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Actress Etiko Destiny stuns in bikinis to mark birthday

Sexy and curvy Nollywood actress, Etiko Destiny goes for broke in new bikini photos to mark her birthday which come up today, August 12th 2015.

Etiko Destiny is from Enugu State, Udi precisely. She had primary and secondary education in Enugu, while her tertiary education was in Anambra state. She got into the movie industry in 2011.
“It wasn’t easy then because I had to grapple with school and my acting career. I graduated from school in 2012.

I did a movie in 2012, though it was released in 2014 titled Idemili. It was produced by Ernest Obi and shot in Enugu. The movie gave me a nomination at the City People Awards and it brought me into limelight.

Before Idemili, I had done some minor roles in movies like Airline Babes. But after Idemili, I have done so many good jobs. Four of the movies where I played a sub-lead role recently came out namely: Black Xmas, After Wawa, More Trouble and School Trouble etc and others that are yet to be released,” she once told Vanguard in an interview.

Hilarious !!! check out what Chris Brown did on.

 Chris Brown is being called out online after incorporating punches into simulated sex on stage with an imaginary woman. Really hope that not how he treats his women. See video after the cut.......

Blac Chyna shows off her sexy body by sharing these hot photos on Instagram.

Check these sexy photos Blac Chyna put up on Instagram.  Steamy hot right guys??? 

18+check out the leaked image of Safaree new girlfriend (Very Graphic photo)

Someone is really trying to DESTROY Safaree's girlfriend Zaharia. First someone LEAKED NEKKID PICS OF HER. Then when she repesponded that the pics were old . . . they spilled this ALLEGED TEA on her. We're sure this is just a HATER. We don't believ ethat she would do THAT.
Check out the uncensored photo of Safaree  new girlfriend after the cut...... 

(Very Graphic photo) Wow check what the photo this woman put up of her husband and why she wants a divorce, priceless !!!

Check what this woman did to her cheating husband.  Read above.  Wow this is bold for the woman and disgraceful for the man and his family. What do you think guys ???  

Wole Soyinka described president Buhari as a born-again phenomenon.

In an interview with EFCC's periodic magazine, Zero Tolerance, Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka described president Buhari as a born-again phenomenon in Nigerian politics, saying although Buhari is yet to apologize for some of the things he did in the past, he has accepted some of his mistakes and has paid some debts to the Nigerian community.
“Buhari has not brought himself round to apologise; if he had done that, I might have been less ambiguous about him. But I think from my findings about him, he is a born again phenomenon. If I am wrong, well, too bad. Though I don’t believe in ‘born-againism’ but I think this may be an exception.” Soyinka said

Empire’ actor, Terrence Howard claims that he only signed the documents because his ex allegedly threatened to leak a threesome sex tape!

The drama continues between  Terrence Howard , 46, and ex-wife, Michelle  Ghent . The Oscar-nominated actor only agreed to a 2012 divorce settlement with Michelle because he feared that she would leak embarrassing details about his sex life, Terrence’s attorney revealed at a hearing on Aug. 11. However, Michelle’s lawyers are reportedly denying the claim!
Terrence’s sister-in-law, Yvonne Howard , testified on his behalf in a Los Angeles court hearing, claiming that Michelle said she “had him [Terrence] by the balls,” according to TMZ  So what exactly was she holding over his head? Well, she allegedly has a sex tape of Terrence having sex with a woman while with another woman who was watching and filming them. 
Michelle was using this information to her benefit, by blackmailing him with the tape in order to receive more money. The outlet reports that she got $5,800 a month for three years, despite only being married for one year.
Terrence’s attorney, Brian Kramer  said that he would play an audio recording of Michelle’s threats in order to show her “heavy-handed acts of extortion and blackmail,” according to CBS. Michelle’s lawyers said she denied the allegations during a deposition.
Terrence and Michelle married in 2010, and she filed for a divorce one year later. This isn’t the only drama between the exes. Michelle also filed a civil complaints against him in July 2015, claiming that he beat her up while on a trip to Costa Rica in 2013. She claims that he punched and strangled her, while threatening to kill her.

40 couples dragged out of hotels by Mumbai police for indecent behaviour, being unmarried

Dozens of couples were arrested by police at a number of Mumbai hotels last week - because they were unmarried.
More than 40 couples were dragged out of their hotel rooms and taken to a nearby police station where they were held for several hours and some were even made to call their parents.
Despite being in private hotel rooms, the couples were charged with 'indecent behaviour in public' and made to pay a fine of 1,200 rupees (£12).

Police were conducting several raids on hotels in the Madh Island and Aksa area of Mumbai in order to crack down on prostitution in the area, but arrested nearly 100 people who were in adult consenting relationships.
Witnesses say police knocked on the doors to the hotel rooms during the Thursday afternoon raid, and arrested all couples found to be unmarried.
The police first insulted all of us in front of all the officers and the other couples and then forced us to call our parents and insulted and disgraced us in front of them,' a witness told
'They also made the parents feel guilty as if their children had committed some heinous crime.' He added that they were taken to the police station around 5pm and many of them were allowed to go only by 10pm.'
A number of angry Mumbai citizens took to Twitter to express their feelings, using the hashtag #MumbaiPolice.
Neeti Palta wrote: 'Dear #MumbaiPolice, arresting consenting adults is not what they meant when they asked you to hunt down sleeper cells'
Ashwin Mushran posed the following scenario: ''We are arresting you for public indecency...'But sir, I'm in my home'... 'Home is on a road, road is public... Chalo jail' #MumbaiPolice'
Twitter user @Nautanki_ added: '1. They were adults,  2. They showed ID proofs, 3. They were in hotel rooms. How this became unlawful?? Public indecency #MumbaiPolice'(sic)
Priyashmita Guha wrote: 'The govt wants a monopoly in screwing you. No sex. No porn. Only govt can screw you from now on.'
An inquiry into the event has been launched by Mumbai Police commissioner Rakesh Maria.
'I have asked the additional commissioner (north region) to conduct a probe and submit a report. We have nothing to do with two consenting adults in a room,' Maria told Times of India.

More than 48 killed, others injured in Borno

At least 48 people have been killed in a bomb blast at a local market in a remote Borno State community. 
Source said some explosive devices which were carefully concealed in a  usually crowded part of the Sabongari market, Damboa Local Government Area in the south, went off at about 1.35pm yesterday, killing at least 48 people.
A vigilance member in Damboa said more than 40 people were injured in the attack. He said the bomb was concealed inside the market, adding that the perpetrators allowed commercial activities to peak before detonating the bomb.
Some residents of Maiduguri who hailed from the area told Daily Sun that the community was thrown first into confusion and later, mourning as the casualty rose to 48 by yesterday evening.
“Almost all the families lost loved ones. The bomb attack was devastating. We learnt from our people that bodies littered the scene of the blast,” Dauda Yusuf, a Maiduguri resident toldDaily Sun on phone.
He said residents of Sabongari were so shocked that they couldn’t pick the bodies from the scene in time. He said more than 40 people have, however, been taken to the hospital.
The bomb attack came two days after suspected Boko Haram insurgents ambushed a commercial Golf car in a village near Sabongari, killing four passengers.

30-Yr-Old Man Axed To Death In Ondo

Unknown assailants have axed a 30-year-old man to death in the Ise Akoko, Akoko North Local Council Area of the Ondo state.
Mr. Babangida Oni was killed at a designated camp in the local council, a source told the Daily Times on Tuesday.
The motive behind the gruesome killing could not ‎be ascertained at press time.
The Daily Times learnt from the Police First Report that the bereaved family alerted security agents about the incident.
A family member explained how he received a phone call notify him about the death of the deceased, the Police report disclosed.
“One Yinusa Oni who resides at Akunnu-Akoko came to report at the Police station that his nephew, Idris Oni, called him that three men came to the camp in Ise-Akoko and macheted Babangida Oni to death”, it read.
The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) of the Ondo state Command, Wole Ogodo said a crack team of the investigative officers had visited the scene of the incident.
‎Ogodo disclosed that a photograph of the deceased had been taken, adding however that no suspect had been arrested yet in connection with the crime.
“The police are on the trail of the suspects ‎to unravel the cause of the incident”, he said.
‎‎It was gathered that the remains of the deceased had been deposited to the State Specialist Hospital morgue at Ikare Akoko for post mortem.
Daily Times. 

Accident 2 die as train collides with trailer in Lagos

There was pandemonium in Agege, Lagos State, on Monday night, when a mass-transit train heading for Ijoko town in Ogun State from Iddo collided with a trailer reportedly crossing the railway level crossing, leaving two people dead and their bodies dismembered while one got critically injured.

According to an eyewitness, the trailer got stuck on the rail line at the Agege level crossing, leading to a collision with an oncoming train which had passengers hanging on the train's engine compartment.

“The impact led to the death of two young men whose bodies were dismembered while a third was seriously injured and is currently receiving treatment at a hospital in Agege," the eyewitness told Tribune Online.

When contacted, the image maker of the Nigerian Railways Corporation, Mr. Abdulrauf Akinwoye, stated that the two dead victims were illegal passengers who hung on the train's engine compartment at the time of the accident.

“Yes, there was an accident involving a trailer and one of our trains at the Agege level crossing on Monday night and two people died from the collision and one was injured.

“However, these two dead victims are illegal passengers because they were hanging on the running board of the locomotive engine as of the time of the collision. 

The NRC does not recognise them as legal passengers because they did not purchase tickets for that journey.
“If they had purchased their tickets, they would have been inside the train and would not have been injured. 

Therefore, they are illegal passengers and have been taken to the mortuary while the third who was injured has been taken to the hospital for treatment, after which he will be arrested and prosecuted.

“The level crossing keepers who are NRC workers were at the scene and tried to stop the trailer from crossing the railway track because they knew a train was coming.

 However, the trailer driver refused to heed the warning of the level crossing keepers, thinking he could cross the railway tracks before the train arrived.

“However, he got stuck on the level crossing due to a traffic gridlock and this led to the accident. The driver ran away immediately after the accident and the trailer has been taken to the Agege train station," he said


Church should not wed gay people, it’s against God’s will – Medo-Uwa

Founder/General Overseer of Pentecostal Cannanland Mission, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Pastor Nick Medo-Uwa, speaks on the state of the nation, Buhari’s administration, same-sex marriage and other issues in this interview with ETOP EKANEM.
How did you receive the news of the endorsement of same-sex marriage by the American Supreme Court?
It was no surprise to me because America is a country that is being used by God; but the devil also uses the country to advance some of his activities. Any time that the devil wants to do evil, he uses America to do it. America has been used by God to spread the gospel but today, Americans are no longer interested in spreading the word of God, instead Africans have taken over that responsibility of spreading the gospel. 

This gay marriage issue has spread to other nations of the world but we still thank God because at the end, he will still do what he wants to do. However, where I am having concern is the situation where the church is being forced to wed gay couples against biblical rules. If their government legalizes same-sex union, it should be in government’s courts and not in the house of God.
They should limit this kind of union to the courts; the church should not be involved. Same sex marriage should not take place in the church to avoid polluting it. I am praying that they should leave the church out of this anomaly. The church should not be compelled to wed gay people because doing that will be against the will of God for his church.
But you don’t envisage such a law coming to Nigeria?
It will be difficult to have such a law in Nigeria because so many things will work against it. Our tradition, culture and religious belief forbid such things. Nigerians believe in prayer, if any leader endorses such practice in Nigeria, the citizens will stone him.
What do you see as the greatest challenge facing Nigeria as a nation?
I think the greatest problem that we have today is how to unit Nigerians. Disunity is eating deep into the fabrics of our nation. For instance, if a Yoruba man is doing something wrong, instead of condemning such an action, his kinsmen will support him, and they may want to defend him. Similarly, if Igbo person commits same offence, his kinsmen will defend him. The same thing is applicable to all the tribes in this country but that should not be the case.
Anyone that commits a crime should be made to face the consequences of his crime without any ethnic sentiment attached.
Division along ethnic lines is a very big problem of this country. And if there is anything that government can do to discourage this division among Nigerians, it will help this country to move forward. The seed of discord that was sown shortly before independence has germinated and grown to what we are seeing today.
The President should lead by example and treat all Nigerians equally. Things must be shared equally and each zone must be given a sense of belonging. If the president lays this foundation and the next president builds on it ethnic dichotomy will fizzle out in Nigeria.
Is it too early to assess President Buhari’s performance in office?
Well, this is one of the issues we had when the late Alhaji Musa Yar ‘Adua came onboard. Some Nigerians were saying that he would do great things but after three years, not much was done. It seems that President Buhari is taking similar steps, he has been in government for more than two months now but we are yet to see anything. Nigerians want to see what his economic agenda is. We want to know where he is going but no one can tell us exactly the direction this government is going.
Everything seems to be standing still. So we want him to bring out his programmes of action because there is no time to waste. There is the need to understand and say that this is the direction that the president is going.
We can fix this country ourselves because we have the resources but what we lack is good management of these resources, if we should manage what God has given to us well, this country will be fine.
Other countries that are doing very well don’t have the money that we have in this country but the problem is the way that this money is being shared and siphoned everyday by a few people, if government can say no to the embezzlement and plug the wastages, this country will be fine.
Our political leaders should cut down their spending habits; some of them waste our resources and keep on doing that till tomorrow. I can’t understand why a governor should have a retinue of entourage, it is all waste of resources which should be cut down. If the economy is dwindling, we expect the leaders to cut cost.
If our leaders should live by example and make the needed sacrifices, everybody will begin to toe the same path because it has started from the top. We are looking for an exemplary leader that can lead us by example and I believe that Buhari has what it takes to initiate that step.
Will you like to set an agenda for Buhari?
Let him focus on the development of agricultural sector, if we have enough food, it will help our economy. A lot of the things that we eat in this country are being imported. So the president should pay more attention to agriculture so that we can be food sufficient. For instance, why are we still importing rice?
We need to develop the rail system to minimize the influx of trailers and trucks on our roads; these will minimize the rate of accidents associated with these heavy duty vehicles.

EXCLUSIVE:Nigeria's President, Buhari Dump $182M Halliburton Bribe Scandal Report

NIGERIA President, Muhammadu Buhari surely meant well for the Nigerian people. 

His integrity, discipline and avowed commitment to fight, name and shame corruption had never been in doubt since Nigerians have high hopes in his administration to 'fight corruption among the elites', in a bid to free Nigeria's economy from Kleptomaniac. 

As it is a fad that “when you fight corruption, surely corruption will fight back,” aptly captures the trending conspiracy of few Nigerian Army Generals (retired) and former Heads-of-State who allegedly prompts Buhari to 'let-off' his earlier, intentional investigation of $182million Halliburton bribe scandal, so he may continually 'govern Nigeria in peace'. 

Conspiracy of Retired Army Generals prompt Aso Rock back down. 

CNN iReport gathered that few weeks before Buhari made his maiden visit to United States, words reached him that few retired Army Generals who were erstwhile Heads-of-State were allegedly not happy with the planned moves by the no-nonsense disciplinarian to re-open the Halliburton scandal, with the sole intention to expose, disgrace and prosecute some of culpable generals and other highly-placed Nigerians whose hands may have been 'soiled' by the cookie-jar of corruption in Bonny Island Liquefied Natural Gas Project. 
IBB, OBJ, Abdusalami Connection 
As such, after General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB), a former Nigeria's Head of State received a phone call from from General Olusegun Obasanjo, also a former Nigeria's president where he brought the attention of IBB to the fact that they way Buhari was going about corruption-fight, he would eventually probe the majority of past administration, including IBB era. 

This position was echoed by another Nigerian Head of State, General Abdusalami Abubakar; which prompted a conspiracy theory to 'place Buhari in order'. Abdusalami had visited IBB in his Minna Castle in Niger State, there it was concluded that IBB should stylishly pass-on their position to Buhari to halt his earlier, intentioned probe of his predecessors. 

In a press statement issued by IBB through his media adviser, Prince Kassim Afegbua, it reportedly reads: “On General Buhari, it is not in IBB's tradition to take up issues with his colleague former president. But, for the purpose of the record, we are conversant with General Buhari's so-called holier-than-thou-attitude. 

He is a one-time minister of petroleum and we have good records of his tenure. Secondly, he also presided over Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF) which records we also have. We challenge him to come out in clean hands in those two portfolios he headed. Or, we will help him to expose his records of performance during those periods. 

Those who live in glass houses do not throw stones. General Buhari should be properly guided.” 

CNN iReport gathered when intelligence report reached Buhari on the position of these retired Army Generals and former Heads of State, and bearing in mind how mean they can fully engage him in 'dirty-fight' which may ridicule him in the eyes of Nigerians and expose his stewardship then as Minister of Petroleum in 1976 that led to the mysterious disappearance of a whooping US $2.8 Billion from Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC account in Midlands Bank, United Kingdom allegedly under his watchful-eyes, 

Buhari quickly made a detour and issued a press statement through Femi Adesina, his Special Adviser, Media & Publicity claiming the investigation of Buhari administration would only be limited to his predecessor, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ, the man who honorably handed peacefully to Buhari on May 28, 2015 at Eagle Square so Nigeria may remain united as an indivisible nation. 

For the records, Buhari was appointed Minister of Petroleum in 1976 under the Murtala/Obasanjo administration. Not much is known about any scandals that occured during his tenure as Minister, but there are rumors of the mysterious disappearance of US$2.8 Billion from the NNPC account in Midlands Bank in the United Kingdom, during Buhari’s stewardship. Now that IBB has threatened to expose him, it lends a certain credibility to the rumors indicting Buhari of grand graft. 

'Probe of my administration is a witch-hunt'-GEJ 
As if Jonathan knew that this would happen. In the last days of his administration as president in Aso Rock villa on May 27, 2015 during Federal Executive Council valedictory session witnessed by big-wigs of Peoples Democratic Party, he said "Some people are even calling for the probe of the government, but I think in Nigeria, there are a lot of many things that will be probed, very many things, even debts owed by states and debts owed by this country from 1960 up to this time. They say it is Jonathan's administration that owes these debts,” Jonathan said. 
"I believe that anybody that is coming for probe must also ensure that this probe is extended beyond the Jonathan administration. Otherwise, to me, it will be witch-hunt. If we are very sincere, it is not only the Jonathan administration that should be probed." 
CNNiReport investigation showed that Jonathan administration may have been singled-out as 'corrupt government' due to the fact that he was a minority-leader from Niger-Delta and obviously not a military, but a civilian leader. There are feelers from some Nigerians that this probe may not have happened if Jonathan had been a retired Army General. 

For Folu Adewope, an undergraduate of University of Texas Arlington, UTA, her words: “This is obviously a witch-hunt, charade and selective humiliation with ethnic coloration under corruption-guise. I strongly believe this investigation would not have happened if Jonathan had hailed from the North and had been a retired Army General. Why can't Buhari open the Halliburton scandal, and openly prosecute Obasanjo, Abdusalami, Atiku Abubakar, a former Nigeria's Vice president and every other corrupt Nigerians named in the scandal. As Nigerians, we are interested in this case.” 

'We are interested in probing Jonathan's Govt'-Presidency 
Barely 10 hours ago, on his Facebook wall-page, Femi said: “It would be a distraction for the President to begin digging into all former administrations , but for a proper take -off of the President Muhammadu Buhari's government, there is need to look into the immediate past government (GEJ). We are interested in investigating Jonathan's government to recover stolen funds”. 

International Community watch in Disbelief 
As at the time of going to the press, members of International Community, particularly the United States government is shocked that Buhari ought not to leave any stone unturned in fighting corruption no matter whose ox is gored. 

The Halliburton bribery scandal is seen by members of international community as a litmus test for Buhari to prove his desire effectively to combat corruption among the elites in Nigeria. 


Terrible Accident at Lekki 2nd Toll Gate this morning

The commercial bus was involved in a Terrible Accident at Lekki 2nd toll gate and  thankful  no life was lost but a police officer was badly injured. See more photos after the cut....... 


Transgender Shaun Brooks releases hot/sexy bikini photos

Transgender Shaun Brooks looking so sexy in a bikini. No one  will ever believe  this was a man before. Their doctor makes them look hot and more curvy  than real women.

15-year-old loses eye after been flogged by step mother

15-year-old boy, identified only as Bolu, has become partially blind after his step mother, Esther Modupe, allegedly flogged him in the Onipanu area of Lagos.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Bolu, who is to sit for the post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination of a university in Lagos State, could not see with his left eye.

It was learnt that the cane inadvertently hit the boy’s left eye during the flogging.
Our correspondent gathered that Bolu’s mother had separated from her husband, Lekan Williams, about 10 years ago, and her two children were brought up by the husband alone until three years ago when Lekan married a second wife ─ Esther.

PUNCH Metro learnt that Esther, who had yet to bear a child for Lekan, was the one taking care of the children before the flogging issue.

It was gathered that Esther and Lekan were arrested by the Surulere Police Division on Monday, August 10.

Our correspondent learnt that on Tuesday, June 16, the family, who stayed in a rented apartment on Owodunni Street, had gone to church, leaving the key to the apartment with Bolu.
It was learnt that the teenager, however, arrived late at home to the annoyance of Esther, who consequently flogged the boy in annoyance. The cane was said to have hit the boy in anger.

The boy’s eye reportedly became swollen after which he was said to have been rushed to a private hospital.

Our correspondent gathered that the condition of the eye, however, gradually worsened and after a month later, Bolu was said to have gone partially blind.

When our correspondent visited the apartment, one of the neighbours, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Esther was friendly to the two children left by the first wife, adding that it was unfortunate that the flogging caused a problem.

He said, “Bolu’s mother packed out of this house about 10 years ago. She knew she had two children, but she abandoned them. The man was forced to marry a second wife about three years ago. That was when Esther started living here.

“The woman worked as a private school teacher, and she was very nice to Bolu and his younger brother. The two also liked her, and you will not even know they were not her children. But it turned out that on that day that she was angry and flogged the boy. The cane hit him in the eye.

“They initially thought it was a small thing. But it turned out to be a big problem. The mother then showed up and took him away.”

Another resident and shop owner, identified only as Mama Olu, said the act was unintentional, adding that Bolu, who would be sitting for the post-UTME soon, did not open up on his condition on time.

She said, “Bolu is a cool-headed boy, and he loved the woman too. Esther too was close to the children. She taught them lessons, and bought clothes for them. It is the father that I blame because he did not notice the boy’s condition and take him to a hospital before it was too late.

“Now, the result of the medical test stated that the boy has lost the eye. It is unfortunate; the woman was nice to her step sons.”

PUNCH Metro learnt that Bolu’s mother had come to the area on Monday, and took the boy away.

It was also gathered that the matter had been brought to the attention of the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, which was coordinating other agencies to provide rehabilitation for the boy.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Patricia Amadin, confirmed the arrest.

Amnesty International wants UN troops implicated in rape probed

Global human rights watchdog, Amnesty International, has called for the probe of the rape of a 12-year-old girl and the killings of a 16-year-old boy and his father by United Nations peacekeeping forces in the Central African Republic.
It added that those implicated in the crimes should be suspended immediately and for the duration of the investigation.

The incidents reportedly took place on August 2 and 3, 2015 as peacekeeping forces from the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilisation Mission in the Central African Republic were carrying out an operation in Bangui’s PK5 Muslim enclave.

AI, in a statement on Tuesday by its Senior Crisis Response Adviser, Joanne Mariner, said it interviewed 15 witnesses in the immediate aftermath of both incidents as well as the girl and members of her family, noting that a nurse who examined the girl found medical evidence consistent with sexual assault.

“Our evidence strongly suggests that a UN peacekeeper raped a young girl and that UN peacekeeping forces indiscriminately killed two civilians.

“An independent civilian investigation must be urgently launched and those implicated must be suspended immediately and for the duration of the investigation,” Mariner stated.

The girl was said to have been hiding in a bathroom during a house search at approximately 2am on August 2, when a man allegedly wearing the blue helmet and vest of the UN peacekeeping forces took her outside and raped her behind a truck.

“When I cried, he slapped me hard and put his hand over my mouth,” the girl had told AI officials.

AI said it was informed by a MINUSCA spokesperson that the operation was carried out by Rwandan and Cameroonian police and gendarmes belonging to the UN peacekeeping forces.

It added that during armed clashes with residents of the enclave early in the morning of August 2, a Cameroonian soldier was killed and nine other soldiers were injured. The following day UN peacekeeping forces returned to PK5.

AI said it was informed by witnesses that the peacekeepers were not under any threat, but began shooting indiscriminately in the street where the killings had taken place.

Balla Hadji, 61, and his son, Souleimane Hadji, 16, were struck by bullets in front of their house.

The human rights group said it was informed by an unnamed MINUSCA spokesperson that the agency had opened an initial internal investigation into the operation.

Check out how Kylie Jenner rocks cornrows again.

Kylie Jenner  - who is currently on holiday - posted a SnapChat of her new look. 
The star, who turned 18 just two days ago, revealed she had ditched her wigs and usual free flowing long hair for cornrows.