Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Pregnant woman shot four times by her love rival...see the man they are fighting over (photos)

31 year old Latoya Jackson (pictured left) shot her love rival, 29 year old Tiara White at 7pm on Monday Dec. 28th in Orlando, Florida, after an arguement on Facebook over a man. Thankfully, Tiara survived the shooting and is being treated in hospital.

According to Police, Latoya contacted Tiara on Facebook and began taunting her, saying she was dating the man Tiara was pregnant for and threatened to take her and her unborn baby out.
According to Fox 35 Orlando, on Monday afternoon, Latoya showed up at a liquor store with two friends, armed with bats, a machete, and a chain with a lock on it, and confronted Tiara, who fled the scene but she was later shot in a drive-by shooting on West Columbia Street the same day.

She survived and identified Latoya as the woman who fired the shots at her out of the rear passenger seat of the car. Police is now searching for Latoya in connection with the attempted murder.

Below is the man they are fighting over...'Cheddar Cheez'

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