Saturday, 30 January 2016

School Head Rapes Minor, Infects Her With STI

THE wheels of justice continue to move at a snail’s pace in the Hartzell High School headmaster, Shorwi Kawadza’s trial for sleeping with an orphaned minor and deliberately infecting her with an STI after it was once again postponed as court could not proceed without the statements of a key witness.

The matter, which has seen a number of court hearing dates being set and postponed, was supposed to be heard at Mutare magistrate today (Friday) but has since been postponed to February 8.

The long dragging case came into public domain after The Manica Post published the story of a Hartzell High teacher Mr William Mukwindidza being accused of sleeping with the minor and infecting the minor with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID).

It later emerged that Mkwindidza was a victim of circumstances as Kawadza (57), working in cahoots with orphanage staffer, Cecilia Thobani (49), derailed investigations in a desperate effort to falsely have Mr Mukwindidza as the accused person.

Early November last year, the case was set to appear before Mutare magistrates’ court with Mr Mkwindidza as the accused but the state could not proceed after discovering that statements from medical practitioners who treated the minor of the STI had not yet been recorded, exactly two weeks after the state had issued an instruction for that to be done.

On October 15 last year, the state instructed police at Penhalonga to record statements from the medical practitioners who treated the minor but the errand had not yet been done by October 29, despite that it is less than 5km of tarred road from Penhalonga Police Station to Hartzell High.

“May (you) please record statements from Moleen Gombarume, a social worker. You can verify her location through Fairfield Children’s home. Also record statements from clinic officials Dr Manyesa or Dr Mutsaa for reference that she was indeed treated for sexual transmitted problems are the abuse,” read the state’s instructions on the docket signed on October 15 2015.

When the matter was supposed to appear before court on October 29 2015, the investigating officer was said to have not yet recorded the said statements owing to other commitments.

“Docket is referred for another court date. The I.O failed to serve all the parties owing to other commitments,” read the October 29 2015 update on the docket.

The case was then postponed to November 18 when the then accused Mr Mkwindidza was expected to appear the court for contravening Section 70 of the Codification Law and Reform Act (having sexual intercourse with a minor).

However, before November 18 date, the case then took a new twist of events headmaster Kawadza was arrested, amid stunning revelations that the school head was the one who actually abused an orphaned minor and hatched a plan to defeat the course of justice by having Mukwindidza as the accused person.

PID is one of the most serious complications of a sexually transmitted disease in women.

Given the seriousness of the matter and that it occurred early in the year, there was outrage as police investigations into the case appeared to be taking longer than expected in order for it to appear before the magistrate’s court.

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