Monday, 11 May 2015


Hello guys ,

See inside Dencia's new LA mansion (photos)

Yesterday Dencia showed us her new LA mansion (see here). See photos of inside Dencia's new home.

It is a 13,000sq foot property with 5beds and 6 baths, situated at Hunter Valley Westlake Village, California.

 It was sold on Dec 2012 for $2.6m now the property is estimated to be worth $3.1million. Current exchange rates put this property well over half a billion naira. Property taxes on this house alone are $23,000 every year.

Now here is the kicker, this house was listed for rent on march 2015, but on April 17 2015 the listing removed. The house was not sold, it was rented. The rent is $11,000 per month.

That's what she sent to me plus photos of what the mansion looks like inside. If Dencia's lives here - rented or bought - then babe, you're the queen. See the photos after the cut...

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