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Julius Agwu To Open A Christian Nightclub???

Ace Comedian, Julius Agwu, has openly said that he has re-dedicated his life to God after surviving a brain surgery.

According to him, God has given him a second chance to life after he was pronounced dead by doctors after a seizure he went through.

He has said he was going to lead a practical Christian life from henceforth.
In a recent interview, he made it known that as a man that has re-dedicated his life to God, he would be opening a
Christian nightclub at Lekki in two months time.

The name of Julius Agwu’s club will beBeliever’s Lounge (The Tabernacle).
He said there will be no alcohol and smoking in his lounge.

The Comedian is also going to launch a TV show which he calls C.E.O (Christian Executive Outreach).

Check out 22 signs that show you’re moving from sex to marriage soon

No doubt  modern relationship is all about  SEX, especially for the guys.
A guy sees a girl, he likes her body parts, asks her out, she likes his looks (and maybe his wallet/intelligence), accepts and sooner than soon, they are rumpling sheets.

This sheet-rumpling may go on until one or both get bored and find another bedroom mate/lover.
Sadder still, one may want marriage – usually the woman, while the other just wants to hit.

Well, instead of wasting your time in a relationship where you are just a sex partner, you might want to find out how to know if your relationship is healthy and may become something permanent.

Wha’anda brings you 22 signs that show you’re moving from sex to marriage soon:

  1. You both have the spare keys to each other’s houses.
  2. You both don’t lock the door when bathing or taking a shit.
  3. You can wear his clothes, or you let her wear your clothes without worries.
  4. You can fart in openly and laugh together over it.
  5. You help each other shave the private places.
  6. You don’t have to do makeup or shave beards before meeting.
  7. You leave your cloths in each other’s apartments.
  8. You do laundry for him or her.
  9. You can miss birthdays or not buy Valentine gifts and it doesn’t cause a fight.
  10. You discuss health problems and care for each other when ill.
  11. You talk are comfortable being naked together without having sex.
  12. You discuss about number of kids and wedding ideas.
  13. You take showers together.
  14. You buy matching clothes or dress alike when going out.
  15. You cook local food together and mess up the kitchen together.
  16. You can answer each other’s phone.
  17. Your friends and family members call you when they need to speak to him or her.
  18. Your pet names for each other are known by your friends.
  19. You use the some body lotion and perfumes, even though you weren’t before
  20. You discuss past relationships at ease.
  21. You discuss business/future ambitions or your partner always asks your future plans.
  22. You make joint investments.
Lastly, as a bonus, when you and your lover get to a point where you don’t have sex each time you meet and yet you are happy, then you’re both in it.
If you find all or many of these signs, start saving up for a wedding!

Shocking :Prince Forced Maids To Work Naked, Fart In His Face And Have Sex With Him

A Saudi Arabian prince is accused of having forced sex with male and female help, taking cocaine and threatening to kill women who refused his advances.

Prince Majed bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud found himself in the middle of a controversy after his female servants accused him of repeatedly forcing himself on them, engaging in a gay-sex act, threatening a woman’s life, demanding an assistant to fart in his face while others watched.

The women claimed that the son of late Saudi King Abdullah became abusive and aggressive after he snorted cocaine and drank a lot of alcohol during a four-day party with prostitutes at his $37 million mansion in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA.

The bizarre incident came to light only when his neighbors noticed a bleeding woman trying to flee the property and called the police. The 39-year-old prince was arrested on September 25. Al Saud was accused of assault and battery, false imprisonment, forced oral copulation and emotional distress.

However, he was allowed to leave custody after posting a $300,000 bail. The prince is now facing a year in jail and a $3,000 fine, a court date will be scheduled for later this year.

News News :Three new cases of Ebola recorded in Guinea

According to a senior health official in Guinea who spoke yesterday Wednesday, October 28, three more people have been infected with the Ebola virus. According toFode Tass Sylla, spokesman for the national centre for the fight against Ebola, the three were infected in Forecariah in western Guinea from the family of a woman who died of Ebola and whose body was handled without appropriate protection.
 "In all, nine sick people are being treated at our centres throughout the country and most are connected to the dead woman," he told Reuters, adding that authorities had known of the three fresh cases since Saturday.

True or false :Serena Williams dating Alexis Ohanian, Reddit co-founder..........

By now you all know that Serena and Drake are no longer seeing each other following their 2-months fling that lasted for a few weeks. According to multiple reports, Serena Williams is now dating Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian. A source told Us Weekly they spotted Serena and Alexis together and that, “He called her babe and they held hands.”

'I said no pictures'North West - The Balmain Ballerina...tells paparazzi

The two-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wore an adorable white tutu and custom-made Balmain coat to her Ballet class. Pics taken by paparazzi show her arriving at the dance studio in LA. There's also an adorable video trending on Instagram in which she warns photographers in a cute voice to stop taking pictures saying ' I said no pictures'. see more pics and the video...

Watch the video below...

Prophet Ignis Iribhogbe says ‘I See Nigeria Split Into 5 Countries’

I have a dream that the ongoing blood letting by Islamist terrorist  group, Boko Haram, will come to an end and will surprisingly usher in, an era of peace, tranquility and progress for all parts of the present contraption called ‘Nigeria’.
I have a dream that a “Nigerian Goberchev” will arise and break the fraudulent/imposed geographical contraption into 5 (five) viable countries as follows:

1. Biafra (present Southeast zone) comprising the core Ndigbo,
2. O’odua (present Southwest plus Yoruba speaking areas of Kwara and Kogi)
3. Niger Delta (present South South),
4. Federation of Central Nigeria (present Plateau, Benue, some parts of Nasarawa, and Southern Kaduna),
5.Islamic Caliphate of Nigeria (the remaining parts of present Northern Nigeria).

Thenceforth, there will be no more religious riots nor senseless bloodshed of the present type typified by Boko Haram. Rather, the present northern elders will coalesce into the ruling oligarchy of the caliphate and their topmost emirs will be called Ayatollahs.
Meanwhile, the present contraption will metamorphose into an economic subregion rivalling ECOWAS, and with healthy economic rivalry between the emerging component nations.
I have a dream.
Ignis Iribhogbe is a prophet, an apostle of Jesus Christ, and a social commentator. He is a graduate of the University of Benin.
Source:-The Trent

Khloe Kardashian and bf James Harden are still together

According to E! News, Khloe Kardashian and bf James Harden are still together.
According to a close source:
"Khloe and James never broke up. He's been so understanding and he knows that Khloe's love for Lamar is deeper than what most people can understand,"
"He's been very understanding and supportive. Lamar has a long road ahead of him and Khloe will always have the love she has for Lamar.
Khloe explained in her People interview that:
"He's been great with me, and I'm just allowing everything to unfold,"If it's ever too overwhelming [for him], then I understand that as well."

Man admits to the manslaughter of a Nigerian in London

On Tuesday October 28, Evan Edwards (left) pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of Babafemi Junaid, 22, (right) following a retrial at the Old Bailey.

Police were called at around 17:40hrs on Friday, 7 February 2014 to reports of a man stabbed. Upon arrival they found Babafemi suffering from a stab wound to the chest. He was taken by London Ambulance Service to hospital but he later died that evening. A post-mortem examination gave the cause of death as a single stab wound to the heart.
Babafemi became the inadvertent focus of an attack by a group after a disturbance on a 155 bus spilled out onto the street. 
He was not on the bus but was waiting at the bus stop when the disturbance spilled out onto the pavement at Stockwell station. As he attempted to get away from the fracas he was targeted, chased and attacked by the group.
During the attack one of the attackers was witnessed waving a knife, Babafemi fell to the ground. He managed to run to his car which was a short distance away but, as a result of his injuries, crashed his car into the back of a bus soon after. 
The same group that initially attacked him then set upon him again opening three of its doors to kick and punch him until bystanders came over to intervene. 
Babefemi's attackers then fled the scene.
Detectives launched a murder investigation and which resulted in a number of people getting arrested including Edwards who was arrested on Thursday, 13 February 2014 at his place of work.
"This was a horrific incident which culminated in a violent disturbance on a bus and sadly led to a young man losing his life. I hope today's guilty plea goes some way to helping Babafemi's family move on from what has been an extremely distressing experience." Detective Inspector David Reid of Homicide and Major Crime Command, said

Edwards will be sentenced at the Old Bailey on Tuesday, 24 November for manslaughter and violent disorder.

Buhari says 'We will vigorously pursue the recovery of stolen funds'

President Buhari says his administration will vigorously pursue stolen funds so as to deter others from coming into government for personal gains. Addressing members of the Nigerian community in India today October 28th, Buhari said the recovery of stolen funds and prosecution of persons who have been indicted for corrupt practices will continue to be vigorously pursued so that it will serve as a deterrent to others who nurse the ambition of seeking public office solely for illegal personal gain.

"The anti-corruption campaign will be on-going for many years. We are committed to the enthronement of good governance that plugs the loopholes in public sector accounting, and the use of scarce resources for public good. We are determined to demonstrate exemplary leadership that will make our citizens to change their ways in a manner that lays a solid foundation for reconstruction and development. I am confident that our approach to fighting corruption through value re-orientation, improved internal processes and systems and the rule of law, as well as enhancing the capacity of the various anti-corruption agencies and institutions will prove more enduring in addressing this evil. In the meantime, we will continue to prosecute those who have been indicted for corrupt practices and ensure that stolen funds are recovered, to serve as deterrence to others who nurse the ambition of seeking public office solely for illegal personal gain,"he said.
He told the Nigerian community that he is fully aware of the expectations of Nigerians who elected him on the platform of change, integrity, probity and accountability, and was therefore doing his utmost best to meet those expectations.
"I wish to assure you that we shall do our best to fix the economy, create jobs for the teeming population of our youths and make the home environment safe, secure and more attractive to Nigerians outside the country like your good selves. On the economy, our aim is to address the challenge of infrastructure in all its ramifications, especially power and transportation. We are seeking to create jobs through agriculture, mining, industrial value-addition and the promotion of small scale enterprises. We are also taking steps to address criminality across the country. We are tackling the menace of terrorism posed by Boko Haram head on and I am pleased to note that though sporadic attacks on soft targets have not stopped, the over-all capacity of Boko Haram to hold territory and determine the course of the conflict has been severely degraded. If the current positive trends are maintained, we are confident that by the end of this year, we would have succeeded in permanently turning the tide against the Boko Haram insurgents in Nigeria," he said.

Khloe breaks her silence over Lamar Odom reconciliation rumours : says 'I'm not back with him'

In an interview with People magazine, Khloe Kardashian spoke out for the first time about her rumoured reconciliation with estranged husband, Lamar Odom, following his hospitalization after a  drug binge at a brothel in Nevada.

Khloe said she is not getting back with Lamar yet despite holding off on divorce proceedings. She said she only did it in order to be able to make medical decisions for him while in a life-threatening condition. She said;

"I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it. 'For medical decisions and a ton of other things, it's just smarter that it's put on hold. But that does not mean I'm back with Lamar. It's not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship. Only time will tell.
"'I loved him always, and I will always love him. I don't believe love is fickle. I believe when you love someone, you are allowed to love from afar. You don't have to be with that person in order to love him.'

Check out the photos Cossy Orjiakor shared on instagram..18+

 Cossy Orjiakor puts her boobs on display !! I guess anything for attention. See another photo after the cut...

Photos: African leaders at Indian Africa Summit, all wearing Indian attires...except Robert Mugabe didn't comply......

Mugabe did not comply though to wear the attire.  Even President Buhari wore their Indian attire. The heads of government are in India for the 3rd Summit of the India-Africa Forum.

Unbelievable moment Oprah Winfrey gets ambushed by man claiming to be her secret son

Oprah Winfrey was ambushed by a man claiming to be her 'secret son' after she left a recent taping of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.
The 61-year-old media mogul was photographed as she attempted to deal with the man, Calvin Mitchell, during the awkward encounter outside Colbert's New York studio.

Mitchell told Radar on Wednesday that Winfrey once asked his mother to adopt him at age 11 after he and the billionaire mogul met on the 1992 set of ABC's movie-of-the-week, There Are No Children Here.

In the interview which labelled him Oprah's 'long-lost secret son', Mitchell claimed that he has been estranged from Oprah for 20 years.
Mitchell said:
'I want to ask Oprah, "Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me?" I'm still empty. I'm still searching. I don't have closure to this. I just don't understand.'
Oprah was seen acknowledging Mitchell outside the studios following her October 15 TV appearance and pressed her hand against his chest in the familiar way she frequently does with fans - before he left his phone number with her reps for further contact.

When he was younger, Oprah would allegedly send gifts to the boy with notes addressed: 'To my son Calvin, I love you.'
She also allegedly paid for Mitchell to attend the private Christian boarding school, The Piney Woods School, in Mississippi until he dropped out at age 17.

'I was young. I made a dumb decision, and Oprah wouldn’t forgive me. I feel like what she did was wrong,' said Calvin, who later became suicidal after she 'abandoned' him.
'She told me, "Calvin, just try to work it out. You can do it. Just hang in there." She was trying to inspire me to do what was right. But even after the long pep talk she gave me, I still left.'
He added: 'I just wanted to come home, and Oprah didn't understand that.'
Oprah has always been incredibly generous in donating money to young students, having given 400 scholarships to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia and the school she opened for girls in South Africa.

Custom officer and wife arrested for buying twin newborn babies for N500,000

An officer of the Nigeria Customs Service simply identified as Azeez and his wife have been arrested by the Ogun State Police for allegedly buying a set of 4 day-old twin babies for N500,000 in the Sango Ota, Ogun state.
According to Punch Metro the couple were arrested by the Sango Police Division last Thursday and the babies have since been recovered from them and the couple  have been transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Command headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta.

A police source said:
“The incident happened last Thursday. The police got a tip-off that the couple had gone to Ibadan, Oyo State, to buy twin babies for N500,000. We then moved in on them and discovered it was true. 
The twins were just four days old on the day of the arrest. We have not seen the parents yet. 
Azeez said in his statement that he and his wife already had a child together but they had tried to have a second child for 23 years and so they decided to purchase the twins. The suspect told the police that he paid N500, 000 for the babies.

The babies were with the police until Friday, when they were transferred to Abeokuta.

The suspects were taken to the anti-kidnapping section of the SCID. The parents of the babies haven't shown up to claim them but the police said the babies are doing very fine.

The Ogun State Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Abimbola Oyeyemi, confirmed the arrest. He added that investigations were still ongoing.
He said:
“The arrest is true. The case has been transferred to the SCID, and it is being handled by the Anti-human trafficking department. The suspects are still undergoing investigation. During our investigations, we will get across to the parents and find out the circumstances that led to the disappearance of their babies. 
We will also get across to the NCS authorities to show the level of complicity of their officer. I cannot disclose the suspect’s name, because we are still investigating. He was arrested with the wife.

Hilarious, a bride raises up wedding dress showing off her bare butt and twerking.........

The bride in the video below raises her wedding gown to twerk with her bare bu-tt. Is she under the influence of alcohol? Find out.

A young lady raises up her already transparent wedding gown and twerks with her naked  butt during what looks like an after wedding party. The video which has gone viral shows her twerking around a pole on a platform that looks like one set up for strippers..

Shocking moments a Woman pretends to be drunk in broad daylight to see how men will react... and what they do will shock you

A woman pretended to be drunk in the street to gauge men's reactions as part of a social experiment - and the results will shock you.

The 10-minute clip, uploaded to YouTubeby rehab clinic Centro Europeo Neurosalus, shows a scantily-clad actress drinking from a bottle of alcohol at 5.30pm in the buzzing city of Madrid.

A steady stream of men begin approaching her, but rather than offering to help her, they suggest drinking more alcohol and some attempt to get intimate with her.

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A female actress pretended to be drunk in the streets to gauge men's reactions as part of a social experiment and rather than help her, the men suggest buying more alcohol and even returning to their hotel 

Speaking at the start of the video, the director says: 'What you are about to see is something more than just a simple social experiment.'
He goes on to explain that an actress will play the role of a drunken woman and then interact with people in the street - in broad daylight in a busy city centre - to see how they react.
He adds: 'This particular situation poses many questions: "what could happen, for example, on a Friday or Saturday night?"', before continuing: 'Will men help her? Let's see what happens.'

The woman, dressed in a fitted, short dress with ample cleavage on show, stands in the middle of a bustling square drinking a large bottle of beer in a plastic bag.

A group of four men immediately approach her and when she tells them that she is lost and has no battery on her phone, they ask her where her friends are and where she's from. 
'We'll help you find your friends,' the men say as they get closer and closer to the woman. 
After telling the men she has 'drunk too much', they insist she 'hasn't drunk enough' and suggest she 'drinks a little more.' 
A group of four men approach her first and when she tells them that she is lost and has no battery on her phone, they ask her where her friends are and where she's from

The group tell her: 'I don't believe you drank enough', when she tells them she has been drinking all morning 

The woman, dressed in a fitted, short dress with ample cleavage on show, stands in the middle of a bustling square and the men suggest going to another place to drink more beer

Another man puts his arm around the woman and attempts to lead her to his hotel to drink more alcohol

The next man that approaches asks her: 'Is this the first time you have gotten drunk?', to which she answers: 'I never drink.' 
The man then suggests the pair go and sit in a stairwell - because if she doesn't sit, he claims she will fall over.
He then links arms with her and attempts to lead her away saying: 'Come on, give me your hand', before she manages to break free. 
The next duo to spot the woman, approach her, and suggest drinking more alcohol. 
Despite telling them she has already drunk enough, the men, who wrap their arms around the woman, insist on going to the shop to buy some more alcohol.
Some of the men get very intimate with the woman, hugging her and suggesting they all go to a bar together

Despite telling them she has already drunk enough, the men insist on going to drink more

The men invite her friends to join the party. 'Afterwards, we will call your friends and introduce them to me,' says one man, before calling the woman 'beautiful'

They also tell her she can charge her phone at their hotel and then invite her friends to join the party. 'Afterwards, we will call your friends and introduce them to me,' says one man, before calling the woman 'beautiful.' 
Another passer by puts his arm around the woman and asks her if she is married. When she tells the man: 'I don't know where I am', he replies: 'I have an iPhone charger at the hotel.' 
Despite the woman falling into him and telling him she 'feels bad' and 'can't walk', he goes on to state he is buying more beer for her. 
'Even more beer? Do you think I can drink more?', she asks. 'Yes,' he replies as he takes her hand and assures her that he will drink with her.  
One man approaches the scantily-clad woman and asks her if it's the first time she has got drunk 

He then suggests the pair go and sit in a stairwell - because if she doesn't sit, she will fall over. He then links arms with her and attempts to lead her away before she breaks free

Despite telling the man she 'cannot walk', he attempts to lead her away to sit in a stairwell  

Perhaps the most shocking moment comes when a man leads a woman down a quiet street

He then pins her against a wall and attempts to kiss her as she continues to act drunk

Perhaps the most shocking moment comes when a man spots the woman waiting alone. 
After asking her name and calling her 'beautiful', he leads her down a quiet alleyway and pins her against the wall and attempts to kiss her several times.
One of her colleagues has to intervene to break up the couple but the man claims he knows the woman and isn't keen to let her go. 
'Hey, why do you take her?,' he asks. 'You don't take her!,' he repeats as he struggles to keep hold of the woman.  
Her colleague manages to free the woman from the man's grip and leads her to safety. He can be heard in the microphone saying: 'Don't let anyone touch you.'
One of her colleagues has to intervene to break up the couple, telling the man 'leave her!'

'Hey, why do you take her?,' he asks. 'You don't take her!,' he repeats as he struggles to keep hold of her

The director returns to the screen at the end of the video and concludes: 'Most of you are probably surprised and some of you also disgusted and maybe you are thinking that we have avoided some scenes favouring the most "juicy" parts, but I am afraid to deceive you. 
'It really was the opposite. Those situations full of rudeness and physical abuse were taken away because there is no need to show it in such depth. 
'The most disappointing fact is that we had no need to edit the video. Why? Because nobody got close to helping this drunken woman.' 
Speaking to MailOnline about the video, Dr Sarah Jarvis, medical advisor to alcohol education charity Drinkaware, said: 'It is never a woman’s fault if she is attacked or assaulted when she’s under the influence of alcohol. 
'Nobody should ever do that to anybody else particularly if they’re vulnerable, but as this video shows it can happen.' 
The man in the white shirt isn't too keen on being separated from the woman and tells her colleague 'don't take her with you' as he grips onto her

Her colleague manages to free the woman from the man's grip and leads her to safety before the video cuts