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Tyga leans on Kylie Jenner's cleavage in new racy Snapchat video

In a new Snapchat video shared by Kylie Jenner, her older rapper boyfriend, Tyga, was seen pushing his head against her cleavage as she stared into the camera...more photos after the cut...

VIDEO: Woman Stripping Naked In Public During Furious Argument With Boyfriend


This argument got WAY out of hand which left passers by puzzled as to what was going on.This is the jaw-dropping moment a woman arguing with her boyfriend decided to get fully naked in the middle of the street.
Footage of their heated row emerged online after the unnamedChinese woman confronted the man.
She chases after him before squaring up as the debate begins.
Bizarrely, the woman then begins to take her clothes off, leaving the man shocked.
As she gets increasingly naked, passers by begin to stop and stare wondering what is going on.
It is not clear what caused their argument, but she was passionate enough to even take off her underwear and throw them meters behind her.
At one point, a bus full of passengers even drives past.
Eventually she is calmed down and told to put her clothes back on.

Check out this woman that breaks world record for by sleeping 919 Men. WOW!!!

The American porn star competed against two other women one of which was the former world record holder who had sex with 759 men in a day. She achieved this record by having sex with 919 men over a period of 12 hours.
That would mean she spent only 45 seconds having sex with each man, which is about 13.5 seconds longer than is often necessary. On the day Lisa Sparks won the competition by only 21 men.
woman that slept with 919 men

I ‘ll Remarry, if God Says So — Chika Ike

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike may not have a special man in her life at the moment, after her marriage with Ebiribi crashed two years ago, but she is optimistic that she will remarry someday.

The adorable actress told POTPOURRI in a chat, that she will remarry as long as God approves it. Chika said:
I don’t know why it happens, (people misunderstanding me). But everybody has their own opinion about how they see people. Basically, I am who I am. About remarrying, I will remarry when God says so. I want to be the best I can be in my chosen career.

Doughnuts and soft drinks brought me and my husband together-Helen Paul

Popular female comedienne Helen Paul,has opened up on how she met and fell inlove with her hubby of 5 years.The mother of three shared her interesting story with Sunday SUN..

I met him through my boss where I was formerly working.He was a friend to my boss. While he always saw me as too playful and jumpy, I saw him as too stingy,” 
According to Tatafo, the reason she thought her husband was stingy was that whenever he came to the office, he never bothered to buy anything for her and her co-workers unlike her boss’ other friends who were always generous.

“Those days when my boss’ colleagues came visiting, they always reached out to us when leaving. They gave us money which we used to buy doughnuts and soft drinks but my husband never gave us anything.
“He would just wave his hand and say ‘bye bye guys, take care of yourselves’,” she says, mimicking a stern and unfriendly male voice, adding, “So we always saw him as a selfish lawyer.”
However, one day, Tatafo summoned all the courage she could and decided to confront him.
“On that fateful day, I summoned courage and as he was leaving, I told him, ‘sir, you don’t buy us anything any time you come but we really like you. If you can be buying us doughnuts and soft drinks, we would be very grateful’. He started laughing, so I quickly added, ‘sir, it’s not only me o. My colleagues are also involved, so please don’t tell our boss’.”
Indeed, Tatafo’s move paid off as her future husband laughed it off after which he reached into his pockets and gave them ‘something’ for lunch.
“We were so happy I asked for his phone number which he gave me. And then I gave his number to my friends and we all started calling to thank him. He realised that we really desired the doughnuts and soft drinks so whenever he came by, he would give us money for doughnuts and soft drinks. He never failed to deliver whenever he showed up and we never stopped thanking him. And then one day, he took a good look at me and said ‘baby, I love you’ and the rest is history.”

Buhari is a liar and has deceived you, says Shekau

Nigeria’s military on Saturday claimed further gains in its counter-offensive against Boko Haram, but the group’s shadowy leader Abubakar Shekau dismissed the talk of success as “lies”.
Army spokesman Sani Usman said troops destroyed more rebel enclaves and camps in the restive state of Borno, which has been worst hit by the six-year Islamist insurgency.
“The fight against the terrorists in the northeast is gaining successful momentum, with most of the camps falling to the Federal might,” he said in a statement.
A total of 62 people were rescued from around the town of Gwoza, which last year Boko Haram declared the headquarters of its caliphate but which it lost control of in March.
Some 77 men, women and children, most of them “haggard, dejected and obviously malnourished”, also arrived in the town of Bama on Saturday, Usman said.
One man picked up said he had his right hand cut off by militants in their Sambisa Forest stronghold in Borno last year, he said, adding that eight Boko Haram suspects surrendered to troops.
Nigeria’s military has claimed a series of successes against Boko Haram recently and on Friday said it had rescued 90 people and dislodged Boko Haram from two villages near Gwoza.
President Muhammadu Buhari in early August gave his new military commanders three months to defeat Boko Haram, after six years of violence, at least 15,000 dead and more than two million homeless.
– Audio message –
Shekau has not been seen on video since February and until an audio message last month had not spoken since March, when he proclaimed Boko Haram’s allegiance to the so-called Islamic State group.
His absence sparked fresh rumours about whether he was still alive or had been deposed as leader, with other videos this year fronted by an unknown rebel under the name Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP).
Shekau said in a 25-minute recording in Hausa and Arabic via social media: “They (the military) lied that they have confiscated our arms, that we have been chased out of our territories, that we are in disarray.
“We are alive, I am alive, this is my voice, more audible than it was before. This is Shekau.”
He added: “Buhari is a liar and has deceived you. The army spokesman is also lying. He and his footsoldiers always run helter-skelter whenever we come face to face with them…
“Buhari, you once claimed that you will crush us in three months. How can you crush us?”
Shekau directly refers to IS group leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, to whom he says he is “loyal and subservient”.
He also namechecks IS spokesman Abu-Mohammed al-Adnani and sends “greetings to the faithful in Yemen”, where there is also an IS “affiliate”.
There was no indication of where or when the recording was made but it appears to have have been in recent days.
Shekau talks of Buhari’s “deal with Hollande”, referring to the Nigerian president’s three-day visit to Paris earlier this week, which included talks with his French counterpart Francois Hollande.
He also dismissed as untrue Buhari’s comments about “our brethren in prison”.
Buhari this week said the Nigerian authorities were talking to Boko Haram prisoners in their custody and could offer them amnesty if the group hands over more than 200 schoolgirls abducted last year.

Photos from Linda Ikeji's 35th Birthday Party

Linda Ikeji, last night event,  enjoying a private birthday dinner with her family, friends and loved ones somewhere in Lagos.

She turned 35 today. Happy birthday to her. See more pics after the cut. Denrele was in attendance.


During My Playing Days, I Used Juju – Tarboro West

Former Super Eagles defence strongman, Taribo West made a shocking confession recently. He revealed that during his football career days he used juju to play on the field.
The ex-footballer turned pastor said he had a manager from Senegal and his manager would take him to several native doctors in Senegal where they will cut his tongue, hands and legs and then cook it.
“I spend most of my time at home meditating. All I want to do is to keep spreading the gospel. In my own little way, I have been into evangelisation visiting places like Ughelli and within the Orile community, Ajegunle and so on. God has been kind during these visits to preach the gospel to people who are yet to receive Christ. We believe He will take us globally very soon,” Taribo said.

“Your background experience counts. We turn to God to give us direction. I’m happy how far He has taken us.
“The gospel is for the poor, rich and noble. Part of the gift God gave me is to reach out to the downtrodden. It is good if you can reach out to the downtrodden, preach the gospel to them and try to meet some of their needs through humanitarian services. I’m grateful to God for using me to spread the gospel across to these people,” he said.
On getting to Europe, Taribo would find himself entangled in another life of charms and superstitious beliefs.
A move from Auxerre to Milan saw him playing for rivals AC and Inter — one of few players to achieve the feat — in a three-year stint in Italy.
With a new-found life of affluence, the big defender paid huge sums of money for him to be supplied charms to win games, protect him from career-threatening injuries and also to be foretold the results of matches before they were played.
The 1998 UEFA Cup winner used to burn candles and hold a magical stone from Israel before games but he is bewildered that people are reluctant to publicly identify themselves with the practice, saying players and officials are deeply involved in the act.
Taribo said, “Of course yes (I was involved). I don’t know why people decline to talk about their involvement with charms. Football has to do with a lot of powers. When there are big events, you look at the stadium, you see people, fans invoking all kinds of things; magicians are there, voodooists are there.
“In my playing days, when I was ignorant, I used to get some mallams and babalawos (traditional doctors) to make charms for us, which we took to (national) camp. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t.
“In some clubs, before every game, the president or leader of the club will give you a lucky charm to play with. They will tell you to put it in your boots or socks and play. It’s their superstitious belief; that it can help them win matches.
“There are some coaches who are connected to African magicians and soothsayers from Senegal, Burkina Faso, Zaire or even Nigeria. These people are consulted to give these coaches results of games even before the matches are played.
“These people see strange things and they can tell you with their magic and charms, what the outcome of a match will be. People believe and use it. It works for those who believe in it. I saw it, I experienced it, I was with players that used it and I used it. So, why are people denying it? There are charms and rituals in football. It still exists.”
When Patience Ikemefuna, an evangelist who lives in America paid Taribo a visit in Milan, it marked a new phase in the 1996 Olympic Games gold medallist’s life.
Ikemefuna was perplexed when she discovered that Taribo was deeply involved in occultism. There were charms in his wardrobe and other parts of his apartment. Even though her host resisted initially, she convinced him and after several praying sessions, Taribo gave his life to Christ.
Today, even though they are not biologically related, he refers to Ikemefuna as “my sister.”
“God used her to change my life and ever since, my life has never been the same. I’m grateful to her. When I had an encounter with God and I became born again, I discovered that these powers were powerless. It was an avenue to collect money from us. There are lots of voodoo practices in football. If you are not with God, you have to be with the devil; with the devil they come with everything,” he added.
What is the difference between life in Christ and one filled with charms?
“You can’t compare,” he said. “When I was living that ignorant life, I was in darkness. In the darkness, the devil can give you what God can also give you, but he will give you without joy and peace. Eventually, you will end up in sorrow. But when you experience the joy of Christ, it adds no sorrow.
“The joy of the Lord is not only my strength; it gives me everything I need in life. The love of Christ comes with freedom, success, favour, expansion and a better life. When you have all these, you have everlasting peace. That is why I am comfortable today and I’m happy how God has seen me thus far.”
But being a pastor doesn’t mean he is free from temptations. In fact he realises that there are even tougher battles to fight as a cleric.
“Temptation is permanent; it’s there every hour, every day but if you begin to study the Bible, there are principles that God has laid down for us. If you follow this, the devil will not keep you.
“From my house to the bus stop, I may see a young girl not properly brought up, dressed half- naked walking on the streets. You will see temptation right there. But you have to pray for God’s grace to overcome the temptation.”
After a career that has seen him play football in Nigeria, France, Italy, England, Germany, Yugoslavia, UAE and Iran, Taribo has seen it all and aptly names his church a shelter.
He added, “We told ourselves to fast and ask God for a name for the ministry. In the process, a sister came up and said a voice told her that we should call the ministry Shelter in The Storm Miracle Ministries. That’s how we got the name.
“During my journeys, God created a shelter for me and transferred me into that fold. There are lots of natural disasters everywhere in the world in these last days. There are crisis in Asia; there is terrorism and sectarian groups springing up. People are migrating from all over the world to Europe because of fear. In the midst of all these, God has created for everyone a shelter, where everything in your life will be restored again.”
Even though he is no longer actively involved in the game, which gave him the good life and saw him resident in some of the world’s biggest cities, the Super Eagles — with whom he played two World Cups and two Africa Cup of Nations — is still very dear to Pastor Taribo West.
“We need to pray for the team and I have taken it as an assignment to pray for the team. The national team is part of my body, it’s my family.”

2 men rape elderly woman in her home, steal money

Authorities say they are looking for two men who allegedly raped a 72-year-old woman and stole cash from her after kicking in the door of her home Saturday.

The Vicksburg Post reports that the rape and robbery was reported about 6:35 a.m. Saturday.
Vicksburg police Capt. Sandra Williams says at least one of the men was armed with a handgun when they kicked in a door of the home early Saturday.
She says they raped the woman before stealing cash and fleeing.
A composite sketch of both rapists has been shared by the Police.

Nicole Murphy displays her smoking hot body in lingerie photoshoot

Nicole Murphy, hot mother of 5 and ex-wife of Eddy Murphy and former fiancé of Michael Strahan shared this hot lingerie photo of herself on her IG page and she's so Sexy!

Mikel Obi cradles newborn twins in his arms

His baby mama, Olga Diyachenko shared this photo of the footballer carrying his twin girls in their nursery

Nigeria’s Transgender Miss Sahhara Shares Hot New Photos

Nigeria’s transgender Miss Sahhara shared some very sexy bikini photos from her throwback photoshoot. Says photos were taken before she became a born again Christian. See more photos below;

My Encounter With A Married Ibadan Man

“Hello fine girl!” I turned abruptly to look towards the area I thought the very confident and manly voice had come from. 

Not real photo
“What can a damsel like you be doing here all alone by herself?” the voice of the tall, but not-so-fluent man, who seemed to be in his early 50s, jerked me back from my mental rambling.
I had thought it was Michael, my 24-year-old younger brother whom I had been patiently waiting for.

We had earlier parted on entering the new Ibadan shopping mall to pick up a few personal effects for the two days we planned spending in the ancient but peaceful town.
We were in town in order to stay away from the bustle and hustle of Lagos, Nigeria’s busiest state. I however finished getting my stuff before Michael who had decided to ‘sleep’ at the sport aisle of one of the shops, so I had been alone before the voice got me startled.
I pretended as if I didn’t know his antics were directed at me. To ward him off, I began to fiddle with my phone. Phones are lifesavers for girls; especially the internet-enabled ones like IPhones, Blackberries and Androids.
As I ‘buried’ my head deep into my IPhone6, the man took a sit and sat directly opposite me on the same table.
I could not ignore his presence as there was something so unusual about his body spray. I looked up, but feigned not to know that he had come for me the moment he sat on the seat. His brief smile and sparkling designer shirt suggested he’s well to do.
“What are you doing here, sitting all alone?”he repeated his probing question.
“A beauty like you must not be left all alone because of the hovering lions in this our cool city. I am Sif Owonikoko,” he added in a distinct intonation which all but revealed that he was a native of Ibadan.

I was caught in the middle of disgust and laughter. How can a man of this age be ridiculing himself in front of a 26-year-old Lagos babe who is not even bothered about his rantings? Did he just call himself ‘Sif’instead of ‘Chief’?
I was totally lost as to what reply to give this man seated right in front of me. His fingers were elaborately adorned with rings.
Well, it was not my first time of meeting men who are old enough to be my dad, trying to throw bants at me. But this was totally a different ball game, as ‘Sif’ or Chief Owonikoko looked more confident than the ones I had met in the past.
Before I could say ‘hello’ to everything he said, he had beckoned one of the attendants in the eatery to take my orders. I was having my Hollandia Yoghurt when he got to my seat. This yoghurt remains my best ‘meal’ anytime I need to pick between snacking and drinking.
During my service year, fellow corps members in camp described me as ‘the Hollandia Yoghurt girl’. This can paint the vivid picture of how my love for Yoghurt has been from way back.
As I was through telling the attendant that I would not be taking anything, Chief Owonikoko’s phone rang, and observing the expression on his face as he looked at the display name on his phone, I knew it was a call that came at the wrong moment.
He was impatient as he kept telling the person on the other end, who obviously was a female (apparently his wife), that they would talk later because he was right in the middle of a meeting.
ontinued with his lies, I sighted a woman who was speaking rapidly on the phone walking towards our table. I was too engrossed with the man in front of me as the woman approached.
Maybe if I had paid serious attention to the woman coming towards us among the crowd and taken cover, I would have been able to save myself from the impending danger. The approaching female was the man’s wife!
I got to know too late!
Why do some men lie? Why do some men like to cheat? Someone said it is impossible for men not to cheat because it is in their DNA. But I don’t want to start thinking all men cheat. No!
There are many men outside that won’t toe the path of that married Ibadan man trying to get the attention of a young girl his daughter’s age.
This controversial phenomenon is even worsened by the increasing number of girls who ‘don’t mind’. But then, most men who cheat have this alibi of wanting to ‘experiment’ since they are used to ‘eating a particular delicacy’ every day.
Naturally, it is human to experiment with something different, change ‘menus’ and explore new ‘horizons’. That obviously explains why some men run out of their homes into the streets with their bags of lies, just like ‘Sif Owonikoko’, looking for young chaps to devour.
And although women have a part of the blame, there is a great need for men to gird their loins and behave like real men. No matter the situation, a real man will not lie, cheat or try to be unnecessarily unfaithful.
Back to the matter, Chief Owonikoko’s wife had been trailing her unfaithful husband from the house. But my brother had arrived just in time to whisk me away from the impending disaster.
I will be forever grateful that he came at that moment.
All I heard afterwards was the shameful ranting of the enraged woman as she made to ‘eat up’ her husband raw for sitting next to and chatting with ‘that girl’…me!

I celebrate my husband’s female fans — Rebekah

Mr. & Mrs Anekwe
Nollywood actor, Chet Anekwe, has been married to Rebekah, an American, for two years. The couple talk about their interracial marriage
How did you meet your wife?
Chet: I was a tutor at a kickboxing school in Brooklyn, New York, and we met at one of my classes. She attended my classes on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings and we became friends in no time.
How did the relationship develop?
Chet: We had mutual interests and had the same viewpoint on love and life. I loved to discuss with her. We spent and still spend hours talking about everything.
How did he propose?
Rebekah: He took me to Paris on a vacation, which we planned together but I did not see the proposal coming. We had a stopover in London and spent a night there. We got to France the next day and while we were enjoying the ambience, he proposed to me. He said he didn’t want to wake up in Paris and not be engaged to me.
Were you comfortable dating and finally getting married to someone in the limelight?
Rebekah: Yes, but that’s because he takes steps to make sure I am comfortable. Even at events where he is the compere, he does everything to make sure I’m comfortable.
How long did your courtship last?
Chet: We were together for three years before we wedded. We were basically inseparable while we courted.
At what point in the relationship did you realise that she would make a good wife?
Chet: A few months into our relationship, I visited her. We just sat on the front stoop of her house and spoke for hours. I didn’t go inside her home so, we didn’t get intimate. I admired her intelligence, and sense of humour. As I watched her, I told myself she is the woman for me. And I was totally right!
What did you find attractive?
Rebekah: I felt like I had known him for a long time. I found him to be very genuine and I felt comfortable opening up to him from the beginning. He is very sensitive to my feelings and he ensures that I am always comfortable, even if he is not. Till date, he still walks with me on the inside of the sidewalk and this is something he began to do when we were dating.
Chet: She is very gorgeous and has an amazing sense of humour. She makes me laugh all the time and reallyunderstands me. Some times more than I do myself.
Did her family members accept you?
Rebekah: I have visited Nigeria twice. The first time I did, I went to Abuja and later, I went to Lagos. It was a fun trip. Chet always says if he had taken me to Lagos first, I would never have gone back.
Chet: She had little or no preconceptions about Nigeria or Nigerians. She was also eager to discover and learn my culture. She was raised in a very open-minded family so, we concentrated on getting to know each other better. She has embraced all things Nigerian.
How do you contribute to the advancement of your spouse’s career?
Rebekah: We discuss potential projects and whether or not he should commit to filming. We both take an active role in facilitating the career goals of the other, and we make sure the decision to commit to any project is one that helps us attain those goals. Everyone wants to know how it feels to watch your husband in movies, or get interviewed on the red carpet. I enjoy watching him in movies and I’m always proud of him and his talents.
Chet: I am very supportive of her career. She is also an author, so I threw my weight behind her when we wrote her children’s book, Flicker. In fact, we moved to California from New York, to take advantage of a career opportunity for her.
Do you have access to each other’s phones and social media accounts?
Chet: Of course! In fact, my Facebook account is always available on our shared iMac. We both have iPhones with the fingerprint scan access, and we both have access to each other’s phones. There are no secrets between us. We know each other’s email, Facebook and Twitter passwords.
Rebekah: Yes, we have no secrets. He can open any of my social media accounts and my phone whenever he feels like. We share everything including our social media accounts.
How do you spend time together?
Chet: From lying on the bed just talking after a long day, to watching our favourite TV shows. We love watching good television shows and have standard date nights every week.We love to be active together. We played American football together, so sports, working out and physical activity are things we share. She is the longest, most consistent workout partner I have ever had.
Rebekah: I have seen all his movies that have opened or have premiered here in the USA. We do like to do the same things, we work out together, we watch movies, and we like being outside so we may take a walk or spend some time at the beach.
Do you operate a joint bank account?
Chet: Yes we do! We have two joint accounts, but we also have personal accounts. I think it is important that you maintain some personal space with respects to finance. She can use her account on anything she pleases, as the account is in her name and is hers alone.
Do you get jealous of your wife’s male admirers?
Chet: She is a beautiful woman, but she shows my pictures to anyone who cares to listen. That keeps them at bay.
How do you handle disagreements?
Chet: We respect each other and never personalise any disagreements. Each of us is quick to acknowledge when we are wrong.
Rebekah: We talk it out, make sure each has heard the other’s point and then we move on. We don’t stay upset with each other for long.
Do you help out with the household chores?
Chet: I am very domesticated; I make breakfast for her, do the laundry and clean. We are very intimate with each other. When we are at home, I massage her feet or have her rub my head. That way, whenever we disagree, we tend to make up very quickly so we can get back to the way we normally are.
Rebekah: He is an amazing husband who does more household chores than a lot of men, Nigerian or American. I am so very lucky to have him.
What pet names do you call each other?
Chet: I call her Butter. However, she doesn’t like when other people call her that. She always calls me babe.
How have you coped with his schedule and female fans?
Rebekah: When you marry the right person, there is no need to adjust. Life with him feels complete. He is rarely away from me more than a few weeks at a time, and we make an effort to talk every day. And as for his female fans, I celebrate them. They see the talent my husband has, and everyone I have ever met have been nice and welcoming to me.

My ideal woman must be deaf and dumb — Jesse Jagz

Rappers are unusual people, who live unusual lifestyles in  unusual ways. Top dog rap artiste, Jesse Jagz,  who left his old record label, Chocolate City, to form his own, Jags Nation, before returning  to Chocolate City is no different from many others.
Jesse Jagz
Jesse Jagz
The rapper surprised Potpourri when he revealed his ideal woman. According to him, his ideal woman must be deaf and dumb. As odd as this may sound, the Choc City rapper has his reasons and he explains: “ If I tell you my ideal woman you will not believe me. My ideal woman is someone who is deaf and dumb so that I cannot be talking too much or listening to too much conversations.
It will give me time to focus on my music. There is also something I learnt from Seun Kuti about marriage, he said that with development and everything, the major part of marriage is commitment and submission, appearance don’t necessarily matter. To all the women I have this for you, the more you are getting educated and exposed, you must always remember that a man is always a man and a woman is always a woman.
A cat cannot be a dog and a dog can never be a cat. Another quality I am looking out for in a woman is that, my woman should be confident and beautiful. She should be hardworking and able to inspire me. And I am yet to meet the woman but it is not like if I find the person I am ready to get married now. With entertainment, it is very dicey when it comes to marriage stuff and relationship”.

No arrest warrant for Saraki — Police

Amid the controversy generated by the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) order for the arrest of Senate President Bukola Saraki, the police said, yesterday, they were yet to receive a bench warrant to effect it.
“I am yet to see one”, the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mr. Solomon Arase, said while responding to a Sunday Vanguard inquiry.
The CCT, headed by Justice Danladi Umar, had, in a ruling on Friday, ordered the IGP and other security agencies to arrest Saraki and produce him before it tomorrow (Monday) to face a 13-count charge bordering on corruption and false declaration of assets.  The order and subsequent bench warrant followed Saraki’s failure to appear before the tribunal for arraignment.
The CCT order was in negation of an Abuja Federal High Court order, on Thursday, stopping the tribunal from commencing the trial of the Senate President.
While stopping the trial, the High Court summoned the Federal Ministry of Justice to appear before it tomorrow (Monday) to show cause why Saraki should be prosecuted.
The court equally summoned the CCT Chairman, Umar; the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau, Mr. Sam Saba; as well as a Deputy Director in the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr. M.S. Hassan, who signed the charge sheet upon which Saraki is to be prosecuted at the CCT, to appear before it.
“The police are yet to receive the Code of Conduct Tribunal bench warrant”, ordering the Senate President’s arrest, a statement by the Force Public Relations Officer (FPRO), ACP Adebisi  Kolawole, also said, yesterday.
Meanwhile, senior lawyers, who spoke toSunday Vanguard, yesterday, faulted the order of Justice Umar, the CCT Chairman, which they described as judicial recklessness.
The Senior Advocates of Nigeria (SANs), including constitutional lawyer and human right activist, Chief Mike Ozehkome, equally dismissed the CCT’s position that it shares coordinate jurisdiction with the Federal High Court.
Ozehkome said:   “What Justice Umar did amounted to judicial recklessness and a deliberate invitation to anarchy. It is a clear example of using the institution of the judiciary to abuse the citizens fundamental right.
“It is judicial recklessness in the sense that there was already a subsisting order by Justice A.R. Mohammed of the FHC who had ordered the tribunal Chairman and officers of the Attorney General of the Federation that signed the charge against the Senate President to appear before him on Monday.
“In law, what Justice Umar ought to have done was to tell his lawyers to go to the Federal High Court to set aside the order or appeal against it. For him to have been shown a copy of the order and he said `I have seen it’ and still went ahead to issue a bench warrant against Saraki is most reckless and irresponsible.”
On the power of the CCT, the SAN said: “It is a fallacy for the CCT Chairman to think that he has coordinate jurisdiction with the Federal High Court. Maybe the Chairman is an illiterate on our law and constitutional organogram of the judiciary. If he is aware, he will know that the CCT is not part of the courts recognised by Section 6 of the Constitution which specifically lists all the superior courts and the CCT is not one of them.”
On his part, Mr. Utstaz Yunus Usman, SAN, said:  “My take is that if there is an order from another court, the CCT ought not to have  issued bench warrant because the Federal High Court, whether rightly or wrongly, if a court gives an order, even if you are of coordinate jurisdiction, the other court ought not to proceed with the matter.
“The CCT Chairman ought to have asked the prosecution to go and vacate the order of the Federal High Court first. It is very obvious from this case that politicians are trying to bring anarchy in this country. If there is an order, it ought to be vacated before the bench warrant. The way they are going, politicians should be careful not to bring anarchy and lawlessness to this nation.”
Similarly, an Abuja based lawyer, Mr. Ugochukwu Ezekiel, said:  “Basically, the CCT and the Federal High Court are two separate courts. Though I expected Saraki to   obey the summon of the court,  the manner    the bench warrant was issued even when a Senior Advocate of Nigeria had volunteered to produce him in court on the next adjourned date makes one suspicious of the motive behind the action of the CCT.
“The CCT should not have proceeded with the bench warrant. Lawyers are ministers in the temple of justice. If a SAN made an undertaking from the Bar, the tribunal ought to have held on till Monday”.