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Bruce’s emotional confrontation with Kris was front-and-center during Part 2 of the ‘KUWTK: About Bruce’ special, and while most of their discussion involved the former Olympian trying to explain his transition decision, there were also some harsh words thrown around regarding the exes’ relationship.

Kris and Bruce Jenner held absolutely nothing back in their raw, emotional scene from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians: About Bruce special, which aired May 18.

 But the pair’s conversation didn’t only involve Bruce’s transition, as the 65-year-old also made a pretty shocking comment about his relationship with the Kardashian matriarch.

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Bruce Jenner visited Kris at her home and said he wanted to talk to her about his transitioning. He said he made a note of what he wanted to say to her so that he wouldn't leave anything out. He urged her to sit down then started to talk to her.

"First of all, you're amazing woman,' he said, reading from the note. 'We've had so many great moments together, 23-25 years of great moments together. They're still inside me. They're still part of me and I don't want to let that go. In so many ways , I have lived my life running away from me and who I am.

We have raised amazing children together and those memories will live inside of me forever and I will continue to have more of those.

I want to get through all of this and the do the best darn job of not hurting anybody, that includes you. I would hope that you would kind of be on board.

Kris, who couldn't stop crying said she was confused because Bruce shut her out a long time ago hence didn't understand what was happening.

She said 'You were angry and that made me angry' but Bruce said she treated him badly the last 4-5years of their marriage. He said he wasn't happy.

She said No, you were just very very angry to the point that we had to separate and get divorced. You never said this was going to be the end result, ever, but now it makes sense to me. I think just being honest is just something we would have all appreciated,' she went on, 'and I think the truth in your head is different from the truth that comes out of your  mouth and different from your actions.

He started sobbing and said he didn't tell her the truth before now because he didn't want to hurt her.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes and said she always knew that he wanted to dress differently and that was something he liked to do when he got that urge but that she didn't know that he wanted to be a female.

'I don't know when you went from, 'this isn't working for me anymore' and to, 'I'm going to go all the way,' and I am going to start taking hormones. You didn't even tell me as a married couple that you were taking hormones' she said

However, he said he didn't take the hormones until after they separated and he went to a therapist, trying to figure himself out.

Kris was upset that every time he was angry and she wanted to talk to him, he always shut down.
'Bruce, you never explained,' she remonstrated with her ex. 'You said I just wouldn't understand and you couldn't talk about it.That was your answer every time.'

'I turned into the Wicked Witch of the West because of how you were behaving,' she said.

Finally, the former couple found a way forward and acknowledged that they still had love for each other.
'I just want to get through this and do the best damn job of not hurting anybody and that includes you,' Bruce told Kris.

He said he had had the identity crisis since he was 10 years old.

He said Kris was the toughest one to talk to and apologized for his lack of honesty with her throughout their marriage.

 He said he apologized for not being more open and for hurting her
I am going to miss Bruce and I am trying so hard just to process my pain and get through my days, it's a struggle everyday. I wake up in the morning and realize oh my god this is really happening.

I have to mourn this person I was married to all these years. You  think you're going to grow old with somebody and then they drastically change over the course of a few years.

It's like I have to mourn Bruce Jenner. I am confused as to what happened to Bruce because I miss Bruce and I wont be able to really have Bruce anymore, all I'll have are my memories and pictures. I feel like you died, like Bruce is dead".

 He said he wanted to still be part of her life and her in his and would be a better person as 'her'.
He said he's 65 and wont be around for too long.
What if I get of cancer and only have 3 months to live? I will never be happy because I didn't get to live like I am supposed to be as a woman" What if something happens to me? He said.

I just want you to know that I still love you Kris and I want to be in your life. He said.

Kris responded that she loved him as well, I just want you to be happy even though I feel blindsided by this drastic change.

They parted ways with a hug and still in tears.

"Everything is going to be good, I promise you". Hesaid.

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