Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Love in the air !!!!!

Dear readers ,

Its that time of the year again when love is celebrated.
I decided to share some important details that could help
your relationship and make it stronger .

might even get you the girl or guy of your dreams or something really

Well I will give you a gift by informing the world about
"The  five love languages that could help your love life , relationship
and even marriage .
The five love languages is written by gary chapman and it consist of
Word of affirmation ,Act of servics ,Receiving gifts ,Quality time and
physical touch.

Go to his website and take the test . Find out what your partner love
language is.

Happy valentine's day in advance to the World . We all really deserve
to be loved ,cared for and all the good stuffs that comes with love "wink wink ".

Touching story


Hello world
click on the link above to watch this touching story of a fathers love for his child.
Hello World

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                              Article about love & money

Life a place to conquer.Do we really conquer it ? When death still takes us away from our loved ones . Love is all we humans really want. Money is the desire of every human. We crave for money and love . Some are lucky to get both but not everyone is that lucky . Which is more important to u if your asked to choose either love or the quest for money ?

 Sex a very strong topic in the world.Alot of people pretend to acknowledge it but alot of folks still practice it . I know someone who says to me that what gives him happiness is sex and food . Sex is beautiful as experinced by two and yet not enjoyed by all.some enjoy it more than others .