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Enjoy this hilarious videos guys !!!

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Check out these wicked videos for your entertainment, enjoy it guys

Check out this crazy video guys , what plastic surgery can do . Funny video but very entertaining.

This video also blew me away so enjoy, tell me what you think ?

Wow !!! Check out these photos of lamar Odom .

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Wow !!!  Check out these photos of lamar Odom . He sure has put on some weight , is that a potbelly I see ? WOW !!! Someone needs to hit the gym right .

Shocking storyline :Lady Pours Acid On Boyfriend And Goes Into Hiding (photos).

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Lady Pours Acid On Boyfriend And Goes Into Hiding (photos)

This is so shocking guys , see what a girl friend did to her boyfriend, see photos after the cut......


Kenny Badmus calls out Nigerians for likening America to Sodom & Gomorrah after gay marriage was legalized

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Kenny Badmus calls out Nigerians for likening America to Sodom & Gomorrah after gay marriage was legalized

Openly gay Nigerian man, Kenny Badmus took to his Facebook page to call out Nigerians who have likened America to Sodom and Gomorrah after the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all the states in America on Friday June 26th.

Hilarious !!! Texas woman arrested for unwanted BJ.

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Texas woman arrested for unwanted BJ.

Usually when a guy awakes to a woman in the midst of a fellatio sesh, he considers it the perfect start to what is probably going to be the greatest day of his life.
Megan Hoelting didn't find that guy, and it probably had something to do with the fact he was friends with her husband.
31-year-old Hoelting was charged with "felony burglary with the intent of committing a sexual assault" after she allegedly broke into her husband's friend's house on Monday. The man told police that he awoke to a woman "straddling his legs and dressed only in her underwear" before he felt "the offender place his penis in her mouth."

The man said he felt around for a flashlight to see who was rocking his world, but he had to settle for a flashlight app on his phone. That's when he noticed the woman had her "breasts exposed" as well as the fact that she was his buddy's wife.

He ordered Hoelting to leave his house, but she refused. He called 911, and now Hoelting has another mug shot.

No word on whether he would have let Hoelting finish if she would have been any other woman besides his buddy's wife.

Huffington Post.

Check this out :Two pilots fired for allowing busty model fly a passenger plane during take-off.

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Check this out :Two pilots fired for allowing busty model fly a passenger plane during take-off.

When big boobs confuse grown men. Two Argentine pilots have been fired after they allowed a busty model to fly their passenger plane during take-off.

The woman, Vicky Xipolitakis, was filmed helping fly the plane on a domestic flight as it left Buenos Aires for the city of Rosario. By allowing her into the cabin, the pilots broke international aviation rules by letting an unauthorized person sit in the cockpit.

The pilots named Patricio Zocchi Molina and Federico Matias Soaje - not only laughed with her, made her feel very welcome, they also gladly took photos with her in the cockpit.

In the video which was posted to Youtube, the model was heard shouting "I'm going to accelerate and will take off,”.

The pilots were then heard joking that she owns a bit of the plane and as a taxpayer is entitled to fly the Aerolineas Argentinas craft.

Bosses at Aerolineas Argentinas, however, have wiped the smiles from the pilots' faces. Mariano Recalde said the pair put lives at risk. "As soon as we became aware of the situation, we dismissed the pilots. They are two irresponsible people," said Recalde.

The airline also wants to penalise Xipolitakis.

 Source: NY Daily

Kanye West gets a taste of his own medicine as he gets interrupted by a stage crasher while he performed at Glastonbury Festival

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Kanye West gets a taste of his own medicine as he gets interrupted by a stage crasher while he performed at Glastonbury Festival.

When fans heard that Kanye West was going to perform at the Glastonbury Festival, they reacted with disappointment that show organisers had lined up a hip hop artist when it was traditionally a festival for other genres of music.

So there was a strong petition signed by 134k angry Glastonbury fans to have Kanye's headline act cancelled but he still performed, so one music fan took matters into his own hands on Saturday night, found his way onto stage and interrupted Kanye West's Pyramid stage performance before being dragged off.

The stage crasher was comedian Lee Nelson who gave Kanye a taste of his own medicine after the rapper famously interrupted Taylor Swift and Beck during awards acceptance speeches.
Kanye was in the middle of an expletive-laden performance, which went out live on British television, when Lee invaded the stage at Worthy Farm in Somerset.

Nelson wore a T-shirt that mocked the rap artist's album Yeezus - as it read 'Lee-zus' instead - and tweeted before the gig: 'Some people were saying Kanye shouldn't headline Glastonbury so I thought I'd give him a hand.'

Even though Nelson brought his own mic, he still wasn't able to have much of an impact before security bundled him off while Kanye was still singing.

Of course, Kim was there to support her husband and take plenty snapshots of the performance and her self.

Despite the petition, fans still came out en-masse and seemed to enjoy Kanye's performance

Photo credit: Getty Images.

Sexy Kim Kardashian goes braless

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Sexy Kim Kardashian goes braless.

Kim K was seen buying a bra 2 days ago but I guess she decided to forego wearing one as she stepped out with her hubby to take a helicopter trip to Glastonbury Festival. More photos after the cut..

Nigeria records highest number of drug related convicts in the World- NDLEA.

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Nigeria records highest number of drug related convicts in the World- NDLEA

The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, announced that Nigeria has the highest number of persons serving jail terms for drug related offences worldwide.

Iweajunwa Okechukwu, the NDLEA commander in the state disclosed this while celebrating the 2015 UN Drug Free Day in Minna on Friday.
“There is no doubt that as a country, the menace of drug abuse and trafficking is one of the biggest problems staring us in the face today.
“All over the world, Nigerians are notorious for drug trafficking. We have the highest number of traffickers serving jail terms more than any other country in the world,’’ he said.

This year’s Drug Free Day is tagged: “Let’s Develop our Lives, our communities and our identities without drugs’’.

Okechukwu said that the recent Indonesian incident involving Nigerians was a pointer to the claim.

He said that in Niger there was a serious issue of drug abuse, especially the prescription drugs and psychotropic substances such as tramadol, rohypnol and diazepam.

According to him, other drugs abused in the state include Librium, cough syrups with codeine, sukudia (suck and die), glue, solutions, petrol, gutter dirt, zakami, lizard dung and cannabis sativa (Indian hemp).
He said that the harmful habit was common among the youths, married women, secondary school students and primary school pupils.

The agency’s commander urged parents, teachers, religious leaders, state government and traditional leaders to see drug abuse as a societal problem that must be tackled by all stakeholders toward minimising it.

Okechukwu advised the people of the state to desist from abusing drugs and report illegal drug dealings to the agency.


Check Out Obama’s half-brother sells revealing letter from the president.

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Check out Obama’s half-brother sells revealing letter from the president.

President Obama’s half-brother, Malik Abongo “Roy” Obama, has sold a handwritten letter from the president, penned 20 years ago, that reveals Obama’s reasoning for getting into politics including “to deal with some serious issues blacks face here.”

“Some colleagues of mine here have talked me into running for the Illinois State Senate (like being an MP for a province),” the future world leader wrote his kin in July 1995, before his political career began. “I have agreed, since I have an interest in politics to deal with some serious ­issues blacks face here,” Obama wrote.
The letter also reveals Obama’s disdain for meetings, saying,
“Of course, it involves a lot of campaigning, going to meetings and so on, which I don’t find so attractive.” He adds, “Anyway, if I win it will only be a part-time post, and I will ­continue my work as a lawyer.”

The letter, which we hear Malik sold as a package with a copy of a manuscript of Obama’s first book, “Dreams From My Father,” with handwritten notes also gives an update on First Lady Michelle and his late mother, who died later that year.
 “Michelle is fine, also busy with her work,” Obama wrote. “My mom’s health has been stabilized for now, but she is by no means cured and continues to undergo extensive treatment.” In the letter, signed “Much love, Barack,” the future president adds news that his brother’s “found a new wife,” “Man, I must say you don’t fool around!”
The letter was offered up to parties such as ­LA-based memorabilia dealer Moments in Time before it was bought by a collector.

Malik, who lives in Kenya, also sold two other handwritten letters from Obama for nearly $15,000 each in 2013.
Malik, who shares the same father with the president, has said they were best men at each other’s weddings. But earlier this year, he called Obama a “schemer” and said, “He’s not been an honest man . . . in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

The amount paid for the letter was not disclosed. The White House did not comment.

Source: The Telegraph

I’m Done with My Sex Break, Open to Dating Now – Alex Okoroji

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I’m Done with My Sex Break, Open to Dating Now – Alex Okoroji

Pretty actress, Alex Okoroji, was once married to Omar Captan, Ghanaian ‘fine boy’ actor. Not so many people would know the marriage packed up almost as soon as it was contracted.

Speaking to Saturday Beats on the phone recently, Alex admitted her marriage lasted for a short time though she was not ready to reveal how long she was married.

“I can’t really tell you how long I was married. Sometimes, you won’t realise that a relationship is over until it is actually over. It was shorter than 18 months technically,” she said.
But her marriage, short as it may have been, produced a beautiful  baby who is the centre of the actress’s life.

Talking about currently being a single mother, Alex said it has made her to become stronger.
“You tend to be more self-sufficient. I’m playing double roles; being the dad and mum at the same time. It’s a little challenging but at the same time, it’s good. Sometimes, separation is not always a bad option.”

When asked if she would eventually reconcile with her ex, Alex said:
“No. I don’t think so. I think he has moved on and I’ve moved on as well. So, I’m not thinking towards that direction anymore. I think the most important thing is for us to remain parents to our child. I’m not interested in being a couple. I just want everybody to play their roles. That’s all.

You can never stop being a parent, be it a father or a mother to your child, but you can stop being a wife or a husband.Alex claimed she is not in a relationship at the moment. She said,
“I’m married to my work. My focus at the moment is working on my purpose and building on my career. I was distracted for a long time.

At such times, you get married, have a child and focus on your child, but when that is out, I have another focus. Right now, my focus is on my child and my career. Every other thing is by the way.”Alex claimed she has been celibate for a long time but she is done with it and is ready to date again.

“I’ve been separated for so long but a lot of people didn’t know until recently that it came out in the papers. So, I’m absolutely done with my break, but I’m not in a relationship. I’ve moved on since then. It’s possible to be on a break, and at the same time be focused on your work.

 You may not be in a serious relationship with someone but then, you are having a casual relationship with someone or you are seeing someone once in a while. I’m very open to dating but I’m not in a relationship with anybody.

Right now, my focus is on my work but that doesn’t mean that if somebody that I like or get along with comes, I won’t give attention. I’ll definitely be open to that. So, I’ve gone past my break,” she said.