Friday, 20 November 2015

Neema Godwin says ' As A Beauty Queen, I Can't Date A Man Scared Of My Status.

For fast rising model, social ambassador and beauty queen, Neema Godwin, her vision is to create a plat­form that will attract opportunities for women. Now as the reigning Miss Fotogenix Nigeria, the sky is her limit.

In this chat withEnter­tainer, pretty Neema opens up on her career, passion, pet project, and disposition to life. Excerpts:
How was the experience like when you won Miss Fotogenix?
The experience was breath taking. I did not actually expect to win the pag­eant, as there were so many gorgeous girls, who from my opinion, were more photogenic than I was. But here I am, the winner of Miss Fotogenix 2014. I couldn’t be more grateful to God for this. The photo shoots were amazing. The organisers tried their very best con­sidering the many circumstances; the training and development sessions have all added to my total outlook as a queen with an innovative social edge.
What do you think gave you the edge over other contestants?
I wouldn’t say it was anything in particular. I believe it was a collec­tion of forces that made that happen. Sometimes in beauty pageants, a situa­tion can allow a contestant pick up the crown. But in my case, I don’t think this was a stand-alone situation. It was everything.
What have you been doing since then?
I represent the Miss Fotogenix brand at various functions across Nigeria. I am also working on my pet project that goes beyond the crown. It was designed to support indigent and low income earning women trading in commodities to access funds to boost their busi­nesses, as most of these women are breadwinners for their families. This will go a long way in reducing poverty in Nigeria and en­abling women to better fend for their families on a long term. For instance, The Pink Woman project that kicks off activities with the Makoko community this November, is tailored towards meeting basic sustenance needs of women in this riverine community located in the heart of Lagos.
What are the challenges you are facing as a beauty queen?
Before the contest, one of the challenges I faced was my anticipation in getting the crown, which involved less sleep, keeping fit for the competition like exercising and beauty therapy. During the contest, which was very competitive, I mo­tivated myself to bring out the best of Neema. Also, adapting to the new role of a beauty queen has been a major challenge because people expect a lot from you.
How did your parents react when you told them you wanted to participate in the pageant?
My parents have always been supportive of my dreams. I also work as a model and have represented big brands in advert cam­paigns, so they knew I was gunning for something of that nature. They were pres­ent at the event to give me all the support I needed.
How did you feel the mo­ment you were announced as the winner?
It was heaven. It was fulfillment of prophecy. It was dream come true. I had always fantasised about this and it was finally a reality. I couldn’t have been happier.

What were you given as reward?
Cash. It wasn’t that much but it’s something reasonable to help me build my brand and do many things.
Did you know you were going to win?
No! I am not a magician, so I couldn’t have. As I said earlier, there were many gorgeous girls at the pag­eant, so I was actually shocked when I was announced the winner.
You are now a celebrity, do you find it difficult relating with your old friends?
Maybe people consider me as a celebrity but I am not really aware of that. I won a pageant but there are quite a number of pageants. Yes, my winning the crown has made me more popular. I walk by and get a lot of stares and obvious whispers from people, telling their friends ‘look, that’s Miss Foto­genix’. Of course, 

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