Thursday, 7 January 2016

Katy Perry becomes first person to reach 80m followers on twitter

Forbes declared Katy Perry the top-earning star of 2015 having raked in $135 million in the last year alone, but wonder woman hasn't stopped there. She has taken over twitter too. The roar hit maker now has more followers on twitter than anyone else with 80.4million followers.

She's however got Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift hot on her heels with 72.9 million and 68.8 million followers respectively.

She thinks one of the reasons she has amassed this many followers is because she writes most of her tweets herself, She said recently: 'I would say 90 per cent of my Tweets, I've just made them up and you can tell because many of them are misspelled and full of typos.

'But the other five per cent is work related or it's just to keep people in the know about where I'm playing or if I'm doing a show and I always get really confused.'

Despite being so popular on the microblogging site, Katy insists she likes to detach herself from the virtual space. Asked if she replies to her fans on Twitter, she said: 'Sometimes I do, I kind of do a lot more of it when I'm in the zone mode.

'Right now I'm in a relaxed, chilled vacationing zone, I've got my spanx on and I'm just taking a little break ...
'I think I have to find that balance between Tweeting too much and plus I have so many followers that nobody really wants me to fill up their timeline.'

Ladies get in here :Morachi shows off his eggplant in new photos

'Hapuya' crooner Morachi shared this photo on his Instagram page.

Miss Nigeria 2015 Pamela Vigboro Lessi Honored With Chieftaincy Title In Hometow

The 22 years old beauty queen was recently honoured with a chieftaincy titled in her hometown. She will now be referred to as the “Gberebia Eedee Tuaka of Bodo city” Rivers state. Congrat to her. 

Janet Jackson Reportedly Has A Growth In H-er Throat That Could Be Cancerous

According to Radar Online, Janet Jackson has a tumor in h-er throat that could be cancerous and needs to be taken care of immediately, which leads to the immediate cancellation of h-er Unbreakable World Tour which was to kick off on the 9th of January.
If the growth is really cancerous, that might mean that h-er long and successful career might come to an end as people with the medical condition usually need artificial voice boxes to speak.
We really hope it isn’t cancer and the singer will be able to bounce back in no time.

Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria 'muna' Exposes Huge Boobs In New Photos

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Gail Teresa Abii Nwankwo, 
otherwise know as Muna has been at the receiving end of criticism by Nigerians especially her teeming fans following her recent ‘tongue-wagging’ appearance on her birthday.
Fans have taken on the controversial entertainer for proudly showing-off her cleavages in some pictures posted from her 25th birthday party.

Janet Jackson says she's recovering, denies cancer

Janet Jackson said sh-e doesn’t have cancer, but sh-e isn’t specifying the illness that interfered with a concert tour that sh-e postponed.
On h-er Twitter account Wednesday, Jackson posted a two-minute clip from h-er song “The Great Forever,” followed by a personal message in which sh-e said sh-e’s recovering but offered no further details. sh-e said h-er doctors have approved h-er concerts as scheduled in Europe.
sh-e wrote:

“The rumors are untrue. I do not have cancer. I’m recovering,” sh-e posted, an apparent response to online reports that sh-e was suffering from throat cancer.
h-er announcement came less than two weeks after Jackson said sh-e was postponing h-er “Unbreakable” tour to have an unspecified surgical procedure. Jackson had been next scheduled to perform Saturday in Denver. sh-e’s scheduled to perform in Europe in March.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore orders ban on same-sex marriage

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore issued an order Wednesday informing the state’s probate judges of their “ministerial duty not to issue any marriage license contrary” to Alabama’s constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.
Despite the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2015 decision overturning such state bans, Moore maintains Alabama’s law is still valid, and that as chief justice he is empowered to “take affirmative and appropriate action to correct or alleviate any condition or situation adversely affecting the administration of justice within the state.”

Jason Derulo and girlfriend Daphne Joy make official red carpet debut at the People's Choice Award

Jason Derulo and his gf Daphne Joy- 50 Cents baby mama, made their official red carpet debut at the People's Choice Awards on Wednesday. They both looked amazing. More photos after the cut...

Soyinka reacts to reports that Amaechi spent N82m to host him in Rivers state, lashes out at current govt

Nobel laureate Professor Wole Soyinka has reacted to a claim by the Rivers state government that a former governor of the state and now Minister of Transport Rotimi Amaechi spent N82million to host him while he, Soyinka, was in the state during the last administration. In statement he titled “Those who flounder in the sewage of corruption,” Soyinka lashed out at the incumbent Nyesom Wike-led government whom he described as Wikeleaks. His statement after the cut...

“This morning, I saw only the headlines in one or two print media regarding the 80th Birthday dinner to which I was hosted by the former governor of Rivers State, the Honorable Rotimi Amaechi, now Minister of Transportation. I ignored them. It was not, and remains not my business to probe into the catering and logistical implications of the hundreds of institutions and governments all over the world to whom I acknowledge an immense debt of unsolicited recognition over the years. Since then however, I have learnt of some unsavory statements by the insecure incumbent of the Rivers State government Lodge. 
These included a loose invitation to anti-crime agencies to investigate the potential crime of being honoured through any occasion. The unprecedented call by this governor is prescient of a warning I recounted in my recent pamphlet publication THE REPUBLIC OF LIARS, and was taken from my address to an anti-corruption global conference that took place in Tunisia two years ago. Those words were: CORRUPTION STRIKES BACK. 
In this ongoing instance, that expression translates most vividly as “Those who are neck deep in the sewage of corruption ensure that they splatter sewage in all possible and improbable directions. I do however fully support the Wikeleaks call for multi-directional probes. I recommend further that he involve the services of INTERPOL to guarantee its extension to all international organisations and governments to whom I owe uncountable events of recognition – including birthday luncheons, dinners, cultural receptions and events of real, fictitious, or simply opportunistic flavoring – to which I have submitted myself. 
The descent to this present level of abominable distractions makes one truly despair. It is one that even I did not envisage when I warned – CORRUPTION STRIKES BACK! Whether it brings honour or dishonour to the nation is another matter – I am saddened, but indifferent. EFCC and company – over to you! You all know where I live,”he said

Shocking storyline : Busts Church Leader With A 2m Long Snake

AN Apostolic faith church from Maqaqeni village under Chief Sigola in Matabeleland South collapsed because of a snake the church leader says was planted into his life by enemies.
Mangisi Ndlovu (PICTURED ABOVE), the founder and pastor of St John Apostolic Church, shared his bedroom hut with a 2m long snake.
“I have been living with this snake for three years but I am not its rightful owner. It was assigned by congregants who plotted my downfall and the destruction of my church,” he said at a
tsikamutanda cleansing ceremony.
Strangely, he never saw the snake in those two years as such he does not know what type it was. The only proof of its existence is that it would hiss and at times he would hear sounds of its movements.
“I would hear the snake hissing and moving on top of the roof. All this was happening anytime, be it in the afternoon or at night,” he said.
With his church now defunct, he blames it on the snake.
“The snake destroyed my church,” he added.
A villager who used to attend St John Apostolic Church who attended the cleansing ceremony said strange things used to happen at the church.
“My sister left that church because she would find her five months old baby playing with a snake in the bedroom whenever she left the baby unattended,” he said on condition of anonymity.
He added that when congregants told the pastor about the issue he did not show interest.

“The pastor told congregants that they were imagining things,” he added.
Those that attended the cleansing ceremony including the area’s councillor Cathrine Ndebele concurred that before the snake was burnt it was vomiting something that looked like dried meat.
“I am speechless. I saw it with my own eyes,” said Cllr Ndebele.
Chief Sigola who also attended the ceremony said there was nothing to comment on as villagers were there to tell the story.

Maid stabbed 10 times to death for refusing to have sex with employer's son....

A 42-YEAR-OLD man from Bulawayo’s Gwabalanda suburb has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his family’s maid 10 times using a kitchen knife after she turned down his sexual advances.
Vincent Chikoore was arrested on Tuesday, having been on the run since the New Year’s Eve murder.
Chikoore and his mother were said to be tenants at the house they had moved into hours earlier on the fateful day, December 31.
The man is said to have asked their maid, the late Dudzai Hungwe, to have sex with him at around 1PM when his mother had gone into the city. Hungwe refused.
“He was angered by Hungwe’s decision and tried to force her. Hungwe then reached for the knife in a bid to scarce him away and a fight arose which resulted in Hungwe cutting his fingers,” said a source who declined to be named.
“Chikoore then grabbed the knife and stabbed her 10 times and she died on the spot.”
He appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Sheunesu Matova represented by Tanaka Muganyi from Dube, Banda, Nzarayapenga and Partners.
Matova remanded the matter to today.
Nkathazo Dlodlo for the State alleges that on December 31, a misunderstanding arose between Hungwe and Chikoore over an issue unknown to the court.
“This resulted in Chikoore stabbing the now deceased 10 times using a kitchen knife. She was stabbed four times in the chest, once on the abdomen, twice on the arm, once in the back of the head and twice on the left palm,” according to Dlodlo.
The news screw visited Chikoore’s home in Gwabalanda suburb yesterday.
The house was deserted.
“They were new here; it was their first day in the suburb. They had moved their property into the house earlier in the day and we were shocked to hear that someone had been killed. We really don’t know much about them,” said a neighbour.
The neighbour said the house has been deserted since the incident occurred.
Police sources said the family had moved in from Highmount.
A source said Chikoore had been left alone with the maid when he allegedy executed the savage attack.
“He was left by his mother who had gone to the city to see her daughter off to South Africa.
“When she came back she discovered that the maid had been killed. There was huge pool of blood in the bathroom where the maid’s body was lying,” said the source.
Chikoore’s arrest follows that of a 14-year-old Gweru boy on Monday for allegedly murdering their 41-year-old family maid over a memory card.
The boy who lived with the maid in Mkoba Village 20 as his parents work in Mozambique, is admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital under police guard after attempting to commit suicide.
The boy drank a washing detergent in an attempt to kill himself when neighbours called the police.
His condition is said to be stable. The boy allegedly clobbered the maid with a hoe handle until she died on Sunday following a misunderstanding over a memory card.
He dragged the body into the toilet and stayed with it for about 20 hours, until suspicious neighbours came to investigate. They called the police after seeing the maid’s body through the window.

Zimbabwe News. 

Singer Tekno deletes all Instagram photos over the continuos RIP comments

MMG Singer Teckno deleted all his pictures on his Instagram page early today following comments from his Tanzanian fans that he will die soon. These people have no chill. For those who missed the initial story, here's what happened. A few days ago Teckno performed in Dar es salaam to celebrate the new year. He then posted a Selfie on his Instagram page with a famous Tanzanian actress and model named Lulu Elizabeth Michael with the caption "how do you see". The photo soon went viral on social media with fans speculating they are dating. And then Tanzanian fans went diabolical...

According to some of the comments by Tanzanians on the picture posted by Tekno, anyone who has intimate relations with Lulu dies mysteriously because she has been cursed and is very diabolical. They claim a lot of her exes had died. And for this reason, Tanzanians wrote RIP on all Tekno's recent Instagram photos. When they refused to stop writing about his impending death, Tekno deleted every single photo he has posted on instagram and wrote what you see below...

News News :EFCC Arrests President Buhari’s Associate, APC Chieftain (Photo)

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on Wednesday night arrested a former military governor of Kaduna State under military regime of General Sani Abacha, and APC chieftain, Lawal Jafaru Isa.

It is reported that Mr. Isa is the first chieftain of the APC arrested by the EFCC regarding the $2.1 billion arms purchase scandal.

Mr. Isa, a close friend of the embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki and a close political associate of President Muhammadu Buhari, was arrested at his Abuja residence located at Ajayi Crowther Street, Asokoro.

The retired brigadier general, alleged to have received over N100million from Mr. Dasuki,was invited last week to appear before the commission on Wednesday (yesterday) to clear the air, rather than honouring the invitation, Mr. Isa wrote a letter to the EFCC through his lawyer, seeking a postponement of his appearance date on the grounds of death of a relative.

Apparently dissatisfied with his excuse, the EFCC however arrested him to clarify the “questionable receipts”.

Shocking crime :Grandfather stabs his two-months-old grandchild to death, wife and daughter also stabbed

A two-month-old baby girl was found stabbed to death in a suburb south of Brisbane, Australia, Courier Mail reports. Qianqian "Queenie" Xu was allegedly stabbed by her grandfather at the family’s home in Parkinson about 2.30pm yesterday, January 6.
The child was found in critical state by the police authorities. Passersby and neighbours reported hearing horrific screams coming from inside the house. The police officials who responded to calls from neighbours rushed inside and took the critically injured infant to hospital but the baby could not be saved. She succumbed to injuries.

Her grandmother and mother, Yuanyuan Cao, 28, originally from Luoyang in China, were also stabbed. Ms Yuanyuan’s partner George was working at the time of the attack.
Detective Inspector Tony Duncan told a media conference investigators were still searching for answers as to why the tragedy unfolded.

Duncan said the baby’s father was at work when police believe the grandfather started stabbing the trio. The father, a small-business owner, did not know his child was dead until detectives told him. He is being comforted by family.
Duncan also added that there were no recent incidents at the home to point to such a horrific turn of events.

"The father actually expressed his surprise that something could happen," he said.
The grandparents had travelled to Australia from China in December as the baby’s mother prepared to return to work at a bank and needed help with childcare.
They had previously been in the country in September for the birth of the child.

Det Insp Duncan said the grandfather, 53, who was found in the front yard of the property with life-threatening injuries, which police believe may have been self-inflicted. All three underwent surgery last night. The grandfather was out of intensive care and is expected to speak with police in the coming days. The grandmother is still in intensive care, and the mother is recovering and has spoken with police.

The horrific incident took place supposedly after an argument broke out between the grandparents and the young mother.

Source: Courier Mail

Jim Iyke celebrates his girlfriend, Dana Kinduryte on her birthday

Jim Iyke's Lithuanian girlfriend Dana Kinduryte, who welcomed their baby boy last year, is a year older today. The Nollywood actor celebrated her on his Instagram Page. What he wrote after the cut...

Check Out Why This DPO Was Stripped Naked In Ekiti State

The Divisional Police Officer of the Aramoko Ekiti division, Mr. Anthony Okpaleye, was on Wednesday stripped naked by angry drivers, over the killing of their colleague, Toyin Philips. The driver, Mr. Omolafe Aderiye, was killed by suspected robbers in Aramoko Ekiti on September 25, 2015, while travelling to Lagos.
The drivers, it was learnt, were angry that the robbery happened a few metres away from a police checkpoint. According to an eyewitness, “The protesting drivers said the police did not respond swiftly. They stripped the DPO naked and destroyed two police vans.”
DPOIt was gathered that the state government later summoned a meeting, chaired by the deputy governor, Dr. Kolapo Olusola. At the meeting, the Deputy Governor said the police would depoly more patrol teams in the Aramoko-Ijero and Aramoko-Igede areas. He said, “The police will also investigate the matter thoroughly and bring the perpetrators to book.”

(Photos) 27-year-old woman found mutilated and burnt in Soweto, boyfriend confesses to having murdered her

Zestah September (pictured above) was found mutilated and burnt on New Year's Eve in an open veld near a military base in Soweto, South Africa, two days after she was declared missing.

A suspect identified as her boyfriend has been arrested in connection with the murder after he made a verbal confession. Details yet to be made public. The hastag #JusticeforZestah is currently trending on SA twitter.

In a tribute to Zestah on Instagram, one of her friends @ditjhaba has this to say about her:
"I will forever Remember & Miss this Happy, Beautiful, go getting, Energetic , Loving Soul. Zestah every moment I spent with you, you managed to always remind and teach Me that every moment should lived to the fullest. There was never a dull or less animated moment with You. We are heartbroken beyond measure. I will Always Remember and Miss You "Shebadem"

UFC star Ronda Rousey's almost-naked photo hits the net

This is the photo of former UFC champion Ronda Rousey which was shared by Sports Illustrated photographer as she prepares to feature in the mag's next issue. Ronda is actually butt naked in the photo but the photographer painted on a bathing suit on her body. See up close pic after the cut...


Davido Throws Shades At Baby Mama And Dele Momodu In Osinachi Remix

In a short clip posted on his Snaphat yesterday, Davido shared a teaser of the remix of his hit song Osinachi which he is currently working on.In the clip, the song is playing in the background while he lip syncs the words. He drops names a couple of people – including his baby mama and Dele Momodu.
And ends the clip with “No be by force”
Watch the clip below.

Beautiful Brazilian Cop Arrests Gang Leader, Gang Members Respond By Leaking Her Nude Pictures Online (Photos)

One of the most notorious Brazilian gangs just leaked naked pictures of one of the top members of the Brazilian Military Police of Rio de Janeiro. Apparently they are UPSET that their leader was arrested over the weekend.

According to online reports, this extremely attractive officer in the Brazilian Military Police of Rio de Janeiro -recently arrested the leader of one of Brazil’s most notorious gangs.

And they responded by leaking her nudies online. Another reason why we should avoid keeping our nudes in out phones/laptops (that is even if it is necessary to take them).

News News : US donates 24 mine resistant vehicles worth $11m to Nigerian army

The United States will today donate 24 mine resistant armor military vehicles to the Nigerian army as part of its promises to aid Nigeria in it's fight against the dreaded terrorist group- Boko Haram.

The vehicles worth $11m will be given to military officials at the Nigerian Army 9th Brigade Parade ground,Ikeja. A statement yesterday, by the Public Affairs Section of the US Consulate General Lagos, said:

“The US is pleased to donate 24 Mine-Resistant, Armor-Protected (MRAP) vehicles valued at $11m to Nigeria’s military authorities. “The equipment donation represents part of the continuing US commitment to Nigeria and its neighbours to counter Boko Haram’s senseless acts of terror and promote regional security.”

Photos: Genevieve Nnaji stuns in black as she attends dinner with IMF Boss, Christine Lagarde

The actress pictured with visiting IMF boss Christine Lagarde at a dinner in Abuja last night...

+18 (Photo) 50 Cent's baby mama accidentally releases her naked photo on snapchat...she thought she was sending Jason Derulo a DM

She thought she was or she knew what she was doing? Lol. On Tuesday Dec. 5th, 50 Cent's baby mama, Daphne Joy accidentally snapchatted out a naked pic of herself. She claims she was supposed to be sending it privately to new boyfriend Jason Derulo, but mistakenly shared for the world to least that's her camp's story! See the picture below +18 

Genevieve Nnaji steps put in black cape dress

The actress pictured earlier this week for a meeting with IMF Boss, Christine Lagarde in Abuja.  Gorgeous woman. 

OMG !!! Woman stabbed on the cheek by her husband, doctors yet to remove the knife (photos)

Fatima Ibrahim was allegedly attacked with a knife by her husband in Khorof Harar, Kenya. According to Modern Kenyan Corps, the knife is still stuck to her cheek because Doctors at Wajir County hospital are still trying to figure out a safe way to remove the knife without causing more damage.

The husband man stabbed her in the cheek, striking a bone, in a family dispute at Khorof Harar, Wajir county, Kenya on Wednesday evening.
Doctors at Wajir General Hospital said they could not remove the knife from Fatuma Ibrahim’s cheek as this would likely result in complications.

They said chances were that the complications would endanger the life of the 32-year-old woman stabbed by her husband Mohamed Deeq.
Fatuma will be flown to Nairobi by Amref flying Doctors for treatment.
In an attempt at mediation before the stabbing, Deeq’s brother had confiscated knives and gone to a police station to seek assistance.
The police and medics secured Ibrahim in an ambulance in which she was rushed to the hospital.
The mother of four is scheduled to be airlifted to Nairobi for an operation at Kenyatta National Hospital.