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Check out this girl born without a va gin

Meet 19-Year-Old Girl Without VA GINA And Can’t Have S EX (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
A teenager with a rare medical condition has revealed how she was born without a va gina which by implication, makes s ex a ruled out deal for her.
19-year-old Jaqui Beck of Isle of Wight, said she had no idea that she didn’t have a va gina until she was 17 when she went for a routine trip to see her doctor about lower back pain.
According to her, she told the doctor that she still hadn’t had her first period and after series of tests, the doctor found out that Beck has Müllerian agenesis, better known as MRKH, a rare syndrome where a woman is born with no cervix, womb or va gina.
Daily Mail reported that she had what looked like a ‘dimple’ where her va gina should have been, and could never have s ex or give birth to her own child.
She hadn’t discovered the condition before, because until that point she had never had a s exual relationship.
Beck said, “I felt like a freak. I was sure the doctor had got it wrong.
“I left the doctors in tears…I would never know what it was like to give birth, be pregnant, have a period.
“All the things I had imagined doing suddenly got erased from my future. I was really angry and felt like I wasn’t a real woman any more.”
“It wasn’t really a conscious decision not to have a boyfriend. “I just didn’t really fancy any of the boys in my area, which is lucky, considering what I know now.”
Now, Beck is learning to live with her condition and focus on what she’s has and forget about what she doesn’t have.
She struggled to cope with shame and the stigma attached to her condition, but it was through receiving specialist treatment at the Queen Charlotte and Chelsea hospital London, that she began to see hope in the situation and meet others like herself.
She said, “At the hospital, they referred me to a network of other women who have the same condition.
“It was great to speak to other girls who felt like me.
“The first time the nurse showed me how to use a dilator I nearly died of embarrassment.
“But now I’ve got used to it, I see it as any other form of treatment.”
Thanks to the treatment she received to stretch her va ginal canal, and hopefully enable her to have s ex when she feels like giving it a shot.
Notwithstanding, Beck feels her condition is beneficial for wedding so it could scare off the men that aren’t genuine, and eventually get her the man of her dreams.
She said, “If he has a problem with it, then he’s not the kind of guy I want to go out with,” she said.
“I’m a hopeless romantic and I see it as a great test of someone’s character. Instead of focusing on it putting off men, I actually think it will help me find, ‘the one’.”
source: talkofnaija

“Aregbesola lodged N35bn bailout in fixed deposit for profit” – PDP

Supreme Court upholds Aregbesola’s victoryThe Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Osun state chapter has accused the Osun State Governor, Rauf Aregbesola, of fixing the N34.988bn bailout received from the Central Bank of Nigeria for two months with a commercial bank.
Its spokesman, Diran Odeyemi, in a statement in Osogbo on Monday said Osun received the fund about two weeks ago but that the governor decided to lodge it in a fixed deposit in order to attract interest.
The statement partly read, “Only paper work was completed last week. But since the arrival of the money exactly 14 days ago, Mr. Aregbesola in his usual ‘I don’t care nature’ instead of commencing payments of workers dues, lodged the N35bn given to the state.
“According to our findings, the bank that agreed to give Mr. Aregbesola the biggest interest running into several millions of naira was given the money to fix.
“The governor is buying time, for over two weeks now, he had been hiding behind staff screening to fish out ghost workers and the exercise is designed to last for another eight weeks.”
The PDP said the party was concerned by the suffering the workers and pensioners were going through due to the delay in payment of their salaries and pensions.
But reacting, Semiu Okanlawon, the governor’s media aide said the PDP fabricated the date, insisting that the fund was received even when the CBN said the money was released last week.
He said, “The verification exercise which the party claims is the subterfuge for this alleged lodgement in a fixed deposit account for personal gains is being handled with active involvement of civil servants.
“Does the PDP expect the workers themselves to delay the verification for its imagined interests on the funds to materialise?
“Its claim that bailout was paid two weeks ago further confirms its dubious intention because even the Central Bank of Nigeria still confirmed the list of states that first received their shares while the same CBN said other states would get theirs on or before the end of last week.
“The PDP would do well to tell the world where it got its own information on the date of the bailout release to Osun as well as provide evidence of the alleged lodgement.”
Daily Post. 

El Rufai abolishes admission fees in state owned tertiary institutions

Kaduna state governor, Nasir El REufai has abolished all forms of charges placed by the state owned tertiary institutions for the processing of admison to prospective students. Governor El Rufai abolished the admission charges during the state executive meeting. Samuel Aruwan, the Special Assistant, Media and Publicity who announced this in a statement said;

"Dr. Shehu Usman Adamu, the commissioner of education, announced the cabinet decision that henceforth admission forms and admission processes will be free in all tertiary institutions owned by the state government. Adamu said that under no condition should scratch cards be sold to admission-seekers for access to school portals.

He explained that council is persuaded that the aspirations of young people for admission into higher institutions should not be treated as a revenue source. Adamu also conveyed the council decision that all non-teaching occupants of school quarters should vacate the premises within 90 days, while teachers transferred to other schools will have six months to give up their former quarters.

More photos from Kylie Jenner's Galore Magazine shoot

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian looks stunning for her latest outing in New York City.

Pregnant Kim Kardashian experimented with a Gothic look for her latest outing in New York. 

The pregnant reality star wore an all black ensemble that featured heavy leather boots and a velvet jacket on Tuesday. 

It was a rather bizarre choice given the sweltering weather in the Big Apple. 

Nollywood Actor Prince James Uche Reaches Out to Fans for Financial Assistance as he Battles Diabetes & Hypertension

princeNollywood actor Prince James Uche has, in a video, reached out to Nigerians assist him with monetary donations.
The actor says that there has been help from the AGN but his critical illness demands more.
According to his rep, he has been battling diabetes and hypertension for the past 7 to 8 years.
Over the weekend AGN PresidentIbinabo Fiberesima stated that he hasn’t been forgotten but according to Prince Uche’s rep, a lot of the promises made have not been fulfilled.
Watch the video below:
*The video was first released in August 2013 and sadly the situation is still the same
*To donate you can call Praiz Aansi on 08064745055 or email him aticonpee@yahoo.com

Lol !!! Villagers Play On Snooker Made From Clay Using Cucumber As Balls

Photo of the day!!! 

US warns of 'terrorist' attack threat in South Africa

The United States embassy in South Africa on Tuesday, September 8 issued a rare 'terrorist threat' warning to US interests in the country, and advised its citizens to be on heightened alert against attack, AFP reports. The security message issued by the embassy in Pretoria said there was no information on the possible timing or target in South Africa.
Extremists may be targeting US interests in South Africa, to possibly include US Government facilities and other facilities identifiable with US business interests," the embassy statement said.
Remain aware and vigilant of your surroundings. Be vigilant and take appropriate steps to enhance your personal security."
A spokesman for the South African ministry of state security told AFP that the government was aware of the US announcement, but that it had no immediate comment.

The embassy issued a general security alert last week ahead of the September 11 attacks anniversary, but the warning on Tuesday appeared to signal a new level of concern. Security analyst Ryan Cummings said the US had last issued a "terror threat" in South Africa in 2009.

The embassy was unable to confirm the date. "One would not immediately associate South Africa with Islamic extremism, which is the driver of international terrorism against US interests," said Cummings, a Cape Town-based analyst at Red 24, a risk management firm.

"We haven't had an extensive history of transnational terrorists targeting US interests (but) there has been evidence that South Africa serves as some form of a gateway or potential logistics and financial hub. "The fact that this warning speaks specifically to South Africa means the perceived threat is specifically within our borders."

Source -AFP

Read a mother's response after her breastfeeding pic was reported to Facebook

Donnette Skellington put up a photo of her breastfeeding her baby and it was reported by some Facebook users to Facebook. She fired back at those who reported the photo by putting up yet another breastfeeding photo and captioned the photo
"To the losers who reported my breastfeeding photo,It's not coming down. Since you cannot mind your own, I'll be posting many more. Oh and good luck getting them all down!" #Normalizebreastfeeding"

Woman Applies ‘make Up’ On Her Face Before Accepting Her Man’s Proposal (photos)


Meet the bride-to-be who chose to apply ‘make up’ on her face before accepting her man’s proposal

Ladies, how would you rather react when your soulmate eventually pops the ‘will you marry’ question?
The other day, a lady ran away at first impulse when she sighted the ring (HERE), but this time, the lady in question, Afaa chose to apply make up on her face first :)
You see, Afaa and Percy will be getting married in December but they have been gracious enough to share their beautiful love and proposal story with us, enjoy!njll
Their love story
Afaa and Percy have got a Never say Never love story, that is, fight for what you believe in and go for what you want, yea go for it.
Percy first spotted Afaa in September 2013, at Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja when she was returning to Port- Harcourt after attending her sister’s law call to bar ceremony in Abuja.
In that moment, Percy said to himself, this is my wife but he could not foster the courage to walk up to her so he just sat there and admired her from a distance till her flight was announced and she walked away to board the plane.
afaa and percy7
He began regretting why he did not ask for her number after she had gone but as God would have it, he came across a guy who works with Arik Airlines who had helped him purchase his ticket earlier.

Well, they got chatting and lo and behold, the guy also turned out to be her airline ticket agent,he immediately asked him for her contact number and even had to give him some money in exchange for her number.afaa and percy6
Filled with so much joy he began calling and unfortunately Afaa was very reluctant to give him any audience because she did not personally give him her number and didn’t entertain such gestures but Percy was adamant and very persistent and kept calling and messaging her but Afaa did not bulge.
8 months later, Percy travelled abroad on a course and one noon, he came across Afaa’s Facebook profile and watsapp picture on his colleague and friends’ phone.
afaa and percy5afaa and percy4
He was really excited and pleaded for an introduction between them but his colleague failed to introduce him to her.
Fast forward to June 2014, he attended a party with that same colleague of his and while the party was ongoing,  Afaa walked in with her twin sister and a friend.
Afaa and Percy1Afaa and Percy2
Percy quickly rushed over to her with his friend by his side and he ensured that the latter introduced him to her.
Trying to play nice, Percy offered to get her drinks but she turned down the request, he also asked for a dance but got turned down too. Well this time, Percy was determined and bold so he kept pushing. When it seemed he wasn’t getting attention, he went down on his knees and pleaded saying
“Dear Afaa, I won’t leave til I have your number and permission to call you”.
The act made her smile.
Afaa and Percy
However, she promised to give him the phone number another day, that is, when next she saw him.
After a while she walked out of the party and got into her car ready to drive off,  only for Percy to show up in front of the car saying  “you will hit me today if you don’t give me your number.”
Afaa was like “Dude, are you this desperate…”
It was really funny but Afaa’s twin sister persuaded her to give him the phone number. It wasn’t until he got the number that he let her drive off.
afaaafaa2afaa3  afaa5afaa6
Soon, the phone calls began.
Afaa wasn’t totally receptive but she picked up the calls and spoke to him not withstanding, she kept posting him until one day when she randomly decided to meet with him and have dinner.
The dinner was like magic, they clicked, they chatted all through the evening…they went on multiple dates afterwards and soon became inseparable.
Five months after, on the 13th of December Percy proposed to her at a close knit inter-family get together night which held at her elder brother’s house.
He proposed with a long heartfelt speech, beautiful roses, 18k diamond ring with blue rubies.
Afaa who was the only one that didn’t see the proposal coming (He planned it with everyone at the get together) was stunned.
She blinked and immediately called her twin sister to help put up a little make up on her face.
“I don’t want to look plain in the photos” she said.
Afaa and Percy3
Everyone burst into laughter. After the make up was done, she smiled, accepted the ring and said Yes!
Wedding in Nigeria