Friday, 29 January 2016

BUSTED: Man Marries Prostitute, Later Caught Cheating With Another Woman

Sex workers yesterday turned Southlea Park into a war zone fighting a non paying client. Tendai Munyoto 31 was left for dead after Mujuru a sex worker attacked him with stones accusing him of getting sex services free for two months.

Other sex workers started a war in support of Mary after concerned residents tried to stop her from fleeing. Tendai lay helpless on the ground after being stoned on the spinal cord by Mary rendering him impotent while sex workers-residents war degenerated into fist fights and mud wrestling.

As he lay helpless following the attack, Tendai, whose wife died a year ago, said he regrets meeting Mary and was in the process of applying for a protection order against her.

“I met this woman recently, we have been having sex while I stayed at my home in Stoneridge and she had her own place. Trouble started when I tried to end the relationship.

“Akatonditi handirambwe zvekumhanya uchazviona,” he said groaning in pain.

Mary however had a different version saying Tendai had promised to take care of her and stop prostitution but hell broke loose when he found her with another woman.

“He is not telling you the truth. He made me quit my job(prostitution) yet he has been failing to pay rent and provide my basic needs. Then just this morning, I found him with another woman that is when I demanded my money for the services I have provided over the past two months.

“I know I was wrong to attack him but I was very angry that he had moved to get another woman while he had made me stop having associations with men who would pay me for sex.

“I am not proud of what I did but he should stop this habit of expecting to get sex for free by making me quit my job(prostitution), I thought he would pay my rent and buy food yet he has just wanted to have free sex,’’ she argued.

Mary‘s friend also reiterated the same accusing Tendai of getting free sex for two months and trying to evade paying.

“Mary anga ari pabasa akamusiisa akati achamuchengeta. Tendai hadi kubhadhara ndiro dambudziko rake.”

More drama was to follow as residents forced Mary to disembark from a commuter omnibus after she tried to leave the scene.

The residents blocked the commuter omnibus and ensured that Mary didn’t leave the place. Upon disembarking, Mary started to attack one man who had called her a prostitute arguing that the man had no right to call her that as she had never slept with hm.

The argument degenerated into a fist fight after Mary’s friend challenged the man to a fight.

The unidentified man also started attacking Mary after his duel with her friend. Tendai was rushed to hospital by his relatives who passed through the Mbudzi police station to report the matter while Mary and her friend were taken to the same police station by another vehicle.

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