Thursday, 28 January 2016

My husband is obsessed with having sex: Woman explains

A Harare man reportedly gave his wife a thorough hiding after she denied him sex.

William Madanire allegedly demanded the money he paid as lobola from his wife Diana saying the money was meant to buy sex.

Diana told Harare Civil Court magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi on Monday that William sexually abused her and would force her to bed him or risk being assaulted.

She was seeking a protection order against William.

“He assaults me and is forcefully having sexual intercourse with me even when I am not in the mood,” Diana said.

“If I refuse he assaults me and demands the money he paid as lobola saying he paid the money so that he would have sex whenever he wanted. He also assaults me in front of our children. He once followed me to church and assaulted me in front of the congregation.

“He even assaults me for refusing to give him money to buy cigarettes and he insults me using obscene words. I want the court to stop him from assaulting me especially for refusing to have sex with him because he sexually abuses me,” she said.

William did not oppose his wife’s application for a protection order but told the court that he no longer abused her.

“I am not opposed to her application but some of the things she is saying happened a long time ago,” he said. “I have never abused her this time.”

Ms Siwardi ordered William to stop sexually abusing his wife and respect her as his wife.

In a separate case, another woman yesterday cried at the Harare Civil Court pleading with the magistrate to order her husband to have sex with her.

Margaret Makusha could not hold back her tears while telling magistrate Ms Gamuchirai Siwardi that her husband, Joseph, denies her sex.

She said she was being sex-starved and could not live without enjoying it every day.

Margaret, who was seeking a protection order against Joseph Makusha, told the court that he assaulted her whenever she begged him to have sexual intercourse with her saying he was tired.

“He is my husband and he refuses to have sexual intercourse with me,” she said.

“He comes home late and when I ask for sex, he assaults me saying that he is tired and needs to rest. He said I should behave myself but he is starving me because I cannot live without sex. I no longer know if he is still my husband.

“The other thing is that we tested HIV positive and he is telling everyone that I am positive. I also think that he has girlfriends who satisfy him sexually.

“That is why he is starving me. Your Worship, I just want him to have sex with him as my husband,” Margaret said.

Joseph refuted the allegations. He told the court that Margaret was too demanding and would not give him time to rest.

“I dispute all what she has said,” Joseph said. “I have never refused to have sex with her but sometimes I would be tired and she forces me.”

“Maybe she is not satisfied with what I am giving her,” he said.

Ms Siwardi postponed the matter to today for ruling.

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