Monday, 1 February 2016

Drama: Twins Married To One Man BUSTED Cheating With His Best Friend

Friends sharing same names and age stunned Chihota villagers by sharing 18-year-old twin sisters as their wives. Besides being friends, Shadreck Marawu, 26 and Shadreck Mukwambo 26, are members of a Chitungwiza based upcoming sungura outfit names Nyanga.

Rosemary Antonio married Mukwambo and her twin sister Tracy Antonio joined as second wife a year after. Marawu ended up cohabiting with Rosemary for two months following a misunderstanding with her twin sister Tracy over conjugal rights. Marawu further cheated with Tracy behind Rosemary’s back taking advantage of Mukwambo’s failure to support his wives.

Mukwambo who is popularly known as King Shaddy is a vocalist and Marawu a guitarist are upcoming Chitugwiza sungura musicians who relocated to Chihota.

Rosemary and Tracy have since settled with Mukwambo as they accuse Marawu of abusing them sexually and wrecking their marriage.

Narrating how Rosemary ended up cohabiting with Marawu, Tracy told our source that her twin sister wanted more bedroom days with Mukwambo which she failed to afford her.

“We are twins and it is hard to separate us even in marriage and this is how we ended up sharing one husband and our late mother knew this before she died a few months ago,” said Tracy.

“My twin sister was unhappy with the number of days I got with Mukwambo and the two had a heated argument about it forcing Rosemary to leave the house and relocate to Beatrice.

“Marawu has been itching to have sex with the two of us leading him to track Rosemary in Beatrice and ended up living as husband and wife for two months.

“I would visit Rosemary in Beatrice and I ended up having sex with Marawu there behind Tracy and Mukwambo’s back until she discovered it.

“Marawu realsies more money from repairing cellphones besides making money from their shows as musicians.

“Marawu is stingy as he only wants to have sex but it is enjoyable better before and after food leaving Mukwambo as the best husband since he shares with all of us what he gets.

“One of the days Marawu peeped through the window eager to watch how we have sex with Mukwambo in our bedroom,” said Tracy.

Rosemary confirmed cohabiting with Marawu saying she left him before she fell pregnant and reunited with Tracy on Mukwambo as their official husband responsible for her pregnancy.

“Mukwambo is responsible for my pregnancy only that Marawu wanted to wreck our marriage after abusing me and my sister sexually.

“He must be arrested for those two cases and as for me and my twin sister we are now living happily as Mukwambo’s wives, sezvamaona pamasvika pano,” said Rosemary hugging Tracy.

Marawu told our source that he still loves Rosemary saying he is responsible for the pregnancy and is wondering why Mukwambo reunited with her.

“Mumwe wangu uyu arikutadza kuverenga mwedzi yemimba ya Rosemary, mimba ndeyangu shaa zvekuti kana ndisiri kurasika ine mwedzi mishanu iye arikuti ine mitatu said Marawu.

“Rosemary collected her belongings during my absence and reunited with Mukwambo but I have nothing to do about it since I am a friend to Mukwambo and we have been band members before this issue.

“I am prepared to take the baby for DNA tests after birth to prove that the baby is mine,” said Marawu.

Mukwambo disclosed that his wife Rosemary wanted to live with her twin sister saying she forced him to have sex with Tracy so as to take her as his second wife.

“Rosemary got hold of my manhood until it got erect and refused to have sex me ordering me to have sex with Tracy,” said Mukwambo.

“This is how I took Tracy as my second wife and these twins they do not want to separate, vanonakidza kugara navo.

“Shamwari yangu Marawu ndiye mushungurudzi weimba yangu and he lures my wives whenever I am not home ending up having sex with them separately.

As for the pregnancies, I am responsible for all their pregnancies not what Marawu want villagers I believe nekuti Rosemary akaenda ave nemimba yangu kunochaya mapoto naye kuBeatrice uko.

“Marawu wanted to have sex with my wives only and when it comes to support he would chase them away saying Mukwambo is the one known by their parents.

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