Wednesday, 25 November 2015

News News : Man shot and robbed in a Robbery attack at 5th Avenue in festac town, Lagos today.


Robbery at 5th Avenue in festac town  today.

According to a witness,it was said that A man came out from the bank &  some guys came down from okada and started shooting him & collected the money with him.

The guy shot him and he was rushed to a near by hospital in the same close
He later died 10mins later.  More details later...... 

Protest Across Chicago As Black Teen Is Shot 16 Times By White Copper,

Laquan McDonald

The video of the shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald (pictured inset) has been released and it’s chilling. The dashcam footage shows a white police officer, Jason Van Dyke, (pictured inset right) shooting Laquan dead on the streets of Chicago.

He shot Laquan 16 times at point blank range for 13 seconds as the young man laid motionless on the ground with smoke rising from his back.
The police officer claimed he felt threatened by the teenager and that was why he used his gun but he has since been charged with first-degree murder.

Yesterday, hundreds of protesters took to the streets after watching the video of the shooting which was released last night. They chanted ’16 shots’ and formed human blockades across roads in Chicago. Other demonstrators gathered outside police stations

Laquan McDonald (right) is carrying a small knife but can be seen walking away from police officers as they approach him

Dashcam footage shows McDonald after being shot by Van Dyke and falling to the ground
Van Dyke later walks up to McDonald’s dead body on the street and kicks the knife he was holding out of his hand
Van Dyke continued to shoot even as he lay motionless on the ground

Plane with 500 Nigerians deported from the UK arrives in Lagos

500 Nigerians have been deported from the United Kingdom and arrived the Murtala Mohammed International Airport Lagos this morning. Many of them were deported for illegal stay permits. When interviewed, one of them said he was arrested by British police and was not allowed to even take his belongings before being deported. UK government plans to deport 29,000 Nigerians.

The Nigerian government has frowned at the mass deportation, stating that efforts must be made by the UK government to ensure those being deported are really Nigerians, medically fit to travel and have a role to play in the country - meaning they should be able to fit into Nigerian society.

Check out Rihanna and her furry shoes pay the tattoo artist a visit (photos)

Rihanna stepped out to see her favourite tattoo artist, celeb inker Bang Bang in New York yesterday and ditched style for comfort as she spotted a pair of furry slippers. More photos after the cut...

Photos of some of the Nigerians deported from the UK today

500 Nigerians arrived Lagos today after they were bundled in a plane and deported from the UK by the UK government. More photos after the cut...

 Photo credit: BBC

Alleged kidnappers apprehended and beaten in Lagos (photos)

Two men were apprehended and beaten up by a mob in Agege, Lagos around 11am this morning after someone identified them as they allegedly tried to dupe a woman on the streets. The man raised alarm and claimed the men had also tried to swindle and kidnap him and people descended on them. See more photos after the cut...

Horny Pastor Caught On Camera Begging For Love From A Young Teenage Girl (VIDEO)

A SENIOR officer with the Salvation Army was “schooled” by an underage teenager that he was proposing love to when she became smart enough to record his advances on video using her smartphone.
Godwell Hufa whose rank with the church is that of Major and is stationed at the Mpopoma branch in Bulawayo has been for sometime trying to get a teenager (name supplied) from the church to fall in love with him.
In one of the video footages recorded by the teenager, the man of God is told to go to his wife but he says there is no one waiting for him at home.
In another clip the Major tells the teenager that they should find time to be together but complains that the girl was playing hard to get.
The teenager then asks him why he calls her using a private number of which the Major says he would be playing safe.
The Major also promised an incentive for his “catch-to-be” in the form of paying for her church trip. The amount was $10.
In some of the messages the Major even asks to visit the teenager at her home since she had told him that she was home alone.
His reason for wanting to see her was to “plan issues to do with L” — L standing for life.
The teenager alerted some of her family members who instructed her to record and file every communication coming from the Major.
“This is not fair, she is in form 3 and someone as old as her grandfather wants her to be his girlfriend. That is outright wrong,” said a cousin of the teenager.
When called, Major Hufa at first pleaded for the story not to be written.
“Please don’t write that. Can I call you at around 6pm (Tuesday),” he said.
As it would turn out, he never called and when he was called for the second time he answered the phone and then handed it to a woman.
“We have no comment about your story,” the woman said, although she was never part of the story at any point.
At first the teenager was scared of talking to our source but her relatives assured her that she would be protected.
“He started telling me that he loved me at a youth camp in Matopo but I ignored him until last month when he offered to pay $10 for a junior soldiers camp we had in Sauerstown. He said I should come to his house to collect the money on a Tuesday because his wife would not be at home,” she said.
With video evidence in hand the pair reported Hufa to the divisional commander of the Salvation Army who promised to take action within two days.
“It’s been three weeks since we reported him to the divisional commander but we have not been given a response. It’s clear the church elder is protecting the reverend and the image of the church,” said the cousin.
Two other young girls are believed to have been victims of the reverend’s sexual advances since he joined the Mpopoma branch.
“They are too scared to come forward but we thought with this kind of evidence (video) the church will be forced to take action,” she added.

Marriage to Jada has been difficult, grueling – Will Smith admits

47-year-old actor Will Smith opened up about his 20-year marriage to his wife, Jada Pinkett at the Nov. 23 premiere of his new movie, ‘Concussion,’ where he said despite their refusal to split, their relationship is both ‘grueling’ and ‘excruciating.’ He said this when he was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, when they asked him how they keep their relationship so strong.

“We've been married 20 years and we've been asking ourselves [what’s the secret to marriage] and really at the end of the day it’s just not quitting,” the 47-year-old actor said of Pinkett Smith, who he first started dating in 1995 and then married two years later. “You can’t expect it to be easy, it’s like our marriage was the most difficult, grueling, excruciating thing that we have ever taken on in our lives. And you know were just not quitters.”
“If there is a secret I would say is that we never went into working in our relationship,” he continued. “We only ever worked on ourselves individually, and then presented ourselves to one another better than we were previously.”

Mum shares heartbreaking last picture of toddler before she was raped and murdered by stepmother

A mum has shared the heartbreaking last picture she took of her daughter before she was sexually assaulted and murdered. Lauren Furneaux posted the picture of two-year-old Lily, sitting by a Christmas tree, on Facebook. With it she shared the horrific story of the toddler's death to raise awareness of child abuse five years on from the tragedy.

Lauren had handed Lily over to her father, Jeff Wolfenberger, 29, to spend time with him and his partner, Renee King, 28. 
She had only been parted from her daughter for a few hours when she received a call from Wolfenberger telling her Lily was in hospital after King had 'fallen on her in the shower'.

Read her story below:

This is the last picture I will ever have of my baby girl. 5 years ago right now she was eating lucky charms with my dad when I told her we had to get dressed. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "why mommy?" And all I could do was say "I'm sorry baby." I held her hand as she cried on the way to meet her "father". She asked if we could go to splash village and I told her we would when there was snow on the ground. She asked if Barney could come to her birthday an...d I told her that he would. And the last promise I made her was that one day she wouldn't have to go to their house.

We got to the meeting spot and she was crying saying mommy please don't make me go. I just kept telling her I'm sorry baby and I love you and I will see you tomorrow. He took her and she continued to cry. He let her give me one last kiss and he walked away as she screamed and reached trying to get back to me. You never forget that sound.

I went home to get things ready for her to come back. I was going to clean our room and meet my cousin Erica to give her some of Lily's old toys. And I was going to go Christmas shopping.

I was at Walmart when my mom and dad texted they arrived at our cabin 3 hours away. They sent me a picture of a 3 foot princess stocking and told me to start shopping for stocking stuffers. I was in the stocking stuffer isle at Walmart at 3:01 pm when I looked at my phone and saw her "father" calling.

I picked it up and he said to get to the macomb general hospital right now. That there was an accident and Renee fell on Lily in the shower. I asked if she was ok and he said he didn't know and to just get there right away. I left my cart and sped walked to the car thinking that's it! She's not going back. 

Thinking it was a broken arm or leg. I called my mom and she said to meet my uncle at my house and he would drive me. They were on their way. So I pulled in my driveway jumped in the passenger seat as him and my cousin jumped in and we left. He drove as fast as he could trying to get their but it was rush hour traffic.

Her "father" kept calling and saying where are you? I told him I was trying to get there as fast as I could but the hospital was an hour an a half away without traffic. I asked if she was ok and he hung up on me. This continued a few more times before I called the hospital.

I asked the nurse if she was ok and she said the words I will never forget, "I wouldn't be telling you this over the phone but you need to get here. It's bad. She's been back there with the doctors for an hour and she has no pulse." I don't remember the rest of the ride. I remember asking my 14 year old cousin to call everyone and ask them to pray. I should have never put that responsibility on her. 

When we arrived at the Er they made my uncle move the car. Her "father" was standing outside smoking as I opened the door. My knees gave out and I couldn't stand. I asked him if she was ok and he said no. I asked him if she was alive and he said no. My world came crashing down at that moment.

When the detective came in later she asked what type of underwear was Lily wearing and asked if I helped wipe her that morning when she used the potty. I told her I did and she asked if there was blood. I told her no. My mom said why are you asking these questions. The detective said because Lily was severely sexually abused preceding her death.

We went home that night and sat in the car. How do you go back into a house that the one person who made it a home is never coming back? How do you go on when all your hopes and dreams are taken away? It was just supposed to be 33 hours, not a lifetime. To this day I hate when my parents go anywhere far away because I'm scared something is going to happen. To this day I can't go in that isle of Walmart. To this day I can't wake up on November 20th and not replay every horrific moment.

I miss you Lily to infinity and beyond always and forever and I will never stop fighting for you. So if you are still reading at this point please share Lily's story today. Please make a choice to be her voice because there is no excuse for child abuse. And please hug your children a little tighter and longer as none of us are promised tomorrow. Thank you all for your support! God bless you!‪#‎justiceforlily‬ ‪#‎lilysvoice‬ ‪#‎30daysoflily‬

King was found guilty of raping and murdering Lily following a trial in February 2012 and jailed for life.

Pregnant Coco shows off her baby bump again!!!

Coco will be having her baby in a few weeks, her first child with husband Ice T. She shared the below photo from week 36 of her pregnancy. She will be 37 weeks in 3 days time. 

Check out this Nigeria lady, she put her sexy body on display.

What do you think guys about this lady, is she sexy or trashy  ??? 

Throwing our aged parents in the Trash Bin - Charly Boy

A very interesting article by Charles Oputa boy aka Charly Boy. Read below...
Life as we all know evolves in stages. From birth, we begin the process of aging. All things being equal, majority of us will grow old. Thus it will be apt to say that aging is inevitable for us. So why do we as a society pay the least attention to this process. What kinda welfare system should we have in order to adequately take care of our aged, (The old people in our society/parents or relatives) especially the ones we love.
For three years before my father passed, he was never paid his pension. My mum is going through the same thing. I keep wondering, what if the financial or emotional means to take care of them was lacking, they probably will be like some of our aged pensioners who probably die standing in line waiting for their pension that never came.

I am of the opinion we are not doing enough as a society. It is deplorable that so many people work and expend all their energy and when they become old, there's no one to really take care of them. In one episode of my radio show (Talk Junction), we talked about the need for parents to ensure that they bond with their children because we believe that children who have a close bond with their parents are the ones most likely to take charge and care of them in their old age. That's the way society is meant to evolve. we as children should be the ones to look after our parents, yes it is the African way. They slaved and spent all their lives looking after us so it is expected that we in return should take care of them. My parents lived with me for several years after their retirement. My widowed mum is 97 years old and I can't imagine her living anywhere else but with me. Being the primary caregiver and living again under the same roof with your parents is an enormous role reversal.

Most of us living with aged parents find it difficult to balance our own busy schedules with looking after an aged parent so much so that sometimes it could be misconstrued as not caring. For some, it could be that the global financial mess, has left us thinking about self and our survival only. But this piece is about those who can but don't want to. I am of the opinion that not just government but also the corporate bodies need to focus more on developing policies that protect this age bracket. In more developed society it is very easy to see a nursing home systems that caters to the old people but how effective can that be in our country. This is a place where most pensioners can't even get access to their pension after retirement. Corruption has eaten so deep into our various systems that even the basic are not provided by the system. For me  nursing homes are so impersonal and that is not our culture in Africa. 

For people like us who don't have the benefits of earning any pension, we are on our own. God forbid that in our old age we become either a liability to our children or worse still, a liability to ourselves. We have all seen the antecedents of government towards the aged and until a miracle happens, I'm not sure that will change  anytime soon. I have never worked for anyone so what I've done is that through all the years, I have consistently put aside a monthly savings in a fixed account on regular basis which I haven't touched for over 30 years despite sometimes my financial hardship. Planing, saving and discipline is the key to making the twilight years of our lives easier.

A lot of people wake up to the reality that after years of service, they don't have much to show for it and that can lead to bitterness in old age. My summary on this will be to advice all of us to learn to cultivate the habit of saving for this phase of our life's. We must imbibe the attitude of saving for the rainy day and our old age is the rainy day.      
One day, we as parents won't be able to drive, to climb stairs, or maybe even change our own clothes or feed ourselves. As painful as thinking about this might be, we need to prepare for our comfort and safety in the last stages of our lives. My  prayer for us parents is to have children who will keep us company in our old age maybe take care of us with love and anything else. Ka chineke mezieokwu.

Liberian Boy Dies Of Ebola In First Case Since July

According to NBC News, a Liberian teenager succumbed to Ebola, becoming the first person to die of the virus since the country declared itself Ebola-free over the summer.

 The boy, Nathan Gbotoe, died on Monday according to Liberia's chief medical officer Francis Kateh.

The virus’ reappearance confused health experts, who noted that there are no other known Ebola cases in the immediate area.  More than 100 people who had contact with the family of Nathan Gbotoe have been placed under surveillance, including 10 health workers.  

Thus far, Liberia has been declared Ebola twice, the last known case of Ebola was in July. Since the outbreak occurred in the West African region in March 2014 more than 28,000 have been infected with 11,300 having died of the virus. 

NBC NEWS reportage

Mad woman rips out child from a pregnant woman’s womb

Ashleigh Wade, 22, slit the throat of Angelikque Sutton, 22, who was her heavily pregnant best friend, then gutted her womb with the knife and performed a personal cesarean on her, stabbing and cutting her womb open, then ripped her baby girl out, after which she called her boyfriend to inform him she just had a baby.

Mad woman rips out child from a pregnant woman's womb
Proclaiming maniacally, to her boyfriendAngel Praylow, 27, when he finally arrived, “IT’S MY BABY” while still soaked in the dead woman’s blood. She claims self-defense.

The crazy woman who is from Bronx, was desperate to have a child so she feigned pregnant for her boyfriend Angel who was under the impression his girlfriend was really pregnant and expecting to deliver on November 15th.
Ashleigh who’s being referred to as psychotic following her bizarre actions on Friday, has been friends with Angelikque, the slain mother-to-be since they were kids and is presumed to have invited her into her home (Ashleigh Wade’s house) where the crazy operation had gone down. They had lost touch few years back and had only reconnected recently on Facebook.
Angel Praylow was basking in the euphoria of being a dad soon. He had been posting pictures of baby girl clothes and pictures of the sonograms for months.
Mad woman rips out child from a pregnant woman's womb
When Ashleigh didn’t give birth on her supposed due date ie November 15th, he posted on his Facebook account, that same day, “She’s not ready to come yet”, probably still believing his girlfriend was going to have a baby
He informed the police whom he had called at 2pm that his girlfriend Ashleigh had summoned him to their home in Wakefield after she had gutted Angelikque and was holding unto the baby when he arrived the brainsick scene, still covered in her best-friend’s blood while declaring that she had just given birth and the baby was hers.
He managed to take the baby from Ashleigh and was cradling the healthy newborn outside their home when the police arrived.

When officers got to the gut-wrenching scene, Ashleigh kept insisting to them that the baby was hers, “It’s my baby” though her home which was the set for the maniacal act proved otherwise since the umbilical cord and placenta were lying on the floor next to the slain mother-to-be Angelikque.
She had cut the umbilical cord herself with the knife.
While Praylow was informed his baby girl will drop in on November 15th, Ashleigh had told neighbors (Marrie Sledge, her landlord’s friend) she was due next week. She said “Wade said she’d be due next Monday, she was kind of heavy. I’m really upset because she was such a nice person. Something’s wrong with her. The couple was very nice”.

Angelikque Sutton, pronounced dead on arrival                                            Angelikque
Others who gave description of Ashleigh’s demeanor after the attack says she was in a state of shock as her face was expressionless while sitting in the back of the police car to be taken into custody. Her hands were still covered in blood.
Her Landlord, Angela Parris, told The Times that Wade said she had gone to the hospital few weeks ago because she had a complication called placenta trivia which is a pregnancy condition where the opening of the mother’s cervix is covered either partially or fully by the placenta.
Angelique Sutton and her daughter’s father, Patrick Bradley had used the baby-gift registry site, The Bump, to solicit for baby gifts. Records had their due date listed as December 2nd 2015. They had hoped to receive a pink flannel receiving blankets, pink bird-debecked crib bedding, and pink folding hamper.
Although the baby survived, Angelikque Sutton was pronounced dead on arrival. A DNA test confirmed Bradley is the father and he named e her Genesis. Bradley and Sutton were supposed to get married that day.
A search warrant needs to be authorized before any tests to decide if Ashleigh Wade was actually pregnant can be carried out as Ashleigh is refusing to give deliberate consent. If she refuses the warrant, she’ll serve time for obstruction of justice.
She was transferred to Elmhurst Center Hospital in Queens to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. She has been charged with murder, man-slaughter, and criminal possession of a weapon.
Ashleigh Wade also claims she acted in self-defense, stating that her best-friend Angelikque had come at her with the knife (in her house ie Ashleigh’s House) and she had defended herself while mistakenly stabbing her Angelikque in the torso and back with the knife.
She only ripped her womb open to save the infant when she felt Angelikque was about to die. Really? Really Ashleigh? Like how dumb do you think we are?
Plus, reports have it that this isn’t the first time Ashleigh had claimed being pregnant, she had as she called family members in 2014 and told them she had been pregnant but had lost the baby only to get defensive when asked what she had given birth in or further details for the miscarriage. She’s said to have an obsession for babies.
mad woman rips out baby from a pregnant woman's womb

Bronx Councilman Andy King said “It looks like the baby was surgically removed. This is unforeseeable. With the holidays approaching, what a bloody way to start the season”.
“Now what do you feel? If she was your sister or daughter or your girlfriend would you want Ashleigh to be set free on grounds of mental issues or she should serve time?”
Moral of this real news, Don’t be desperate for a child else the devil can come in and finger your mind to do something bizarre.

Khloe K says she is healing from staph infection

Khloe K who has been battling a staph infection informed her fans on Tuesday that she is healing and her temporary quarantine due to the infection is over.
She wrote on Twitter: 'I'm so blessed I'm doing better and my infection is healing. I was able to be out and about today... Quarantine is over lol'.

Check out the photo August Alsina just posted on instagram

WT? The singer shared the photo claiming its from his Song Cry video shoot.

Heidi Klum poses topless as she promotes her lingerie line

Heidi Klum promoted her line of lingerie, 'Heidi Klum Intimates' with a very sexy Instagram photo of herself topless and she captioned it "'Love being cheeky in my @heidiklumintimates,'