Monday, 29 February 2016

Shocking :Model Injects Boyfriend’s 2 Year Old Baby With HIV (Pictured)

A Zimbabwean model, Tafadzwa Mushunje, was yesterday arraigned at the magistrates’ courts on charges of assault and deliberately infecting her lover’s child with HIV using a syringe filled with her contaminated blood.
Mushunje (24) was not asked to plead when she appeared before magistrate Elijah Makomo.The heinous crime is said to have come to light when the child’s relatives read of the assault on an online publication. The child’s mother is said to have connected on the Internet where she read the article and linked the marks on her son to the assault, leading her to report the matter.
“The accused would assault the minor in the absence of his father. After reading the article, the complainant’s mother linked it to the marks that she had previously suspected to be assault marks and she went and reported the case to police,” State papers read.
According to the State papers, the injection of blood took place sometime in January.
“In that on January 31, 2016 and at a house in Glen Norah, Harare, Mushunje unlawfully and intentionally infected a two-year-old juvenile with HIV, knowing that she was infected with HIV or realizing that there was a real risk or possibility that she was infected with HIV,” reads the papers.
In the alternative charge of assault, the State alleges:
“Mushunje unlawfully and intentionally committed an assault upon the juvenile by injecting him with a syringe filled with her blood, making him drink her urine and assaulted him on his body by other unknown means intending to cause him bodily harm or realizing that there was a real risk or possibility that bodily harm may result.”
Mushunje was set to make her bail pending trial application yesterday afternoon. Peter Kachirika prosecuted the case.

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