Friday, 15 January 2016

Video: Watch The Embarrassing Moment Police Officer Mistakes Man’s Manhood For Deadly Weapon

The officer was attempting to check whether the man had anything hidden in his pockets Lmao!
This is the mortifying moment a police officer grabbed hold of a man’s penis – after mistaking it for a deadly weapon.
The man, who is topless and appears to be stood in a hotel reception, stands sheepishly as one officer holds his hands behind his back.
A second policeman checks the man’s back pockets before slowly moving round to the front.
When he discovers the ‘suspicious’ bulge, the officer grabs hold of it several times, before he eventually realises that it is, in fact, the man’s penis. He snatches his hand away when he discovers what he is touching.

The short video has been uploaded to imgur and has already sparked a rather lengthy Reddit comment feed.
One user wrote: “He [the officer] seems impressed and ashamed at the same time.”
Another added: “Talk about stroke of justice,” while a third user said: “YES! This is somehow better because they both acknowledge it happened.”
It is unclear where the footage was filmed or why the man was arrested.
The clip has now been viewed more than 4.8 million times since it was uploaded to imgur late last year.
Watch the video below:

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