Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Shocking But Sad :Instagram User Writes About How A Friend Snatched And Married The Boyfriend Of Her Friend (Photos)

An instagram user, kanddi posted these snapchat and photo and wrote;

 “I am a close friend of the victim in dis story, my friend evelyn moses was in a relationship with her bf for about four years, tho he’s based in UK.they got along fine,and where in good contact,some time in October evelyn was skyping with her bf while she was in her frnds room,her bf was also with his frnds.
He asked her where she was and she said”in my friends room” and he said let me see ur friend,and she turned her phone towards d direction of her friend,after d call ended he msgd her shortly saying his friend saw her friend via Skype and would like to be in contact with her friend

She asked her friend rume eni if she would be okay with the hook up and she said yes,so evelyn sent d number to her bf in d UK. Not knowing that her bf started communicating with rume directly,power dickson( Evelyns bf) came to Nigeria in December and got engaged to rume,without evelyn knowing. (Pictured below)

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