Thursday, 28 January 2016

See this sexy 73 year old mum of 3

 Jane Pesch , a 73 year old pensioner with a free bus pass and widowed mum of three is adamant that her age isn’t a barrier to dressing like someone decades younger. To hell with that, is her opinion. “I suppose I should be wearing a comfortable cardigan and some flat, sensible shoes. But where would be the fun in that?” she says.

“I have friends my age who dress more conservatively than I do. They say, ‘I wish I could wear the clothes you wear, Jane’. "But who’s stopping them? There’s no law saying the over-70s have to wear tweed!
“Thirty years ago, my three teenage boys’ friends used to wolf whistle me when I picked them up from school. I was flattered that I still ‘had it’. “So now I’m in my eighth decade, I don’t see why I should fade into the background. I still feel the same as I did back then, so I make every effort to look as young, and as good, as I feel.”
Six years ago, she started having Botox every few months at £300 a session and since then has spent more than £3,000.
Then in 2012, worried about her neck giving away her age, she also treated herself to a £4,000 neck lift, again at Secret Surgery in Poland.
“It tightened up the skin on my neck and meant I could wear the kind of clothes I like to wear, without worrying about wrinkly skin ruining the outfit,” says Jane. “I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve had work done – it’s money well spent.
“When you get to a certain age, it is harder to dazzle, but I don’t mind having a helping hand as things start to droop or sag. I may well have more surgery. I want my mind and body to match.”

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