Friday, 5 February 2016

Wife takes a positive pregnancy test, but the Ultrasound reveals something else

Imgur user 0tisdriftwood now knows this to be true. He explains that he was elated when he and his wife found out they were expecting.
Their family of three was quickly going to become a family of four.

“We were going to grow our family by one more heart beat,” he said.
But as his wife’s pregnancy progressed, she began feeling extremely ill. He noted that the symptoms were much different than those she experienced during her first pregnancy.
And at their eleven week ultrasound, they received devastating news. Not only did the ultrasound reveal that there was no baby, but it also exposed a tumor; it was a molar pregnancy.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a molar pregnancy occurs when, after the egg is fertilized, the placenta grows into an abnormal cluster of cysts.

In his wife’s case, she was going to have to immediately undergo a DNC or “dilation and curettage” to remove the tumor. In addition, doctors had to prepare to perform a hysterectomy, if necessary.

Luckily, he says, they were able to perform the procedure without having to remove any reproductive organs.
Although this husband and father was disappointed that there wouldn’t be a baby in their near future he said it made him appreciate what he has been given.
“Though we didn’t get to add to our family, I am so thankful for the amazing wife and son that I currently have,” he said.

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