Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Security Guard Rescues A Woman From A Man Caught Raping Her And tTrying To Strangle Her.

A SECURITY guard heroically rescued a Bulawayo woman from a man whom he caught allegedly raping her and trying to strangle her on Sunday at around 1AM.
The woman (name withheld) nearly choked in the savage early morning assault that occurred in an apartment at Crescent Court near the Bulawayo Power Station before Dickson Nungu used a sjambok to subdue the suspected rapist.
Nungu of Mpopoma, a guard at Esats Store close to the crime scene said he intervened after hearing the woman screaming for help for more than 30 minutes.
“I heard prolonged screams of a woman at the flat opposite my work place. For a while I thought probably it was some patient from the nearby 24 hour surgery,” he said.
“After hearing the pleading cries begging someone for help for more than 30 minutes, I got worried and stood up trying to figure out where exactly the screams where coming from.”
Nungu said he discovered the screams were coming from a neighbouring apartment when he saw scores of tenants peeping through their windows.
“I went straight to a door on the ground floor where I asked what was happening. Some tenants said they had been involved in skirmishes with robbers countless times and so wouldn’t take the risk of stepping outside to save whoever was in trouble,” he went on.
“I asked where exactly the screams were coming from and they said usually it would be in the corridors heading upstairs.”
The Good Samaritan said he rushed back to his workplace where he armed himself with a sjambok and went straight to the scene.
He said he was prepared to save the victim who sounded so much in pain, no matter the risk.
“When I went up the corridor, I found a man who looked in his 30s with his pants below his knees — raping and throttling the woman who was almost unconscious.
“The woman who said she was 26-years-old was bleeding from the nose, mouth and had a big cut on her shoulder,” said Nungu.
He said the moment the assailant saw him, he tried to take out something from his pockets but he did not give him the chance as he feared he could take out a dangerous weapon.
“I immediately struck him once with the sjambok and he tried to retaliate, coming towards me before I gave him a second stroke.
“By then people were all over the place. Still pants down, he went onto his knees and begged for forgiveness but I quickly handcuffed him,” said Nungu.
“In no time the police were there and arrested him. Upon asking him a few questions, he responded using signs like he was deaf and dumb.”
Bulawayo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Precious Simango said:
“I can confirm receiving a report on rape and investigations are underway.”
The victim was said to be admitted to a local hospital.
A neighbour who only identified herself as MaTsha said they felt helpless because they could not open their doors, which were close to the scene to save the woman.
“It’s unfortunate we’re not safe and are endangered at that apartment because of its proximity to bars and night clubs where criminals hide.
“So many times tenants have been left nursing wounds after trying to save people at night,” she said.
MaTsha said the woman only revealed her age and that she had been drinking at Waverley Hotel.
“Amongst the crowd were some girls who said they had seen the assailant an hour earlier picking up the woman from the floor in the bar and carrying her on his back.
“They said they thought the two knew each other.
“The woman had begged this man to stop but it’s clear he raped her and she didn’t know him,” she said.
“It’s never wise for women to drink until they pass out because probably had she been sober she could have managed to fight this vicious man.
“Imagine had it not been for this brave man, she could have been killed.”

Actress Dorcas Fapson releases sexy birthday shoot


Suga actress Dorcas Shola Fapson yesterday Jan. 4th released these super sexy photos to celebrate her 25th birthday.  Continue to see more photos...

Can you eat this birthday cake guys ???

Check out the cake they are for this woman's 40th birthday. Lol... Seriously can you eat this  ??? 

See this racist post from a white South African

Seriously what a dumb thing to say.......... 
Few days after Penny Sparrow referred to Black South Africans as 'monkeys, another white South African has written a racist post. Jeanine Soekoe Feirrera (pictured here with husband) in her post used words like "ugly face" "fraudulent" "lazy ass" to describe Blacks. Wait...did she say "match in here and take what is not yours?" If my history is correct, it was white people who matched in here and took what did not belong to them. See her post after the cut...

Man that Killed Live-in-lover on Christmas Day Surrenders, Claims Robbers Killed Girlfriend

Monday Hounga, the 28-year-old-man, who was believed to have killed his live-in lover on Christmas day, Cecelia Joseph, and fled to Benin Republic, has voluntarily submitted himself to the police.

He said after he was rejected by four hospitals in Nigeria, a relative got a cab which took him to Porto Novo, Benin, on the fateful day, where he underwent a life-saving operation.
Hounga claimed that he and Cecelia were attacked by a three-man gang on Christmas Day, adding that the armed men stabbed 21-year-old Joseph to death and ripped open his stomach.
Hounga said he decided against medical advice to risk his health and submit to the police after he
learnt that he had been declared wanted for murder.
The 28-year-old had been declared wanted by the Interpol for allegedly killing Cecelia in Raji Rasaki Estate, in the FESTAC Town area of Lagos State.
The suspect and Cecelia had had a disagreement on Christmas day which culminated in a bloody fight during which the victim was stabbed to death.
The Lagos State Police Command had contacted Interpol to assist with the arrest of the suspect, after he was said to have escaped to Benin Republic.
The police later released a statement saying it had arrested a woman, Taiye Ganiyu, and one Sodjinou Singbo, for aiding his escape.
However, PUNCH Metro was told that Hounga surrendered himself to the police in Benin on January 1, 2016, and was transferred to the FESTAC Police Division the next day.
The matter was immediately transferred to the State Department of Criminal Investigation, Yaba.
The suspect told Punch he had never had a fight with Cecelia in the house he rented in Raji Rasaki Estate.
While Hounga is an iron bender, Cecelia worked in a shop in Mile 2 as a hairdresser.
Hounga said:
“We have known each other for more than 10 years now. We met while in the primary school. Although we attended different primary schools, we usually met during inter-house competitions and that was when we started dating.
“I rented the apartment where we lived and we had been living together for more than one year. We would have been married, but her parents said she should get pregnant for me first.
“On December 25, around 12.30am, while we were both asleep, she (Cecelia) suddenly shouted, ‘Monday, help me.’ As I opened my eyes, I woke up to see a gun pointed at my head. The intruders were three, but only one carried a gun. He said if I shouted, he would blast my head off.
“They stabbed me in the hand and in the wrist when I tried to struggle with them. They later stabbed me in the stomach. I forced myself to pull out the knife from my stomach. When I checked Cecelia, she was dead.”
He said the landlord of the house and a few other people later arrived and put him in a tricycle which took him to a nearby hospital where he was rejected.
He said he was also taken to the FESTAC Police Station, where he was issued a police report to enable him get quick treatment.
However, around 4am, after being rejected at a general hospital and two other places, a relative was said to have suggested that he should be taken to the Porto Novo Hospital in Benin.
The doctors at the hospital were said to have operated on him, before placing him on admission.
He said:
“I was on admission when I heard in the news that I killed Cecelia. Here was somebody I loved so much and would many times kneel to beg whenever we had issues. Why would I kill her?”
Hounga explained that Cecelia had once separated from him after she was impregnated by another man, whom she claimed her family supported.
He said after a few years with the man, she returned to him, adding that she had two stillbirths for the former boyfriend.
“She came back in 2014 and because of the love I had for her, I accepted her. Despite what happened, I have not stopped loving her and if I get out of this case, I don’t think I will ever love any woman like I loved her,” he said.
However, the elder sister of the victim, Titilayo Joseph, denied that Hounga and Cecelia lived together, saying that her sister was staying with her in Mazamaza.
She said:
“Cece (Cecelia) lived with me and not him. She would go to work in the morning and return home at evening.“I called her on December 24 to know why she was not at home and she said the Yuletide season had kept her busy at work.
“On December 25, she came home to pick something and my neighbours said they saw her. I was sick and couldn’t go out.
“I was at home on December 26 when I received a call that she had a fight with her boyfriend and he had stabbed her to death.“He claimed they were attacked by robbers; were they the only one living in that compound? Why was she the only one that was stabbed to death? Why didn’t he raise the alarm?”
Titilayo said the family was not aware of the relationship, urging the police to bring the killer of her sister to justice.
A source said the police would accommodate all witnesses and sieve the evidence to arrive at the truth.
He said:
“It was a miracle that he survived because all his entrails were out. One of the doctors in the hospitals he was rushed to has made statement to corroborate Hounga’s story.”
The Deputy Police Public Relations Officer, Lagos State Command, ASP Aliyu Giwa, confirmed the arrest.
He added that the police would get to the roots of the case and give justice to the deceased.

(Photo) Shocking Moment A Man Kills His Friend After Their Balls Touch During T’hreesome

This is so funny and shocking St the same time...... Curtis Mayfield murdered his best friend after an incident involving him, one of his friends and Laquifa Thompson.
According to Urban Leak, Laquifa and the two men were in the middle of having a t,hreesome when Curtis told his friend it was time to switch positions:“I yelled switch, you know from mouth to b,utt, he went left when he should’ve went right and next thing you know we ball to ball”
Curtis was so enraged by what happened he grabbed his gun and shot his friend while screaming out “I ain’t with that gay shit”Curtis feels no remorse on the death of his “friend” and claims “It was his fault, if he would’ve never touched my balls he would still be alive”

‘We’ll Shutdown Nigeria If Anything Ugly Happens To President Buhari’ – BSEYM

A group, Buhari South-East Youth Movement, BSEYM, has threatened to shut down the country if anything ugly happens to the President,This is coming following Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka’s prediction of possible assassination plot against Buhari.

The group advised anyone or group with such evil plan to have a rethink “because such will spell doom for not just the country.”

In a statement in Umuahia, Abia State by its leader, Mr. Nwabueze Onwuneme, the group expressed its support for President Buhari’s anti-corruption war.
It called on anyone with any knowledge of any ploy against the President or the country to immediately divulge such to law enforcement agents.

According to the group, Mbaka’s prediction should not be dismissed with a wave of hands because “corruption really fights back dirty when attacked.”
It called on all well-meaning Nigerians to resist the evil work of “this small group that wants to kill this country,” and which had improvised the masses, and support President Buhari in his effort to sanitize the country.

Actress Uche Ogbodo apologises for using the F word in her rant

Yesterday, Uche Ogbodo went off on fans who criticized on her instagram page, and used the F word, today the actress has apologized. She wrote:
 Hi Everyone, i Wish to tender my heartfelt apology via IG Since this is where it all Started. I am apologising only 'cos i see that my inappropriate use of the #F word in my rant has provoked & broken the hearts of my ardent Fans. I have no excuse really , i am so wrong and i have come to realise from your numerous outburst online that as a role model to many, such words are taboos in our cultural society, Pls Find it in your hearts to forgive me for this dire mistake, I promise not to , not even in the most provocative of situations Use the #F word again . Am deeply sorry this  and ofcos I love you way tooooo much to break your hearts,  without you my Soul Fans there will be no Me.
     Am equally sorry that I won't be apologizing for somethings  I love as a human being living in this ever evolving Fashion World. Eg )1}  I Love My Nose Ring, so am keeping it! 2} I Love My Cosmetics especially My Mac Lipsticks ,So am keeping them too!
       I will equally not apologize for the things that are beyond my power for example 1} why do I have a flat beautiful nose. 2} why do I have Wide full lips. 3}Why do I have such jawline ..etc God In his Infinite Mercy made me that way so I can't change that.  For the  people that called me The Raging Bull ��, Cow bell , Bull on Fire , you aint Far from the truth, Which has been my point from the onset, The Raging Bull is the Symbolic representation of my Star Sign (astrologically speaking) Cos i am A TAURUS (May 17)  so am happy We are communicating fine ! Which was exactly my point when I said Am an Original. lol
     Well Enough Said, but for those Who Love me dearly that i betrayed by my choice of Word during my Rage! am Sorry for real, from the bottom of my ❤ heart.. And for those who Hate Me, i am equally sorry for getting on your nerves and driving you crazy with my lifestyle, but if only you will create a little space in your heart to love me just a little bit, you will see that i aint that bad afterall. I Love You both (Lovers & Haters ) as  Jesus does. God bless Us all #OneLove #happynewyear #2016

Check out Amber Rose ambition....... Hilarious!!!

Amber Rose took to twitter to share her ambition and trolls started to call her all sorts of names. Check out her ambition after the cut...

15 year old questioned over the death of her mum and mum's bf who raped her

A teenage girl is being questioned over the murders of her mum and mother's boyfriend after their decomposing bodies were found at their home, it was reported. The remains of Rosie Sanchez, 38, and Anderson Nunez, 40, were discovered at their Brooklyn apartment around 8pm on Sunday.

Sanchez's 15-year-old daughter is being quizzed by police after allegedly confessing to a cousin that she killed them because her mum's boyfriend repeatedly raped her, police said.
The cousin is believed to have called police, who found the decomposing bodies after conducting a welfare check, Pix11 reported.
Sanchez was found dead in a bedroom chair while the body of Nunez was discovered on the kitchen floor.

Both had been stabbed repeatedly, a police source said. A knife was also found in the kitchen, the Daily News reported.
A shell casing is also believed to have been found at the scene in Sheepshead Bay Houses apartment on Batchelder St.

According to the Daily News, the teenager allegedly confessed to killing the pair on December 27. She allegedly accused her mother of ignoring her claims that Nunez had repeatedly raped her, the paper reported.

The girl reportedly went to stay with her father for a few days following the incident, before staying with her cousin.

She allegedly confessed after her cousin became concerned that she hadn't heard from Sanchez for several days.
The teenager was taken into custody and is being questioned by police, the Daily News reported.

Comedian MC Shakara shows off his new Mercedes Benz convertible (photos)

The comedian just acquired this lovely convertible ride. Congrats to him. More photos after the cut..

Shocking :Brazilian mum kidnaps her son from his dad and posts a video on FB of her strangling the boy

The woman above kidnapped her son from his father, who had primary custody of him after storming his home with two armed thugs. She later posted a video on Facebook showing her beating and strangling the child while she uttered profanities. The boy could be heard pleading for help as his deranged mother battered him. She then asked her ex for a ransom if he wanted the child back. The Brazilian police have launched a full on manhunt for the woman.

Really !! NBA player's baby mama says the $18k she gets a month as child support is not enough to raise their daughter!

Every day millions of women take care of their kids without any help from their kid's fathers but Basketball player, Andre Iguodala’s baby mama, a former video vixen named Clayanna Warthen says she can't afford to raise their 6 year old daughter on the measly $18,000 she collects every month from Andre. Really, woman? TMZ reports after the cut...

Andre Iguodala has a little girl with a 151 IQ, and his baby mama says the multi-million dollar NBA player won't even fully pay for her education ... TMZ Sports has learned. 
We're told Clayanna Warthen claims she can't even fully pay for their 6 year old's school expenses on the $18k a month he's paying in child support. She also says he won't let little London even meet her other half-siblings.