Wednesday, 2 March 2016

+18( photos)Bad girl Maheeda shows off her sexiness in more crazy photoshoot .....

The mother of one shared the photos on her IG page. See more photos below;

Nigerian Lady Says" Couples Having sex This Heat Period Are Disgusting "

This lady said that anyone having sex in this hot weather is disgusting ........Do you agree with her ???

Photos & Video: Ciara and her dancers ,danced in the streets, Dolphin Estate, Lagos

See what ciara posted on her IG page :

Watching These Girls Dance Give Me Chills! It's Not Just A Dance. It's A Feeling. Wow! #Nigeria

The US singer who was in Nigeria over the weekend for Darey's show, danced bare foot to Iyanya's Kukere and Tekno's Duro, at Dolphin Estate. See more photos and watch the videos after the cut...

News News :The German Passport Is The World’s Most Powerful Passport

German citizens possess the world’s most powerful passport, according to a new study, with Britain and the US falling just short of the top spot.
The ranking by Henley and Partners, a citizenship and planning firm, takes into account how many countries can be visited without applying for a visa. German passport holders can travel to 177, out of a possible 218, while Britons can visit 175 and US citizens 174.
The UK topped last year’s rankings, alongside Germany, but ceded the top spot after several countries relaxed visa restrictions to the latter during 2015. It was also leapfrogged by Sweden and now shares third place with France, Italy, Spain and Finland.
Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands share fourth spot with the US. The world’s least powerful passport belongs to citizens of Afghanistan, who can visit just 25 countries without a visa.
Citizens of Afghanistan can visit just 25 countries without a visa
“Generally, there was significant movement across the board with only 21 of the 199 countries listed remaining in the same rank,” said Henley & Partners. “No country, however, dropped more than three positions, indicating that overall, visa-free access is improving around the world.
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“Four countries in particular made huge gains; Tonga rising 16 spots, Palau by 20, Colombia by 25 and Timor-Leste being the highest climber with an increase of 33 ranks.
The world’s most powerful passports
“Malta, the EU member country which runs the world’s most successful citizenship-by-investment program has gained visa-free access to another two countries since 2015, making it the 8th most powerful passport in the world. The leading country in the Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda, meanwhile ranked 30th and its passport-holders may now travel to 134 countries visa-free.
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“Portugal, which holds the most attractive residence-by-investment program through its Golden Visa Program, has taken 6th position in the 2016 Index, gaining two countries to total 172 countries its citizens may travel to visa-free.The global progress in travel freedom looks set to continue for citizens of all countries.”
The world’s most powerful passports
Germany, 177
Sweden, 176
Finland, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, 175
Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, United States, 174
Austria, Japan, Singapore, 173
Canada, Ireland (Republic of), Korea (Republic of, South), Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Switzerland, 172
Greece, New Zealand, 171
Australia, 169
Malta, 168
Hungary, Czech Republic, Iceland, 167
The world’s least powerful passports
Afghanistan, 25
Pakistan, 29
Iraq, 30
Somalia, 31
Syria, 32
Libya, 36
Eritrea, Ethiopia, Iran, Nepal, Palestinian Territory, Sudan, 37
Kosovo, South Sudan, Yemen, 38
Bangladesh, Congo (Democratic Republic of), Lebanon, Sri Lanka, 39
Burundi, Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of, North), Myanmar, 42

Shocking Domestic Incident :Angry Wife pulls husbands privates and stabs him.

A HARARE woman is in the habit of pulling her boyfriend’s manhood whenever they have an argument, the civil court has heard.

The matter came to light yesterday when Angeline Mudzvatswa approached magistrate Barbara Mateko seeking a protection order against her boyfriend of four years.

Mudzvatswa told the court she has been co-habiting with Nowel Rambanapasi who has been forcibly taking her salary and spending it.

“He is very abusive and whenever I get paid, he beats me up and takes my salary,” Mudzvatswa said.

The court further heard that Rambanapasi also assaults Mudzvatswa’s child from a previous marriage.

In response, Rambanapasi said he was shocked to hear Mudzvatswa call him a boyfriend and he also denied the accusations saying the latter was the bad apple in the relationship.

“She is lying, actually I am her husband, not her boyfriend as she has claimed and she is the one who beats me up,” Rambanapasi said.

“Whenever she beats me, she pulls my manhood, and at one time she even stabbed me.”

Rambanapasi also told the court that his wife was trying to get a protection order against him because he had taken her to the criminal courts after she infected him with HIV.

“She deliberately infected me with HIV and I reported her, so she is now trying to get back at me.”

The magistrate granted the protection order warning the two not to verbally and physically abuse each other for the next five years.

Busted :Wife confronts husband as he tried to cheat on her with her best friend... (video)

25 year old Leslie Varner was very shocked and upset when she learnt that her husband of three years and father of their child was planning to cheat on her with her best friend. According to Leslie, her husband had cheated on her before but she was enraged when she found out he'd had been secretly Facebook texting her best friend. The best friend told Leslie about her husband's move on her and the two decided to set him up. Her best friend, Sam, invited her husband Cody, for some 'one on one' time, all planned with Leslie and then the drama began. Leslie filmed everything. Watch the video after the cut.

Leslie has since asked for a divorce..

Photos from the wedding of music producer DJ Spellz & Dije Badaki

Music producer DJ Spellz married his sweetheart, entrepreneur Dije Badaki on Saturday February 27th 2016. Happy married life to them. See more photos after the cut...