Sunday, 24 January 2016

(Graphic Photos) Mum finds three tumours under birthmark on forehead after it burst during childbirth

A mum was in for a shock after doctors told her what lay beneath her birthmark which exploded during pregnancy.
Mum-of-five Sam Davies, had lived with the blemish on her forehead for all her life.
And despite being bullied about the mark by school mates who called her "the unicorn" she thought nothing more of it.
However, after the blemish burst, the 31-year-old discovered what three tumours underneath.

Sam, from West Lancashire, and her husband Paul had already had four daughters, Kati, nine, Amy, eight, Lorna, four, and Kayla, three, before falling pregnant with a boy.

During her first four pregnancies Sam said her birthmark would flare up.
However, Sam said when she was expecting a son, the bump on her skin “went out of control”.

She told The Sun: “As my bump grew, the birthmark grew too. It was like a monster. My doctors believe that the male hormones from carrying a boy were the trigger."
In her 32nd week of pregnancy, her birthmark exploded leaving her “panic stricken” with “blood shooting out of her head”.

Sam was rushed to hospital after losing a lot of blood and was immediately taken to surgeons to stitch up the wound.
She was monitored until her son, Paul Jnr, was born in March 2013.

A year after the birth she went to have her blemish checked and doctors found the tip contained three deadly tumours.
Doctors carried out life-saving surgery that left part of her skull exposed.
A year later Sam is still awaiting reconstructive surgery, but she says she is finally “pain free”.
The mum-of-five confirmed she isn’t planning on having any more children “just in case the monster wakes up again”.

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