Thursday, 31 December 2015

Robbery suspect says ' why I find it easier to operate in Ghana than in Nigeria.

A trans-border robbery suspect has told the‎ Lagos State Police that it was easier for him to operate in Ghana than in Nigeria because citizens of the latter are more security conscious.
Dennis Wasami, 32,‎ was arrested by men of the Rapid Response Squad in his hideout at Agbonle Orile on Saturday, the police said in a statement Tuesday.
The suspect was held in Kirikiri prison last year after he was arrested for a burglary incident in Festac Town‎.
“I was an expert at break – in- robbery,” Mr. Wasami said in his confessional statement after his arrest.
“I operated in Ghana, along West Africa coast breaking into people’s houses and making away with their properties and personal effects like mobile phones, laptops, jewelry and other personal effects.
“I used to bring the stolen items to Nigeria to sell. I have a ready market for them in Lome and Lagos.
‎”My major operations were in Ghana because Ghanaians are not security conscious unlike Nigeria where security is tight. In Ghana, nobody would challenge you. All the items that I stole are from Ghana. I did sell some at Lome and some in Lagos. I have a large number of people that buy the stolen goods from me in Lagos.‎”
Following his arrest last weekend, the suspect stated that he had turned over a new leaf after his four month stay in prison‎ last year.
According to him, he now works in Lagos Island where he earns a livelihood from connecting buyers of children’s clothes with sellers and getting a commission.
‎”Those two machetes found inside my apartment in Agbole Orile belonged to Area Boys operating in a garage nearby,” he said.
“They kept them there for whenever there is crisis among them. These boys are called Spartacus. They are trouble makers. They are always at the junction. I don’t know anything about it and I never knew they were there.”
On how he moved to Lagos, Mr. Wasami said it was after he dropped out of Sapele Technical College in his native Delta State‎.
“I came back to Lagos to learn music at PEFTI and Sound Engineering at Life-Line Studio, Alade Estate, Allen in Ikeja. After this, my father opened a shop for me, where I was managing before things were a bit difficult for me,” he said.

“Shortly after this, I decided to go into house breaking and stealing to survive, and I was into this for about six years. I have operated in more than five houses in Lagos here. All the houses are in Festac area because I know much about the area very well.
“Amongst those I sold the items to one were Qudus, I.K, Hapier, Stanley and Kelvin”, he said.
“If I have a large quantities of items I want to dispose. Qudus was always the right man for me to call. He would come to me, collect the items, sell them and return the money.”
“Another accomplice simply identified as I.K, buys stolen items in large quantity too from me. He once had a shop in Church Street junction, Oshodi but presently, he has relocated to China.
“My last operation was in Festac. It was the one that led to my arrest and consequently my imprisonment at Kirikiri, Since I came back, I have never gone into breaking in and stealing.”
Meanwhile, operatives of the Police have begun a manhunt for the buyers of the suspect’s stolen goods, the police statement said.
The operatives are on the trail of at least three buyers mentioned by the suspect who is currently helping the police with information, it added.
Joe Offor, the spokesperson of the Lagos State Police Command, confirmed Mr. Wasami’s arrest to journalists and reiterated the commitment of the police in the state to reduce crime to its barest minimum.

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