Thursday, 18 February 2016

Shocking Video Goes Viral As Nigerian Soldiers Are Videoed Brutalizing Unarmed Civilians

Still trying to figure out where this happened exactly or even the date of the event but it sure happened in Nigeria. In the video you will see men wearing only shorts being ordered by the military men to lift each other up.

The offence of the young men is not clear but one of the soldiers was heard saying; ‘Shebi u wan collect N65,000 abi? Idiots! Na amnesty nah. You no work, you wan collect N65,000, u go use am drink drink beer….”, the anonymous speaker continued lashing out at them in a language which sounded like Hausa language.
You will also see as the soldiers hit the men with stick and even pour buckets of water on the men. The young men were later asked to strike each other across the cheek. I still don’t know the crime these young men committed. See photos and video below ;

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