'It has brought them the knowledge they are believed and, I hope, will encourage other victims of abuse to find their voice and come forward.'

Sheila Lock, interim executive director of Norfolk children's services, said: 'Sexual abuse against children is an horrific crime and still often goes under-reported or unnoticed.
'The victims in this case have shown tremendous courage in speaking out and I hope that this verdict will give other victims or witnesses the confidence to report abuse - because agencies in Norfolk will listen and act.

'This was a complex case brought by the Crown Prosecution Service, with our staff among several witnesses who gave evidence in the proceedings.
'The needs of the children, who were central to the prosecution case, have always been at the fore of our minds and have been the main focus of all of the agencies involved.'

Source: Mail Online

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Safaree shows off his sexy new girlfriend

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Obasanjo very cunning, Tinubu very clever - Alamieyeseigha

In an interview with Vanguard, former Bayelsa state governor, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha, said former President Olusegun Obasanjo is a cunning man and that former Lagos state governor, Bola Tinubu was very clever not to have fallen for Obasanjo's actions.

Alamieyeseigha said this while responding to a question on whether the recent defections of PDP members to APC will affect the party in the state's governorship election which will hold on December 5th.
"Again, I think our people need to be educated, I can tell you that I was one of them in 2003 that formed Action Congress.

At that time, it was becoming clear that President Olusegun Obasanjo, was going to chase most of us out of PDP, so we came together. About 18 of us. We said let us register a party and keep it in case President Obasanjo pushed us out of the party. We can have a platform to actualize our dream.
Also at that time, Obasanjo had cajoled the Southwest governors out of their seats. He deceived them.

 Bola Tinubu was very clever, he foresaw what Obasanjo was trying to do, so he was the only one that survived because the agreement was that all the Southwest governors should all support him so that he will return them as governors for second term. Obasanjo’s election came first and he deceived them. Obasanjo himself, very cunning, formed Accord Party.

When you hear of Accord, it’s Obasanjo’s party"he said
He went further to say that the APC has no power in Bayelsa state and will never be recognized
This state is a PDP state, we the elders will not allow foreign bedfellows take over this state. An Ijaw man has never been conquered, we would not allow it to happen. You can call it any name.

 Whether they come from the Southwest, whether they come from the North to conquer us. If anybody tells you as an Ijaw man that these people love you, it’s a lie. I know them and they know me too. The South-west and the North if they come together they will continue to produce the president of this country for life.

We have no hope, so we must consolidate on what we have here. We cannot afford to fall into that trap. We will perpetually be slaves to the bigger tribes. We should protect what belongs to us, we shall not allow our young men to be brainwashed. This country must be restructured. We must practice true federalism, otherwise these people will continue to exploit us. We had a President from here.

They just decided to take it back, and they took it. Is that the system the young people want to run into? What will even the Federal Government do to you if you decide to stay where you are. You are receiving allocation from the federation account, the federal government is equally receiving its share, what do you expect from them?

Is it not better to utilize what you have received and be able to be ingenious enough to attract investors to develop your local economy, than depending on the federal government?

 The whole thing is deceptive. What they did not get from the 13% derivation, they are getting through the back door through the local government system? There is no federation in the world where local government is a federating unit. Don’t be afraid, this youth population you are talking about.

They have leaders that control them. It is like my humble self, going to Amassoma and I say this is the direction we are going, which of my children will stand up and say no? They will follow my direction."he said

Awwww ! Davido buys customized 2015 floral sneakers for his daughter (photo)

The singer took to Instagram to show of a pair of cute customized Air Jordan sneakers he bought for his 2+ months old daughter. He wrote "for my pumpkin, yay or nay? daddy loves you so much".

Check Out Why Detroit has the largest satanist temple chapter in the USA

The "largest public satanic ceremony in history" took place last Saturday in Detroit, a city that has the largest and oldest chapter of a national Satanist organization.

The group unveiled a nearly 9-foot tall bronze statue of a goat-headed Baphomet in a private ceremony attended by 600 ticket holders, Lucien Graves, co-founder of the national Satanic Temple organization in Boston. The Satanic Temple in Detroit has more than 200 registered members.

"They are so active and well-organized," Graves said. "There's probably been another wave of interest since this event."

The Detroit chapter is the first of the national organization, Graves said. He credits the Detroit chapter's founder Jex Blackmore with the growth of the chapter since it was established there in August 2014.

"It's more or less because of her. She was just a very confident person who started working with us," Graves said further. The pair met in Boston and then she moved to Detroit and set up a chapter there.

Blackmore said it is their largest chapter.
"I think the Temple appeals to the radical, politically-charged spirit of the city and many are drawn to us as a force of positive, effective change in this community," Blackmore said.

The statue was originally planned to sit at the Oklahoma state capitol, but the state's supreme court banned all religious displays there, including the Ten Commandments. The statue was created through $28,180 fund-raised by 1,041 people on last year. The fundraising page said the statue's purpose was to contrast the Ten Commandments monument that was previously on display.

Graves said there are 20 chapters across the country with about 20,000 members as a whole.
Tickets for Saturday's event were $25 and the location was revealed only to ticket-holders.

According to its mission statement, the national organization, The Satanic Temple, "facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists, secularists, and advocates for individual liberty." Among the causes it supports are gay marriage, reproductive rights and eliminating corporal punishment in schools. The national organization does "not promote a belief in a personal Satan."

"To embrace the name Satan is to embrace rational inquiry removed from supernaturalism and archaic tradition-based superstitions," the FAQ of indicates.
Meanwhile, Christians in Detroit protested the event nearby. The event served "as a call-to-arms from which we’ll kick off our largest fight to date in the name of individual rights to free exercise against self-serving theocrats," according to the invitation.

"People are trying to push religious agenda, whether it’s part of the public opinion or not," Greaves said. "Groups will take it as slander against them and it’s just not the case. We don’t really care if they’re offended or not."
Baphomet was chosen for the statue because of the contemporary recognition of it as a satanic figure and it illustrates the “reconciliation of opposites,” Blackmore said.

“The Baphomet is both beast and man, female and male, one hand is pointed toward the sky, the other to the ground,” Blackmore said. “It's representative of the dualities of our nature.

Source: ABC News

Hotel Where Perverts Pay to Have Sex With Animals Busted by Police (Photos)

Three men have been jailed after being convicted of running an animal brothel in Swansea, Wales. The hotel specializes in getting animals and grooming them to become good in having sex with humans.

Their animal catalog includes domesticated female white lions, mountain nanny goats, Irish pigs, Himalayan gentle donkeys and other species of animals. Some animals that are not dangerous like female sheep's and some breeds of dogs are also trained to give oral sex and receive full vaginal sex from the customer who come to book rooms and have sex with these animals over night.

The customers who cannot afford to pay for full sex or book a room end up paying $15 for oral sex by the sheep's while the rich clients pay as much as $120 a night for a room and an animal sex partner that is healthy and experienced in human sexual pleasure.The animals are often cleaned and sanitized before the act. The vaginas and anus are deep cleaned with antiseptic smeared with lavenders and honey to make it tight and wet. The animals are sometimes dressed with pantyhose, G strings and high heeled shoes depending on the taste of the client.


The ring leaders Adam Cafferty and John Cafferty and their father David Cafferty ran a ‘gentlemen’s club’ known as “The Ram Inn” in Grange Road, Swansea.

The brothers, 31 and 28 and father 52 admitted keeping an animal brothel between January 2011 and July 2015 and a jury took less than three hours to find them all guilty.

During their trial at Swansea Crown Court the jury heard they setup a website on the hidden “Deep Web” where people from all over the country could select the animal of their liking and book in for an appointment.

In their defense, the defense lawyer, Damian Erow told the trial judge and jury that the brothel poses no threat to its customers because the animal sex organs are sterilized regularly and that the animals are well trained to give and receive sex with their human counterparts.

All have previous convictions for committing the same offense at the same address.

The two brothers and father were all sentenced to four years in prison and the animals confiscated and sent back to animal conservatories because they have been so domesticated and sexually traumatized to survive tin the wild.

The clients are planning a peaceful demonstration to protest the infringement on their fundamental human right to happiness and sexual freedom. They ask to be allowed to chose their sex partners and follow their sexual orientation. They claim that they do not harm the animals instead the give the animals a chance to live a better qualitative life. The march is scheduled to hold Sometime laterd this year.

Ini Edo shows off her sexy legs in short on her European Trip ( photos )

The actress is currently on vacation in Europe and shared these sexy pics from her trip...

Women threw out burning pot, set three-year-old ablaze

A three-year-old boy, Basit Adewole, was burnt to death in the Iwaya, Yaba area of Lagos after two women, who were cooking, mistakenly poured hot oil on his body.Our correspondent learnt that the women, and their host, identified only as Yemisi, had been arrested by the Sabo Police Division, where the matter was reported.

PUNCH Metro learnt that on the afternoon of Saturday, the women came to Audu Baale Street, Iwaya, to see Yemisi, who was celebrating her birthday.

It was gathered that the women, who did not meet Yemisi at home, started cooking in the room. Adewole and other toddlers in the house were said to be playing in the corridor.

It was learnt that the pot, however, caught fire, and the women quickly threw out the oil and the pot. The hot oil, however, spilled on the boy, and he was set ablaze.

Relatives and neighbours were said to have rushed to the scene, and taken the boy to a hospital. He reportedly died the following day.

It was learnt that the police thereafter came to arrest Yemisi and her two friends, while a man, Lateef, who owned the apartment, was said to have gone into hiding.

When PUNCH Metro visited the apartment, Adewole’s relative, who identified himself simply as Kehinde, said the boy’s life could have been saved if the women did not close the door of their room as if nothing happened.

He added that the government hospital, where Adewole was rushed to, did not attend to him because workers were on strike, noting that the boy later died in a private hospital in the area.

He said, “The women do not stay in this house. They are friends to Yemisi, whose boyfriend, Lateef, lives here. The boyfriend, Lateef, has not showed up since the incident occurred. On that afternoon, Yemisi brought the women to celebrate her birthday with her. She gave them the key to Lateef’s apartment.

“While the two were cooking in the room, the pot caught fire and they threw it out without minding the children in the corridor. Basit was burnt in the process. The women went inside and shut their door.

“If they had rushed out with water immediately, the harm would have been minimal, and the boy might have survived. When we took the boy to a government hospital, they rejected him because they were on strike. We then brought him to a private hospital in Yaba, where he later died.”

A resident, identified only as Mama Bolu, said it was a bottle of gum in Lateef’s room ─ used for printing works ─ which caught fire. She added that the women were careless in putting out the fire.

She said, “The boy’s mother is sad at the moment. The women did not handle the fire in a matured manner, and it has landed them in trouble.

“The boy was playing with other little children in the corridor. His father just went outside briefly to put on their generator.

“The women were frying something. They mistakenly flung the substance on the boy. The boy’s body was engulfed in fire immediately.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that Adewole, who was just promoted to Nursery 1 in school, was the only child of his parents. He was buried on Sunday according to Islamic rites.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Patricia Amadin, confirmed the incident. She added that the police were still searching for the runaway boyfriend, while the two women were in custody.

She said, “The women have been arrested and detained.

“Efforts are on to apprehend the fleeing boyfriend. Meanwhile, investigations are ongoing into the matter.”


Breaking News: Nigerian man jailed for rape in London

38 year old Nigerian man, Olaoluwa Ibrahim was yesterday July 28th sentenced to jail by the Central Criminal Court in London for raping and stealing from a woman he attacked in Central London in June last year.

UK's metropolitan police say Ibrahim's victim was on her way back from an outing with her friends in Central London when he accosted her and raped her.

After leaving her friends, the victim got on a bus and decided to stop close to her house so she could take a short walk home. As she walked, Ibrahim approached her from behind and tried to engage her in conversation. She tried ignoring him by walking away but he grabbed her and pushed her into a driveway where he forced her to the floor and raped her, before stealing her phone and running from the scene. The victim was able to make her way home and subsequently contacted the police.

Officers were able to trace Ibrahim via extensive phone inquiries as he had made a number of calls to the victim’s new phone following the incident. When interrogated, he denied knowing the victim, saying his DNA will not be found on her as he had not had sex with anyone. DNA testing showed that his DNA matched the one found on the victim’s clothing. He then changed his story, claiming to have had consensual sex with the victim and denied stealing her phone.

The victim is now living in Australia and to save her the trauma of having to return to the UK for the trial, officers traveled there and provided specialist computer equipment which allowed her to give her evidence remotely via a live link to the court.

Ibrahim pleaded guilty to rape and theft. Delivering judgement, the presiding judge ruled that after serving his prison term, he will be deported back to Nigeria.

Nick Jonas ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, showed off her steamy hot body in a new shoot for Treats! magazine

Former Miss USA Olivia Culpo gets naked in new photos.
23 year old former Miss USA and singer Nick Jonas ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, showed off her insane body in a new shoot for Treats! magazine. It's her first nude shoot.

"I have never done a nude shoot before. I had been asked, but honestly I did not feel comfortable because I was fearful of how it would be perceived. Once I realized this was an opportunity to express myself in a way I hadn't before, in such an organic and candid sense, the experience became more about art and emotion than me as a physical being." Olivia tells Treats!. See the sizzling photos after the cut...

Maheeda FINALLY Posts Picture Of Her Husband + Sentimental Message About Him (PHOTO)

Today Maheeda took some time out of her normal twerking and stripping videos, and posted this picture above which shows her and her husband together in a loving position.
Along with the picture, Maheeda posted a very beautiful and sentimental message about her husband, which you just have to see after the jump:

The post read: "But I must not forget the guy that came to save me....... He loved me when I was looking like shit, and cleaned me up, That's why he is my husband today ... And the sweetest thing is that he knows where I was coming from and he supported my every move, and always say "go get them baby I gat you " .... ������������ May God keep blessing him and keep him alive and healthy for me ... I owe him the world ... Amen ! Just a little of my story! Thanks to God!"

Shocking :Man cuts off wife’s hand over adultery allegation

Jacob Nwachukwu from Abia State cut off his wife’s left hand over allegation of infidelity. The man’s wife, Mrs Nwadiokeonu Nwachukwu, is now at a hospital in Aba, while her severed hand had been taken to her husband’s village at Abala for burial.

The incident happened, Monday, at Ogbor Hill Area of Aba, where the woman had lived for years, while the husband lived at their Abala village.

A female co-tenant of Mrs Nwachukwu, who craved anonymity, said that the couple had lived in the city for years before the husband lost his job and had to relocate to the village, leaving his wife, who is a trader, in the city.
She said:
“The couple had always quarrelled any time the man visited his wife in the city, to the extent that all the tenants are aware and intervened in their quarrels.”
The man was said to have visited the wife on the said day and during their usual quarrel, brought out a machete, cut off the wife’s hand and left with it to the village, while neighbours rushed her to the hospital.

It was gathered that Mr. Nwachukwu’s intention was to kill his wife with the machete but missed the target as the woman was said to have used the severed hand to defend herself.

The suspected lover of the woman is said to be on the run, while her landlord reported the incident to a police station close to the hospital along Ogbor Hill, where the woman is currently on admission.
Area Commander, Aba Police Command, Mr. Peter Wabara, said the incident was yet to be reported to him.

However, a police officer at Ogbor Hill Police Station, confirmed the incident and said investigation into the matter had commenced.

Source: Vanguard

News : America's youngest convicted murderer released from prison at age 29 after serving 16 years.

Curtis Jones, who was 12 years old at that time, was sentenced to 18 years in prison for killing his father's wife, a murder he committed with his 13-year-old sister in 1999. He was released from prison yesterday at the age of 29.

Curtis and Catherine Jones were arrested after they hatched a plot to kill a male relative they claimed had been sexually abusing them. Curtis is the nation's youngest convicted murderer.

They planned to kill their father and his girlfriend, Sonya Nicole Speights, because they felt their cries for help were being ignored. They found themselves alone at home with Speights and decided to kill her first. But after shooting her, they panicked and ran off into woods near their Brevard County home, where they were apprehended the following morning.

Curtis Jones was released from the South Bay Correctional Facility just south of Lake Okeechobee at 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

According to the Florida Department of Corrections, Curtis had not been disciplined for any rule infractions since 2008. Curtis is now an ordained minister.

His sister Catherine Jones is scheduled to be released from Hernando Correctional Institution in a couple of weeks.

Source: Florida Today

Family Crime :Father poisons his 41 day old baby in order to divorce wife

Last Friday at about 7 am, Kazeem Olajide allegedly poisoned his 41-day-old baby,Zainab Olajide, in a desperate attempt to divorce his wife. The incident happened at Toluwalase Estate, Ijoko-Abule, in the Lemode area of Ogun State.
It was learnt that the mother, Abosede Ogundare, had left Zainab with Kazeem to sweep the compound only to come back and met the baby with foams gushing out from her mouth.

 Ogundare alerted neighbours to the incident having found a bottle containing pesticide with her husband.
Zainab was said to have been rushed to a hospital in the community, where she eventually died.

It was also learnt that the suspect, who hails from Abeokuta, Ogun State, attempted to flee, but was held by residents, while the landlord of the house reported the case to the monarch of the community, Oba Solomon Sokunbi. The father was handed over to policemen at the Agbado Police Division after he confessed to the crime before the monarch.

A resident, who identified himself only as Biodun, said Kazeem had been threatening to divorce his wife before the baby’s untimely death.

He said:
“He doesn’t love the woman and has been trying to divorce her. He poisoned the innocent baby to actualise his mission. They recently moved to this estate. She was their only child.”

The landlord of the house, who wanted to remain anonymous, said the suspect had denied being Zainab’s father prior to the incident.

He said,
“Three days before the incident, Kazeem was looking for a pair of his slippers. When he did not find it on time, he started raining curses. I called him by his daughter’s name, and tried to caution him, but he warned me not to call him by her name again. It was when the incident happened that I realised he might have intentionally killed the child.”

Sokunbi, the Oba of Ijoko-Lemode, said Kazeem owned up to the act, claiming that he was pushed by the devil. He said he had been following the case to ensure that the suspect was brought to justice.
He said,
“It was the landlord who came to report the case to me and I directed my chiefs to bring him and the wife to the palace. I asked the husband and he confessed. He said it was the handiwork of the devil.

“I called the police from the Agbado Police Division to arrest him. They said he had been transferred to the state command headquarters. I have been following the case. This is a pure murder case and I want the police to duly prosecute the suspect and let him face the law.

The monarch added that Kazeem’s wife told him in the presence of his chiefs that she saw the bottle with him two days before the incident.
He said:
“The woman thought the bottle contained herbs. She said she left the child with him to sweep the compound, only to return and met Zainab gasping and foaming in the mouth. She said she smelled pesticide in the baby’s mouth.”
The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Muyiwa Adejobi, confirmed that the case had been transferred to the command headquarters, adding that Zainab’s remains had been deposited in a mortuary.

Adejobi said,
“The corpse of the baby has been deposited in a mortuary. The case has been transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation for further investigation.

“We have the suspect with us and he is going to be properly investigated. He and others found culpable in the course of our investigation will be charged to court.”


A 15 year old boy arrested for the murder of an 8 year old girl.

A 15-year-old boy lured an 8-year-old girl into his apartment and killed her before hiding her body in a recycling bin at the housing complex for artists where they lived, authorities said Tuesday.

Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel told reporters that Madyson Middleton went willingly into the apartment and was probably dead even before she was reported missing Sunday evening.

The boy, who police say knew the girl as a neighborhood acquaintance, was arrested on suspicion of murder, Vogel said.

The police chief would not discuss a motive and declined to give details on the suspect's background or the manner in which the girl was slain.

Madyson's disappearance and death has shaken the unique artists' community called Tannery Arts Center on the outskirts of this beach town. The center is a public-private nonprofit project that includes 100 affordable loft apartments for artists and their families, a cafe and dance and art studios.

The suspect and his alleged victim knew each other, he said.
"We lost not one kid, but two kids over the weekend, and both parents are in an absolute state of shock," said Scudder, who described the suspect as admired, well-liked and well-rounded.

Federal and local law enforcement searched the area surrounding the complex Sunday night and throughout Monday before finding the girl's body that night.

The suspect, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, was nearby when the body was discovered, and officers found evidence in the apartment that links him to the slaying, the police chief said.

Prosecutors are considering bringing charges against the boy as an adult, Santa Cruz District Attorney Jeffrey Rosell said.

As he was taken into custody, his mother rushed at police officers in floods of tears, asking why her son was being taken away in handcuffs.

It stunned neighbors who insisted the boy had a good reputation in the community

On Tuesday morning, the trash-collection area where Madyson's body was found remained roped off. Visitors stopped at a walkway memorial to pay respects with candles, bouquets of flowers and stuffed animals.

Santa Cruz Police Chief Kevin Vogel revealed details at a Tuesday press conference.
Young Madyson 'was lured to the suspect's apartment willingly.'
'Additionally, we've determined that Maddy was murdered inside of the suspect's apartment,' he told reporters.

'She was then carried downstairs to the recycle bin, where she was concealed.'
The suspect acted alone 'and not in concert with anyone else.'
Her body was found at 7:55pm on Monday.

"My staff was so hopeful we were going to find her alive. And when the news came last night that she was not alive," Vogel said, "it was horrible."
 Vogel added that the girl's body was 'concealed in a way that wasn't obvious or readily apparent.'

The 15-year-old boy who was at the complex while crews searched for Middleton and is believed to have helped in the search, was arrested around the same time the girl's body was found, according to Vogel.

Hundreds of volunteers had searched surrounding areas to look for Madyson, who was last seen Sunday afternoon. She had been seen riding her new Razor scooter in the courtyard, but around 5 p.m., her mother realized she was gone.

Police twice conducted a door-to-door search of the entire apartment complex, as well as a homeless shelter across the street. Vogel said he did not know if the boy's apartment was immediately searched, but they believe the girl was killed before they got the call.

Officers discovered the body on a second, more thorough search of the complex, Vogel said.

Source: AP

Terrence Howard's ex-wife sues him for domestic violence.

Terrence Howard's ex-wife,Michelle Ghent, just filed a lawsuit, claiming he beat her within an inch of her life while on vacation in August 2013.

According to TMZ:
Michelle Ghent claims she and Terrence were at a rental house in Costa Rica in 2013 when they began arguing and he grabbed her by the neck, pushed her against the bathroom wall and began strangling her.
She says he threatened to kill her and then mule kicked her.

Ghent filed the lawsuit just 1 day before the statute of limitations ran.
Terrence has said it was mutual combat, claiming Ghent pepper spayed him during the fight.

Check out this beautiful Letter to unborn daughter (a case for men) by Joy Oforka

Beautiful Article written by Joy Oforka.

Dear Unborn Daughter,

Never delude yourself that all men are the same. There are a lot of bad men everywhere same way there are a lot of bad women everywhere. Knowing that you are a good woman who won't accept that all women are same, it is only logical that you reject that fallacy about men.

There is no evil a man has been accused of that a woman too hasn't committed. Adultery, sexual harassment, domestic violence, child abuse, kidnap, murder, theft.... It's too long a list, hon. It isn't a gender thing; it is a human thing. The evils of the world are so well distributed amongst all classes that it may never be concluded which class is worse.

Hate the evils for what they are. Kick against them as far as your legs can push. Spend less time worrying about "the evil men". Be wary that many of such thoughts can cook a hard-boiled biased bitterness in you. There are still some good men around. The kind who will tuck the kids while you go to bed early 'cause you'll wake up early. The kind who won't mind making dinner even on a normal Tuesday, just because. The kind who wants to live happily ever after with the woman who met him at the altar, not Cinderella he chilled out with at midnight.

Spend more time building yourself into the kind of woman that deserves that kind of man. That way, the bad men can't have you. They simply won't get you in the first place. Be careful not to live your whole life for the man you'll marry or are married to. Focus more on being happy. A happy man will find you and find home. The laws of magnetism would never be better illustrated.

Live a happy life, heartbeat. You deserve it.


Ooni Of Ife Is Dead

Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuwade is dead
 The Ooni of Ife, Alayeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade is dead. He died today in London at the age of 85.

Oba Sijuwade was the fifth Ooni of Ife. He climbed unto the throne on December 6, 1980. As the Ooni of Ife, he presided over the Ife territory, in the South West Nigeria but his influence went far and beyond.

He came into office at the height of the supremacy fight amongst Yoruba Obas. The crisis pitched him against the Alaafin of Oyo. It festered on until Osun state was carved out of the old Oyo State.

Before he became an Oba, he studied at Abeokuta Grammar School and later at Northampton College in the United Kingdom before he became a manager at Leventis stores.

Oba Sijuwade’s term as Oba was characterised with political treachery, as he was one of the traditional rulers that meddled in politics. He was infamously instrumental to the annulment of June 12, 1993, elections won by late Moshood Abiola.

The Ooni  had also been severally fingered in the failed effort to have Senator Iyiola Omisore elected the governor of Osun state in 2011.
He survived by several wives and children

Uche Ogbodo Daughter's Celebrates 1st Birthday with very cute photos.

Nollywood actress Uche Ogbodo's short-lived marriage was a major tabloid fodder. However out of the union came this very beautiful bundle of joy, Milred Chinagorom who turned 1 today.

Her excited mum Uche Ogbodo shared a pic of her playing with a cake and captioned it:
I Wash My Hands In Innocence and Go Around Your Altar, O' LORD, proclaiming thanksgiving Aloud,and telling all your Wondrous Deeds.

For Indeed You Have Shown Me Your Steadfastness. #amblessed #mybirthdaygirl #sheisone #theyoungshallgrow
#sunshines #loveyoubeyondwords MILDRED CHINAGOROM O.Happy birthday to her.

How I was Molested by a Patient – Psychiatric doctor

The hospital

Health workers at the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, share their experience with BUKOLA ADEBAYO..Doctors at the hospital are on strike to protest against inadequate security.

Working in a conventional hospital is no child’s play. It has its difficulties. But working in a psychiatry hospital poses a different challenge. In fact, the latter has bigger challenges.

And the story of some members of staff of the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Lagos, easily conveys this. According to them, working in an environment that has the mentally-challenged persons is more than a tea party.

A member of staff of the organisation and nurse, who craved anonymity for fear of victimisation, said: “A patient bit me in many places and tore my clothes while I was trying to help him out.

Apart from that, two of my colleagues were injured recently because there were not enough guards to rescue them during a crisis. We are supposed to have restrainers and some other gadgets because patients here can be unpredictable. '

'The frequent attacks on us by some of these patients are making some members of staff to seek transfer to other places. Against this back, I must tell you that we need more trained guards to assist us to serve our patients better.”

The story of another worker in the hospital similarly makes an interesting reading. According to the doctor, who also sought anonymity, there was a time she could not go to work for three months because she suffered Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder occasioned by harassment from a patient.

The doctor, nonetheless, blamed her assault on the lack of enough trained security personnel in the hospital.

She said: “Anytime I remember that experience I break down because I suffered PTSD and could not even go back to work for three months. A patient molested me and there was no one to defend me. This patient was violent.

He destroyed many things in the hospital with his bare hands and even his actions scared other patients. While I was trying to douse the tension and counsel his aged mother on how to handle him, he molested me. In fact, as a result of his beating, I could not sleep for some days.’

 The President, Association of Resident Doctors in the hospital, Dr. Jeje Oyetayo, also confirmed that the hazard working in the facility was high. According to her, two of her female colleagues were attacked in the hospital last June.

Oyetayo, who called on the Federal Government and authorities to review the security logistics in the hospital, said the call was to protect the lives of workers.
She said: “Patients have attacked doctors on many occasions in the hospital because we do not have trained security personnel.

The patients also suffer injuries when caregivers are being rescued. This is a setback to their recovery. The government and the authorities must address this. There are no escape routes for workers in case of an emergency, especially when we have an aggressive patient. “

There is no functioning alarm system to alert even the few security officials for help in case of an emergency. “The Federal Ministry of Health needs to step in to avoid loss of lives as well as bodily harm to health workers as well as patients and their relatives.”

For a social worker at the hospital, the payment of only N5,000 monthly allowance for injuries sustained in lines of duty is ridiculous. She said: “We went on strike to protest the hazard allowance.

It is absurd, how can you be paying us N5,000 monthly for the risk that we take every day. Overseas, special financial consideration is given to workers in psychiatric hospitals.“The government must look into this.

 The minimum should be N30,000. It is not even enough to compensate us.” According to another nurse, apart from having inadequate security personnel, the few ones on the ground are not trained to work with mentally-challenged patients.

He pointed out that there were occasions some of the guards took to their heels when patients went violent because they did not have the necessary skill or gadgets to restrain them.

 According to him, security personnel were employed on locum or contract basis, which makes it difficult for them to get the training and exposure needed to handle the sensitive nature of patients at the hospital. “

Many of them on contract have been working for a year now without any salaries. This will definitely affect their commitment to the job.” He noted that the hospital also had few crisis intervention officers compared to the number of patients on admission or those that come regularly for treatment.

“The management is not helping matters as well because if you are not paying your security personnel, you do not expect them to work. The update is that those who have not been paid have stopped coming and new ones who have been recruitedhave not experience. “

So, when a patient is violent, the few untrained ones would be on the edge because they do not know the next step to take. This offers the violent patient the opportunity to run away.”

Even as the workers complain, a top management official of the hospital said that the Federal Government had not released money for the salaries of the outsourced workers in the hospital.

He said: “It was the same complaint before we left the board. The Federal Government said the management should outsource some of their needs, including security.

Meanwhile, it did not release money to pay outsourced workers.”Meanwhile, the Medical Director of the hospital, Dr. Rahman Lawal, said the authorities were already addressing the security challenges at the hospital.

He said, “We have employed five additional security personnel for the outpatient and two of them are manning the outpatient units at a point. We have also started work on their consulting rooms and providing emergencyexits in the rooms.”

US gave Buhari names of oil thieves .- Source

The United States of America has handed over the names of Nigerian oil thieves to President Muhammadu Buhari, a member of the President’s entourage during last week’s visit to the US confided in The PUNCH on Tuesday.

“I can tell you that the President already has the list of names of the people engaging in the stealing of Nigeria’s oil. The list, when released by the President, will shock Nigerians. But let’s wait and see first,” the source said.

The source said Buhari was taken aback when he saw the names on the list and that the list given to the President by the US might compel him to probe the administration of former President Goodluck Jonathan.

A Presidency source also confirmed that Buhari had such a list but that “the President has been keeping the list to himself.”

The source, who told our correspondent about the list in the President’s possession, said the US gave Buhari two separate lists – one listing the names of top government officials who have been stealing the country’s oil, using their high offices to perpetrate the stealing; and the other containing the names of illegal oil bunkerers.

The President had said last week that some ministers in the cabinet of Jonathan were stealing as much as 250,000 barrels of Nigeria’s crude daily.

The Presidency source, who spoke to one of our correspondents on condition of anonymity, said Buhari had vowed that those whose names appeared on the list would not go scot-free.

“The President will probe all of them and make sure they return whatever fortune they had made from their thievery,” the source said.

The source said the President was already tinkering with the idea of constituting a panel to investigate those on the list with a view to arriving at how to deal with them based on the findings of the committee.

However, it was gathered that, unlike the usual probe panels, the President would likely set up a special security team to handle the probe.

The PUNCH learnt that the names on the list of oil thieves are a mixture of highly placed government officials, and retired and serving military officers.

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress said on Tuesday that it supported the probe of the Jonathan administration by Buhari in the light of mind-boggling corruption that had been uncovered by the Federal Government.

“Some people have insinuated that the Buhari administration should ignore the massive looting of our patrimony and move on. We say no responsible government can afford to do that, because it will amount to endorsing corruption and impunity,’’ the party said in a statement issued in Abuja by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed.

The APC said billions of dollars had been skimmed off by “pathologically-corrupt public officials” in the oil sector alone, wondering how the government of the day could meet its obligations to the citizens if it refused to recover the huge funds taken away by thieving officials

Mohammed’s statement read, ‘‘It is an irony that those who are suggesting that the Buhari administration should turn a blind eye to the incomprehensible looting are the same ones accusing the government of not doing anything.

“It is even a cruel irony that the same party that presided over what is fast emerging as the worst governance in the history of our country is the same one that is daily bad-mouthing an administration that is cleaning up its mess.

‘‘Where does one start from? Is it the fact that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation failed to remit N3.8tn to the Federation Account or the mind-blowing stealing of 250,000 barrels of crude oil per day?

“Is it the fact that the NNPC itself does not know how many bank accounts it had or into which ones the payments for Nigerian crude are made? Could anyone have imagined that a government minister would steal the unprecedentedly-huge amount of US $6bn of public funds as being alleged?

‘‘How does any sane person rationalise the fact that $1bn was unilaterally and illegally withdrawn from the Excess Crude Account just because, as the immediate past Minister of Finance has disclosed, the President ordered the withdrawal? What about the billions of naira waivers recklessly approved to dubious importers by the Jonathan administration?”

It added, ‘‘Is it not clear now that the stealing and the profligacy – more than anything else, including the fall in oil price – helped to drastically reduce the monthly allocation from the Federation Account from about N800bn to about N400bn , thus pauperising the states and the local governments, and by extension the citizenry?

“Against the background of the stunning revelations, what message will any government be sending to its citizens and indeed the global community by looking the other way, when it could still recover some of the looted funds for the benefit of the people?

“This is why we are supporting the Buhari administration’s probe decision and we are calling on all Nigerians to support ongoing efforts to get to the root of the matter.”

The APC said it was clear that the Jonathan administration had deliberately delayed giving the then incoming Buhari government the handover notes so as to avoid being asked critical questions pertaining to the looting under its watch.

Also, the Peoples Democratic Party said it was on the same page with Buhari in the fight against corruption, but that due process must be followed.

The PDP, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, in Abuja on Tuesday, said the clarification became necessary so as to remove any misconception that it was against the decision of the present administration to probe some past officials of government because they were PDP members.

Metuh said, “The PDP supports the decision of the Federal Government to fight corruption in our country.

“However, we make bold to state that it should not be disguised to victimise innocent citizens. Democracy has come to stay in Nigeria and no citizen, irrespective of political, religious or ethnic affiliation, should be denied access to due process and the rule of law in the process.”

He added, “Furthermore, we make bold to state that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands. In that regard, therefore, we advise members of the APC blowing the horn ahead of the cart to keep quiet because many of them have been major beneficiaries of corruption and sleaze associated with themselves and their allies, especially one of them who as a disguised errand boy of a well-known APC leader is a major beneficiary of the largesse of perpetrators of corruption.

“Apart from Mr. President, who for now, is not associated with any sleaze or corrupt activity in this democracy, most APC leaders are still those who as governors, ministers and labour leaders have been the worst corrupt set of Nigerians ever to bestride the political landscape of the country.

“It is a great miscarriage of perception therefore for the APC leaders who are perpetrators of sleaze and corrupt acts to attempt to deceive Nigerians with imaginary holiness in this anti-corruption war by the President.”

Consequently, he called on the President, as the leader of the APC to remove the log in the eyes of his party while “we support his commitment to remove the speck from the eyes of others.”

We only stopped Patience Jonathan from being driven to tarmac –FAAN

The convoy carrying the wife of the former President, Dame Patience Jonathan, was stopped from taking her to the foot of the aircraft on the tarmac of the Port Harcourt International Airport, the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria has said.

The former First Lady was reportedly stopped from using the VIP lounge of the airport. But the FAAN said it was not so. It was learnt that Dame Jonathan had gone to Port Harcourt on a private visit.

Sources at the airport also alleged that the former First Lady was denied access to the lounge by security operatives of FAAN, who reportedly said they were working based on orders from “above.”

But reacting to the report, FAAN, in a statement on Tuesday, described it as misleading and mischievous, stressing that the wife of former President Goodluck Jonathan was not denied access to “the VIP lounge at the Port Harcourt International Airport on July 27, 2015.”

However, the authority was quick to state that what its security officials did was to stop the former First Lady’s convoy from gaining access to the tarmac where her aircraft was parked.

The General Manager, Corporate Affairs, Yakubu Dati, said the security officials explained to Dame Jonathan’s team why her convoy was stopped, adding that the officials were only abiding by international safety standards.

FAAN said, “The former First Lady’s convoy was only denied access to the foot of the aircraft during boarding formalities at the airport in line with international aviation best practices, strictly for safety reasons, as prescribed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation. Our security officials explained this fact to details of the former First Lady.

“We wish to recall that former President Goodluck Jonathan, in his recent trips from the same airport, had had to walk to the aircraft from the protocol lounge, in recognition of this ICAO regulation.”

FAAN went on to explain that family members of former Presidents were officially entitled to use the VIP lounge, adding that Dame Jonathan would not be denied that right.

It said, “We wish to state that no such thing happened as Dame Jonathan, like other family members of former Presidents and other designated principal officers of government, are officially entitled to the usage of airport VIP and protocol lounges under the management of FAAN.”