Tuesday, 26 January 2016

(photos) 18+ Husband Poses In Hilarious Naughty Nearly-Nude Photoshoot For Wife’s Birthday Surprise (Photos)

Photoshoots featuring scandily-clad models writhing around in luxury bedrooms are hardly unusual – but this one might make you look twice, because the model is a MAN.
The classic boudoir shoot has been turned on its head by photographer Masika May – who has labelled it ‘dudoir’.
According to Masika, the shoot came about after Brendon Williams contacted her to help him formulate a ‘sexy shoot’ for a photobook for his wife’s birthday.
He wanted to surprise his wife, and what a surprise it was! When Brendon was posing, he was following in the steps of many models and more females
“I have known his wife my entire life and have photographed every milestone this couple has had so of course I said yes even though it’s not normally the type of photos I take,” Masika told Mashable .
See photos from the very naughty photoshoot after the cut ......... 

Now this is how to spice up romance in marriage!
UK Mirror

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