Monday, 11 May 2015


Hello guys ,

OJB Jezreel says he hasn't relapse

I've asked around and found out OJB Jezreel has unfortunately relapsed and he's back on dialysis.

 Doctors are hoping it would pick up and are optimistic but it looks like he doesn't want it out because now he's denying that he's relapsed.

Below is a broadcast he sent out this evening

Hi my name is Babatunde okungbowa a.k.a OJB Jezreel. I'd like to set the record straight, am at home and healthy with my family going about my normal business.

Obviously bloggers don't research before they post. If they did they would know that a transplant patient will always do routine checkups cus of infections etc. Mmmm nuff said am sure hiptv, orisun tv,encomium,el tv and black jerzie seeing and speaking with me in the past 2 weeks.

 Wasn't on a hospital bed or in one! Research proper if it's gossip worthy or not"

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